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The best webinar solution

Webinars are the most popular form of product promotion, and one of the least complex. If you have the right material (content) and marketing resources, you may create an excellent webinar to attract the right audience. Read on to know the good or bad and see what it's all about.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Easy navigation through the system
  • Enhanced integrations
  • Simplified reporting
  • Allows for automatic replays
  • Promotes Audience Interaction
  • Cheap pricing
  • Standard pricing has limited features
  • The auto-run webinar option only available after an upgrade
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Demio is a simple way for customer-education and marketing teams to efficiently scale their initiatives in less time than ever using live streaming. If you’re trying to Create & Validate Leads/Clients, Trigger Users & Improve Trial Sales, or Inform Consumers & Minimize Churn, Demio is the right platform for you. Know why some of the world’s leading SaaS firms have confidence in Demio.

Demio Features

Main Features of Demio

We are going to detail all the main features of Demio, it will allow you to understand it better!

Seamless content delivery to users

One-click webinar access

Event registration demio

If your audience has to attend a Demio webinar, they don’t need to download or install any bulky software. It is a one-click and absolutely frictionless process. Only right-click on the site, or smartphone on the iOS, and viewing the webinar is fine.

Webcam sharing

Within Demio, you have the choice of sharing with your co-presenters up to three webcams.
So, webinars can really get creative and interactive. Hosting the webinar with two or three partners, the audience gets really engaged and gets more insight into the topic. You are getting more interest applied to the webinars, and the viewer has a greater sense.

HD-streaming in real-time

Thanks to HD broadcasting, webinars for Demio are standard guaranteed. For HD video live webinars, you can give an event worth recalling. And when you talk with the viewers online and connect instantly, real-time, there’s zero pauses or interruption.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is essential for the demonstration and sharing of crucial slides with colleagues and audiences. You may share the screen or slide you are using to present yourself. The great thing about Demio is that you can quickly post slides and display images, without needing to move elsewhere. So, when you do that, you can keep screen sharing on, without leaving the room.

Effectively promoting & marketing webinars

Excellent options for registration

customize your demio webinar

GDPR Compliant

As with the landing pages, the webinar registration page is the brand’s logo. All the individuals who are ‘particularly involved’ in your webinar get to the registration page first. Using Demio, build beautiful pages or shapes with absolute ease, in no time. You can configure these pages you want right on Demio, or use one of the pre-set tools for your own website to collect registrations.

gdpr optin

You can enable the GDPR compliancy to automatically add a GDPR opt-in checkbox to registration events.

3 events types

events demio

You can create a standard webinar, a group of live/scheduled sessions, or an automated webinar.

Demio API

API demio

You can integrate Demio in your software or connect it with Zapier. This would allow you to develop a software with Demio integrated.


With Demio, you may express your company’s identity on your webinar content use the logo of your company. Applying your logo and branding throughout your material is very simple.

Automatic notification reminder

Through daily updates, the customers can never lose control of whether a webinar happens. If they have registered for a webinar or forum, they will be made aware of upcoming sessions. You can modify the reminder notifications content, according to the requirements of your branding or event.

Make your webinars more interactive

Launching packages and CTA’s

CTA offer Demio

Use the ‘Featured Actions’ capability to link your list of audiences to an offer, freebie, coupon code, sign up page, or any other URL. Give them proposals for the launch and take more action on the CTAs.

Chat privately or in public

live chat demio

You will have immersive, entertaining, insightful, and fascinating chat sessions with your friends, utilizing the real-time chat functionality. Discuss their questions with this function and react to their inquisitiveness in real-time. If you want to go ‘solo,’ swap the chat option and only allow it at the end of the webinar for a FAQ option.

Sharing gifts and handouts

Handout and gifts Demio

Share essential research resources like eBooks or white papers. With the community, as presents and handouts. Make these easily download with Demio.

Interactive Statistical Surveys

Surveys using Demio

Make polling webinars more exciting and interactive. Gather perspectives from Demio participants on consumer loyalty, webinar performance, and other similar indicators on total webinar reviews. Use results to display on your website as social proof, and promote your next webinar.

Analyze Your campaigns

analytics demio

As stated earlier, analytics is the secret to optimization. Demio offers you the opportunity to keep up to date your monitoring and analytics. You will decide how you do in will webinar, and whether there are problems, you need to correct.

