Easyship Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Easyship review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.3Expert Score
Powerful shipping software to grow internationally

Unlock the full potential of your eCommerce venture with Easyship, the ultimate shipping ally that turns logistical headaches into a competitive edge. Revel in the luxury of choice with over 250 shipping solutions, bask in the glow of up to 91% off courier rates, and navigate international waters with ease, thanks to transparent tax and duty calculations. Easyship isn’t just a platform; it’s your business’s passport to a world of streamlined fulfillment, satisfied customers, and a bottom line as buoyant as a ship on calm seas.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms
  • Supports international shipping
  • Automation features
  • Access to multiple couriers
  • Discounted shipping rates
  • Customs and duties issues
  • Expensive higher volume
  • Complexity for beginners
  • Dependence on third-party couriers

Navigating the complexities of eCommerce shipping can be as challenging as steering a ship through stormy seas, but with the right tools, it can become a breeze that propels your business forward.

In the dynamic world of online sales, where customer satisfaction hinges on the swift and safe delivery of goods, understanding the nuances of your shipping platform is pivotal.

This insightful article delves into the robust capabilities of Easyship, a platform that promises to demystify the shipping process, offering a treasure trove of features designed to optimize your logistics, cut costs, and delight your customers from checkout to unboxing.

Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, discover how Easyship can be the wind in your sails on the voyage to eCommerce success.

Read further to learn more about Easyship, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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What is Easyship?

Easyship is a cloud-based shipping software designed to help businesses grow internationally by providing access to exclusive, pre-negotiated shipping rates with savings up to 91%. It offers a suite of services that includes comparing shipping quotes, generating labels, scheduling pickups, and monitoring finances through an intuitive interface.

The platform integrates with over 250 courier services like USPS, UPS, and DHL, and is seamlessly integrated with leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, enabling businesses to manage all their shipments without coding.

Easyship also calculates tax and duty costs, prepares paperwork for customs clearance, and provides a network of global warehouses for optimized fulfillment.

Additionally, it enhances customer experience with branded tracking pages, emails, and customized packing slips. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, Easyship aims to simplify shipping while reducing costs and supporting global expansion.

Easyship cover

Easyship specifications

FeaturesAnalytics / Auto Order Sync / Branded Tracking Experience / Catalog Management / Create a Label / Crowdfunding Integration / Discounted Shipping Rates / Flexible Printing Options / Global Fulfilment Network / Import Tax & Duty Calculation / Link your own courier accounts / Mobile app / Multi-box Shipments / Pickup Management / Return Labels / Team access / eCommerce Integrations
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesChinese / Deutsch / English / French / Italian / Spanish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressNew York, New York
Year founded2015


Easyship pricing: How much does Easyship cost?

Step into the realm of Easyship’s pricing, where transparency meets flexibility. With plans that range from the welcoming shores of a free tier to the expansive horizons of premium options, there’s a treasure chest of value-packed choices for every size of business.

Whether you’re charting a course on a frugal budget or investing in the trade winds of growth, Easyship’s pricing range, starting at $0 and scaling up to $199 per month, ensures that every merchant finds their perfect fiscal fit for a voyage towards success.

Pricing rangeFrom $29 to $199 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes, 14 days
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Easyship pricing plans


  • Free Plan: $0/month
    • Shipments Per Month: 50
    • Team Members: 1
    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: 0
    • All plans include Unlimited eCommerce and Crowdfunding Integrations, Access to the Global Fulfilment Network, Analytics, Import Tax & Duty Calculation, and more.
    • Email Support included.
  • Plus Plan: $29/month
    • Shipments Per Month: 500
    • Team Members: 3
    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: 1
    • Rates at Checkout and Onboarding Session included.
    • Chat Support included.
  • Premier Plan: $69/month
    • Shipments Per Month: 2,500
    • Team Members: 5
    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: 2
    • Additional features such as Branded Tracking Experience, Auto Order Sync, and Export Shipments.
    • Chat and Phone Support included.
  • Scale Plan: $99 – $199/month
    • Shipments Per Month: 10,000
    • Team Members: 12
    • Link Your Own Courier Accounts: 3
    • Advanced features like Label Customization, Pre-generated Return Labels, and Multi-box Shipments.
    • Phone Support and a Customer Success Manager available on request.


