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In this Keyword Revealer review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Keyword Revealer is indeed an ultimate keyword research tool that helps marketers discover keywords with minimal competition.

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An essential element of your company’s search engine optimization plan should be brainstorming for the appropriate keywords related to your sector. As a result, in our Keyword Revealer review, I’ll show you what this famous keyword research tool will have to offer, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

There are many sites and tools available to help you discover keywords that will drive more traffic to your website. Users will be able to discover your site if you utilize the correct keywords.

Keyword revealer dashboard

Here are a few areas of focus to pay careful attention to in order to better grasp how take full advantage of your keywords for SEO:

  1. Monthly search volume – This is the number of visitors that discover your site via natural search. Once your site has been listed on organic search, using selected keywords that would be used in the most online searches improves the chance of more people discovering it.
  2. Keyword difficulty – That’s the ease with which your keywords may rank at the top of the search results. The greater the number, the more challenging it is to climb the ranks.

The keyword difficulty ratings for most terms with significant monthly search terms will be higher. That’s why having keywords with low keyword difficulty ratings and large search volumes is critical.

  1. Keyword length – The majority of keywords are divided into three categories: head terms, medium tail, and long tail. Keywords that are just one or two words long are known as head terms. Long-tail keywords contain more than four words, whereas medium tail keywords have 3 or 4 words.

Keywords with shorter words have better keyword difficulty ratings and greater monthly search volumes in general.

  1. Keyword intent – Keyword intent may be divided into three categories. Transactional, informational, and navigational. Informational keywords are those that are utilized to learn more about a certain topic.

Navigational keywords are used to load a certain website or URL. Transactional keywords are those that are used to purchase goods and services.

Low keyword difficulty ratings and large search volumes are required for effective keywords. The overarching purpose will determine your keyword intent.

To make the most of their landing pages, e-commerce companies should include a lot of transactional keywords. Because the bulk of visitors will come to their blogs to learn more about various topics, blogs depend heavily on informative keywords.

In the long term, it’s better to target medium tail keywords for keyword length. Long-tail keywords are ideal for increasing traffic to a website. Although they have less monthly searches on average than informative and transactional keywords, they are less competitive.

So, how well does Keyword Revealer compare to its competitors? Is it, in fact, the best keyword analyzer for you? What Does Keyword Revealer Have to Offer?

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Quick Overview

What is Keyword Revealer?

Keyword Revealer Review – Keyword Research tool #ciroapp

Keyword Revealer is a tool for finding keywords. It enables you to extract possible keywords from a seed subject or term. You may assess each potential term based on trends, difficulty scores, SERPs average numbers, and more. It may also be used to come up with new long-tail keyword ideas and verify your Google keyword rankings.

Keyword research tools are being used to aid in the discovery of low-competition keywords. This can help you save a lot of time and work when it comes to keyword optimization. They also display the search volume as well as other relevant data such as SERPs, keyword difficulty, as well as other statistics.

Keyword Revealer specifications

FeaturesKeyword research / Rank tracking / SEO Tool
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressRaleigh, North Carolina, United States
Year foundedN/A


Keyword Revealer pricing: How much does Keyword Revealer cost?

Keyword Revealer Costs you $9.97 per month. You can save 40% of your money if you subscribe the yearly plan.

Pricing rangeFrom $9.97 to $47.97 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 7 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Keyword Revealer pricing plans


Some of the fundamental functions are available in the free edition. It’s a great approach to get a feel for the product and see whether it meets your needs.

You can get so much out of this software if you subscribe to the premium subscription. The BASIC plan is ideal for novice bloggers and website owners who wish to find low competition keywords quickly and easily without needing to spend a lot of money.

Digital marketing firms and seo experts will benefit from the PRO or ELITE programs. Every day, you may utilize them to discover hundreds of potential keywords.

Pricing options are available on a monthly or yearly basis.


Keyword Revealer features: What can you do with it?

Knowing what a SEO software can do is the most important thing. Find out in this Keyword Revealer review which features you will get.

