Madgicx Review – Facebook Ads Optimization

In this Madgicx review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
8.8/10 (Expert Score)
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8.8Expert Score
Ad Performance Beyond Human Limits

Madgicx is ideal for online businesses, app installs as well as lead generation. This is also beneficial to local businesses which run Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Madgicx assists you handle advertisements for your company in order to reach a wide audience as fast as possible. It combines 7 AdTech products for a very low price, making it a choice for businesses, small, medium, or large.

This tool can get positive results in just the first two days of use, which is a little bit faster than other tools that take a couple of weeks to get results. With lots of AI options, this tool came in first in nine classifications in G2 reports, and this shows that many users love this product.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Creative intelligence powered by AI
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered omnichannel marketing platform
  • Bids optimization
  • Budgets optimization
  • A 360-degree audience coverage
  • Optimized placement
  • White labeling integrated into each plan
  • 360-degree audience coverage
  • Adspend based costing for each advertiser
  • The price of white labeling is relatively high
  • There must be more options in pricing available.

Online marketing is a technical subject that needs many tools to make the marketing jobs effective and efficient. There have been many tools available online which assist you market your services or products through social media marketing.

One of the best tools for social media marketers and digital marketers alike is Madgicx. If you want to know if this tool is right for you or not, then this blog is for you.

Read further to learn more about Madgicx, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is Madgicx?

Madgicx is an exceptional tool for social media marketers and digital marketers which empowers users to take comprehensive control of their social media marketing techniques. It shows strategic details about each metric in a way that allows users to align business key performance indicators with a social media ad strategy.

This tool is integrated with state-of-the-art automated tactics, supported by artificial intelligence, so that the best possible return can be achieved with the least possible resources. Users can also use this social media marketing tool to create winning ads in just a few minutes with the help of a fast-paced creation process that gives the best possible results to the best creative people.

Madgicx Review – Facebook Ads Optimization #ciroapp

Users are able to see a consolidated program overview that takes account of a Performance Cockpit. This assists them in determining strong performers as well as scaling their hard work accordingly. A rich underlying information model quickly determines the next best audience that users can focus on, allowing users to include more ad sets. An abundant reporting function offers reports at daily, weekly as well as monthly intervals.

Madgicx specifications

FeaturesAI Audience / Ad Launcher / Automation Tactics / Bid Testing
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressMaskit St 9 Herzliya, Israel
Year founded2018


Madgicx pricing: How much does Madgicx cost?

Madgicx price starts from $15 per month to $55 per month. They offer monthly, quarterly and annual pricing plan. You can save up to 40% if you subscribe the yearly plan.

Pricing rangeFrom $15 per month to $55 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription / Quarterly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialYes, 7 days
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Madgicx pricing plans


With yearly billing, the tools start at $39 a month and increase to $8,800 a month for the costlier- the costlier the plan, the higher the savings.

Madgicx quarterly pricing plan

Regardless of how big the budget is or how much you pay to disburse; you get similar features with the package. Users can utilize all the included features since Madgicx does not restrict users based on tiers and plans.

If you do not have enough budget but still want two or more accounts, this tool allows you to put in an extra $49 a month. Many small companies may want this option since you just get one account unless you give out $300 a month or more on the tool.

Madgicx annual pricing plan

If you like to try this tool prior to subscribing, they offer you that option. You can acquire a seven days free trial with the features to know how it works and if it works for your company or business.

According to the company, they will extend the free trial if you do not see outcomes in that period. However, the downside is that many users find that this tool takes time to figure out. You may result spending the first couple of days only learning and mastering its application.


Madgicx features: What can you do with it?

Madgicx has lots of features to assist in reaching the audience as fast as possible with targeted advertisements. With lots of features included in this tool, it provides users with all they want to help them boost their business.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Audiences

Midgicx AI (Artificial Intelligence) Audiences

This tool is integrated with artificial intelligence audiences, a roster of audiences with more than 100 kinds of the audience to select from. This option ensures that your advertisements target the best and most appropriate people.

Madgicx allows you to blend with the same audiences in order to reach more people, shorten time to value, and increase your return on investment. This shows historical information to drive the advertisements based on age, gender, spending as well as other vital factors.

This also allows you to focus on locations based on the ones that respond to your advertisements. There are local targeting and targeting options based on country. Also, you can integrate low ROI regions. Therefore, you do not waste effort, money as well as time on advertisements that never work for the business.

Ultimately, this tool allows you to concentrate on just areas which make profit and development. Madgicx optimizes the placement to reach audiences based on the content they use or consume. Also, you can choose to have the advertisements appear in the audience’s Facebook or Instagram feed, video, and stories, as well as place the ads in particular areas of the page that the audience tends to see and notice. This tool also pays close attention to timing. Thus, the advertisement appears if the audience sees them.

Automation Tactics

Midgicx Automation Tactics

Automated tactics are one of the best features of this social media marketing tool. The ad campaign you made needs to be handled by someone; it doesn’t matter if it is you or the advertisements company you hired.

