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In this Oyster HR review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.4Expert Score
Hire, pay, and care for talent around the world with Oyster

Oyster HR is an innovative cloud-based Human Resources (HR) platform that simplifies the complexities of managing international workers. It provides everything businesses need to find, hire and manage international employees and teams.

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  • Local health benefits
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Are you searching for an affordable and decisive global employment platform? If so, then Oyster HR is what you need. This platform provides everything that you need to hire, onboard, and manage your global workforce easily, like fast complaint hiring, localized benefits, free global HR tools, secure multi-country payroll, global compliance, and much more.

But is it right for you to streamline your onboarding process and get the most out of your global recruitment? Here in this review article, we will take an in-depth look at what Oyster HR is and what are the pro and cons of using it. We will also show you what emphatic features it offers that make it a leading global employment platform compared to others, so read on.

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Quick Overview

What is Oyster HR?

Oyster HR is one of the most user-friendly and affordable Global Employment Platforms that delivers everything you need to hire, pay and manage your global team members. This comprehensive suite of services eliminates the complexity of global payroll while helping you stay compliant in more than 180 countries.

With Oyster HR, companies can easily access a wider talent pool to build their distributed teams without worrying about local employment laws or compliance risks. It offers a cost-effective and convenient way to manage payroll across the world. Oyster HR provides access to a dedicated team of legal experts who can help ensure that all requirements are met, giving you peace of mind regarding global compliance.

This helps companies save time and cash, allowing them to focus on building their teams and growing their businesses. Plus, the user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage your global team and track their performance in one place.

With Oyster HR, you can be sure that your company is well on its way to success in an ever-changing world of international business. It provides you with all the HR (human resources) tools needed to stay organized and compliant.

From employee onboarding and contracts to international payrolls – you get it all. It is also SSL encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about the privacy policy or security of your data. Whether you are looking for part-time or full-time employees from Germany, Spain, or Uk – Oyster HR can help you find and manage them with ease. 

This job management software is the perfect solution for companies or entrepreneurs looking to expand their global teams without overspending or getting bogged down in legal complexities. A few clicks give you access to top remote talent worldwide and allow you to manage payrolls easily. With its automation capabilities, you can even save time and resources.

The Oyster platform is the one-stop shop for all your global employment needs if you want to grow your remote team and expand your business. If you want to access Oyster HR for free, then you can also go with the starter pack that allows you to onboard and pay for up to two global contractors without any cost.

Oyster HR specifications

FeaturesContractor Conversion / Global Compliance / Global Employment Tools / Multi-Country Payroll / Privacy And Security
Best suited forSmall businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company address251 Little Falls Dr Wilmington, DE, 19808-1674 United States
Year founded2020


Oyster HR pricing: How much does Oyster HR cost?

Oyster HR offers three different pricing plans that users can select from depending on their business needs and budget. The first is the lite plan which costs $29 per month. Another is a business plan, which costs $399 per month. The final is the enterprise plan which has customer pricing.

Pricing rangeFrom $29 to $399 per month
Pricing typesMonthly subscription / Quote based
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Oyster HR pricing plans


Lite Plan ($29 per month):

  • Invoice and expense management
  • Oyster Health (add-on)
  • Contractor hiring in 180+ countries
  • Global HR tools
  • Localized pay in 120+ currencies

Business Plan ($399 per month):

  • Full-time employee hiring in 130+ countries
  • Time-off management
  • Built-in legal, tax, and privacy compliance
  • All features in the lite plan
  • End-to-end global payroll
  • Reduce risk with unmatched IP Protection
  • Localized support and knowledge centers

Enterprise Plan (custom pricing):

  • Custom global compliance support
  • All features in the business & lite plan
  • Dedicated hiring success team


Oyster HR features: What can you do with it?

Global Employment Tools

The suite of specialized tools for global hiring makes Oyster HR more than just HR software. It offers you a contract vs. full-time employee analyzer that you can use to assess potential risks and break down costs. It also offers global employment templates and checklists to help you supercharge your global recruiting team and a time zone crossover calculator that helps you identify the optimal locations to hire in different countries. It also offers a benefits advisor tool that will help you find the statutory, basic, good, and best-in-class benefits offered in the top hiring locations.

Oyster HR also offers a Global Employment Cost Calculator that lets you instantly calculate the total cost of employment worldwide, which means you can accurately estimate the total cost. Oyster HR is the perfect platform for those looking for a comprehensive HR solution to use and discover new hires in the global market.

Global Compliance

Everyone knows that one of the biggest obstacles to scaling an international team is navigating the complexity of different employment laws in each country. To make the reimbursement and compliance process as simple and seamless as possible, Oyster has covered you with 180+ countries and counting.

With Oyster, you can trust that all of your agreements with international team members are compliant and secure because they comply with privacy and security requirements in every country. You can also access local employment compliance to reduce liability and protect you against country-specific risks. Oyster’s automated platform will make your workday much simpler and more efficient. Compliance is key to staying competitive in a global market for all industry leaders.

With Oyster, all you ought to do is sit back, relax and leave the compliance headaches and worries to it because it ensures that all contracts are aligned with local labor laws.

Multi-Country Payroll

Paying your global team can be a difficult task because of currency fluctuations and the different tax laws in each country. With Oyster HR, you can pay your team members worldwide with one streamlined solution. It provides you with compliant, on-time international payments in 120+ currencies, so you don’t have to fret about any of these problems.

This platform ensures you easily manage payroll, generate reports, and deliver compliant payments all in one place. With this, you can also integrate multiple ERP systems to sync your payroll data and automatically have the invoice in your system when you need it. Oyster HR is the right choice if you want a hassle-free way to pay your global team.


For any organization, security is paramount because of the confidential information it is responsible for managing. With Oyster HR, you don’t need to worry about data protection, as it is a secure platform built with security in mind.

The application uses SSL encryption for data transmission and has multiple layers of encryption to protect sensitive information. It also adheres to major international security standards such as NIST CSF, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more, so you can be sure your data is safe.

With this secure platform, you can easily manage employee data without compromising security which helps to keep your business compliant. If you need any help or guidance, then you can also contain Oyster HR customer service to solve your queries related to security.

Contractor Conversion

Converting a contractor to an employee is one of the most crucial and time-consuming tasks because it involves various legal issues, and there are chances of misclassification. To solve this problem, Oyster provides an easy-to-use platform to track and manage the conversion process. No matter if you want to convert a single contractor or multiple ones, Oyster HR can take care of the whole transition.

It offers various features to ensure the process is done correctly, such as legal advice and risk assessment, so you can be sure the conversion complies with local laws. This process takes only three simple steps to convert your contractor into an employee: defining your needs, implementing the process, and ensuring success.


Oyster HR review: Why you should use it ?

If you are searching for the most reliable & affordable global employment platform, then Oyster HR is the right choice for you to go with. It offers all attributes that you need to find, hire, and manage talent from around the world without any obstacles.

With this platform, you can pay your international employees with just one streamlined solution, ensure compliance with local labor laws, maintain data security standards and convert contractors to employees easily. So try Oyster HR today and experience the world-class services it offers! 


Oyster HR Alternatives

Before subscribing to Oyster HR, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the Best Payroll Software for your needs. You can find the Oyster HR alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Oyster HR with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Oyster HR headquarters?

The headquarter of Oyster HR (Human Resources) is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Is Oyster HR a scam or a legitimate service?

Oyster HR is a legitimate service because it complies with all legislation, including data protection and labor laws, from the countries in which it operates. It is accredited by several independent organizations and has received positive customer reviews.

Oyster HR review
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