CyberGhost Review

In this CyberGhost review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
9.2/10 (Expert Score)
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9.2Expert Score
Fast, Secure, and Anonymous VPN service

CyberGhost is one of the market’s largest VPN service providers. We like the fact that it enables torrenting and unblocks most of the widely used streaming websites, including Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Additionally, CyberGhost provides dedicated IP addresses, specialized servers, the WireGuard protocol, and a 45 days money back guarantee.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Suitable for unblocking major streaming platforms
  • 45-day money-back guarantee for longer subscriptions
  • Work on most types of devices
  • Supports 256-bit encryption
  • Stable connection speeds
  • Ad blocker is inefficient
  • Costly if you don't go for the yearly plans

Are you an adult and want to play Roblox without being judged? Or is the intelligence of 12 countries after you? There are a lot of problems an ideal user faces, and it can be anything, from being tracked to being cyberbullied. But the most common concerns of today’s users are security and privacy.

There are many VPNs that qualify to bring the users the desired protection that they want from the internet menace. Among the most proficient VPNs is CyberGhost.

CyberGhost not only protects you from external threats but also gives you utmost protection through its super protocols. And its efficient features are the cream on the cake.

Read further to learn more about CyberGhost, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is CyberGhost?

CyberGhost is a famous VPN, founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, by some IT experts who wanted to change the world. The main aim of making CyberGhost was “Protecting the privacy, and digital citizens must become an ambition as well as a responsibility….” To them, privacy and security are top of their company’s priorities.

Nowadays, each one is after you, from the government to advertisers, or hackers, to Inter Service Providers, all want the users’ important data to be obtained by them. Luckily, The jack of all is located in Romania and is free from any kind of government restrictions or anything. 

CyberGhost Review - Best VPN Ever #ciroapp

Just like all other VPNs, CyberGhost VPN also provides users with utmost security for their online traffic and hides their actual IP addresses so that they can’t be stolen by a third party.

CyberGhost wishes to provide the world with a secure core and robust encryption. The protocols that CyberGhost has to offer also act as a knight to the users. Let’s further see what CyberGhost has got to support its claims.

CyberGhost specifications

FeaturesAffiliate system / Chrome extension / Easy to use / File Transfer / Fraud detection / Live chat / Location tracking / Malicious Code Scanning / Mobile app / Payment system / Shared server
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesChinese / Danish / Deutsch / English / Finnish / French / Indonesian / Italian / Japanese / Nederlands / Norsk / Polish / Spanish / Turkish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company address68 Polona, District 1, Bucharest, Romania
Year founded2011

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CyberGhost pricing: How much does CyberGhost cost?

CyberGhost costs $12.99 per month (monthly) to $2.29 per month (39 months). With the additional plans, nobody can stop you from being the digital Green Arrow!

Conversely, if your VPN is not taking payments in crypto, there’s something wrong. Nowadays, as the modern world is emerging and technology is improving, new methods of data payments are born, and such an example is cryptocurrency. 

Through cryptocurrency, one can pay the company without having the need to pull off their masks and show their identity. Well, we must applaud as CyberGhost does provide users with cryptocurrency payment methods. 

For crypto transactions, you must need a crypto wallet. Through that, you can easily subscribe to CyberGhost premium plans without leaving a trace or your online purchasing to be traced.

Pricing rangeFrom $12.99 per month (monthly) to $2.29 per month (39 months)
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 45 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

CyberGhost pricing plans


If we further simplify the plans, we can see that the CyberGhost has to offer the finest at affordable prices. There’s also not much difference between the plans; they differ only by their prices.

  • 1 Month: costs $12.99 per month and have a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 Year: costs $4.29 per month and has a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 2 Years: costs $3.25 per month and got a 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 3 Years and 3 Months: costs $2.29 per month and also has a 45-day money-back guarantee

There’s also an additional perk whose original cost is around $5.65 per month but is currently on sale and costs $1.29 per month. This perk mainly contains the antivirus and the security updater to enhance your online defense.

If you further ask for my opinion, I would suggest that you choose the year plan, as it is much better than the monthly plan.


CyberGhost features: What can you do with it?


Not only are there regional sanctions, but there are also some digitally too. Well, they are more of a geo-restriction than to be a sanction because you already know that sanctions can only be imposed by a particular nation. In contrast, countries implement geo-restrictions to filter only a certain audience to access particular content.

image 47

Well, these restrictions are what cause great inventions, and one of those great inventions is the CyberGhost VPN. With CyberGhost VPN, you can feasibly bypass most geo-restrictions on major streaming platforms and can watch your favorite shows with no issues.

