Luminar Neo Review – Easy Photo Editor for Mac and PC

In this Luminar Neo review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.4Expert Score
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Luminar Neo is an all-in-one photo editing solution that provides multiple features and super-powerful AI tools that make editing photos easy and fun. With Luminar Neo, anyone can get great results in seconds without any complex procedures. But not all that because it also offers you the capability to add new features and functionality with Extensions.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • New professional-level Extensions
  • Master portrait retouching
  • Portrait Bokeh AI tool
  • Remove the background without masking
  • Super contrast for precise tonal contrast
  • Structure AI for detailed image
  • Precise depth map and fast result
  • Create masks automatically 
  • Require a powerful system to load the AI tools fastly
  • No app for smartphones

If you’re a professional or enthusiast photographer, you’ve probably heard about the Luminar Neo. This latest software editor offers features that are not found in other editing software, such as artificial intelligence, professional-level extensions, and portrait enhancement.

This review will take a closer look at what Luminar Neo is and how it can benefit your photography profession compared to other popular photo editing programs. So, whether you’re considering switching to Luminar Neo or just curious about what it can do, read on to learn everything.

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Quick Overview

What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is one of the outstanding and most powerful photo editing tools that offer a complete package of AI-powered tools for Mac and Windows, presented by Skylum. Luminar Neo is an easy-to-use software that both beginners and professionals can use to create stunning images and photos.

Luminar Neo comes with a photoshop library of beautiful filters that can be applied to your photos with just a few clicks. It also offers a wide range of advanced features, such as face recognition, portrait retouching, slider, portrait bokeh, and background removal.

For anyone looking to advance their photography, Luminar Neo is a must-have tool because of its AI capabilities. You can do whatever you want with artificial intelligence tools, like sky replacement, relighting, masking, and image Activation.

You can also add some cool and unique effects to your photos if you want to do a good job. It provides you with everything in one place that you need to turn your photos into masterpieces and keep your workflow with only one click. The editing process of this tool doesn’t take much time and effort compared to other image editing tools like Photoshop because it’s way easy to use.

Luminar Neo specifications

FeaturesBrowser extension / Calculate Depth / Powerful Background Removal / StructureAI And Super contrast
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesChinese / Danish / Dutch / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Swedish / Ukrainian
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressSkylum USA 142 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019
Year founded2010


Luminar Neo pricing: How much does Luminar Neo cost?

Users of Luminar Neo have a choice of three different plans, depending on their demands. These include Explore, Pro, and Lifetime. Explore subscription plan cost you $9.95 per month, and if you want for annual, it costs $ 119. The pro plan costs you $14.95 per month and $179 annually.

Final is a lifetime subscription plan that costs you $119 one-time, but you need to buy the extension pack separately. You can also acquire the Season Collection bundle for free if you purchase an annual subscription plan. ( Note: This is a limited-time offer only for Halloween).

Pricing rangeFrom $6.58 to $9.08 per month or $119 for one-time
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription / One-time payment
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Luminar Neo pricing plans


Explore Plan ( $9.95 per month):

  • Halloween Unmasked Luts
  • License for 1 computer
  • 5% Marketplace discount
  • Access to performance and stability updates
  • Access any other free platform updates
  • Access to all major platform upgrades
  • Get the ultimate LUTs collection for Halloween photos and videos

Pro Plan ( $14.95 per month):

  • Access to all extensions
  • Halloween Unmasked Luts
  • 2 licenses for 2 computers
  • 10% Marketplace discount
  • Performance and stability updates access
  • Access to all main platform upgrades

Lifetime Plan ($119 one-time):

  • License for 1 computer
  • Access to performance and stability updates
  • Access free platform updates
  • 2022 Extensions pack available for purchase
  • Season Collection Free plus 20 Presets and 10 Skies
  • Halloween Unmasked Luts


Luminar Neo features: What can you do with it?

Luminar Neo New Extensions

Luminar Neo New Extensions

With Extensions, you can get more editing power, new creative looks, and even help streamline your workflow. This new extension includes the Adobe Lightroom plugin, Adobe Photoshop plugin, and Photo for mac OS extension. You can easily add these extensions to Luminar Neo without needing a professional. You can use these over 100 AI-powered tools and multi-editing features to help you get great results in seconds.

