Opus Clip Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Opus Clip review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.5Expert Score
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Unlock the future of content creation with Opus Clip, the AI-powered video editor that does the heavy lifting for you. Imagine converting hours of footage into viral-ready clips in minutes, all while the software’s intelligent algorithms pick out your video’s golden moments, add seamless transitions, and even predict how well it will perform online. It’s not just an editor; it’s your co-pilot in the fast-paced world of social media, helping you skyrocket views, engagement, and revenue.

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  • Suitable for various types of content
  • Intuitive interface
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  • AI-driven
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Dive into the world of AI-powered video editing with Opus Clip, the revolutionary tool that’s transforming how content creators work. From automating tedious editing tasks to predicting your video’s virality, this comprehensive guide unpacks the game-changing features of Opus Clip.

Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or just starting your content journey, discover how this software can elevate your creative process, boost your social media reach, and redefine what you thought was possible in video editing.

Read further to learn more about Opus Clip, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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What is Opus Clip?

Opus Clip is an AI-powered video editing tool designed to transform long videos into short, viral content. Leveraging advanced AI technology, it analyzes your videos to identify the most compelling segments, which it then extracts and rearranges into cohesive short videos.

Opus Clip cover

The software is equipped with innovative features such as AI Curation (ClipGenius™), AI Virality Score™, and AI Co-Pilot, which collectively aim to streamline the video editing process and maximize social media reach.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or entrepreneur, Opus Clip serves as a powerful tool for enhancing your social media presence.

Opus Clip specifications

FeaturesAI Assistant / AI Content Improvement / AI Editor / AI-Based Editing / Add Emojis, Photos, and Stickers to Video / Analytics & Reports / Content Curation / Custom Branding / Desktop application / Performance Reports / Smart social media scheduler / Video Editing Tool
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressRedwood City, California
Year founded2022


Opus Clip pricing: How much does Opus Clip cost?

Step into the world of affordable, AI-powered video editing with Opus Clip’s versatile pricing plans. Whether you’re a casual creator or a professional agency, there’s a plan tailored just for you.

With monthly plans starting at just $19 and yearly subscriptions offering a 50% limited-time discount, Opus Clip makes top-tier video editing accessible to everyone!

Pricing rangeFrom $19 to $95 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Opus Clip pricing plans


Essential Plan

  • Monthly: $19 USD
    • 200 upload minutes (~80 HD clips)
    • Credits expire monthly
  • Yearly: $114 USD (50% off limited-time offer)
    • 2400 upload minutes (~960 HD clips)
    • All credits available instantly

Features Included:

  • Fast queue
  • Up to 1080p rendered clips
  • AI Curation with Virality Score
  • Auto Reframe
  • Advanced AI Curation options
  • Custom brand template
  • Auto post to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, IG Reels
  • Intercom & Discord support

Free Forever Plan

  • 60 minutes free upload minutes per month
  • Up to 1080p rendered clips
  • Auto Reframe
  • Clips will no longer be viewable or exportable after 7 days
  • Has watermark

Pro Plan (Coming Soon)

  • Designed for professional creators, editors, agencies, and content marketers
  • Credits from the Yearly Essential Plan will be upgraded into Pro Plan credits at no additional cost

Enterprise Plan

  • Custom plans for API, large volume usage
  • Contact for more details


Opus Clip features: What can you do with it?

Opus Clip offers a comprehensive suite of features that automate and enhance various aspects of video editing.

From AI-driven trimming and curation to advanced analytics like the AI Viral Score, Opus Clip aims to streamline the content creation process while maximizing your reach on social media platforms.

Opus Clip video editing

AI-powered trimming and resizing

Opus Clip’s AI-Powered Trimming and Resizing feature is designed to optimize the length and dimensions of your videos for various platforms. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the content and determine which segments are most likely to engage the audience.

This is particularly beneficial for content creators who are looking to adapt long-form content for short-form platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. The feature eliminates the need for manual editing, saving you time and ensuring a more precise cut.

