WPML Review – The Most Famous Multilingual WordPress Plugin

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WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them

WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a multilingual website. It allows you to easily translate your content and other elements of a website into multiple languages.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Easy translation of WordPress websites into multiple languages
  • It can be used with most WordPress themes and plugins
  • Advanced translation management tools
  • Supports over 40 languages out of the box
  • Allows for different language versions of a website to have different permalinks
  • Built-in support for RTL languages
  • Comprehensive documentation, troubleshooting, and support resources available online
  • Cost is high
  • No free service

Are you looking for a plugin that can help you manage and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts on your WordPress site? Look no further than WPML. This comprehensive plugin offers a wide range of tools and features to help you increase conversions and revenue from your affiliate programs. With WPML, you can easily manage and display products, track clicks and links, and view detailed analytics in a user-friendly dashboard.

But is WPML the right choice for you? In this review, we will take a closer look at what this plugin has to offer and its pros and cons. We’ll also highlight some of the advanced features that make it a top choice for affiliate marketers. So, before you make a decision, read on to learn everything you need to know about WPML.

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What is WPML?

WPML (WordPress Multilingual) is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to create and manage multilingual content on their websites. It enables users to translate pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies into multiple languages, making it easier for visitors to navigate and understand the content on the website.

Websites for governments, multinational corporations, online retailers, and educational institutions frequently need to be available in a variety of languages. Although there are options, most professional organizations frequently do not accept machine translations like Google Translate. Installing WordPress under separate subdomains for each language is one method of providing numerous language options.

You will have to handle updates and backup all of those installs, which is a major hassle. This issue is resolved with the WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin), which enables multilingualism for your website. The same WordPress installation can be used to produce material in numerous languages.

WPML specifications

FeaturesCompatibility / Ease of Use / Language Support / Multilingual Support / SEO Optimization / Translation Management
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesArabic / Chinese / Dutch / English / French / Italian / Japanese / Polish / Portuguese
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressOnTheGoSystems Limited. 22/F 3 Lockhart Road Wanchai Hong Kong
Year founded2007


WPML pricing: How much does WPML cost?

The pricing for WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) varies depending on the type of license you purchase. The basic package, called the “Multilingual blog” costs $39 and allows you to use the plugin on one website. The Multilingual CMS costs $99 and allows you to use the plugin on three websites. The “Multilingual Agency” costs $199 and allows you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites. All packages come with one year of updates and support, and you can renew your license at a discounted rate after the first year.

Pricing rangeFrom $39 to $199 per year
Pricing typesAnnual subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

WPML pricing plans


Multilingual Blog – $39:

  • This license is for individual use on one website
  • Standard translation controls

Multilingual CMS – $99:

  • This license is for use on up to three websites
  • Advanced Translation Editor
  • Automatic Translation
  • String Translation
  • Translation Management
  • Page Builders support

Multilingual Agency – $199

  • This license is for use on unlimited websites.
  • Advanced Translation Editor
  • Automatic Translation
  • String Translation
  • Translation Management
  • Page Builders support
  • E-Commerce support
  • Full Site Editing support

Agency License – $259

  • One year of updates and support
  • Advanced Translation Editor
  • Automatic Translation
  • Unlimited number of websites
  • String Translation
  • Translation Management
  • Page Builders support
  • E-Commerce support
  • Full Site Editing support


WPML features: What can you do with it?

Translation Management

WPML allows you to easily translate your website content into multiple languages, including custom post types, pages, and taxonomies. WPML includes a built-in translation editor that allows you to easily create and manage translations for your website content. WPML offers professional translation services for an additional fee, making it easy to get high-quality translations for your website.

Multilingual Support

WPML allows for the creation of multilingual websites, making it easy to translate content and switch between languages. WPML allows you to optimize your website for search engines in multiple languages, ensuring that your website is easily found by users searching in different languages.

Language Support

One of the key features of WPML is its support for multiple languages. The plugin supports over 40 languages, including popular ones like English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. This means that you can easily create a website in multiple languages, and your visitors can switch between them using the language switcher.

Language-Specific URLs

 WPML allows you to create language-specific URLs for your website, making it easy for users to identify and access content in their preferred language. It allows you to customize the language switcher on your website, including the design, placement, and functionality. WPML allows you to provide your users with the option to switch between languages on your website, making it easy for them to navigate and access content in their preferred language.

SEO Optimization

WPML is also optimized for SEO, which means that your multilingual website will be easily indexed by search engines. The plugin creates unique URLs for each language, which makes it easy for search engines to understand which language your website is in. Additionally, WPML allows you to set different SEO titles and meta descriptions for each language, which can help you improve your search engine rankings.


WPML is also compatible with many popular WordPress themes and plugins. This means that you can use it with your existing website without any issues. Additionally, WPML has a team of developers who work to ensure that the plugin is always up to date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Ease of Use

Finally, WPML is easy to use, even for beginners. The plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create a multilingual website. Additionally, WPML has detailed documentation and video tutorials that can help you get started with the plugin.


WPML review: Why you should use it?

WPML is a powerful and versatile plugin that allows users to easily create and manage multilingual content on their WordPress websites. It offers a wide range of features and options, including language switchers, translation management, and compatibility with popular themes and plugins. The plugin is user-friendly and easy to set up, making it a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

With WPML, you can easily reach a global audience and improve your website’s search engine rankings. If you’re looking for a plugin to create a multilingual website, WPML is definitely worth considering. Overall, WPML is a reliable and efficient tool for creating multilingual websites and is highly recommended for those looking to expand their online presence to a global audience.


WPML Alternatives

Before subscribing to WPML, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the Best Multilingual Software for your needs. You can find the WPML alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare WPML with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WPML with any WordPress theme?

Yes, WPML is compatible with most WordPress themes. However, it is always best to check with the theme developer to ensure compatibility before purchasing or using a specific theme. Setting up a multilingual website with WPML is relatively easy. Once you have the plugin installed, you can select the languages you want to use on your website, and then begin translating your content.

Why Do You Use WPML?

Your websites can be made more search engine-friendly with WPML. You can organize languages, TLDs, subdomains, folders and language arguments however you like with WPML. It enables you to translate page slugs, titles, and SEO meta.

Which languages are supported by WPML?

WPML enables you to add your own custom languages, convert your website into 65 pre-configured languages, and alter a number of configuration settings for your language switcher, URL format, and other features. All of these choices can be found under the WPML Languages menu.

How does WPML handle translations?

WPML allows you to manually translate your content using the built-in translation editor, or you can use a professional translation service to handle translations for you. It allows you to translate all of the pages, and custom post types. You can also translate custom fields, categories, and tags.

Is WPML free?

Although WPML provides a free version of the plugin, it has few features and capabilities. It is possible to purchase the plugin’s full version. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce and can be used to translate all aspects of your online store, including product descriptions, prices, and checkout pages.

How does WPML handle SEO for a multilingual website?

WPML has built-in SEO features that help to optimize your website for search engines. This includes support for hreflang tags and multilingual sitemaps. There is no limit on the number of languages you can use with WPML. You can add as many languages as you need to your website.

Is there support available for WPML?

Yes, WPML has a sizable user and development community that is willing to help out and answer queries. To help you make the most of the plugin, the WPML team also provides support and documentation.

WPML Review – The Most Famous Multilingual WordPress Plugin
WPML Review – The Most Famous Multilingual WordPress Plugin

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