100% automated webinars

It’s a brilliant idea to use Demio as your webinar solution only because it all runs automatically. Therefore, you can concentrate on more core things and spend less time having to be accessible online.

Recordings and replay pages

Your webinars are immediately integrated and stored in the cloud in HD, and you can replay your on-demand sessions. You can import the webinar recordings in the format. MP4 and upload the archived edition with anyone in the world.

DEMIO Referral Program

Demio referral program

As a customer of Demio, you can refer your friends or new customers and get $100 in Demio credit per referral. Plus, the customer will get $25 in Demio credit, it’s a win-win situation!

Demio Pricing

How much does Demio cost?

Our Demio analysis won’t be complete until we address the pricing plans. Demio has four billable pricing plans for users, either monthly or yearly. Yearly subscribers end up saving 30%. All the policies give a free 14-day preview. The ‘Starter’ package arrives for $34/months. The amount of their marketing strategy is not specified, so you would need to contact them to see what it would cost for you.

Demio Pricing table

Switch to Demio and Save

Demio offers a discount to people using a competing Webinar platform.
Just show them an invoice and you will get :

  • 50% discount on the first month
  • 10% discount on the annual subscription

How to

How to use DEMIO?

After your registration

Right after your registration, you are greeted with a step-by-step presentation. Afterward, an automatic webinar starts, which allows you as a client and as a presenter to see the different features and functions. It’s very well done and it looks like a real webinar, take advantage of it to try it all!

Tips: You can share the link of this automated webinar so just share this link directly into your email box or whatever and try it on your mobile phone. You will notice how it’s easy to register and use it.

Start your Webinar session

event dashboard

There is a summary page after an event has been called which leads to options for scheduling, customizing and sharing or embedding:
The scheduling choices include any potential usage you might think about: you may build a single event, a small set of activities, frequently repeating activities, and unique rules such as a daily webinar, except on weekends and on particular holidays off-days that you identify.

Landing pages are a significant Webinar marketing element. When you’ve got a sleek portal of extremely configured landing pages, you’ll have further signups and more members.

In Demio, you can choose from 3 types of landing pages, all basic and very close to each other.
The templates are visually different from each other but not functionally distinct. You should add your own emblem to your brand and select an accent color to suit.

A few extra parts may also be attached to the registration list. These include a photo, a summary, and one or more presenter bios.
The output is excellent and quick and easy to customize.
A visitor finds a verification page upon registration.
If you prefer using your own landing pages, there is a suitable way to do this. You can either embed the application form (including an HTML) or insert a signup tab to your pages, which launches an embedded popover.

Why use DEMIO

Why should you use Demio?

Demio is a cloud-based application designed to help companies develop, deliver, and maintain live, interactive, or filmed webinars while enabling interaction with prospects and clients alike. The model is equipped with white label capabilities. It allows organizations to customize webinar rooms via custom logos, themes, and colors to develop a brand identity.

Customizable & many great Features

Marketers can create and send custom webinar registration pages using Demio. Customizable registration form templates support event promotion and client information capture for subsequent marketing campaigns. The software provides a variety of apps, including HD video uploading, screen sharing, file editing, data upload, pre-recorded meetings, real-time conversations, unique fields, and more. Users may add links to login pages on current websites or landing pages and submit email alerts/friend invites for future activities.

Statistics and integrations

It allows managers to gain insight into webinar results, with stats that include participation rate, participation concentration, total time per session, and more. Demio connects with numerous applications from third parties, including Mailchimp. Others are Zapier, PayPal, Market Hero, Slack, and Gmail.

24/7 customer support + Courses

You can chat 24/7 with their Live chat system! Plus, you get access to “Demio University“, where you can learn webinar strategies and tactics.

They made a Webinar comparison to help you choose the best Webinar platform.

For example, Demio can be used with so you get a better webinar system.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Demio?

Demio is a cloud-based application designed to make live and automated webinars.

Is Demio the best solution for Webinars?

Currently, competing webinar softwares are not very optimized in terms of interface and requires clients to install the software on their computers, or is mobile incompatible. Demio does not have those disadvantages!

Do I have to pay monthly?

You can pay monthly or annualy. If you pay annualy, you save 30%.

Demio Review – The best unknown Webinar solution
Demio Review – The best unknown Webinar solution
Start at $34/month
Start at $34/month View plans

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.


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