There are three parts in Keyword Revealer.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Rank Monitor
  3. Keyword Brainstorming

UPDATE: Keyword Revealer now has a new function called “Backlink Analysis.” A much-anticipated and thrilling new feature has been introduced due to overwhelming demand. With this handy tool, you can now uncover the backlinks of your rivals. There are 10 trillion backlinks in the backlink database and 2.8 trillion in the backlink database.

1.Conduct keyword research

Keyword research feature

You may choose “Today’s Searches” or “Saved Searches” from the Keyword Revealer Keyword Research dashboard. These two choices will provide you with a summary of any previous keyword searches you’ve conducted.

You’ll utilize the “Keyword Search” box to begin a new keyword search. In the keyword box, type the new term. Then click “Search” after selecting your desired search location and language. Your search results will vary if you alter the location and language of your search. Altering the search language affects the keyword output, whereas changing the search geography affects the keywords’ average monthly searches.

The details in the following categories will be shown on the results page:

  • Average Monthly Searches
  • Trends in Volume
  • Cost Per Click
  • Earnings
  • Number of words
  • Exact Domain Match Availability
  • Keyword’s difficulty rating

Only 10 results will be shown by default. This keeps consumers from being overwhelmed when they view a lot of information on their screen. All you have to do is modify the configuration if you want to get additional results. You may do this by selecting from the drop-down menu located just under the “Filter” button. Keyword Revealer may be used in two ways to find keywords: keyword-based research as well as competitor-based research.

Standard keyword research

After logging in to your profile, you may search for your website’s top specialty or subject using your seed keyword. You may refine your search results by choosing the Google database for the country from which you wish to get terms.

This is excellent for boosting your country’s search engine optimization. To obtain more focused results, you may also change the language of your search term.

Keyword research based on competitors

You may reverse-engineer your search to find out what terms your rivals are using. Hit “Search” after typing in the URL of your competitor’s website. You can also spy on your competitors and perform a competitor based keyword research. This will reveal the keywords for which your competitors are ranked.

Keywords Data

You will receive keyword suggestions for the seed keyword you searched. You may view standard keyword statistics such as cost – per – click (for PPC advertising) and monthly volume for each keyword suggestion. A Profit column is also included in Keyword Revealer.

This part will describe you how much money you might make from ad units if you were to rank first for a certain keyword. This measure is excellent for bloggers who wish to use ad blockers to monetize their site. If you don’t like the results, just filter them to discover more successful terms that best suit your requirements.

Volume trends, precise domain name availability, amount of terms, and difficulty score are among the other keyword data points.

Keyword Difficulty

The degree of difficulty for ranking on first page of the SERPs for a term is referred to as Keyword Difficulty. Depending on the price plan you’ve bought, the amount of keywords you may analyze each day is limited. You’ll see the search volume for that term over the last 12 months, as well as trends over time, in addition to the difficulty score.

Most of the top-ranking pages’ social shares will be shown in the Social category. This data indicates how accessible a page is. Examining the most popular sites may help you figure out what keywords and content are getting the most likes, pins, and tweets. Facebook comments, Facebook shares, Pinterest shares, and Tweets are all visible.

The On-Page Optimizations section displays the top ten sites that use the term in the meta description, title, URL, and H1 tag. You’ll also see how many words are on the page, how many keywords are on the page, and whether or not the site utilizes AMP.

Tab “Saved Keywords”

Any keywords you assess will not be immediately stored. To add a term to your set of keywords under the “Saved Keywords” tab, click the blue “Save” button. The Saved Keywords section makes it simple to remove a term. Simply click the trash can symbol after selecting the relevant term. You may also download keywords that you’ve saved. Click the blue “Download CSV” button in the top right-hand corner.

2. Rank Monitor

Rank tracker feature

Keeping an eye on your keyword ranks is a great method to gauge the success of your SEO strategy. If your results continue to improve, you’re clearly doing something correctly. If, on the other hand, your rankings tend to drop, you’ll need to take action to reverse the trend.