Furthermore, CyberGhost VPN has got many servers up its sleeves. There are an estimated 8800 servers all across 91 countries on all continents except Antarctica (What do you think who would be concerned about their privacy in Antarctica? FREAKING PENGUINS?)

Unblocking US/UK Netflix

You have also been once annoyed if you are a movie freak about certain shows being available only in the US and the Queens. Well, I think CyberGhost is a communist as, rather than saying MINE, it unblocks the contents and makes them OURS. How proud ‘Priest Stalin’ would be.

On the contrary, CyberGhost unblocks US Netflix quite effectively and efficiently. Connect to the optimized New York server and enjoy your movie with very less delay time.

Equally, unblocking UK libraries is just as easy as becoming a gangster in Birmingham in 1918s. Just open your CyberGhost and connect to the aptest and most optimized server for the UK. Then just start streaming and enjoy your TV shows with some BO’OH’O’WO’ER.

You can also get an average speed of around 50 Mbps if you connect to non-optimized servers such as those of Tokyo, Paris, London, Toronto, Mumbai, and many more. Despite being local networks and non-optimized, CyberGhost still manages to unblock local libraries and stream in HD without lag.

Nevertheless, you can unblock Netflix by only doing these simple steps:

  • Open the CyberGhost application and log in.
  • Click on Streaming Servers and choose your desired location of whose country you want to watch Netflix.
  • Log in to your Netflix and grab some popcorn because you are good to go!

Unblocking HULU

To unblock HULU, you might have to switch it to the Firefox browser, as there are chances it won’t work on Google Chrome.

Unblocking Disney+

Everyone’s favorite, Mickey Mouse’s grandma’s house, has been tough for VPNs lately. Disney+ has enhanced its VPN detection technology. Despite many VPNs failing to provide sufficient services for the streaming platform, CyberGhost quite gets something around.

With CyberGhost, you can experience a bit of buffer and lag if you connect to the optimized Las Vegas server. But I would prefer to try out the non-optimized New York server and check how it works. Well, to be really honest with you, you just have to hit your chances until you find the aptest server in the long odds.

Unblocking Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is quite hard to unblock, and most VPNs have failed miserably to do so. But with a United States optimized server, you can easily unblock Amazon Prime to watch your desired content.

Unblocking other streaming platforms

There are many other major streaming platforms that also have geo-restricted content. Among these are HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Kodi, and many more.

When it comes to HBO Max, you might face some trouble even if you use an optimized server. To resolve this, try troubleshooting or try using Firefox; you’ll eventually get your desired content in your hands.

Many VPNs fail to unblock BBC iPlayer and raise many other problems as well. However, with CyberGhost, the case is different. You can easily unrestrict your desired content without any other issues of latency or interruptions. 

CyberGhost also works quite well with Kodi. Even though you can access restricted movies or TV shows in Kodi on any of your devices, be it an Android TV or an Android mobile itself.

Besides that, CyberGhost has numerous servers optimized for particular regions, thus giving you the opportunity to try out various servers and choose the ones that are suitable for the specific streaming channels.


Whenever you connect to a VPN, you should keep in mind that your connection speeds must be compromised for the VPN to provide you with the utmost security and privacy. Just as the quote goes: In order to win something, you have to lose something. 

image 52

Well, the most professional VPNs which will top the leaderboards are those that provide the users with high-standard security and do not slow down their speeds too much. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be…

When you connect to the server of CyberGhost on a macOS, you may likely experience an increase in the ping by 14-15%, which is quite good if you compare this to the other majority of VPNs that drastically slow down the reaction time: increasing your ping by 32%.

This is not the case with Windows. The CyberGhost fails when you connect to its VPN server, giving you an approximate 70% increase in ping along with some lag. Relatively, you can imagine how bad the downloading speeds could be.

Although, the speeds mainly depend upon a lot of factors, and you cannot just judge it by the performance it gives on its first try. Try using different servers with fewer loads, and check if your internet speed is okay from the origin of your network.

If we summarize it, everyone might experience different results due to varying factors of the users. Well, we can conclude that for macOS, CyberGhost is like a charming prince.


VPNs are solely judged by their protocols. This is because protocols ensure the users’ security and privacy over the internet. And if the VPN has chosen a weak protocol, then this would cause the VPN itself a lot.

image 53

The world-renowned WireGuard protocol is the most essential when it comes to securing your data over the internet. Many famous VPNs like NordVPN and PureVPN also use WireGuard. WireGuard has a name in the market because of its prominence in providing great speeds and modern encryption technology.