This tool has made automation techniques and tactics for users. Thanks to the professionals in the field, these tactics have been determined reliable and efficient in the past.

Below are the automation techniques this marketing tool offers to users.

  • Stop-Loss: This marketing tool essentially secure your budget through pausing or stopping the ad sets that don’t do well. What is more, it turns them back the following day, so they have another chance.
  • Surf: This advertisement detects a very powerful and strong performance trend as well as capitalizes on the positive energy by boosting the advertisement spending beyond the original budget.
  • Sunsetting: This tracks your advertisement set performance in due course to determine those which are doing poorly. What is more, it also secures your budget in due course with some vital and serious steps.
  • Revive: When the tools track any paused advertisement sets have become lucrative again, this switches on any paused sets of ads immediately.

Ad Launcher

Madgicx Ad Launcher

This social media marketing tool allows you to customize your advertisements. It makes it simple to combine copy as well as creativity for advertisement that draws clients to your company or business. This feature unifies information based on your advertisements. That way, you are able to know how it works with diverse campaigns or programs.

The content hub provides you a unified platform to access all the advertisements in one place, and it keeps campaigns well organized and easy to use on different social media platforms. This tool also shows users which advertisements have the best and good responses from diverse audiences; it doesn’t matter if it is by gender, location, and funnel stages. Also, users can pick from preset ads based on the audience or add their ads when you have some that you have already had success with.

This feature also assists you in determining which Facebook or Instagram posts get the most engagement. You can make them into ads and keep drawing that attention to the business if you know that.

Bid Testing

Madgicx Bid Testing

With the Bid Testing feature, you are able to work with bid programs to find the best-performing bid. All the campaign data is accessible after the launching of the bid campaigns. Users can pick between automation and manual bidding settings.

Mass Creation

With these features, you can launch more than 100 Artificial Intelligence-based audiences as easily as possible, allowing making new audience-based programs. It will enable you to develop full-funnel targeting techniques.

Creative Cluster

With the help of this feature, you can discover, check, analyze, and evaluate other creative clusters to look for single ad elements that drive high-performing advertisements. What is more, these creative clusters can be utilized for analyzing winning creative aspects and, at the same time, for evaluating clusters too.

Automated Reporting

Madgicx Automated Reporting

The automated reporting feature enables you to automate agency reporting with ease which will share the outcomes with customers directly.

What is more, you can also set the timing as well as the occurrence of the reports and deliver them to your inbox on a daily, weekly as well as monthly basis.

Madgicx Knowledgebase

What is more, they also offer superb customer service. This tool has also accumulated a useful knowledge base that takes account of a video trading course online and a blog.

The online video training course offered by this platform all-encompasses a collection of demo videos and tutorial videos that cover the tools and the features of the product.

If you are not able to find the services and products you want, you can ask the company’s customer success team.

Ads Manager

This feature shows performance information for the entire assets and allows users to filter them as required for the company or business. It makes determining assets that do not perform, so you are able to switch them off and just focus on what perks your campaign. Also, it allows you to scale the budget accordingly.

With the tool’s Ads Manager 2.0, users can click assets they wish to optimize as well as change them in just one click. Also, it allows you to adjust assets by percentage; therefore, worry no more about the manual task or math which comes with the adjustments of the budget.

It reveals performance trends. Therefore, users have all the skills needed to play to their business strengths based on what is renowned online.

This feature analyzes the performance of the ads and the overall campaign with the use of artificial intelligence technology. It looks at your advertisements and the particular components such as video, images as well as a copy to show what modifications and changes their performance.

This feature also provides the marketing team with an ideal place to work together. With the help of this feature, users are able to see who made what alterations and how those modifications affect their assets. That feature makes it perfect for marketing companies which many a lot of labor force working on the similar account.

Copy and Creative Insights

Madgicx Copy and Creative Insights

This tool provides all the data needed to boost your creative and advertisement copy. It allows you to customize the ads to your company so they turn out to be recognizable on sight to your audiences.

This tool also determines many data points. Therefore, users are able to see the things that work and don’t. It also spots different components of the ad images based on what is in the photos.

What is more, this platform provides users with a holistic overview of every ad. That view reveals varied areas of advertisement performance and how it influences the business, from which advertisements utilize more budget to the ones that create the most conversions.


Madgicx review: Why you should use it?

Is Madgicx a reliable social media marketing and digital marketing tool? The answer is yes! This platform combines creative intelligence with self-directed ad buying capabilities to optimize ads. This is a comprehensive package that cans assists you in efficiently utilize social media marketing to get more conversions from the current website visitors.

This tool is made by a team of experts who really knows more about media buying, so it is not some scam product that promises to deliver and then does not. Madgicx provides an amazing result. You can give this tool a try today!


Madgicx Alternatives

Before subscribing to Madgicx, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best social media advertising software for your needs. You can find the Madgicx alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Madgicx with its competitors:

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