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In this Empire Flippers review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.6Expert Score
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Empire Flippers marketplace is a dependable solution for those who own lucrative websites and want to offer them online. It is also a market of prosperous internet businesses that welcomes website flippers.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Only approved and high-quality websites
  • The professionals at Empire Flippers handle every important detail of the purchasing and selling process
  • The URL of your website can be hidden
  • 91% success rate
  • Commission on sales may be high

If you are looking to buy or sell an online business, go no further than Empire Flippers. Since 2011, they’ve been assisting buyers and sellers of internet businesses. In 2015 and 2016, they were named to the INC 5,000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America.

In 2017, the International Business Brokerage Association named them Top Global Producer & Deal Maker of the Year (IBBA). The business model of Empire Flippers is that they only accept the best websites on their platform and that they streamline the entire purchasing and selling process by handling everything themselves.

All of the company’s workers work from home, wherever they may be. Empire Flippers, in contrast to other brokerages, has assembled a dedicated group of experts to handle every facet of selling or purchasing a company of a specific niche. This group is the biggest in its field.

From the initial screening and negotiation through the eventual transfer of the digital asset from the vendor to the purchaser, they take care of everything. Since Empire Flippers cater to private equity companies, family offices, and HNWIs, you should expect to go up against experienced investors with large funds when bidding on properties.

Read further to learn more about Empire Flippers, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is Empire Flippers?

When it comes to buying and selling successful websites of various niches, Empire Flippers is among the most well-known curated platforms in the world. Since they are an Inc. 5000 firm, they deal with clients all across the globe. To date, the firm’s clients have transacted over $100,000,000 worth of digital companies with its assistance. Customers frequently remark that the platform is superior to similar offerings. Empire Flippers have set itself apart from its rivals by guaranteeing high-quality, legitimate listings at competitive prices.

The company’s ideals are essential in order to grasp its inner workings. The staff works tirelessly to guarantee that all clients are safe and have access to everything they need to create a successful company strategy. If you have a lucrative website and are looking for a location to advertise it, the EF marketplace is a solid choice. It is also a marketplace of online enterprises that invites website flippers who are interested in acquiring or investing in a digital company that is already lucrative.

Lastly, it’s useful for individuals who are trying to assess the present health of their web business of a specific niche. The software helps you to estimate the worth of your site via analyzing measures, including monetization strategy, income, and visitors from various social media platforms. The customer service department is viewed by many as vital to the company’s image. Using a brief contact form, Empire Flippers facilitates easy communication with customer service.

One of the ways in which the EF platform simplifies the process of vetting, buying, and selling affiliate websites is by facilitating the creation of thorough listings. The majority of the domains for sale on the marketplace are low-maintenance investments. Listings provide evidence of traffic, revenue, etc.

Empire Flippers specifications

FeaturesA Wide Price Range / Hidden URLs / Secure Transfer of Funds / Transparency / Valuation Tool
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company address427 N Tatnall St #34425, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
Year founded2010


Empire Flippers pricing: How much does Empire Flippers cost?

The revenue model of Empire Flippers Marketplace is based on commissions. There is no standard pricing package available to clients who are willing to flip their businesses. If you want to flip your business, you must pay a portion of your selling price as a commission to the platform on which you had originally enlisted your business for sale.

Pricing rangeFrom 2.5% to 15% Commission
Pricing typesOne-time payment
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Empire Flippers pricing plans


They do not charge upfront listing fees, so if they are unable to sell your business, you will not be responsible for any charges. A commission will be paid to them if they are successful in selling your business. Their compensation is blended, which means that different commission structures are added together according to the size of the company. Take a look at the breakdown below:

  • Commission will be 15% of the sale price for transactions below $700k.
  • If the business is worth around $700k to $5,000,000, the commission drops to 8% of the sum.
  • When a company’s valuation exceeds $5 million, the commission rate drops to 2.5% of the sum over $5 million.


Empire Flippers features: What can you do with it?


Seeing their quarterly or yearly business report is a viable approach to getting a detailed look at their processes, history, and future goals. The founders were first motivated to follow the trend toward innovation after being exposed to the work of Pat Flynn. They recognize that the advantages of raising the curtain and being truthful with you much exceed any negatives of sharing company information clearly (their competitors peek at the reports, too!). You shouldn’t take their words at face value. They also take pride in displaying testimonials that feature the words of satisfied clients alongside images of company analytics and verifiable data. All of these testimonials were voluntarily submitted by real people who enjoyed using Empire Flippers.

