mLite app vs mSpy

The main difference between mLite app and mSpy is their intended use. mLite App is designed as a mobile tracker for parents to monitor and ensure the safety of their children. It offers features like location tracking and app usage monitoring. It focuses on child safety and basic monitoring. On the other hand, mSpy is a more comprehensive monitoring solution targeted at parents and employers. It provides a wider range of features, including call and text message tracking, social media monitoring, and keylogging. It offers a broader spectrum of surveillance tools for both parental and business purposes.

In this versus, we compare mLite app vs mSpy in-depth to help you choose one of them. If you want to know more details, we recommend you to read our mLite app review and mSpy review.

However, you can also directly find the Best Parental Control Software, we list them by ranking (based on our review rating), you can find all the comparisons we made and we explain how you should choose the proper one.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

Quick overview

mLite app vs mSpy at a Glance

To make your choice quick and efficient, here is a short summary about our comparison of mSpy vs mLite app. Find out their ratings, features, prices and then discover the winner of the versus.

Pros and Cons comparison

mLite app Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

mLite app Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

In this mLite App review, you’ll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should …
Average Score 9.1
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • It offers comprehensive monitoring features for both digital parenting and employee supervision
  • It has a user-friendly interface and real-time updates for seamless tracking
  • Your data security and privacy are protected with advanced encryption protocols
  • It provides remote access and control of the target device
  • It provides access to view deleted information and ensures that no critical data is missed
  • It may have limited compatibility with certain operating systems and devices
  • Subscription costs might be relatively higher compared to some alternatives
  • Requires explicit consent and acceptance of legal regulations for monitoring in some regions
  • As compared to its competitors, its monitoring abilities may be limited
  • It can be easily uninstalled by children
mSpy Review – Phone tracking app

mSpy Review – Phone tracking app

mSpy is one of the best phone tracking app on the market, learn more in our mSpy review.
Average Score 9.5
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • mSpy can monitor all the common social media apps and IM messages
  • Great live location tracking features as well as remote screenshot options
  • Simple to set up, use, and it will not be detected by the targeted device
  • Completely compatible with all the leading iOS phone and Android phone models
  • The overall features in the Android phones are more extensive compared to the iOS device versions

Specifications comparison

DetailsmLite appmSpy
FeaturesInstalled Apps on Your Child's Phone / Know Their Contacts / Live Camera / Live Location of Your Child / Location Alerts of Your Child / Panic Button / Surroundings RecordingBrowser history / Location tracking / Monitoring
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businessesIndividuals
Website languagesEnglishArabic / Deutsch / English / French / Italian / Korean / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Turkish
Website URLVisit official websiteVisit official website
Support linkSupport pageSupport page
Live chatNoYes
Company addressLondynska 730/59, Vinohrady, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Year founded20162015

Pricing comparison

Compare the price between mLite app vs mSpy

Find out which software has the best valuable pricing, which one offers a free trial and money back guarantee.

Pricing comparisonmLite appmSpy
Pricing rangeFrom $0.99 to $19.99 per monthFrom $29 per month to $99 per year
Pricing typesMonthly subscriptionAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYesNo
Free trialYes, 1 daysYes, 7 days
Money back guaranteeNoNo
Pricing page linkSee plansSee plans

mLite app Pricing details

mLite App offers a range of flexible pricing plans to suit diverse monitoring needs. You can choose from the 1-day, 1-month, and 12-month plans, each tailored to accommodate varying requirements and budget considerations.

1-Day Plan is ideal for users with short-term monitoring needs or those looking to explore the platform’s capabilities. This plan provides a cost-effective option for a brief period of monitoring.

Then there is the 1-Month Plan. It is positioned as a balanced option. The 1-month plan offers you extended monitoring capabilities at a reasonable rate. It is suitable for those seeking continuous supervision without committing to a full-year plan.

The last plan is the 12-Month Plan. This plan presents the most cost-efficient and long-term solution. It is designed for those who require ongoing monitoring and are confident in mLiteApp’s capabilities for an extended period.

This plan provides substantial savings per month compared to shorter-duration plans. In conclusion, mLite App’s pricing plans are designed to cater to various monitoring needs by offering flexibility and affordability.

The mLite App ensures that you can access its comprehensive suite of features at competitive rates whether for short-term testing or prolonged monitoring requirements. That’s why mLite App stands out as a reliable and accessible solution for digital parenting with these pricing options.

mliteapp pricing

1-day trial plan ($0.99)

It includes:

  • Surroundings Recording
  • Live Camera
  • Know your child’s contacts
  • Built-in Panic Button
  • Installed Apps on your child’s phone
  • Live Location of your child
  • Location Alerts of your child

1 Month Plan ($19.99/ Month)

It includes all the features from a 1-day trial plan, plus:

  • The time period for using all these features is extended from 1 day to 1 Month

12 Months Plan ($8.3/ Month)

  • It also includes all the features of the application, but the time period for using those features is extended up to 12 months.

mSpy Pricing details

The basic plan begins at $29.99 per month, but you can save a huge amount of money by signing up for a year of service. That would cost you $99.99 per year. Keep in mind that those prices are current at the time of writing, and they could be subject to change.

mSpy pricing

One of the main deciding factors for employers and parents about whether they like to use GPS tracking app or not would be the cost. 