There are many things about the WireGuard which make the VPN companies add them to their protocols without asking any questions. The popularity it has gained is because it is open source, just like OpenVPN, and gives a faster performance as it is lightweight. 

What is more, when the protocol is used, it consumes less power, and hence, your battery life is enhanced. Moreover, just like other VPNs, CyberGhost VPN also uses 256-bit encryption, which is the modern standard for premium VPN services.

The most pleasing thing about CyberGhost VPN is that it supports WireGuard on all of its platforms, such as: 

  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Fire Stick TV
  • Linus
  • IOS
  • macOS
  • Windows 

Besides macOS, CyberGhost VPN also provides open source OpenVPN to all its platforms. OpenVPN will not only provide you with OpenVPN TCP (which can help you to transfer data in the correct order securely) but also gives users OpenVPN UDP (which provides users with a faster data transmission with a fine balance of speed and encryption).

Equally, OpenVPN is also considered among the most secured protocol and is also open-source, meaning that you can use the source code for various tasks. Another fine thing about OpenVPN is that its code is getting frequently improved. This nullifies any agencies or cyber criminals from exploiting the protocol.

To further elaborate, the OpenVPN tunneling protocol uses the SSL (Socket Secure Layer) that helps the users transmit their data all across the internet without worrying about any vulnerabilities. It also ensures the users that their data will be private.

Nonetheless, OpenVPN works for many operating systems such as Windows, routers, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS.

Likewise, the IKEv2 protocol is also implemented by CyberGhost to give users the best experience by reducing latency through UDP port 500.

L2TP (Layer-to-tunneling Protocol) is a protocol used by the VPN along with the IPSec. Although L2TP cannot do much work, when combined with IPSec, it makes a pixelated form of Blitzkrieg.

They both work like a team: L2TP makes the tunnel, whereas IPSec manages all the channel security, data integrity checks, and AES-256 encryption. Unfortunately, this drawback is that it can easily be outpowered by a firewall and has lesser speeds than OpenVPN.

Nonetheless, OpenVPN is the most secure and has the upper hand when it comes to providing users with the utmost security. Though, you can choose the OpenVPN protocol as a default.

WebRTC Leak

WebRTC is a method in which different browsers communicate with each other to transmit data directly without having the need for a server. Although, this brings a lot of benefits, such as the data transfer being fast and less time-consuming and video streams much smoother. 

Nonetheless, as the devices have to know each other IP addresses, the drawback is that the data can be leaked easily, and your identity may be revealed throughout the internet.

In contrast, a good deal of VPNs fail in WebRTC leak tests, but CyberGhost is reliable in this case and can not leak any kind of thing whatsoever.

DNS Leak

DNS (Domain Name Server) is basically a server where many domains are stored corresponding to their respected IP addresses. So, in a URL, when you enter the domain name, the DNS sends back the particular IP address to which the desired webpage opens.

The dilemma in this system is that when the DNS requests are sent, they are revealed to the Internet Service Providers, even with a VPN. This means that your data is still leaked whilst being encrypted.

Though many VPNs fail to counter the DNS leak issue, and if you are either on Windows or Mac, CyberGhost will do its utmost to prevent any kind of leaks whatsoever. 

Split Tunneling

CyberGhost Split Tunneling

Not many VPNs provide Split Tunneling, but those who proffer are amongst the best of VPNs. Split Tunneling is none other than a profound VPN feature that protects users’ sensitive data and information whilst having fine internet speeds.

With Split Tunneling, you can select that which traffic of your connection should be encrypted and which should be in its pure form. Also, you can use Split Tunneling in office work, where you use Split Tunneling and encrypt your data when playing games, so you can avail both from getting amused playing games and doing boring work.

On top of that, the user can choose which websites or applications should use the VPN encrypted tunnel and which should go through the internet directly. This way, you can give utmost protection to the traffic that can be compromised and can have maximum connection speeds that are danger-free.

In addition to that, there are some benefits of using Split Tunneling:

  • Increase performance: as the traffic, which is encrypted, goes at a slow speed. By this, you can conserve bandwidth by routing some traffic that needs protection through the VPN, whereas the rest of the traffic can be transmitted fast as no encryption is implemented.
  • Access LAN resources: sometimes, it happens that you lose connection from LAN when you activate a VPN. Nevertheless, with CyberGhost’s Split Tunneling, you can access your local resources whilst having the encryption of the VPN on.
  • Secure connection for remote employees: remote workers can easily access their sensitive files and data through the encrypted access side by side, having access to other traffic via the Internet Service Provider.

