Covenant Eyes Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

Covenant Eyes Review
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In this Covenant Eyes review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
9.2/10 (Expert Score)
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9.2Expert Score
Screen Accountability

Covenant Eyes is a comprehensive platform designed to help you overcome pornography addiction and develop responsible digital habits. It combines advanced screen monitoring technology with accountability features to create a supportive environment for personal growth and recovery.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • It provides comprehensive accountability and support for overcoming pornography addiction
  • It performs transparent monitoring and reporting of online activities
  • It allows the integration of accountability partners for open communication
  • It has an advanced Screen Accountability feature for explicit content detection
  • It offers cross-device compatibility for seamless monitoring
  • Some users may find the monitoring intrusive
  • Effectiveness may vary based on individual motivation and commitment
  • It is limited to addressing pornography addiction and online content
  • Screen Accountability may not cover all potential sources of explicit material

With the continuous advancement and evolution in technology, filth, and evil also advanced. And one such evil is porn. Prostitution was there for ages, but pornography was started after the invention of video cameras.

They started recording sex tapes and sold them to make profits. And with the invention of the Internet, sex tapes became so much popular that almost everyone can have access to porn now. Porn affects our minds and sex lives badly.

It makes you dull and boring, and you don’t want to do anything with your life. Excessive porn is like drugs, you consume it and your health deteriorates.

That’s why, many Govts. see it as a threat and urge the public to consume less porn in order to stay healthy. But just like all other addictions, porn addiction cannot be left easily. It also needs rehabilitation.

Many online platforms are available that provide you with rehab services. One such platform is called Covenant Eyes. It monitors your online activities and guides you gradually toward a normal life, which is free of porn. It is discussed in detail later on.

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What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes is a platform that can be seen as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to break free from the grasp of pornography and cultivate a healthier digital life.

In an era where explicit content can challenge personal well-being, this platform proves to be a powerful ally. It offers a comprehensive solution for overcoming porn addiction and fosters a renewed sense of self-control.

It is not just a tool, but a supportive community dedicated to healing. It empowers you to regain control over your digital habits by implementing a multi-faceted approach.

It tracks your online activities through its monitoring capabilities and offers transparency and promotes self-awareness.

Apart from that, its addition of accountability partners creates an atmosphere of support and encouragement and facilitates open conversations about personal struggles.

The revolutionary Screen Accountability feature utilizes advanced technology to capture and report explicit content. It extends its reach across devices to ensure a comprehensive monitoring experience.

You can set yourself on the journey toward recovery with confidence because of its commitment to privacy and security.

So, in short, we can say that in a world that is filled with digital temptations, Covenant Eyes proves itself to be a lifeline that guides you toward freedom from pornography addiction.

It equips you with the tools that you need to reclaim your lives and foster a brighter, more positive digital future through empowerment, community, and technological innovation.

Covenant Eyes specifications

Features3 Class Rating Model / A Scrollable, Filterable Feed of Device Activity / Activity Alerts / Blocking Explicit Websites / Check-In Reminders / Custom Block / Discover Other Important Topics in the Journey to Quit Porn / In-Browser Screen Monitoring / Learn How Porn Affects Our Neurology / Safe Search / Screen Monitoring on Android / Screen Monitoring on Desktop Computers / Secured with Encryption to Protect User Privacy / Understand the Power of Accountability
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressOwosso, MI
Year founded2000


Covenant Eyes pricing: How much does Covenant Eyes cost?

Covenant Eyes presents a refreshingly straightforward approach to pricing. Instead of complex plans, the platform offers a streamlined subscription model that allows you to subscribe and start using its services without the hassle of selecting from multiple plans.

This eliminates confusion and ensures that you can quickly access the powerful features designed to aid in overcoming pornography addiction. It also enhances the ease of entry and encourages you to focus on your journey toward a healthier digital life.

Covenant Eyes’ pricing aligns with its mission to provide accessible and effective support and makes it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a complete solution to break free from the chains of pornography addiction.