What will you get with the basic plan? You can monitor the target device incoming calls, instant messages and direct messages, emails, calendars, target keywords, GPS location, browsing history, and contacts. You can also get free support and updates and are notified when a SIM has been changed.

Are you eager to pay more? You can also enjoy the premium package of this monitoring app. That offers you all the same features from the basic package, but you will get geofencing alerting you when the target device leaves designated regions or enters designated no-go areas. 

You can also block websites and incoming calls. That enables you to wipe or lock the target device remotely, offering you higher parental control.

Further, you get access to Snapchat and monitor all activities there on the target device. It’s considered the most robust package accessible from other monitoring apps and one you must consider for any mobile phone where the target device is active and may require more extensive monitoring of their activities.

Both mSpy and mLite App offer different pricing plans. But mLite App generally offers more affordable pricing options compared to mSpy. mSPY offers 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months plans which range from from $11.67/ month to $48.99/ month. The pricing varies depending on the features and subscription duration. On the other hand, mLite App offers a 1-day trial plan that cost $0.99. It also offers 2 other paid plans for 1 month and 12 months respectively. The pricing for those plans ranges from $8.3 per month to $19.99 per month. So, in terms of low pricing, we can clearly see that mLite App is the winner.

🏆 Winner: mLite App

Learn more in the section below with our comparison of the different features of mLite app vs mSpy .

Features comparison

We highlight the main differences between mLite app vs mSpy

Here is a quick summary of the differences between the features and services offered by mLite app vs mSpy:

Features overview

mLite app vs mSpy
mLite app Review
Pricing and AffordabilityDoes it offer budget friendly pricing?
Location Tracking Does it offer robust location tracking features?
Call and Text Message MonitoringDoes it offer extensive monitoring capabilities?
App Usage MonitoringDoes it offer app usage monitoring capabilities?
KeyloggingDoes it offer Keylogging feature?

In this section, we will compare only the big differences between mLite app and mSpy, and we will assign a winner for each feature or service.
So we will compare first:

  • Pricing and Affordability
  • Location Tracking
  • Call and Text Message Monitoring
  • App Usage Monitoring
  • Keylogging

Pricing and Affordability

mLite App offers more budget-friendly options that are less costly and are designed to meet the needs of those who are on tight budget. Whereas FlexiSPY has expensive pricing plans as compared to mSPY. So, in terms of pricing and affordability, mSPY has a clear edge as it is less costly as compared to FlexiSPY.

🏆 Winner: mLite App

Location Tracking

mLite App offers location tracking features that allow parents to monitor the real-time whereabouts of their children using GPS technology. On the other hand, mSpy also provides location tracking features that enables users to track the location of the monitored device and view location history.

🏆 Winner: Tie

Call and Text Message Monitoring

mLite App allows parents to monitor call logs and text messages on their child’s device which helps them keep an eye on communication activities. On the other hand, mSpy offers comprehensive call and text message monitoring, including the ability to view message content and call details.

🏆 Winner: mSpy

App Usage Monitoring

mLite App offers app usage monitoring that allows parents to track the applications their children use and the time spent on each app. Whereas mSpy also provides app usage monitoring features, enabling users to view the list of installed apps and their usage patterns.

🏆 Winner: Tie


mLite App does not offer keylogging functionality to record keystrokes on the monitored device. Whereas mSpy includes keylogging features which enables users to capture keystrokes and access typed messages and passwords.

🏆 Winner: mSpy

User Reviews

Find out what current users think about mLite app and mSpy

If you need some external reviews of Ciroapp, you can read the reviews written by their users. Feel free to add your own on these platforms once you are an experienced user of mLite app or mSpy, to help our community to choose.

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mLite app Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

mLite app Review, Pricing, Features with Pros and Cons

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mSpy Review – Phone tracking app

mSpy Review – Phone tracking app

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Now that you have read everything and know all the differences between mLite app and mSpy, it’s time to define a winner! Find out in the following whom the winner of this versus is ⚡.


mLite app vs mSpy: Who is the winner?

mSpy is the winner as it offers a comprehensive suite of features, including in-depth monitoring of calls, text messages, social media, keylogging, and extensive remote control capabilities. It fulfills a wide range of monitoring needs which makes it a versatile choice for parents and businesses seeking comprehensive surveillance tools.

On the other hand, mLite App is the runner-up as it excels in its affordability and providing essential monitoring features, such as location tracking, app usage monitoring, and geo-fencing. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly monitoring solution, mLite App is the right tool for you to try.