Unfortunately, the drawback is that this feature is only available on the Android version. Hope so Split Tunneling will be compatible with more devices in the near future.

Privacy and Security

The main thing you want to consider when choosing a VPN is the security it provides. A VPN’s credibility is solely based on the privacy and protection it gives to users. If it fails to provide the essential shielding it requires to survive on the internet; then, fortunately, you cannot call him an overprotective digital sibling.

image 48

Likewise, what CyberGhost has to offer is something that makes it to be called a virtual vigilante. CyberGhost uses standard 256-bit AES encryption, which gives off robust security that is unaffected even by brute force and disallows anyone from knowing about your online activity.

Besides that, CyberGhost also offers different types of IP addresses; Anonymous IP, Static IP, and Shared IP. All three with their own pros and cons.

When we talk about WireGuard as per the security perspective, it uses a fabulous cryptographic key routing process. If I elaborate it further, in this method, suppose the data is sent through a secured tunnel to a designated place. Then the key to the data will be sent through another secure tunnel to that place. This just allows the security to increase two times.

It would be an obligation to tell you that due to CyberGhost’s lack of obfuscation services. It is quite a challenging thing to use this VPN in countries that are strict about the usage of VPNs; it’s just like calling out to your computerized grim reaper.

To reassure users and tell the world how CyberGhost is true to its no-logs claim, CyberGhost releases a transparency report quite frequently. This report shows the users how CyberGhost is forced from authorities and third parties through DMCA complaints and malicious requests. 

In 2020 (from April to June), around 1% of requests came from the police, whereas the other 8% were from malicious activity flags. The whole 91% of requests were sent by third parties on the claims of them exercising their rights under DMCA.

The whole concept of showing the report is to tell the internet world that CyberGhost does not give up on any information about the users. Neither do they keep traffic logs of the people, nor do they record the timestamps or IP logs. Therefore, the users can rest assured that their personal data or information wouldn’t be getting sold on the dark web the next day when they open their laptops.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

It would be a disgrace to CyberGhost if I didn’t mention the 2018 European legislation. A European privacy standards test was done to conclude whether the VPNs are safe enough, as they say, or is it just some flying talk. 

Well, many VPNs were unable to update their privacy and security policies as much as required to meet the standard and hence failed. But on the other hand, with CyberGhost’s professionality, they were able to set an example to the VPN world. 

CyberGhost was audited, and a report was made in which the GDPR was mentioned under the easy-to-read and understand the privacy policy. The privacy policy clearly stated everything about the data and contained answers to the most commonly asked questions by the users. Let me lay down some:

  • What data is collected 
  • who is collecting your data
  • In which things would the collected data be used
  • How long would the collected data be stored
  • Where can users file complaints
  • Users’ rights

Overcoming Restrictions  

Although this is not the main feature that is provided by the CyberGhost VPN but is a general procedure that focuses on overcoming the dilemmas faced by the users because of restrictions, even so, restrictions have many types; let me lay down some and tell you a solution to how to breach them.

Overcoming regional restrictions

As we have discussed above, the primary problem faced by internet users is restricted access to some content. Many streaming platforms practice this somewhat of a digital ill-famed ritual. You have to be there individually to access the content; otherwise, you are an alien to them. 

To solve this not-big-of-a-problem, you just have to play with designated servers and find the most caring one for your movies and TV shows.

Overcoming government censorship

You would know that once a government is established, you hear constant praises of it on the internet or media without seeing any kind of criticism of it. It’s because the government filters out the content a lot. By this, the government not only controls the country’s affairs but also puppeteers their people.

Many governments ban content related to journalism, content related to the highest authorities, and content related to everything, which is then either censored or banned by the government. Thus, if you want to access those data, it would be quite dangerous, but if you run a website like Wikileaks, it would then be somewhat beneficial for you.

To get access to government-restricted websites, I’m just going to tell you a simple method in case you are asked about it, just tell them that it was a fluke. 

  • Copy the website’s IP address
  • Paste it in the URL, and boom (the probability of this method working is quite low)

A friendly note: CyberGhost cannot escape the FBI. Just in case you want to know.

Overcoming public Wi-Fi restrictions

You might not have thought of this before, but public Wi-Fi also has some websites blocked. Some are solely blocked because of the inappropriate content it contains, and many are restricted as they are data-consuming. As the public Wi-Fi has a lot less bandwidth, to provide users with some net, they have to block certain websites that are data-insensitive.

