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The main difference between and Lusha lies in their core offerings. primarily provides a robust sales intelligence platform that offers lead generation, contact information, and CRM integration services. It is designed for sales and marketing professionals looking to build targeted prospect lists and enhance customer relationship management. It offers comprehensive sales intelligence solution. On the other hand, Lusha specializes in B2B contact information and lead generation along with providing data enrichment services. It is ideal for users seeking specific contact details to reach out to potential clients. It excels in providing high-quality B2B contact information and lead generation services.

In this versus, we compare vs Lusha in-depth to help you choose one of them. If you want to know more details, we recommend you to read our review and Lusha review.

However, you can also directly find the Best Lead Generation Software, we list them by ranking (based on our review rating), you can find all the comparisons we made and we explain how you should choose the proper one.

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Quick overview vs Lusha at a Glance

To make your choice quick and efficient, here is a short summary about our comparison of Lusha vs Find out their ratings, features, prices and then discover the winner of the versus.

Pros and Cons comparison

9 Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Seamless.AI review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should …
Average Score 9
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • It has a comprehensive and verified database of millions of contacts
  • It offers advanced machine-learning algorithms to ensure up-to-date information
  • It offers lead filtering with the help of targeted search options
  • It has an attractive and user-friendly interface
  • Allows integration with popular CRM systems and sales tools
  • May have limited availability of certain contacts
  • Cost may be higher for small or budget-constrained businesses
  • Technology may not be reliable which may result in data inaccuracies
  • It may be difficult for new users to fully utilize all features
Lusha Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

Lusha Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Lusha review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should …
Average Score 9.2
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Accurate B2B Data
  • Enhanced Lead Generation
  • Easy Integration
  • Personalized Outreach
  • Data Enrichment and Cleansing
  • Limited Data Coverage

Specifications comparison

FeaturesChrome extension / Integrations / Leader in Sales Intelligence / Real-Time Search Engine / Sales Prospecting Solution / The World's Best Sales Leads / WriterData Privacy / Enrich Your Entire CRM / Seamless Integration / Search Smarter Every Time / Unrivaled Data Quality
Best suited forSmall businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprisesSmall businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglishEnglish
Website URLVisit official websiteVisit official website
Support linkSupport pageSupport page
Live chatNoNo
Company addressColumbus, OhioBoston, Massachusetts
Year founded20182016

Pricing comparison

Compare the price between vs Lusha

Find out which software has the best valuable pricing, which one offers a free trial and money back guarantee.

Pricing comparisonSeamless.aiLusha
Pricing rangeFrom $0 to $147 per monthFrom $0 to $51 per month
Pricing typesMonthly subscriptionMonthly subscription
Free planYesYes
Free trialYesYes
Money back guaranteeNoNo
Pricing page linkSee plansSee plans Pricing details

Seamless.AI offers a range of pricing plans to fulfill the diverse needs of all sales professionals and businesses. These plans include Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise options, each with its own set of features and benefits.

The Free plan serves as an excellent entry point for those who want to explore Seamless.AI’s capabilities. It provides limited access to the features and database and also offers valuable insights.

Then there is the Basic plan, which offers enhanced functionality and increased access to the vast database of contacts.

It provides you with more advanced search options for targeting specific industries, job titles, and geographic locations. This plan is ideal for individuals or small teams looking to elevate their lead-generation efforts.

But if you require more robust features, then the Pro plan offers additional benefits. It includes features like CRM integration, export capabilities, and enhanced customer support. You can streamline your workflows and access more data for your lead generation strategies.

Then there is the Enterprise plan, which is designed to meet the needs of larger organizations with complex sales operations. It offers custom pricing and detailed solutions, including dedicated account management, API access, and enterprise-grade security features.

It empowers you to scale your lead generation efforts and optimize the sales processes. But it is important for you to consider your specific requirements and budget constraints when selecting the most suitable plan. pricing

Free Plan

It includes:

  • 50 credits on sign up
  • You can add Email Addresses
  • Allows the addition of Cell Phones
  • Real-time Search Engine
  • Enterprise Security and Compliance are provided
  • You can Export your downloads
  • Allows Basic Integrations
  • Writer can be provided
  • Self-serve Knowledge Base
  • Email Support is provided

Basic Plan ($147/ Month Billed Yearly)

It includes everything from the Free Plan, plus:

  • 250 credits/month are provided
  • Live Training Webinars are included

Pro Plan (Price Negotiable)

It includes everything from the Basic Plan, plus:

  • Daily Credit Refresh
  • Pitch Intelligence is provided
  • Unlimited Integrations are allowed
  • Free Admin Seat is provided
  • Advanced Org Management features
  • Job Changes
  • It offers an Autopilot mode
  • Data Enrichment
  • Buyer Intent Data
  • Priority Support Queue
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Live Chat Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager

Enterprise (Price Negotiable)

It includes everything from the Pro Plan, plus:

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Phone Support

Lusha Pricing details

Lusha offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate different business needs and budgets.