Easyship features: What can you do with it?

Dive into the heart of Easyship’s prowess with a features section that’s as rich and varied as the cargo holds of a galleon. From the simplicity of automated label printing to the assurance of shipping insurance, each feature is a cog in a well-oiled machine, designed to elevate your shipping process to an art form.

With Easyship, your business can harness the power of global fulfillment networks, intuitive analytics, and seamless integrations, all crafted to keep your operations sailing smoothly towards the horizon of growth and profitability.

Shipping Dashboard

Easyship dashboard

The Shipping Dashboard on Easyship is a comprehensive control panel where users can manage all their shipping operations. It’s designed for efficiency, allowing for the import of orders from various channels, bulk uploads via CSV, or direct synchronization from an eCommerce store.

This centralized system is equipped to handle large volumes of shipments while maintaining accuracy and speed. With its user-friendly interface, the dashboard reduces the complexity of shipping logistics, providing a clear overview of ongoing processes and the status of each shipment.

It’s a pivotal tool for businesses looking to scale their operations and manage increased order volumes without compromising on customer service or operational efficiency.

Automate Shipping with Custom Shipping Rules

Automation is key to scaling shipping operations, and Easyship’s Custom Shipping Rules feature is a testament to this.

Users can define their shipping preferences once and let the system handle the rest, from selecting the most cost-effective courier based on package size and destination to choosing the best insurance options for high-value items.

This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with diverse shipping needs, as it allows for a high degree of customization and precision.

By automating these decisions, businesses can save significant time and reduce the risk of human error, ensuring that each package is sent out according to the optimal criteria set by the user.

Generate Labels & Shipping Docs

Generating labels and shipping documents can be a tedious part of the shipping process, but with Easyship, this is fully automated. The platform generates all necessary labels, packing slips, and customs paperwork in accordance with the latest shipping regulations and requirements.

This not only ensures compliance but also streamlines the shipping process, allowing users to quickly print what they need and avoid bottlenecks during order fulfillment. The accuracy and consistency of the documentation provided by Easyship help in avoiding customs delays and ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Flawless Tracking & Returns

With Easyship’s Best in Class Tracking, businesses can offer their customers real-time tracking updates across all couriers. This feature provides a dedicated tracking page for each shipment, which can be branded for a professional look and feel.

The automated system keeps customers informed at every step of the delivery process, enhancing transparency and trust. In the event of a return, Easyship simplifies the process with one-click return label generation, automatically handling the communication and documentation required to facilitate a smooth return for the customer.

Easyship Determines Duty and Tax Charges

Easyship taxes and duties

Navigating international duties and taxes is often a complex and daunting task for businesses. Easyship’s platform simplifies this by calculating these charges in advance, providing a clear picture of the costs involved in shipping to different countries.

This feature helps businesses avoid unexpected fees and delays at customs, ensuring a better experience for both the seller and the customer.

By accurately determining and communicating these costs upfront, Easyship helps businesses maintain transparency and manage international customer expectations effectively.

Different Item Categories Have Different Tax Rates

Understanding the tax implications for various item categories is crucial for international commerce.

Easyship’s system uses Harmonized System (HS) codes to categorize items and automatically calculates the tax rates for different categories, such as fashion, electronics, and home appliances, for each destination country.

This granular approach to tax calculation allows businesses to accurately forecast costs and price their products appropriately for international markets.

The platform’s ability to handle items with special requirements, such as those containing batteries or liquids, further adds to its robustness, ensuring that businesses remain compliant with international shipping regulations.

Decide who pays for Taxes

Flexibility in determining who pays for taxes and duties is a significant advantage that Easyship offers. The platform allows sellers to choose whether they or their customers will cover these additional costs, which can be a critical decision in international sales strategies.

This feature empowers businesses to tailor their shipping and pricing policies to their market’s expectations and competitive landscape, potentially improving sales and customer satisfaction.

Tax Documents Pre-filled

The pre-filling of tax documents is another feature that streamlines the international shipping process on Easyship. By automatically generating all the necessary duty and tax documents, Easyship ensures that shipments are ready for customs clearance without any additional input from the user.

This automation is a time-saver and reduces the likelihood of errors that could cause delays or additional charges, making international shipping more accessible and less risky for businesses of all sizes.