You can try out unblocking these digital barricades by using CyberGhost. All I would say is that connect the VPN and hit your chances.

Overcoming offices and schools restrictions

You cannot be called a hacker if you haven’t tried out unrestricting the banned websites on your school computer or your boss’ laptop. Well, the basic thing to know that why these people block certain websites.

For schools, as the internet withholds pretty dark sides, the management does its utmost to block particular content that shouldn’t be consumed by a child. They also prefer to block streaming sites, social media platforms, and, foremost importantly, the games.

For offices, it could be the reason that if it is a malicious website and an employee visit it, it would cost the company all of its data to be exposed.

I wouldn’t allow, as being a faithful and loyal subject to the country, to commit a sin by telling people ways to bypass the restrictions imposed on them for their own good. But as my childhood dream is to be a villain, you can try out using the VPN to access these websites and content.

Smart Rule

If you have used an auto-clicker before, Smart Rule acts the same. Smart Rule allows making CyberGhost do some specific tasks all by itself. This not only reduces your precious time going to waste but also gives your fingers some relaxation which gets tired after clicking much.

Correspondingly, with Smart Rule, you can control the CyberGhost to do some steps on its own. You can set that CyberGhost opens automatically when your device opens. Or order CyberGhost to connect to a particular server of a country without having the need to do it yourself. Furthermore, you may also specify which applications should open whenever the VPN connection is established.

Nonetheless, Smart Rule is a gem of a feature for those users who want the VPN always on. Be it activists or politicians who want 24/7 to be anonymous whenever on the internet, this feature is extremely useful.

Over and above that, Smart Rule is not your regular feature featured in featured VPNs. It is a feature that brings automated quality. So, a kind piece of advice: don’t take it for granted.


When it comes to torrenting, many VPNs fail badly to provide the most reliable service for P2P file sharing. And if you get one, the overall quality would be so substandard that you would lose all your motivation to put your name up on your government’s hit list. So let’s see, should we call CyberGhost the jack of all or the king of none?

image 55

Unfortunately, CyberGhost VPN does not support P2P servers in all locations; as the company states: “We have to block P2P protocols on certain servers, either due to strategic (this is traffic that unnecessarily slows down other user’s traffic) or due to legal reasons in countries where we are forced by providers to block torrent traffic, among them USA, Russia, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.”

Besides that, you don’t have to waste your sweat in finding the P2P servers. All you can do is just go into the CyberGhost app and find the For Torrenting list. There you can select a server among 66 countries.

There are multiple features that go around a VPN to provide the user with the best experience of torrenting. Below are some listed features that CyberGhost happily provides.

CyberGhost URL filter

Whenever you torrent from third-party websites, some evidence is left back that can be used to trace you and compromise your data. Well, you don’t have to worry because CyberGhost malicious URL filters do their utmost to give you the safest torrenting experience.

Shared IP address

When it comes to torrenting data and files over the web, this feature is pretty important. Through shared IP addresses, the VPN allows the users to share the same IP address to prevent any kind of trackers from detecting the users or tracking their online activity. You can say that a Shared IP address is quite the opposite of a Dedicated IP address.

Furthermore, Shared IP addresses are usually affordable and cost-effective, as the user would have to share the cost with other users. This could really be helpful for fresh entrepreneurs or low-scale businesses.

Numerous Servers

If you want a VPN, judge it on many factors, including the number of servers it provides. By providing many servers, the VPN indirectly tells you that you can have a much more probability of connecting to a qualitative server because the number of servers will cover a wide range of geographical areas and will let the user connect to the appropriate one.

In this regard, CyberGhost boasts around 5,700 servers in over 90 countries. And the fine thing about CyberGhost is that it also provides servers mainly made for p2p file sharing, giving you an ultra superb experience for torrenting.

256-bit AES Encryption

With 256-bit AES encryption and Open VPN, you can not ask for much to meet the apt standard of security on the web.


PFS refers to Perfect Forward Secrecy, which is used to skyrocket your encryption by rotating the keys frequently. This is not a regular feature that you would see in most VPNs; luckily, CyberGhost offers this to their torrent-loving users.

Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the primary concerns of a large number of users is the bandwidth that VPNs provide. Users are fed up with having limited bandwidth, which causes users to have fewer speeds.

Nevertheless, CyberGhost proffers users infinite bandwidth, enabling data to be transferred more accurately and fast.

