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In this Sell The Trend review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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8.5Expert Score
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Sell The Trend is a one-stop shop for all of your dropshipping needs. With your free trial, you can start dropshipping winning goods right now!

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  • All in one software
  • Free plan available
  • One click order fulfillment and product import
  • Woocommerce compatible
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Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

Dropshipping is a popular online business model since it does not need a large amount of money to run. However, there is one difficulty that many people have when beginning a dropshipping company. That is, they must decide what products to offer in their online shop.

It’s critical to sell the appropriate goods. You don’t want to sell anything that already has a lot of competitors or isn’t selling well. You must do thorough market and product research.

Fortunately, there are many tools available to assist you in locating successful goods. You may start dropshipping very immediately after you’ve discovered those goods. Sell The Trend is a well-known product research site.

Inside our Sell The Trend review, we’ll show you what you receive as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend was created to aid individuals in their search for lucrative dropship goods. It gets its information by looking at what’s hot on Amazon right now and reviewing sales data from top Shopify and AliExpress shops.

The technology is capable of much more than simply product discovery. It also lets you import products into your Shopify or WooCommerce shop. Sell The Trend also includes a Facebook ad audience builder and access to a dropshipping training.

If you decide to buy Sell The Trend, I highly advise you to watch all of the available training videos. Although the majority of Sell The Trend’s materials are basic and obvious, there’s a few items that are unclear at first. Some of the films include advise, suggestions, and assistance that may be beneficial.

Sell The Trend features

What can you do with Sell The Trend?

Knowing what a Dropshipping software can do is the most important thing. Find out in this Sell The Trend review which features you will get.

After logging into your Sell The Trend profile, you’ll see a number of tabs also on left side with features organized for easy navigation.

Control Panel

Various instructional films are available that explain how the Sell The Trend tools operate about how to get the use out of them. You may also link your shop to begin importing goods, push winning products, activate the Chrome extension, link your AliExpress account, and begin your dropshipping course by connecting your store.


It’s not always simple to anticipate which goods will do well in the marketplace. You may filter and sort rising or popular goods using the Nexus product research area. Hot Products, Trending Products, On The Rise, New Products, All Products, Hot Stores, and Trending Stores are all sections of the Nexus tab.

The Nexus is far more than a well-known product finder. It’s Sell The Trend’s main product research tool. The Nexus displays a staggering quantity of data on things that are presently trending across various websites.

Here you’ll discover information about certain items, such as:

  • The amount of AliExpress as well as Shopify shops offering that item already.
  • Each product’s selling price, cost, and profit margin.
  • How many orders have you received for that product in the last month?
  • When a product was first added to a Shopify shop.
  • A link will take you to a dashboard where you can see every Shopify shop that has published the item.
  • You can also find out when a product was last added to a Shopify shop.

Sadly, not every item in your online shop will generate a significant amount of revenue. The actual trends chart displays all orders placed for a certain product. You may use this information to see whether an item is famous or trending.

You’ll see data like the amount of orders for specific products placed in the past several months. The sold amounts are daily totals, not estimated estimates. The greater the order quantity, the more drop shippers will sell that goods.

You’ll get a list of the nations that purchase the most of that item, as well as a link to the leading Shopify shops that offer it. You may look at these shops and see how they’re set up by clicking on the link. You may also see what other products these shops are now offering. If you’re running Facebook advertising, another helpful feature is recommendations for what or who to target.

Checking where certain goods are highlighted on YouTube or promoted on Facebook may provide further information into potential things to include to your shop.

You may also use Amazon to look for comparable goods and see how much they’re selling for right now. This data is especially useful since it will show you which products are selling efficiently and at what pricing.

It’s a good idea to stay away from selling goods that already have a lot of comparable variations on the market. Make sure to look at discount pricing as well, so you don’t wind up advertising items that aren’t profitable. You may raise your prices, but consumers will continue to shop around until they discover the greatest offer.

You may use some amazing filters to refine your product searches. There are far too many alternatives to mention in this post, but here are a few of the most popular: Orders, Category, Niche, Price There is a video on the product, it is delivered from inside the United States, and the countries with the highest sales.

While the Hot Goods, Trending Products, On The Rise, New Products, and All Products tabs are for discovering winning products, the Hot Shops and Trending Stores tabs will display different stores and their trending products.

Stores, like goods, may be sorted, filtered, and selected from certain categories. Store Intelligence, which allows you to spy on other shops, is a really helpful tool. It will provide you information like product pricing, monthly income, orders, traffic, top-selling goods, and so on.


AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify Products, and Shopify Stores are all shown under the Explorers tab. This feature gives you information that’s comparable to what you’d get from Nexus. On Amazon, AliExpress, and some Shopify sites, you’ll see a list of the most popular items.

Dropshipping is already used by a large number of internet retailers. That is something you can take control of. To discover the best-selling items on AliExpress, Shopify, and Amazon, go to their respective websites. The Amazon, Shopify, and AliExpress Explorers from Sell The Trend let you discover popular items fast.

On these hot topics, there’s a wealth of information. Any of the filter options available on Nexus may be used to refine search results. New Stars, Hot Products, and Hidde Gems are also available.

You may use that knowledge with the Nexus Research Machine’s aggregate trending product information to discover the best products for your online dropshipping company that will earn the most money.

You may examine the goods offered on the most successful dropshipping shops across the world with Sell The Trend’s Shopify Store Explorer.

Then you can compile a comprehensive list of the best dropship goods. It is possible to categorize and compare products. You can check which products in your shop specialty generate the most income and total sales.

