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CCleaner is a free (or free software) software that optimizes the operation of personal computer. Its main features allow elimination of files that are not required for proper functioning of an operating system.

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Looking for a computer tool to optimize the main features of your personal computer? If you have a Windows operating system (or macOS/OS X), you can, for example, need a program like CCleaner.

Fully free and available on the Internet, CCleaner gives you the opportunity to protect your privacy and make a regular cleaning of your computer, delete files and other unnecessary items.

Through this publication, we allow you to perform a detailed test of the main features of this computer cleaner.

CCleaner also eliminates “Surf Tracks” on the Internet, so users’ privacy is fully protected. The most important thing is that CCleaner maintains the so-called “registration”.

The purpose of utilities with this feature is to eliminate unnecessary elements in the Windows registry containing confidential data for proper operation of the operating system.

CCleaner has been a very popular tool since the launch in 2003. Some figures show that there has been almost 2. 5 billion downloads from the start of software. There are currently 3 different versions of the Software, each designed for another purpose:

  • Standard compilation version: This is the most offered version. It is said that it is heavier than the other versions, and comes with the Yahoo toolbar. Note that the installation of toolbar is optional.
  • The sleek version: This version is available without Yahoo Toolbar. We tend to recommend this particular version for all non-mobile applications.
  • The portable version: With this version you can use CCleaner on several PCs without having to install it every time. This solution is perfect for mobile use and you can install the software in a USB memory without problems. The Yahoo bar is not present in this version. The installation is done via a ZIP file from which you downloaded the executable file called CCleaner. exe.

Currently, more than 130 million people spend around the world CCleaner services. Many known companies in the IT world often use this free software. These companies include Airbus, Siemens, Intel, Samsung and Sega.

Overall, opinions are collected in specialized places quite good. The information site 01 Net specializing in new technologies, tells us that the software is considered easy to use, thanks to an interface that is considered ergonomic. The Trustpilot Consumer Review website has 3556 very favorable reviews for cleaning software, out of a total of 4. 776 comments.

On the other hand, several changes in recent years have been met with disapproving users. This situation is related to the acquisition of ccleans of avast. In questions: Collection of personal data (despite the presence of From this case, which occurred in August 2018, version 5. 45 is withdrawn from the editor.

CCleaner features

What can you do with CCleaner?

The main features of the software The use of CCleaner causes several documents of correction, optimization and removal of files that we describe below:
Maintenance of your personal computer
CCleaner can clean the computer by deleting all files considered undesirable or useless. It can also participate in the registry buttons for some applications later. Your navigation history is protected and your privacy is respected thanks to the removal measures.

Register Cleaning Concrete, the registry is the site on your computer where all the operating system configuration information (this may be Windows or macOS) is stored. How to install or uninstall programs on your computer, some registry keys are obsolete or not removed normally.

This situation can cause a failure of serious systems. CCleaner takes part at the moment to clean the registry to get an optimal configuration. This secure operation also enables the creation of a booking that can be useful if the user quickly and easily restore previous settings.

Optimization of operational performance for more programs that you install, the more the computer is requested during launch. Some of these programs become useless over time and contribute to braking according to the result of your operating system. CCleaner can display the list of programs launched when you start the computer. You can then choose temporarily or constantly deactivate some of them at the launch.

Uninstalling programs, you can remove any programs with a dedicated interface in the operating system, you can also access this feature directly by CCleaner. To access the uninstallation function, simply click “Tools” and then “Uninstall Program”.

Management of a system to restore points on the operating system, it performs potential backups. This operation is extremely useful, especially when it comes to a crash or after a misleading software installation.

With CCleaner you can now restore an older configuration to make your system more stable. CCleaner also allows you to maintain a track of the number of resets you have completed.

This is to avoid coming back too far from the system, and again to make your computer vulnerable to threats. You just have to click on the “Tools” icon and then go to the “System Restore” section. This gives you access to the various restoration points that you can delete as needed.

CCleaner update also has capacity, as a useful program, to update the program you use most often. To ensure you are notified as soon as possible when updates are available, download the latest version of CCleaner.

CCleaner has other useful features, such as cleaning your cookies while navigating online. To avoid removing useful cookies that you often use CCleaner can also offer you the opportunity to customize which cookies you want to save.

How it works?

How does CCleaner work?

How does ccleaner work? Analyze and remove harmful elements
To clean the computer with CCleaner, you must follow a few steps. First start the program. Get familiar with the interface and its different properties. If you want to clean the computer for the first time, find the cleaner icon at the top left of the interface.

Then you will ask to check a list of boxes. Just select the items you want to see. Depending on the version of your browser, please check the “Temporary Files”, “Cookies” or “Download Location”.

If you do not want to keep the latest tracks on your Internet searches, uncheck the “History” box. Be careful not to delete your favorites if you don’t want to save them anymore! When you checked all the boxes you want, start cleaning by clicking on “Clean”.