App Protection

This is a must-feature to have whenever you use a torrent client. What app protection do is that it lets users link the torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent with the VPN itself. Now, if you would ever have to open the torrent client, the VPN connection will eventually be connected to protect the user from the digital harm that awaits him.

CyberGhost with uTorrent

Many users face trouble connecting to a VPN and using a torrent alongside that. Well, let’s see how to torrent through CyberGhost with uTorrent in some simple steps.

Further to note is that these steps can be used to any torrent clients; although you might face some issues regarding lags or slow downloading speeds: try switching the servers and choose which is the aptest correspondingly to the circumstances.

  • Open the CyberGhost VPN
  • Click on Torrent Anonymously on the bottom left of the interface.
  • Afterward, a fast and reliable server for your P2P will be selected by the VPN
  • You can then further optimize your torrents; choose to block online tracking and extra speed
  • Click on the Start Anonymous Torrenting tab
  • After that, you can see essential factors related to the torrenting on the emerged Connection Dashboard.

Dedicated IP Address 

A must-to-mention feature of CyberGhost is its Dedicated IP address. Users can easily get themselves a dedicated IP address without having to do any complicated or complex procedures. However, this is an add-on, so you would have to buy it in order to access it. The price range would be around $3.75 to $5, depending upon the subscription you choose.

image 54

Acquiring the dedicated IP address is quite easy. The user can get their token in the CyberGhost application through the Dedicated IP section.

Another good thing about CyberGhost is that it allows the user to retrieve the dedicated IP address through a special token. Because of this, the company itself wouldn’t know the user’s IP, which gives a boost to the user’s anonymity.

Although this might be a great option for privacy-sensitive people, another dilemma that arose is that the dedicated IP has to be connected using the user’s regular IP address. This allows tracking of your online activities to be easier, as the information regarding your surfing on the web will be exposed through your actual IP.


When you look for a VPN, you must also see whether the VPN provides any policy regarding its logs or not. If they do offer some kind of no-logs policy, but reviews say that they are not true to their claims, then just say farewell to it.

image 51

In this regard, CyberGhost boasts a pretty strict no-logs policy. In short, the CyberGhost does not store any kind of essential data or information regarding the user, which, if exposed to the internet dangers, can cost a lot to the users. 

You might ask that if they don’t store anything, then how are they able to identify when we log in, and what do they do with our log-in information? It’s not just that the CyberGhost keeps no users’ data; it does so, but it records only the non-essential data, which cannot cause a lot of trouble. 

For instance, CyberGhost stores date, user behavior, and time to track the frequency and to e able to improve their services to the best! These things are not quite saved in their secret underground basement but are deleted in a day or two. And the data which they collect are anonymous.

To further simplify, CyberGhost only stores these things:

  • Information regarding payments: this is vital to validate the billings and process the payments. Although, one can easily counter this too by paying through cryptocurrency.
  • Cookies preferences: the VPN uses some 3rd party cookies to enhance the users’ experience.
  • Email addresses: email addresses are important when you first sign in. It is also needed when you contact customer support.

To be honest, VPNs shouldn’t have anything to do with the users’ credentials and their data. In this regard, CyberGhost says, and I quote: “We are running a business and need to know if our customers actually use our service. BUT IT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS TO KNOW HOW THEY USE IT. Again: We neither log content nor visited websites nor IP addresses nor any communication!”

In 2019, the spokesperson of CyberGhost also said this about giving up the IP of a person to the CNET: “The only way to do it is if that user is still in the system and if the law enforcement knows the IP and could also provide a warrant to track that IP, We can activate a special feature like a logging feature for that IP, but we have that ability to prevent malicious actions when using our service. But only if that user is still active and we have proof of what exactly is wrong, what IP he is using, and so on. So we’ve got to bring that in order to activate that, to be sure we don’t activate it on a regular user. Otherwise, we can not help any law enforcement company.” 

Additionally, corresponding to the co-founder’s statement, “The only way to secure your data is not to store it”, the company says that they do not store:

  • Connected VPN servers
  • Bandwidth usage
  • IP addresses
  • DNS queries
  • Browser history
  • Accessed internet content

And many more.

You might also ask what about real-time logging. Well, CyberGhost also refrains itself from monitoring messages, video chats, calls, or any other communication information.

In a nutshell, important data and information like traffic logs, timestamps, and IP address logs, which are somewhat of a treasure to the users, are not stored by CyberGhost. Although CyberGhost may keep some data for their own advantage, that data isn’t much worth from which your identity could be revealed. I must say, CyberGhost has a fine no-logs policy.

