Lucky Orange vs Hotjar

The main difference between Lucky Orange and Hotjar is rooted in their unique approaches to website analytics and user behavior tracking. Lucky Orange offers a suite of tools that enable website owners to gain insights into user behavior through features like session recording, heatmaps, conversion funnels, and live chat support. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to visualize how users interact with their websites, identify pain points, and optimize the user experience. 

On the other hand, Hotjar specializes in delivering visual analytics through heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and user feedback tools. It empowers businesses to understand user interactions visually, highlighting where users click, scroll, and navigate. 

In this versus, we compare Lucky Orange vs Hotjar in-depth to help you choose one of them. If you want to know more details, we recommend you to read our Lucky Orange review and Hotjar review.

However, you can also directly find the best Heatmap software, we list them by ranking (based on our review rating), you can find all the comparisons we made and we explain how you should choose the proper one.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

Quick overview

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar at a Glance

To make your choice quick and efficient, here is a short summary about our comparison of Lucky Orange vs Hotjar. Find out their ratings, features, prices and then discover the winner of the versus.

Pros and Cons comparison

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Average Score 9.1
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Surveys are quite simple.
  • Quite easy to use.
  • Great Speed.
  • Amazing support team.
  • You don’t need to pre-setup the URL you need to track.
  • Excellent services at such a price.
  • Approval takes time.
  • Waiting times are a bit long.
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Average Score 8.5
Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Hotjar can integrate with other tools easily
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can see all your data in one place
  • Provides tutorials and guides to know how to use it
  • Heatmaps provide a great overview
  • Surveys make gaining insights from users super easy
  • Eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions
  • Filtering capabilities with session recordings
  • Easy navigation/UI
  • Gets pricey as you grow
  • Doesn’t allow custom report creation
  • Limits in the free plan

Specifications comparison

DetailsLucky OrangeHotjar
FeaturesA/B test / Heatmap / Live chat / Session recordingA/B test / Analytics / Heatmap / Session recording
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businessesFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglishEnglish
Website URLVisit official websiteVisit official website
Support linkSupport pageSupport page
Live chatYesNo
Company addressN/ADragonara Business Centre 5th Floor, Dragonara Road, Paceville St Julian's STJ 3141 Malta
Year founded20102014

Pricing comparison

Compare the price between Lucky Orange vs Hotjar

Find out which software has the best valuable pricing, which one offers a free trial and money back guarantee.

Pricing comparisonLucky OrangeHotjar
Pricing rangeFrom $10 to $100 per monthFrom $39 to $189 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscriptionAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYesYes
Free trialYes, 7 daysYes, 15 days
Money back guaranteeNoYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plansSee plans

Lucky Orange Pricing details

The Starter plan of Lucky Orange starts from 10 USD per month, in which you get to have access to the website, member seats, page views and recordings and heatmap data. The prices reduce if you decide to subscribe yearly or for two years together. The other four packages, named Small Business, Medium, Large and Enterprise, increase your access to features along with the whole month fee. Bonus, you can start with a free trial which gives you access to all the above features available in the Starter plan; however, the accessible quantity is definitely less. The available features in the free trial are enough and great to let you know about this tool and help you make the final decision.

Lucky Orange Pricing

Lucky Orange gives you the benefit of accessing their free trial if you are tight on budget or still confused about selecting this tool as your conversion analyst. You don’t need to pay anything at all for the free trial and can still enjoy amazing features, as discussed previously. The most reasonable of their plans out of the other four is the Starter plan, in which you just have to pay 10 USD per month and get access to 1 website, two member seats, 25000 page views per month and unlimited recordings and heatmap data throughout the month. You get a 10% off on a yearly subscription and a 30% off on a two-year subscription and still enjoy all these features at 9 USD and 7 USD per month, respectively. The next plan is the Small Business plan, the most popular among the other four plans and starts at 20 USD per month on a monthly subscription. If you choose to go for this plan, you will have access to 3 websites, 4 member seats, 60,000 page views per month and unlimited recordings and heatmap data for 30 days. The prices reduce on yearly and two years subscriptions to 18 USD and 14 USD per month because of 10% and 30% discounts, respectively. Coming up is the Medium plan which is suitable if you need more websites and member seats as it offers eight websites, ten member seats, 200,000 page views per month and unlimited recording and heatmap data for 30 days at just 50 USD per month. The same features are available at a discount on yearly and two-year subscriptions, and the prices reduce to 45 USD and 35 USD per month for both subscriptions, respectively. The next plan is their Large plan which increases access to the features and also increases in price since it starts at 100 USD per month on a monthly subscription. The plan is worth the price since you get access to 16 websites, 20 member seats, 500,000 page views per month, and unlimited recordings and heatmap data for 30 days. The prices reduce to 90 USD on a yearly subscription and 70 USD per month on a two-year subscription because you get a whopping discount of 10% and 30% on both subscriptions. The last one is their Enterprise plan which you can subscribe to if you need Dedicated support and want to request feature enhancements. You can talk to their sales team to discuss what you require or need from the plan, and they’ll customize it for you exactly as you require.

Hotjar Pricing details

The Hotjar’s Plus plan starts from 39 USD per month, in which you get to enjoy many amazing features and is designed for small teams. The other two plans, named Business and Scale, increase your access to various other features along with their prices. Bonus, they offer you a long-term free trial in which you get to access features like 35 daily sessions and automatic data capture forever without any charges.