Video Cropping

Opus Clip’s Video Cropping feature automatically trims the unnecessary portions of the video frame, focusing only on the essential elements. This is particularly useful for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where the screen space is limited.

The feature uses AI to analyze the video and determine which parts are most relevant, ensuring that the final product is both engaging and optimized for social media.

AI Face Detection

Opus Clip face detection

The AI Face Detection feature is designed to identify and focus on faces within your video content. This is especially useful for vloggers, interviewers, or any content creators who rely on facial expressions to connect with their audience.

The AI ensures that the faces are well-framed and in focus, enhancing the overall quality and impact of the video.

Auto Transition

The Auto Transition feature in Opus Clip adds professional-grade transitions between different segments of your video. This eliminates the need for manual editing to create seamless transitions, making the final video appear more polished.

The feature uses AI to determine the most appropriate type of transition based on the content, whether it’s a fade, cut, or a more complex visual effect.

AI Curation (ClipGenius™)

Opus Clip curation

The AI Curation, also known as ClipGenius™, is a feature that sifts through your video to find the most compelling and engaging moments. It uses advanced analytics to identify key points in the video that are likely to resonate with viewers.

Once identified, these segments are extracted and can be compiled into a shorter, more focused video. This is like having a personal video editor that knows exactly what your audience wants to see, working around the clock to create the most engaging content.

AI Highlight

AI Highlight is an advanced feature that automatically identifies and emphasizes key moments in your video. Whether it’s a critical piece of information, a funny joke, or an emotional high point, this feature ensures that these moments stand out in the final product.

It uses machine learning to analyze the video’s audio and visual elements, making sure that important moments are not lost or overlooked.

Auto Caption

Opus Clip auto caption

The Auto Caption feature in Opus Clip generates text captions for your videos automatically. This is not only beneficial for accessibility but also adds an extra layer of engagement by providing context or emphasizing key points.

The captions are generated using natural language processing algorithms, ensuring they are accurate and contextually relevant.

AI Viral Score

The AI Viral Score is a unique feature that calculates a ‘virality score’ for each clip generated by Opus Clip. This score is based on an AI analysis of thousands of viral videos and gives you an idea of how likely your content is to go viral.

It’s like having a predictive analytics tool that provides insights into the potential success of your video content on social media platforms.

Auto Emoji

Opus Clip emoji

The Auto Emoji feature adds a layer of emotional nuance to your videos by automatically inserting relevant emojis. This can make your content more relatable and engaging, especially for a younger audience who are accustomed to using emojis as a form of expression.

The feature uses AI to analyze the video’s content and tone, selecting emojis that are most appropriate for each segment.


Opus Clip review: Why you should use it?

Opus Clip is a game-changer for content creators, offering a seamless way to repurpose long videos into engaging short clips. The software uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze your video content, identify compelling hooks, and rearrange them into viral short videos.

It’s not just about cutting and trimming; the software also adds a layer of intelligence by scoring the virality potential of each clip, highlighting valuable keywords, and even adding relevant emojis.

Loved by over a million creators, Opus Clip has proven to increase views, watch time, and overall engagement. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or a newbie, Opus Clip promises to accelerate your growth and monetization.

Pros and Cons


  • Efficiency: Create multiple high-quality short videos from a single long video in a matter of minutes.
  • AI-Driven: Uses advanced algorithms to identify the most engaging parts of your video.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface that requires little to no prior editing experience.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various types of content, from podcasts to YouTube videos.
  • Growth Metrics: Users have reported significant increases in views, watch time, and revenue.


  • AI Limitations: While the AI is powerful, it may sometimes misinterpret the content, affecting the quality of the clips.
  • Learning Curve: Although user-friendly, mastering all the features may take some time.
  • Mixed Reviews: Some users have reported that the AI didn’t meet their specific needs, particularly when it comes to recognizing faces in videos.


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Opus Clip Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons
Opus Clip Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

Opus Clip review
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