Master Portrait Retouching

Luminar Neo Master Portrait Retouching

There are multiple ai photo editing software that you can use easily, but when it comes to professional touch and retouching, not all of them meet your need because they have a lot of editing options that can actually make your photos look worse. With Luminar Neo, you can quickly and easily master portrait retouching with its easy-to-use interface and various tools.

Luminar Neo’s SkinAI is the perfect tool for quickly and easily eliminating skin imperfections and highlighting beautiful facial features. Its FaceAI feature allows you to eliminate imperfections like blemishes, dark spots, and wrinkles with just simple clicks. With this feature, you can achieve stunning results that would normally take hours to achieve with other photo editing software.

You can easily change your face’s shape, size, or expression with the Face Sculptor tool. If you want an intuitive ai editing tool that is easy to use and gives you professional results, then Luminar Neo is perfect.

Powerful Background Removal

Luminar Neo Powerful Background Removal

When it comes to removing the background location from images, then this is the most time-consuming process, and it could take you hours to complete just one single image. However, using Luminar Neo’s AI technology, you may complete the task in a couple of seconds. This software is equipped with an advanced neural network that can automatically detect and select the subject in an image.

The background can be completely removed or exported as a PNG file or layer. The feature completely removes the background or foreground from your image, whether it’s the sky, a solid color, or even a busy pattern. This photo editor can also remove powerlines, templates, dust spots, and many more.

StructureAI And Supercontrast

Eye-catching compositions around your photo are the essential factor for a great picture. With Luminar Neo, you can now have this automatically with the new StructureAI feature. It will intelligently detect the subject matter in your photo and enhance it while protecting human figures from any unwanted changes.

Supercontrast is another way to help make your photos pop. This AI-powered contrast tool will let you increase the contrast or brightness in your photo for a more natural look or go further to make the colors really stand out.

The six AI control all you to do this with ease and get the results you want without any guesswork. With these new Luminar Neo AI tools, you may enhance your photos in any case.

Calculate Depth

With the Luminar Neo RelightAI feature, you can now bring back light to photos taken in low light or backlit conditions. You can also add light to photos that have been darkened due to underexposure, so it looks like you took the photo in better lighting conditions. The RelightAI feature also acts as a virtual flash to help you take photos in low light without using an actual flash.

Luminar Neo will calculate the scene’s depth and create a realistic 3D representation of how the light would fall on the subject. In reality, you can now add light to any photo, whether it’s a portrait, landscape, or product photo, regardless of the lighting conditions. You can also use other ai features of Luminar Neo, like mask ai, white balance, noise reduction, and much more.


Luminar Neo review: Why you should use it?

If you want a photo editing tool that allows you to recreate and polish the images to look like professionals, then Luminar Neo is the best tool for you. It offers all the tools and editing choices you require to create stunning and original looks for your images. To make your photos more stunning, you don’t need any professional help because it needs just a few clicks to read the work of art.

With this superpower AI tool, you can make your photo into a beautiful masterpiece that will amaze your friends, followers, and family. It offers a lot of features that make it more special than any other photo editing software in the market, like blending and masking modes, crystal-clear sharpness mage, bokeh effect with any lens, and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luminar neo worth the money?

Yes, without a doubt, Luminar neo is worth the money because it offers a complete solution for those wishing to take their photography profession to the top. Luminar neo is worthy of its super easy interface, affordable price, and powerful AI tools.

Is Luminar neo better than Photoshop?

Both photo editing tools are great, but it depends on how much editing skill you have and how many features you want. If you want a feature pack tool that is easy to use, Luminar Neo is better, but if you want a tool that offers powerful adjustments and a complex editing process, then Photoshop is better.

Can I use this software on my Mac or PC?

Yes, you can use the Luminar Neo on both Mac and PC without any complications or lags, and you can also download the app from Skylum’s official website free of cost.

Luminar Neo Review – Easy Photo Editor for Mac and PC
Luminar Neo Review – Easy Photo Editor for Mac and PC

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