Book of Tax Knowledge by Country

Easyship’s comprehensive book of tax knowledge by country is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to expand their reach globally. This feature provides users with detailed information on the tax and duty requirements for each country, helping them navigate the complexities of international shipping.

With this knowledge base, businesses can make informed decisions about new markets, ensuring compliance with local regulations and avoiding potential legal and financial pitfalls.

Global Fulfillment

Easyship global fulfillment

Easyship’s fulfillment network is engineered to empower businesses to reach a global audience without the complexities traditionally associated with international logistics. By tapping into a network of global fulfillment centers, businesses can store inventory closer to their customers, significantly reducing shipping times and costs.

This strategic placement of goods, combined with Easyship’s shipping solutions, enables businesses to offer competitive delivery options, which can be a decisive factor for customers when making a purchase.

The service is designed to be scalable, accommodating spikes in demand without the need for businesses to invest in their own warehouse space or additional staff, thus maintaining lean operations even during periods of growth.

Get Big, Stay Lean

The ‘Get Big, Stay Lean’ philosophy of Easyship resonates with businesses aiming for growth without proportionally increasing their fixed costs. This feature allows for an expansion of fulfillment capabilities across different regions while keeping the business model cost-effective.

By leveraging Easyship’s infrastructure, businesses can avoid the capital expenditure typically required for global expansion, such as leasing warehouse space or hiring logistics personnel.

Instead, they can focus on core business activities like product development and marketing, knowing that the logistical side of scaling up is managed efficiently by Easyship’s network.

Reduce Logistics Costs

Reducing logistics costs is a cornerstone of Easyship’s feature set. By offering discounted shipping rates through pre-negotiated deals with couriers and strategically located warehouses around the globe, businesses can cut down on both shipping and storage costs.

This optimization of the supply chain not only reduces overhead but also allows for more competitive pricing of products, potentially increasing market share.

Additionally, the consolidation of shipping volumes can lead to further discounts, making logistics a variable cost that scales with business volume, rather than a fixed overhead.

More Happy Customers

The ‘More Happy Customers’ feature is all about enhancing the end-customer experience. By ensuring that products are delivered more quickly through local fulfillment, and providing customers with real-time tracking and visibility, Easyship helps businesses build trust and satisfaction.

This level of service can lead to higher customer retention rates and positive word-of-mouth, which are invaluable for brand reputation. Moreover, the ability to provide a consistent and reliable delivery experience can set a business apart in a crowded marketplace.

Optimized Store Checkout

Easyship optimized checkout

Easyship’s Optimized Store Checkout integrates directly with an online store to provide a seamless checkout experience. It dynamically displays tailored shipping options, including cost and delivery time estimates, allowing customers to choose the most convenient option.

This feature not only improves the user experience but also reduces cart abandonment rates, as customers are more likely to complete a purchase when presented with transparent and flexible shipping options.

The checkout is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that shipping options are clear and the process is as smooth as possible.

Offering a variety of shipping options is crucial in today’s market, and Easyship’s Real-Time Shipping Rates Plugin enables businesses to do just that. By installing this plugin, customers can be presented with a range of shipping choices at the point of checkout, from the most economical to the fastest delivery.

This flexibility ensures that the needs of all customers are met, whether they prioritize cost savings or speed. The plugin is designed to integrate smoothly with the store’s existing checkout process, maintaining a cohesive user experience while providing additional value.

Branding Suite

Easyship branding suite

The Branding Suite by Easyship is a set of tools that allow businesses to maintain their brand identity throughout the shipping process.

From customized tracking pages that keep customers within the brand ecosystem to personalized packing slips that can serve as additional marketing material, this feature ensures that every touchpoint with the customer reinforces the brand message.

The ability to brand these elements not only enhances the customer experience but also provides additional opportunities for engagement and promotion.

Notify Your Customers

Communication is key to customer satisfaction, and Easyship’s notification system ensures that customers are well-informed about their order status. The platform can automatically update the store’s systems and send out branded emails with the latest delivery status.

Dedicated tracking pages provide customers with detailed information about their shipment’s journey, reducing customer service inquiries and increasing transparency. This proactive approach to communication helps to manage customer expectations and fosters a sense of reliability and trust in the brand.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding extends the business’s brand presence into the shipping process. By allowing businesses to add their logos and custom messages to emails, tracking pages, and packing slips, Easyship ensures that the brand remains front and center throughout the customer’s post-purchase experience.