The Rank Tracker from Keyword Revealer streamlines your SEO keyword research process. Instead of needing to utilize additional software, you can see your keywords directly from the tool. To begin monitoring your site’s keyword rankings, go to the Rank Tracker tab on the sidebar and choose “Add New Tracking Project”. On Google, you can only monitor terms.

The program will then take you to a website where you can learn more about the terms you’ve chosen to monitor. You’ll eventually be able to track your  keyword position on SERPs for the terms you’ve chosen.

Every two days, Keyword Revealer monitors your whereabouts. There is no method to alter the frequency, unfortunately.

You may create events to keep track of occurrences that have an impact on your keyword rankings. For example, if your ranks increased as a result of Google’s algorithm adjustments, you may create an event for it.

3. Keyword Brainstorming

Keyword brainstorming feature

When it comes to finding the appropriate keywords for your company, the Keyword Research tool isn’t always adequate. Some results could have insufficient search volumes, while others would have insufficient difficulty ratings.

Also use Keyword Brainstorming tool instead of fiddling with this feature. Find long-tail keywords that have yet to be discovered. Only YouTube and Google can provide you with recommendations.

Adding a seed keyword might generate a list of long-tail keywords that you may utilize. The information is provided in a tree style. This enables you to categorize your keywords and arrange them accordingly.

From the seed term, you’ll see lengthier, more relevant keywords spreading out. This should occur if you clicked on most of the suggested related terms until the program runs out of suggestions. If you want to discover all about a certain term, utilize the tool’s Keyword Research function by clicking on it.


Keyword Revealer review: Why you should use it?

Keyword research isn’t always straightforward. It may be difficult, but it’s also enjoyable. To discover the ideal keywords for your company, you must consider a variety of criteria and other variables. For every company’s search engine optimization plan, keyword research is critical.

You should learn how to discover keywords with the most monthly searches and also the lowest difficulty scores as soon as possible if you want to increase traffic and potential income to your website.

Keyword Revealer is a strong contender in the competitive field of keyword research tools. Its user interface is basic and clear, allowing users of various levels of expertise to easily discover the appropriate keywords to suit their requirements.

Keyword evaluation provides a wealth of information that may be used to decide which keywords to utilize. You must, however, personally assess each keyword you’re considering to get their Difficulty ratings.

The additional functions are good, but they don’t offer much value to the program, despite the fact that they are pleasant to have. Keyword Revealer is striving to improve its utility for users.

Keyword Revealer isn’t the greatest choice yet if you’re look for the perfect keyword search tool. It is just insufficiently strong to give appropriate keyword recommendations and ideas. It’s not even close to being the “ultimate” keyword search tool.

The tool is always being improved, and new methods to assist users in finding their perfect keywords for companies are being developed. Given the over saturation of the keyword tool industry, it will be fascinating to watch how Keyword Revealer improves their entire offering.

The following are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Keyword Revealer:


  • Solid keyword data – Every keyword assessment provides a wealth of information. It gathers information from social networking sites and search engines. This offers you a bird’s eye view of any of the top-ranking sites for the keywords you’ve entered. You may decide whether or not it will utilize keywords based on the information given.
  • Keyword Revealer is a simple, uncomplicated layout that puts everything in one place, unlike other systems that split keyword research into various sub-pages. On one page, you can view all of the keyword phrases. Your results may be filtered based on the criteria you’ve specified. You may narrow down your search even further by considering the keywords you wish to maximize for your website.
  • Keywords may be filtered.
  • Keywords may be saved and downloaded.
  • You can come up with a list of keywords.
  • You may utilize the rank tracker tool keyword revealer’s rank tracker tool to check how successful your keywords are.


It wouldn’t be a proper Keyword Revealer review without the cons, would it? There’s a lot right with their services, but there are things that they can also improve.