The removal starts — you can cancel it at any time. Then you can see the list of deleted files, even if this list may seem long.

If you want to work more specifically on the registration of the operating system, you can select the “Registry Cleaning” function. It is recommended to use this method, for example after an uninstallation program.

Indeed, even after a program is removed, it can leave tracks with, for example, the continuous presence of outdated files. This part of your system is extremely sensitive, so it is recommended that you do not go lightly if you are a beginner or neophyte.

Ideally, you need to get help from an administrator. If you know exactly how you want to continue, check the boxes of the items you want to clean. Then click the “Check Error” button on the left side of the interface.

The program will be waiting for a few moments, looking for errors in the registry. You can then click on “correct selected errors” on the bottom of the dialog that appears. To return to the previous area, click “Close”.

Before you clean your registry or start or not, make sure you hold a backup. CCleaner tends to perform operations that can lead to other major problems. It’s just a precaution.

In addition to these basic features, CCleaner can be adapted. For example, if you use the Firefox browser, make sure you have a few boxes uncheck during the cleaning process to avoid your search history.

Whatever your situation is, first make a “digitization” of your system before you can clean it. You can also store your registry, which is strongly recommended in all cases.

Don’t forget to verify that the recycling fill from your operating system regularly, because you are regular video.

CCleaner pricing

How much does CCleaner cost?

CCleaner pricing

The original version of CCleaner is free and has been developed in several versions for mobile and stationary use. With this version you can get an optimized and faster computer while respecting your privacy.

There is also a premium or professional version that gives you access to more options and tools. For $19. 95 you can access your computer’s real-time monitoring, machine maintenance planning and automatic software updates.

You get high-end technical support. Note that there is a free temporary version, which does not require a credit or debit card record.

There is also a “more professional” version of 29. 95 euros. In addition to the options and services mentioned above, you have access to hard drive defragmentation, file repair and hardware stock.

By updating your software to this latest version, you have access to the other pyriform software, the CCleaner publisher. These are the tools:
Defraggler: Useful to defragment your hard drive.
Reviewer to repair lost or damaged files.

Specify, displaying all information about a physical configuration on demand.
For professionals who want to optimize the performance of their work tools and maintain the confidentiality of their business data, there is the business CCleaner edition. Automatic removal of navigation history and cookies prevents traffic data from flying or stealing.

To further improve your internet security, piriform also offers a CCleaner browser, a private and secure browser for Windows. Here you will also benefit from total confidentiality, but also faster navigation and total safety.


CCleaner Review: Should you use it?

The first option with CCleaner is its reputation. Indeed, this freeware has quickly created a reputation before defects used by the users of the main operating system. CCleaner is viewed as a genuine Swiss guide, able to overcome the window’s deficiencies in terms of PC cleansing.

His other undeniable advantage lies in his access. CCleaner offers users a free version, which is also available on the cell phone (version available to download to USB memory to use on several computers at the same time).

To get a full version and personal technical support, you must invest in the paid version. Finally, the primary quality of the software is the ability to combine the same cleaning services into the same interface. You no longer need to search through menus or submenus to remove this or that file.

The first disadvantage of using tools such as CCleaner is that it sends data considered to be “confidential” to third parties. From version 5. 45 and regularly monitoring system settings collects the software anonymous from your computer, usually for commercial purposes.

Most of the time, this is allowing to improve the product. Many antivirus programs do the same. However, version 5. 46 allows you to turn off telecommunications and other data. Therefore, the user can access their information with “Private” menu.

Among the incredible inconvenience, you should know that PC Cleaner as CCleaner requires especially carefully. Indeed, the registry cleaning is likely to remove useful factors, even important factors, which can have serious consequences on the balance of the system, which can simply become unusable.

Therefore, it is very important to know and understand what you want to do first:
Would you simply clean your computer to make it better? Do you want to save storage space or delete confidential information to protect your privacy? Depending on how this question answers, different actions will be required. Depending on the issue of CCleaner who has at your disposal, feel free to establish your actions over time.

CCleaner seems to be one of the most effective cleaners available in the market. The various options allow you to point out the most vulnerable areas of your computer that are likely to fall virus acute and other computer errors in the registration.

When you see more, you will notice, regardless of the software, the market is well-tested and take advantage of the lack of knowledge of users to sell services that are not particularly necessary.

Therefore, most of the time, the user is convinced that he is dealing with serious computer parties that only subscribe to services can prevent. This is despite the fact that they can’t understand what they face.

The cleaning software market is saturated, no one will tend to monitor errors caused by bad use of this software.

Therefore, if the usefulness of these applications to accelerate or optimize Windows performance can not be tested, we know that good knowledge of the main areas of risk on your computer allows better management of daily maintenance.

CCleaner Review – The most popular PC Cleaning Software
CCleaner Review – The most popular PC Cleaning Software

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