This consistent branding across all platforms not only looks professional but also contributes to a cohesive brand experience that can enhance customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Global Tracking

Global Tracking is a comprehensive feature that provides tracking for all couriers to all destinations. This universal tracking capability means that no matter where the package is headed, both the business and the customer can follow its progress with ease.

The system is designed to be robust and reliable, providing up-to-date tracking information that helps manage expectations and reduce the anxiety that can sometimes accompany international shipments.

This feature is particularly important for businesses that ship worldwide, as it ensures that customers have a consistent tracking experience regardless of location.

Shipping Insurance

Easyship shipping insurrance

Shipping Insurance through Easyship provides a safety net for businesses and their customers by offering protection against the common risks of shipping such as damage, loss, and theft. Coverage can extend up to $10,000 USD per shipment, ensuring that high-value goods are safeguarded throughout their journey.

This feature is particularly valuable for businesses that ship fragile, expensive, or irreplaceable items. By securing insurance, merchants can instill confidence in their customers, knowing that their purchases are protected.

The claims process is managed by Easyship, which simplifies the resolution of any issues that arise, maintaining the integrity of the customer experience and the merchant’s reputation.

Easyship Collect

Easyship collect

Easyship Collect is a tool tailored for crowdfunding campaigns, designed to provide backers with a premium shipping experience. This tool addresses common post-campaign shipping challenges such as long waits for budget shipping and the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

By integrating with top crowdfunding platforms, Easyship Collect offers a seamless shipping solution that enhances backer satisfaction.

Campaign creators can offer flexible shipping options, including standard and rush delivery, allowing backers to choose the level of service that suits them best. This flexibility is a boon for campaign fulfillment, ensuring that backers feel valued and well-served.

Simplify International Shipping

With Easyship, simplifying international shipping is a key feature, especially for crowdfunding campaigns that often have a global reach. The platform offers flexible duty and tax options, allowing backers to prepay for these costs and enjoy faster delivery to their doorstep.

Alternatively, backers can opt to handle customs duties themselves and pick up their items at local customs offices.

This flexibility helps to streamline the shipping process and can significantly reduce the potential for delays and additional costs at customs, ensuring a smoother delivery experience for international backers.

Coordinate Cross Border

Coordinating cross-border shipments can be complex, but Easyship’s features are designed to ease this process. By offering shipping insurance up to $10,000 and handling all claims, Easyship provides a layer of security and convenience for both campaign creators and backers.

This feature is crucial for maintaining the campaign’s credibility and for protecting the backers’ investments. It ensures that, in the event of an issue during transit, there is a clear and straightforward process for resolution, which is managed by Easyship, thereby protecting the reputation of the crowdfunding campaign.


Easyship review: Why you should use it?

Easyship offers a comprehensive shipping solution designed to streamline the logistics process for eCommerce businesses. It provides access to a wide range of shipping options, allowing users to compare rates and delivery times from various couriers to find the best fit for their needs.

The platform also automates many aspects of the shipping process, including label creation, customs documentation, and tax calculations, which can save time and reduce errors.

With features like global tracking and shipping insurance, Easyship ensures that both merchants and customers are kept in the loop regarding the status of their shipments, enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • Access to Multiple Couriers: Easyship aggregates rates from over 250 shipping services, providing a variety of options for users.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates: Users can enjoy reduced rates, which can be up to 91% off standard prices.
  • Global Reach: The platform supports international shipping, complete with tax and duty calculations.
  • Automation: Features like automated label printing and customs documentation streamline the fulfillment process.
  • Integration: Easyship integrates with several eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, simplifying the management of online sales.


  • Complexity for Beginners: New users may find the platform overwhelming due to its extensive features and options.
  • Cost for Higher Volume: While there is a free tier, higher volume businesses must move to paid plans, which can become costly.
  • Dependence on Third-Party Couriers: Users are at the mercy of the couriers’ service quality and reliability.
  • Customs and Duties Issues: While the platform calculates taxes and duties, actual charges at customs can vary and cause complications.
  • Customer Service: Depending on the plan, access to customer support varies, which can be a limitation for users on lower-tier plans.


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Easyship Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons
Easyship Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

Easyship review
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