Pricing rangeFrom $17 per month
Pricing typesMonthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Covenant Eyes pricing plans


The pricing of Covenant Eyes is simple and easy to understand. There are no complicated tiers or packages.

$17/month or $184 annually

It includes:

  • Powerful AI Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Blocking
  • Multi-Class Content Rating
  • Easy-to-Use Activity Feed
  • Notifications
  • Exclusive Mini-Courses


Covenant Eyes features: What can you do with it?

Screen Monitoring on Android

Covenant Eyes offers screen monitoring on Android devices. It captures screenshots to track and report explicit content and fosters accountability in the pursuit of healthier digital habits.

In-Browser Screen Monitoring

Covenant Eyes captures and reports explicit content viewed within web browsers with an in-browser screen monitoring feature. It also ensures accountability across online activities.

Screen Monitoring on Desktop Computers

Covenant Eyes extends its screen monitoring capabilities to desktop computers and allows you to track and report explicit content on your PCs. This promotes self-awareness and responsible internet use.

A Scrollable, Filterable Feed of Device Activity

Covenant Eyes provides you with a user-friendly feed of your device activities that can be scrolled through and filtered. This enables a clear and organized overview of your online interactions.

3 Class Rating Model

Covenant Eyes employs a 3-class rating model to assess online content which allows you to better understand the nature of your digital engagement and make informed decisions about your internet usage.

Secured with Encryption to Protect User Privacy

Covenant Eyes employ encryption to safeguard monitored data and ensure that personal information remains confidential and secure.

Blocking Explicit Websites

Covenant Eyes helps you in avoiding explicit content by blocking access to inappropriate websites. This helps you create a safer online experience and support healthier browsing habits.

Custom Block

Covenant Eyes empowers you to customize your blocking preferences. It enables you to tailor your internet access according to your needs and values.

Safe Search

Covenant Eyes includes a Safe Search feature that helps you filter out explicit content from search engine results and promotes a more wholesome online environment.

Activity Alerts

Covenant Eyes provides activity alerts that notify accountability partners when explicit content is accessed. This fosters a proactive approach to overcoming pornography addiction and promoting open communication.

Check-In Reminders

You can receive check-in reminders that encourage regular interactions and updates with accountability partners. These reminders strengthen the commitment to healthier habits and create a structured routine for progress.

Learn How Porn Affects Our Neurology

Covenant Eyes educates users about the neurological impact of pornography and helps them comprehend the detrimental effects it can have on the brain and reinforces the motivation to break free from its grip.

Understand the Power of Accountability

Covenant Eyes emphasizes the significance of accountability by educating users about its positive impact on breaking addictive patterns and cultivating responsible digital behavior.

Discover Other Important Topics in the Journey to Quit Porn

Covenant Eyes offer insights into various crucial aspects of the journey to quit pornography. It guides you through valuable resources and information that support your recovery and personal growth.


Covenant Eyes review: Why you should use it?

Covenant Eyes emerged as a transformative force that is dedicated to guiding you toward liberation from the clutches of pornography addiction.

Its multifaceted approach, combining cutting-edge technology, education, and unwavering support, has the potential to rewrite the narrative of one’s digital existence. It also stands as a testament to the power of accountability, transparency, and open communication.

It equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed choices and take control of your digital lives by shedding light on the drawbacks of pornography and empowers you to understand its neurological impact.

It ensures privacy through encryption and customizable blocking features and fosters a safe and secure environment for personal growth. It also nurtures a sense of responsibility through its versatile tools like screen monitoring, activity alerts, and check-in reminders.

The champions community invites you to engage with accountability partners and explore the profound impact of mutual support.

So, we can say that Covenant Eyes paves the way for a brighter future, where you can rise above addiction, embrace personal growth, and cultivate a purposeful, healthier, and more mindful digital journey.


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Covenant Eyes Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons
Covenant Eyes Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons
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Covenant Eyes Review
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9.2 / 10