Another pleasing thing is about the location of the CyberGhost headquarters. Mostly, VPNs have to be quite careful about the place where their headquarters should be located. Like In some regions, there are strict data retention laws. Because of these, governments can force VPNs to give out their users’ information to agencies.

Luckily, CyberGhost is mainly located in Bucharest, Romania, which is, by chance, not a member of surveillance alliances such as the 14 Eyes alliances. Besides that, the Romanian government also supports privacy-friendly terms and policies. Romania has also quite fought a fight against the data-looters and hence, given their citizens, constitutionally, freedom about their data and does not force the VPNs to keep tabs on their users.


Whether you are using CyberGhost on Windows, macOS, or any other operating system, the interface is extremely user-friendly. The layout of the VPN is carefully made to provide the new users with a unique and understandable AI through which they can use CyberGhost with pure ease.

The features and options are pretty simple and straightforward. On the server list, the users can feasibly know which servers are available and can also see the load on a particular server. Remember, the lesser the load, the faster the VPN connection speeds would be.

On the sidebar, you further explore the app and avail yourself fully of the functions and features CyberGhost provides. By the way, if you have any issues related to the VPN, you can check their website, “Privacy Hub”, and see whether there’s any article written that corresponds to your problem or not. And you can also get in touch with their team through the live chat feature.


Before talking about servers, the foremost important thing that circulates a VPN and maintains its credibility is the location of its headquarters. CyberGhost is located in Romania, which is a friendly region for privacy and security, where there are no data retention laws that could make the users give up their dream of going virtually abroad. 

image 49

Along with that, Romania is not also part of the Fourteen Eyes Alliances, which gives a relief sigh to privacy as your internet service provider wouldn’t be forced to give up the essential data of the users.

Besides that, CyberGhost servers fully support all the world-renowned VPN protocols such as IKEv2, WireGuard, and OpenVPN. That concludes CyberGhost not being an outdated 1900s uncle.

The aforementioned thing to tell you is that the CyberGhost is stated that in some locations such as Russia, Hong Kong, the United States of America, and Australia, speeds will be compromised or will be blocked due to some legal reasons. Although, you can still connect and try out different servers and deduce which one suits you best.

There are approximately 7900 servers in around 91 countries and particular regions. Some are listed below, corresponding to their respected regions.

  • Africa and the Middle East: Iran, UAE, Kenya, Egypt, Qatar, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco.
  • Americas: United States, Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile. 
  • Europe: Germany, Armenia, Austria, Greece, Monaco, Portugal, Poland, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Turkey, Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway.
  • Asia: Pakistan, Japan, India, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Thailand, and South Korea.

Note: pre-mentioned are just some countries; there are a lot more than this.

Specialized Servers

Even providing users with countless numbers of servers doesn’t stop right there. It also has categorized various servers that are for particular and specific tasks such as gaming, streaming, and downloading. And this is not usually found in VPNs, so this is a rare feature to have.

Gaming servers

Have you ever been in an online game with a bunch of Russians and Chinese players whose names are written in their respective languages? Well, if so, then you have also experienced your game just lagging for a little bit and those merciless people no-scoping headshotting you from nowhere. This is not they being natural hackers, but the problem is your ping.

To solve this infamous problem, CyberGhost has some specified gaming servers which are specially designed to up boost pings and give the gamers a better experience. The user can connect to these servers and experience a raise in their pings comparatively, the ping they were having before connecting to the server. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just connect to those gaming servers and RUSH B!

Streaming servers

If you are none other than a movie freak and want to get a hold of as much content as you can around the world (except Christopher Nolan movies, as they are from another planet), then streaming servers are for you. These servers are essentially made to unblock the movies and TV shows that are restricted by the “Movieshariophobics” (capitalists who are afraid of letting others watch certain movies and other types of content).

These streaming platform owners are like, “Let’s just restrict this, and this, and this, and this because, why not?” but they don’t know that tools like CyberGhost exist in this post-medieval era. 

Well, if you’re on the webpage that contains the list of streaming servers, you’ll find servers designated for particular streaming services. There you can choose a suitable server to unblock various streaming platforms, be it Disney+ or Netflix. 

Although to keep in mind, you would have to change the server if you have a tiny bit of brain misfunctioning and decides why not change the streaming platform. No worries, this is the same brain disease I’m also suffering from.

Downloading servers

These servers are basically for torrenting; P2P file sharing. Furthermore, when you open these servers, you’ll get the measured distance of the server from your location and the server load. Thereafter, you can easily choose your desired server, which has less load and gives you the best speeds.