  • Keyword difficulty may be manually determined – Keyword Revealer can also be compared to several other seo tools such as Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, and others. When the results show, those tools will automatically load the keyword difficulty score. With Term Revealer, you must manually analyze each keyword that appears in the results. The Daily Evaluations restriction also applies to you.
  • At any one moment, you can only assess three keywords.
  • When utilizing the Keyword Research tool, the results aren’t always accurate. It just says “blank.” As a consequence, you’ll have to repeat the search to obtain results.
  • Frequently, searching for and analyzing keywords takes an excessive amount of time.
  • Simple add-ons — The Keyword Research tool is very remarkable. A few of the other characteristics, on the other hand, are missing. The Keyword Brainstorm as well as Rank Tracker tools seem to have been introduced as an afterthought to offer consumers something extra. They’re serviceable features, but they don’t add much to the table. They’re enough features if you don’t want to pay money on a superior rank monitoring and brainstorming tool.
  • The Keyword Research function only returns results for the first 10 pages. There is no way to perceive anything else.


Keyword Revealer Alternatives

If Keyword Revealer isn’t quite what you’re searching for, consider these other keyword research tools:

Mangools Review – SEO tools suite

Mangools Review – SEO tools suite

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The keyword research tool KWFinder included in Mangools suite is fantastic. It makes the process of finding keywords much easier. It provides a large amount of data for SEO. It displays important facts in a user interface that is simple enough for new users to understand.

This tool stands out because of its focus on simplicity. Its design and operation are simple to comprehend and use. KWFinder offers a one-click keyword difficulty rating system, as well as several additional unique research tools that you won’t find anywhere else, in addition to its clean design. Learn more about this tool in our KWFinder review.

Semrush Review – SEO and SEA software

Semrush Review – SEO and SEA software

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SEMrush is capable of much more than keyword research. It’s a comprehensive SEO and SEM software with a robust keyword research feature.

The keyword search capabilities of SEMrush are simple to use and comprehend. Even though keyword research capabilities aren’t as well-defined as in other products, it’s simple to get started and discover low-competition phrases or keywords that your rivals are ranking for. Check out our Semrush review for additional information.



AnswerThePublic is a good place to start if you’re planning to utilize keyword research for content research. It’s a keyword research technology that supports Bing and Google’s “autocomplete” data to create a “search cloud” that shows long-tail keyword recommendations.

To use this tool, you do not need to establish an account. To get started, just input a seed term and click “Get Questions.” After that, the program will generate search clouds with long-tail term suggestions.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a popular keyword research tool, even if it isn’t a stand-alone solution. You get access to a bigger user base since it’s a Google product.

Marketers like the idea that you get a ton of long-tail keyword recommendations for free.

There are two methods to utilize Google Keyword Planner. It may be used to discover new keywords, as well as to examine search volume and other data for such terms.

KeywordTool dot io


Another popular keyword online tool is It may seem to be similar to other keyword search solutions until you discover that you can use a different tab to locate terms for Amazon, Google Play Store, YouTube, Bing, Instagram, and other famous websites.

Similar to AnswerThePublic, KeywordTool collects Google Autocomplete recommendations to identify long-tail keywords. The main distinction is that instead of displaying results in search clouds, this tool displays them in conventional list views.


The “Keyword Explorer” from Ahrefs can extract keyword ideas from Amazon, YouTube, Yandex, and a number of other search engines. The user interface is somewhat better than what you’ll get with SEMrush’s Keyword Magic. Its well-organized structure makes it simpler to interpret keyword data findings.

All of the major keyword research filter choices are available in Ahrefs. You can also sort terms by “Return Rate,” which seems to be the probability that people will search for the same phrase again in the next 30 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Keyword Revealer do?

Keyword Revealer is a keyword research tool with a cool feature called “Keyword Tree.” The term tree displays keyword suggestions as a tree. A fresh set of branches arises when you click on a “branch” in the tree.

Can I cancel anytime or change my subscription plan?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your dashboard or by contacting the support team. Besides you can also use this tool on PAY-AS-YOU-GO

How does the money-back guarantee work?

The support team is very friendly and helpful. You can get 100% full money back within the signing up of one week (7 days).

Can I use Keyword revealer free?

Yes. Keyword revealer tool provides free accounts where you can look daily 3 keyword research, 50 keyword suggestions, 7 keyword evaluations and 3 keyword brainstormings.

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