Spend some time evaluating the most popular goods in your niche. The Facebook Ads Explorer from Sell The Trend will show you which products are the most successful on social media. This may indicate that you should add products to your site that will boost visitors and sales.

My Online Stores

Products, Orders, Import List, Notifications, and Connect Store are all found under the My Stores page. Here you may link your Shopify or WooCommerce shop to Sell The Trend and simply import winning and trending goods discovered via Sell The Trend into your business. You’ll be able to view all imported goods as well as other relevant information.

You may add items to your shop with a single click of a button. You’ll even be able to customize product descriptions, pictures, and price. When you’re not using the Sell The Trend dashboard, you may utilize the Chrome extension to import goods from AliExpress. You may use the Sell The Trend Order Fulfillment function after orders start to fill.

Additional Resources

Store Intelligence, Audience Builder, Video Creator, Engagement Calculator, and Discovery Machine are all available under the Tools page.

Intelligence Storage

Store Intelligence is a useful tool for spying on other Shopify shops. The shops don’t have to get into Sell The Trend’s database to participate.

You’ll learn about the typical product pricing, monthly income, orders, and traffic these websites get. You’ll also get a rundown of the store’s best-selling products. This knowledge will provide you with a significant advantage.

Builder of Facebook Audiences

The Facebook Audience Builder tool displays the most popular audiences on Facebook right now. If you click on any of them, you’ll get more information. The target audience’s information may subsequently be utilized to build and show Facebook advertisements.

Video Editor

You may use this application to make your own short video. It just requires a few easy mouse clicks. You won’t have to search for narrations, pictures, or any other kind of material. Simply input the URL of a particular product, and data for that item will be immediately retrieved.

Each movie is completely under your control. You may add text, choose desirable pictures, choose the length of time each image is shown on screen, alter the color style, or even add music. After the edits are finished, you may download the video.

Calculator for calculating engagement ratings

Having Instagram influencers promote your goods to their followers is another method to boost sales. Among the most often used e-Commerce strategies. On Instagram and Twitter, the Engagement Rating Calculator may help you figure out which influencers to contact and which to avoid.

Enter the average amount of comments, likes, and follows to utilize the tool. The calculator will provide a score that will indicate whether or not it is worthwhile to use a certain Instagram influencer.

Discovery Machine

If you’re not sure how to start, here is an excellent place to start. When you click the spin button, you’ll see a list of random items emerge. This may assist you in determining where to begin with your product choices.

Product Demonstrations

Videos may often have a greater impact on purchasing choices than pictures. As a result, you should search for goods that already include videos. This tool ranks AliExpress products with videos by the number of sales they’ve received. You can check how many orders each product has received as well as which items are currently popular. These videos may also be sorted by category.

Shipping to the United States

This tool is only useful for those who lives in the United States. It shows AliExpress goods that are sent from the United States. This is useful information since US orders usually arrive in 3 to 7 days, as opposed to 30 days or over for purchases from other countries. You may narrow down your search results by product specializations and categories.


There are video tutorials available that may be quite useful. You may learn how to make the most use of each instrument and how to determine which products are likely to sell well.

A blog is maintained and updated on a regular basis. Some of the blog’s material may be very useful. Reading their “Winning Product Fridays” articles is something I suggest. Every Friday, a new product is highlighted that has the potential to become a top seller.

Success Academy

Buying and selling You’ll also get access to the Success Academy dropshipping training if you join the Trend. Although it isn’t a comprehensive course, it does cover the fundamentals of establishing and running a dropshipping company. It also includes some Facebook ad training.

Course on Facebook

This is a premium training that Sell The Trend provides as an option. It may be of interest to individuals who wish to make money by creating their own Facebook advertisements. This course has a total of 27 distinct units.

The course costs $99, that is a fair price for the amount of knowledge it contains.

Coaching on an individual basis

This is basically one-on-one coaching over the phone, and it is a paid service. There are many price options available.

Stores with a Personal Touch

This is another another Sell The Trend option. If you would like Sell The Trend to build a bespoke Shopify shop for you, you may do so.

The following is a list of things you will get as part of this service: Premium Shopify template, Home page optimization, Legal and contact pages, 25 best-selling items, Oberlo configuration, Oberlo tutorial, Facebook retargeting tutorial, Facebook pixel integration, Email configuration, Upsell sequence, and Post-sale support This service, however, is not inexpensive. The total cost is $1499.

Sell The Trend pricing

How much does Sell The Trend cost?

Sell The Trend offers a single price plan that may be paid yearly or on a monthly basis. Those who sign up for the yearly price plan get two months free.

Sell the trend pricing

A 7-day free trial is included with both payment plans. Monthly plans cost $39.97 per month, while yearly plans cost $32.97 per month.


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Why you should use Sell The Trend?

At $39.97 a month, Sell The Trend is a wonderful product research software to test for yourself. Allow yourself to experiment for a few months to see what fits better for you. Just use dashboard to evaluate how easy it is to use compared to the other Sell The Trend product search tools.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with dropshipping or simply wants to take advantage of the free 7-day trial may benefit greatly from Sell The Trend.

To add the hottest popular items to your online shop, utilize one-click order fulfillment and one-click uploads. Sell The Trend provides you with all of the resources you’ll need to discover the ideal items for your dropship shop.

If you register for a year’s worth of service, you’ll get two months free. It’s a no-risk advantage that will undoubtedly pay off handsomely for diligent e-Commerce web shop owners.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.

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