Pricing of Hotjar

If you are tight on your budget but still want to enjoy many amazing features like unlimited heatmaps, up to 35 sessions daily, and automatic data capture, you can go for the free trial that will last forever. It offers a great way to get started and provides unlimited heatmaps absolutely free of cost. The Plus plan by Hotjar has more insights for small teams in-store, and it starts from 39 USD per month. It includes everything in the basic plan and additionally offers features like 100 daily sessions, filter and segment data, unlimited surveys and feedback widgets and events API. The Business plan by Hotjar is designed for growing companies and websites, and it starts from 189 USD per month. It offers everything in the Plus plan along with 1500 daily sessions, custom-built integrations, identify API, frustration and confusion signals, and removal of Hotjar branding. The Scale plan by Hotjar is suitable for large companies and websites and will be priced upon your discussion with the Hotjar team. It includes all the features of the business plan, a dedicated customer success manager, unlimited daily sessions, SAML single sign-on, full access to every feature, and enough data for even the largest sites. You get a whopping discount of 20% on the Plus and Business Plans when you decide to pay yearly rather than making monthly payments.

In terms of pricing options, Lucky Orange offers entry-level plans that compete with Hotjar. Lucky Orange’s “Grow” plan, priced at $38 per month, serves as a competitive starting point for users in search of basic analytics features. On the other hand, Hotjar’s “Plus” plan starts at $32 per month. It’s worth noting that Lucky Orange’s mid-tier plans provide comprehensive features at relatively lower costs compared to Hotjar’s equivalent plans.

Lucky Orange maintains its advantage in pricing options, providing accessible plans for users at different levels. The “Grow” plan’s competitive price, coupled with the affordability of Lucky Orange’s mid-tier plans, positions it as the winner in terms of providing cost-effective solutions for users seeking valuable website analytics features.

🏆 Winner: Lucky Orange

Learn more in the section below with our comparison of the different features of Lucky Orange vs Hotjar .

Features comparison

We highlight the main differences between Lucky Orange vs Hotjar

Here is a quick summary of the differences between the features and services offered by Lucky Orange vs Hotjar:

Features Overview

Lucky Orange vs Hotjar
Lucky Orange Review
CapabilitiesSession Recordings
Tracking And IdentificationConversion Funnels
DATA AnalysisForm Analytics
SupportUser Feedback
Mobile SupportMobile App Tracking

In this section, we will compare only the big differences between Lucky Orange and Hotjar, and we will assign a winner for each feature or service.
So we will compare first:

  • Stats
  • Capabilities
  • Tracking And Identification
  • DATA Analysis
  • Support
  • Mobile Support


Both Lucky Orange and Hotjar offer heatmaps that visually display user interactions on websites. Lucky Orange provides click, movement, and scroll heatmaps, allowing businesses to understand user engagement patterns. Hotjar offers similar heatmap functionalities, helping users identify where visitors are most engaged. The winner in this category depends on specific user preferences, as both platforms deliver effective heatmap tools.

🏆 Winner: Both


Lucky Orange and Hotjar allow users to record user sessions, enabling businesses to view how visitors navigate through their websites. Lucky Orange offers advanced filtering options, which is beneficial for targeting specific user behaviors. Hotjar provides session playback as well, but Lucky Orange’s richer filtering capabilities make it the winner for more detailed session insights.

🏆 Winner: Lucky Orange

Tracking And Identification

Lucky Orange and Hotjar both offer conversion funnel tracking to analyze user journeys and identify drop-off points in the conversion process. Lucky Orange’s funnel features come with advanced segmentation and customizable goals, offering a more comprehensive solution for tracking and optimizing conversions. This gives Lucky Orange an edge in providing deeper insights into conversion optimization.

🏆 Winner:  Lucky Orange

DATA Analysis

Lucky Orange and Hotjar provide form analytics to track user interactions with online forms. Lucky Orange offers detailed form analytics, including field drop-offs, submission times, and error analysis. Hotjar also offers form analysis, but Lucky Orange’s comprehensive insights into form interactions make it the winner in this category.

🏆 Winner: Lucky Orange


Hotjar stands out with its user feedback tools, allowing businesses to gather user opinions through surveys and feedback forms. Hotjar’s intuitive feedback features, including Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and on-site polls, make it the preferred platform for collecting direct user opinions. Lucky Orange does not offer as extensive user feedback options, making Hotjar the winner for user feedback collection.

🏆 Winner: Hotjar

Mobile Support

Both platforms support mobile app tracking, but Hotjar provides additional mobile app heatmap functionality. This unique feature allows businesses to understand how users engage within mobile apps, giving Hotjar an advantage for those seeking insights into app usage patterns.

🏆 Winner: Hotjar

User Reviews

Find out what current users think about Lucky Orange and Hotjar

If you need some external reviews of Ciroapp, you can read the reviews written by their users. Feel free to add your own on these platforms once you are an experienced user of Lucky Orange or Hotjar, to help our community to choose.

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Now that you have read everything and know all the differences between Lucky Orange and Hotjar, it’s time to define a winner! Find out in the following whom the winner of this versus is ⚡.


Lucky Orange vs Hotjar: Who is the winner?

In the comparison between Lucky Orange and Hotjar across various features, Lucky Orange emerges as the overall winner due to its prowess in providing more comprehensive insights into user behavior and optimizing website performance. Lucky Orange takes the lead in features such as session recordings, conversion funnels, form analytics, and offering advanced filtering options for session insights. 

Its detailed form analytics and advanced segmentation capabilities make it a powerful tool for understanding user interactions and driving conversion optimization efforts. While both platforms offer effective heatmap tools, Lucky Orange’s rich feature set, especially in the realms of session insights and conversion optimization, give it an edge in this comparison. Behind this, Hotjar is recognized as the runner-up for its unique strengths in user feedback collection and mobile app tracking. 

Hotjar’s intuitive user feedback tools, including surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, make it an ideal platform for directly gathering user opinions and enhancing user-centric design. Ultimately, the choice between Lucky Orange and Hotjar depends on the specific features that align with a user’s goals and priorities.