McAfee Antivirus Review – Award-Winning Antivirus Software Protects Your Data And Devices

In this McAfee Antivirus review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.4Expert Score
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McAfee is a brand of antivirus software that is designed to protect computers and other devices from malware and other types of online threats. McAfee products include antivirus software, firewall protection, and other security tools that can be used to protect against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as for mobile devices.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Mobile app available
  • Advanced firewall for home network security
  • Quick scan
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated customer support and live chat
  • Identity protection &amp
  • monitoring
  • The free trial is for a limited time
  • The basic plan does not offer all features

Are you looking for an all-in-one antivirus software that is reliable, affordable, and easy to use? If so, then McAfee Antivirus is an excellent option for you. This antivirus software offers everything that you need to keep your device optimized and free from malicious software & viruses, like identity theft coverage, credit score & report, lost wallet protection, password manager, web protection, expert online support, and much more.

But is this antivirus protection software right for you to live your life online freely and confidently? In this review, we will take a deep look at what McAfee antivirus is and what are the pros & cons of using it. We will also show you what additional security features it offers that make it the top-notch antivirus software compared to others. So read on to learn more about McAfee Antivirus.

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What is McAfee Antivirus?

McAfee Antivirus is an award-winning antivirus software that protects your data and devices against the latest cyber threats. It offers real-time protection from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other online threats so you can browse the internet or use your devices without worry. McAfee Antivirus is also easy to install, so you can set up protection in minutes.

McAfee’s advanced technologies can detect and block emerging threats even before they become a problem. This software also offers extra features like a file shredder, parental controls, and data backup to help you stay secure and safe.

With its 24/7 protection and Virus Protection Pledge, McAfee Antivirus is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to protect their devices and data from malicious activity. No matter if you are using an android, PC, mac, chrome, laptop, or any other device or OS, McAfee Antivirus works perfectly to keep you safe.

It also provides identity theft protection which helps protect your identity and personal information from unauthorized access. This malware protection software also offers credit score & report monitoring, which means you can keep track of your credit card score and report so that you can take action if necessary.

Simply put, this antivirus software uses machine learning and behavioral detection strategies to detect, isolate and eliminate all types of malware threats so you can have a safe online experience. It provides a 100% guarantee that it effectively removes all viruses, or you will get your money back.

Also, with its single intuitive interface dashboard, you can easily manage and connect all your computers and mobile device without any problem. You can also acquire a 30-day free trial of McAfee Total Protection to see how it works for you. For those who want an optimum level of security, try this award-winning antivirus software that is trusted protection for over 600 million devices.

McAfee Antivirus specifications

FeaturesIdentify Monitoring / Identity Theft Coverage & Restoration / Password Manager / Security Freeze
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company address6220 America Center Drive San Jose, CA 95002 USA
Year founded1987


McAfee Antivirus pricing: How much does McAfee Antivirus cost?

McAfee Antivirus offers four different subscription plans that users can pick from depending on their specific necessities. The first one is the basic Plan which costs $29.99 per year. Another is a plus plan which costs $39.99 per year. The premium plan costs $49.99 per year. The final is an advanced plan which costs $89.99 per year.

With McAfee Antivirus, you can also choose the family subscription plans, which are; plus plan for $39.99, the premium plan for $59.99, and the advanced Plan for $99.99 annually. (Note once the free trial of McAfee Antivirus expires, it will auto-renewal).

Pricing rangeFrom $29.99 to $89.99 per year
Pricing typesAnnual subscription
Free planNo
Free trialYes, 30 days
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

McAfee Antivirus pricing plans


Basic Plan ($29.99 per year):

  • Identity monitoring
  • Password manager
  • Web protection
  • Firewall
  • Expert online support
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) one license
  • Antivirus on one device
  • Protection score
  • File shredder

Plus Plan ($39.99 per year):

  • All features in the Basic Plan
  • Antivirus on five devices
  • Virtual private network (VPN) five license

Premium Plan ($49.99 per year):

  • Personal data cleanup (scans)
  • All features in the basic & plus plans
  • Antivirus unlimited devices

Advanced Plan ($89.99 per year):

  • Credit monitoring one bureau
  • All features in the basic, plus & premium plans
  • Monthly credit score & report
  • $1 million identity theft coverage
  • Identity theft coverage
  • Security freeze
  • Lost wallet protection
  • Identity restoration experts
  • Personal data cleanup (full service)


McAfee Antivirus features: What can you do with it?

