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In this Infinity review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Infinity is a versatile project management application that allows users to create and organize almost anything. It offers four layers of structure to enable users to operate in whichever manner they see fit.

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Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

In the business world, there is no replacement for effective project management. Even if you have the personnel and means to accomplish a project properly, so much may go wrong that it may be disastrous. People waste time, resources are misallocated, deadlines are missed, and so on. Regardless of the kind of project, the goal of project management would be to guarantee that everything works well.

Members of the project management team must have a particular set of abilities in resource and task management. The expectations of project management are substantially higher in today’s environment than they were before. Without a software system to rely on, it is almost difficult for a human to keep up for all that is required. However, choosing the appropriate software system is also not the simplest task in the world since not all of them will be created equal.

Infinity platform was created with a robust set of project management tools that can suit both big and small teams. Furthermore, members of the project management team should be able to coordinate any sort of project that best fits their needs. Infinity’s primary selling qualities are flexibility and intuitiveness, which are among the reasons why it is probably the ultimate productivity center.

You may prioritize activities, create and assign activities, and assist project implementers in achieving their objectives. A slew of robust integration options are also added to the mix to supplement Infinity’s core capabilities.

Infinity features

What can you do with Infinity?

Here are some of the fantastic features you will get if you decide to use Infinity for your project management requirements:

  • Views – Infinity includes a variety of views to let you take use of the architecture and strong overview capabilities. There is a table, a column, a list, a form, a Gantt chart, and a calendar.
  • Attributes – There are several attributes that may be used to meet your project management requirements. Dates, labels, checkboxes, extensive text, checklists, attachments, urls, users, progress bars, task ratings, calculations, vote buttons, and so on are examples.
  • Customization — Because Infinity is all about customization, you can access properties like filters, groups, filtering, reordering, view switching, colors, highlights, and the many data kinds.
  • Infinite structure – Structure tools include tabs, objects, folders, boards, subdirectories, and workspaces. These were the topics covered in the “how to use” section.
  • Collaboration – Collaboration options abound, including mentions, assignments, a share board, permissions, an activity log, alerts, and invitations.

For your convenience, customer assistance and inquiries are addressed by email, telephone, life support, and training.

In order to use Infinity, you must be conversant with four major components. They are as follows:

Infinity Workspaces

A workspace is the highest-level unit inside the Infinity interface. Any projects you wish to arrange, as well as any accompanying data, must be kept inside a workspace. You must first construct one before you can work on anything else.

Infinity Boards

Boards make up a workstation. These are essentially the pieces you will organize inside a single workspace. Feel free to make as many boards as you want and use them whatever you want. Boards may be used for a variety of purposes, including projects, customers, departments, and so on.

Infinity Folders

Its used to categorize all of the elements on a particular board. You may categorize your products into parts to make navigating simpler. Folders inside folders are referred to as subfolders. They are designed to offer a mechanism for further segmentation of job parts.

Infinity Items

It is the most fundamental pieces of your workflow, and they account for a substantial portion of what you will be spending all your time on. Your items may include chores, meetings, events, or tasks. Whatever they are, it is your responsibility to learn how to arrange them properly. Fortunately, Infinity provides a high amount of customization.

Infinity integrations

There are a number of connectors provided to assist you increase Infinity’s capabilities. Zapier, Trello, CSV, or Clockify are a few examples. It’s worth noting that you can utilize the Infinity API to build bespoke integrations.

Available Platforms

Because Infinity is a web-based platform, it can be accessed from any browser-enabled equipment with internet connectivity. There are also Android and iOS versions of Infinity platform available from the relevant app stores, allowing you to work on your project planning while on the road. Because it is a cloud-based deployment, there is no downloading application for PC-based environments.

How to use Infinity?

How Can You Make Use of Infinity?

It’s also crucial to integrate multiple views function so that you know what information to search for in each.

The first choice is the list view, which provides the most basic overview of your jobs and to-dos. You may customize the viewing experience by adding filters, custom fields, and so on.

The column view is the next option on the list, and it really is ideal for viewing a whole process. Understanding where each job is in its life cycle will help your team be much more effective.

A calendar view is also available, which is ideal for gaining a high-level grasp of time-sensitive things. To assist with scheduling, you may display your agenda as a day, week, and even month.

Infinity pricing

How much does Infinity cost?

Infinity pricing

If you’re seeking for a trial version, you’re out of luck with Infinity. When you use the platform, you must choose one of the 5 available plans. While most individuals pay for software on a monthly basis, Infinity chose to do things a bit differently. Infinity is giving single-payment lifetime offers instead of its standard price.

The first choice is the team package, which requires a one-time payment of $149. On this plan, you receive one workspace, ten collaborators, 50 GB of storage, and all of the features you need. For comparison, this is normally a $1,080 per year plan.

The next item on the schedule is the starter plan, which involves a one-time fee of $299. You get three workspaces, 25 collaborators, 150 GB of storage, and access to all included features. This bundle is normally priced at $2,700 per year.

The next level is the business package, which normally costs $5,400 annually. No, it is available for a one-time fee of $499. Utilize eight workspaces, 50 collaborators, 500 GB of storage, and all functions are available.

The next item on the list is the corporate membership, which includes 15 workspaces, 100 collaborators, 2,000 GB of storage, and all capabilities for a one-time payment of $899. Normally, you would have to spend $10,800 annually have access to all of this.

The last subscription is the enterprise, which costs $1,499 USD. Normally, it would cost $54,000 per year. This subscription includes 30 workspaces, unlimited collaborators, 5000 GB of storage, and all features.

If you are dissatisfied with your transaction, Infinity provides a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. To obtain the refund, just send an email to Infinity support staff.


Why you should use Infinity?

Infinity platform was designed to assist you in creating project structures that are as vague or as comprehensive as you want. Each project may have tabs, folders, subfolders, and so on. As a result, you may adopt a modular approach to project management, resulting in better organization and outputs.

Infinity adapts to you rather the other way around. As a result, you may create bespoke processes that are based on whether you and your team collaborate. You have total control over each of these process workflows, and you can quickly determine which steps must be accomplished before proceeding to the next.

Enjoy a variety of views with your colleagues, such as those that enable you to examine schedules, customers, or tasks in whatever manner you like. Infinity may provide a tool set with a flexible structure and strong interface to assist the team in operating as a single unit rather than a collection of moving components.

Communication is one of the foundation of excellent cooperation, and Infinity encourages it and cooperation in spades. Within the framework of the Infinity platform, you may contact team members and have conversations. You may use discussions and notes to share ideas and recommendations, which encourages constructive debate.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.

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