A Wide Price Range

Empire Flippers’ primary objective is to ensure that as many individuals as possible may enjoy the benefits that online companies can provide. Their customers and sellers visit exotic locations, spend quality time with their families and follow their dreams. From a business standpoint, this may be interpreted in different ways. In order to maintain this standard of living, some people may need as little as $40,000 in annual company revenue, while others may need $700,000.

This is one of the main reasons why they cater to companies of all sizes and budgets, from those with tens of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising to those with budgets in the millions of dollars to run an e-commerce empire across the globe. They take great pride in the fact that their local enterprises are still small enough for newcomers to have a place at the table.

They also take great satisfaction in having sold multimillion-dollar firms as per their blog. They like the challenge and diversity that comes with working with such a broad scope. The fact that they avoid “insider transactions” is another important consideration. They maintain a cash-only market and do not offer preferential treatment to any clients.

Although they are aware of the potential profits to be made in the insider market, they are unwilling to risk their clients’ confidence in order to enter it. And it’s a really large leap to assume that just the individuals they’ve already worked with are the best prospects. As the popularity of this field continues to grow, they meet new individuals every day, and they want to make room for every genuine client without restricting their potential.

Valuation Tool

Estimating value is tricky. If your company is overpriced, it will be on the market for a longer period of time than you may prefer. Whether it’s priced too cheap and sells immediately, you may be left wondering if you could have made more. What a complicated scenario!

EF free valuation tool

Customers have also reported being duped by businesses who claim their business is worth twice as much as the value calculated by their technology or a business insider. The seller sees potential profits and contacts a broker, but ultimately, the property does not sell. At Empire Flippers, they make decisions based on numbers, not gut instinct. They’ve delivered on over a thousand company acquisitions, so they know the vetting process and precisely where the “sweet spot” for sale is.

The reliable valuation tool considers a number of variables to determine the best valuation for your company. They look at the finances when vetting and evaluating a firm like flippa, not simply the seller’s wishes, to determine the best possible terms under which to sell the company. They’re not as concerned with making you think in terms of money as they are with actually giving you money.

Secure Transfer of Funds

Whether you are a potential purchaser or seller, we have a question for you: What exactly is it that makes you the most nervous about this whole deal? The transfer process is a constant topic of conversation on social media as well, it seems. How can you safely receive the funds and release authority (in a figurative sense)? Fear of a scam is a rational response. The legal system is still behind the times when it comes to dealing with this contemporary corporate problem. The escrow service is completely clueless.

In addition, many exchanges take place on a global scale, where different regulations apply. For a trouble-free transaction, they’ve put in place a number of measures. To begin, they have a group there called the Migration Team, whose sole purpose is to migrate your site. As they hold the funds, their team will help you update your accounts and contact information. They will pay out to the seller following a two-week period of due diligence during which the buyer may ensure that everything is functioning as it should.

Even one of their simplest procedures is more complicated than this! Their policies vary based on the type of unusual transfer being processed. They don’t want you to have to find out about this on your own, and they don’t think you should have to, either.

Hidden URLs

The URL of the site being sold is a necessary piece of information for anyone considering making a purchase. This makes sense. The issue is that it’s not only customers checking out the web address but also would-be imitators. They decided to solve this issue by restricting access to the web address to serious customers who could “verify” their identity and financial stability.

To view the genuine domain or Amazon account of amazon associates, do some individuals hesitate to confirm? The answer is yes; some individuals do. However, this applies only to a small percentage. Why? When a buyer or seller learns their motivations, they are always overjoyed that they take such precautions to shield sensitive information about their transaction. No potential buyer would want to invest in a company whose seller has recently disclosed its financials and analytic data to its competition.

It is possible to create a “gate” with authentication and secure web addresses. It’s not flawless, but at least it keeps you from having to deal with those who are just out to waste your time like on Facebook. You can rest assured that the value of the company you’re buying will be stable because it was only exposed to minimal risk.


Empire Flippers review: Why you should use it ?

Hopefully, you’ve learned something new from this overview of Empire Flippers. Selling a website is a big deal that may cause a lot of anxiety. When selling a website, there is no physical product to be exchanged. There aren’t any buyers or brokers that you can see or interact with. Everything from checking the site out to putting it up for sale to talking to a broker and a potential buyer to completing a sale and transferring ownership to getting paid happens virtually.

This is helpful, but it also has the potential to increase anxiety. For a broker, we strongly suggest Empire Flippers. They have open and honest communication, have simplified the procedure, and, most importantly, have handled the cash safely for both parties.


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Empire Flippers Review – Website Brokers
Empire Flippers Review – Website Brokers

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