Additionally, the servers are also located in privacy-friendly zones where there are no laws or restrictions. Because of this, your data can be compromised. Thus, you can use these servers for torrenting some Pokémon episodes, just like what a real man should be torrenting!

NoSPY servers

NoSPY servers, the proud twin of Secure Core servers of ProtonVPN, are located at the private data center in Romania, where a whole team is responsible for managing them. 

image 50

These servers have long bandwidth and also are compatible with P2P file sharing; therefore, the users can easily explore the hidden world of torrents from their computer screens.

Furthermore, to get your beautiful hands on these servers, you might have to pay some extra charges. And the procedure to it is quite complicated to follow. Although, you can also get access to these servers if you have already subscribed to extended premium membership.

  • Open the CyberGhost website
  • Go into the Features section
  • Choose the NoSPY servers
  • At the bottom, find the yearly plan that includes them

Who Should Use It?

Who Should Use CyberGhost?

CyberGhost is basically for all. A kid who’s being cyberbullied, or a cat, searching how to carve effectively on the hoomans by her paws. Literally, anyone can use it.

Just like all other VPNs are meant to be used for privacy and security, in the current world, everyone needs that. Although we can deduce and specify some people for whom, CyberGhost is best.

People concerned about anonymity

As the technological world is progressing, the same issue of identity getting stolen arose. It’s pretty hard to sustain your anonymity on the internet, as there are new techniques and ways that hackers can use to breach your security.

That being the case, those privacy-sensitive people can use CyberGhost. With CyberGhost on, those users can easily surf the internet with a different IP. No actual IP, no you! 

What is more, these people can also use efficient CyberGhost features to protect their identity in every other way. For instance, they can use the Kill Switch; with this, their identity would be preserved even if the connection is lost. This can help in disallowing any third party to know your real IP address.


Believe me; the latter-mentioned are the most endangered people in this world. Ironically, countless agencies are tracking and spying on them. And if accidentally they lose their data to those governments, they could be in big trouble.

For politicians, what a mere man like me can suggest is that these politicians can cause revolutions through CyberGhost. I know their names do not start with a ‘V’, nor do they wear a mask, but imagine persuading many people with the power of your political mindset and with a VPN on. Full Vendetta feeling!

Though journalists are somewhat of an endangered species roaming around the media, they are not the ones who knock; they are the ones who get knocked! And to prevent this, they can use CyberGhost VPN and turn their digital veil on.

Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

CyberGhost is also extremely useful for business-related people. They can go search for various things without revealing their identity and can easily protect their data with astounding VPN protocols. 

Subsequently, by using CyberGhost, they can bypass geo-restrictions and access content that they are in need of. Moreover, they may also use the Split Tunneling feature for them to reroute some traffic from encrypted tunnels and some from the direct internet router.

And most importantly, they won’t be preyed on by preying eyes, as their data would remain safe and wouldn’t be compromised. In contrast, the no-logs policy assures them that their data will also remain safe from governments and Internet Service Providers.

Lastly, just as I have said earlier, anyone can use CyberGhost VPN. Needless to say, everyone must use a VPN, as you don’t know what danger awaits you with your single click.


CyberGhost review: Why you should use it?

Conclusively, just like other VPNs, CyberGhost keeps the users safe while they surf the web and maintain their privacy as its life is at cost.

By providing a pretty decent amount of tools and a wide variety of security features, CyberGhost rejoices in its glory in the VPN world. Services like 

Also worth a mention is the protocols that CyberGhost offers to the users. Prominent protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN are also used by CyberGhost, hence, giving users close-to-perfect security that even Snape wouldn’t have gotten in Azkaban.

There are also a variety of servers that CyberGhost boasts. These servers are not only specified for streaming only, but some are also specialized for peer-to-peer file sharing. Relatively, these servers cover a large geographic area –nearly covering every developed country, because of which, users get to experience more and more.

The AI design of the CyberGhost’s is also quite unique and simple. Not only a nerd like me, but everyone can surf their way through the VPN.

With P2P servers, your torrenting experience would skyrocket. You can easily download files and content and especially Naruto episodes, from torrent clients with optimal speeds.

The no-logs policy of CyberGhost is also quite reliable and considerate. It assures users that their data or information wouldn’t be logged by the VPN, and the data that would be stored would be so worthless that even the local police station wouldn’t even dare to touch it.


CyberGhost Alternatives

Before subscribing to CyberGhost, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best VPN software for your needs. You can find the CyberGhost alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare CyberGhost with its competitors:


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