The Free plan provides basic access to the platform’s features at no cost, making it a suitable option for individuals or small teams who have minimal requirements for B2B data.

For businesses looking for more advanced functionality, the Pro plan is available at $29 per user per month. With this plan, users gain access to additional features and benefits, including enhanced data accuracy, premium support, and increased data export limits.

The Pro plan is ideal for sales and marketing teams seeking to maximize their lead generation efforts and improve conversion rates.

The Premium plan, priced at $51 per user per month, offers even more advanced features and benefits. This plan includes priority customer support, advanced data enrichment capabilities, custom integrations, and increased API access.

It is designed for larger organizations or teams requiring extensive B2B data and customization options to meet their business needs.

For enterprise-level businesses with unique requirements and high-volume data needs, Lusha offers the Scale plan, which features a custom pricing structure.

This plan is tailored to accommodate the specific demands of large-scale operations and can be customized to align with the organization’s goals and budget.

lusha pricing
Free ($0/mo)
  • Basic Chrome extension
  • Email addresses
  • Basic prospecting platform
  • Direct phone numbers
  • Landline phone numbers
Pro ($29 /user/month)
  • Basic team management
  • List management
  • Shared credit pool
  • List export
  • Everything in basic +
Premium ($51 /user/month)
  • Prospecting bulk show (25 contacts)
  • Perfect for small teams with simple workflows
  • Everything in Pro
  • Extension bulk show (25 contacts)
  • Basic usage analytics
Scale (Custom)
  • Manual shows of up to 25 contacts

  • CRM integrations
  • SSO
  • Advanced team management
  • Prospecting bulk show (1,000 contacts)
  • Everything in Premium
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Intent signals

Lusha offers a free plan with limited features that you can use without paying any fee. It also offers paid plans, which start from $29 per user per month and go up to $51 per user per month. It also offers an Enterprise plan, the pricing of which depends on your requirements. On the other hand, offers subscription plans tailored to individual users and teams. It offers a free plan with limited features. And for the paid plans, it offers 3 different plans. Only Basic Plan has clear pricing mentioned, and it cost you $147 per month. Apart from that, it offers a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan, but their pricing is not fixed. So, we can clearly see that in terms of pricing, Lusha is the winner.

🏆 Winner: Lusha

Learn more in the section below with our comparison of the different features of vs Lusha .

Features comparison

We highlight the main differences between vs Lusha

Here is a quick summary of the differences between the features and services offered by vs Lusha:

Features overview vs Lusha Review
Lusha Review
Pricing and AffordabilityDoes it offer budget friendly pricing?
Lead GenerationDoes it provide high quality leads?
Contact InformationDoes it provide the contact information?
CRM integrationDoes it allow CRM integrations?
Data EnrichmentDoes it specialize in data enrichment?

In this section, we will compare only the big differences between and Lusha, and we will assign a winner for each feature or service.
So we will compare first:

  • Pricing and Affordability
  • Lead Generation
  • Contact Information
  • CRM integration
  • Data Enrichment

Pricing and Affordability

Both these platforms offer a free plan with limited features. The minimum price for paid plan of is $99 per month. On the other hand, Lusha’s lowest pricing is $29 per user per month which is comparatively very low. So, Lusha is the winner in this category.

🏆 Winner: Lusha

Lead Generation offers lead generation services that help users discover potential leads and prospects by providing access to a vast database of contacts. On the other hand, Lusha specializes in B2B lead generation and provides accurate and up-to-date contact information for businesses and professionals.

🏆 Winner: Lusha

Contact Information offers contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles, to help users connect with potential leads. On the other hand, Lusha is known for its accuracy in providing contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers for B2B leads.

🏆 Winner: Tie

CRM integration offers integration with popular CRM platforms that allow users to directly import leads and contact information into their CRM systems. On the other hand, Lusha also provides CRM integration capabilities and ensures that users can synchronize lead data with their CRM software.

🏆 Winner: Tie

Data Enrichment includes data enrichment features which enable users to enhance and enrich their existing contact data with more comprehensive information. On the other hand, Lusha’s core functionality is data enrichment. It provides you with accurate and complete contact details for leads.

🏆 Winner: Lusha

User Reviews

Find out what current users think about and Lusha

If you need some external reviews of Ciroapp, you can read the reviews written by their users. Feel free to add your own on these platforms once you are an experienced user of or Lusha, to help our community to choose. Reviews

9 Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Seamless.AI review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should …

Lusha Reviews

Lusha Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

Lusha Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this Lusha review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should …

Now that you have read everything and know all the differences between and Lusha, it’s time to define a winner! Find out in the following whom the winner of this versus is ⚡.

Winner vs Lusha: Who is the winner?

Lusha is the winner due to its combination of competitive pricing and robust features like high-quality B2B contact information and lead generation services. It is a valuable tool for businesses and professionals seeking accurate and up-to-date contact details for effective outreach.

On the other hand, is the runner-up as it offers a feature-rich sales intelligence platform with powerful lead generation and CRM integration capabilities. So, if you are looking for sales intelligence platform, then you must give a try to