Identify Monitoring

For most people, identity theft, data breaches, and fraud are major concerns because they pose risks to personal information. To bring peace of mind, McAfee Antivirus offers an identity monitoring service that helps protect your data by continuously monitoring your email addresses, IDs, phone numbers, and other information for signs of a potential breach.

Using this service, you can secure your accounts before the data is used for identity theft. McAfee Antivirus’s identity monitoring service uses a powerful combination of technology and analytics to monitor the dark web, the internet’s most popular hotspot for criminal activity to search for personal information.

It will alert you an average of ten months before other similar services would if your data is found on the dark web. Like other antivirus programs, such as Bitdefender, Norton, and Kaspersky, McAfee also provides a secure VPN connection that helps keep your data safe when you’re surfing the web on public wi-fi networks.

Security Freeze

Everyone knows that identity theft is on the rise and that keeping your credit card information secure is important. To help you, McAfee’s award-winning antivirus provides you with the highest level of security freeze protection service, which prevents any kind of unauthorized access to your financial accounts, credit cards, and utility accounts. It blocks all attempts to open new accounts in your name without your permission, so you can rest assured that your financial information is safe and secure.

With McAfee’s antivirus security freeze feature, you don’t need to worry about any unauthorized financial transactions or identity theft. You can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected from potential threats. The best thing about the McAfee antivirus security freeze feature is that it won’t affect your credit score, which means you can continue to build your credit without fear of identity theft or other malicious activities.

Identity Theft Coverage & Restoration

The feature that makes McAfee Antivirus much better than its competitors is identity theft coverage and restoration. With this feature, McAfee offers a million dollars in coverage and support if you are ever found to be a victim of identity theft. This provides peace of mind that you can count on should something unexpected happen.

McAfee’s identity theft coverage and restoration will give you access to a dedicated team of certified identity restoration experts that will provide personalized help in dealing with the aftermath of a theft. It also covers legal and financial expenses associated with restoring your identity, including costs related to filing police reports, re-disputing fraudulent accounts, and more. McAfee Antivirus is the perfect option for anyone looking for additional protection against identity theft.

Password Manager

A good password manager is one of the most crucial features of any antivirus software because it can help protect your online accounts from unauthorized access. McAfee Antivirus’s password manager provides you with a secure, easy-to-use tool that helps you store, create and manage strong passwords to protect your data. With this feature, you only ever have to remember one password – the master key to sign in – making it easier for you to keep track of your accounts.

McAfee Antivirus’s password manager uses advanced encryption technology and sophisticated algorithms to generate complex passwords, ensuring no one else can access your confidential information. If you’re ever concerned about your passwords, you can use the Password Manager to easily update them and be sure that your accounts are safe. McAfee Antivirus’s password manager is a simple yet effective way to keep your online data secure. With it, you can create strong passwords with confidence and trust that they’re safe from malicious attacks.


McAfee Antivirus review: Why you should use it ?

If you are searching for reliable, easy-to-use & affordable antivirus software that provides you with the highest level of protection, then McAfee Antivirus is a great choice. It offers all pivotal features like real-time protection, security freeze, identity theft coverage & restoration, password manager, and many more to help protect your device & data from malicious attacks.

With McAfee Antivirus, you can rest assured that your financial information and identity are protected from unauthorized access. So, start protecting yourself today with McAfee Antivirus and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are one step ahead of cybercriminals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Norton 360 or McAfee?

This could be a difficult question to answer because both Norton 360 and McAfee antivirus is better. However, in terms of features, Nortan 360 may be better than McAfee. On the other hand, McAfee offers some excellent features, such as file shredder or encryption, which are not available on Norton 360.

Is McAfee a good antivirus?

The answer is yes! McAfee offers many features that make it a great antivirus. It offers real-time protection against viruses and malware, as well as a powerful firewall to protect your network from intruders. It is also an award-winning antivirus solution and has been used by millions of users worldwide.

McAfee Antivirus Review – Award-Winning Antivirus Software Protects Your Data And Devices
McAfee Antivirus Review – Award-Winning Antivirus Software Protects Your Data And Devices

McAfee Antivirus review
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