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Our Kimp review article highlight the main features, pricing and details of Kimp. Get a 24/7 dedicated design team starting at $499/month.
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9.4Expert Score
Video editing feature is a must! is a platform that offers unlimited graphics and video designs to its clients. But what does that mean exactly? This review tries to answer that question and by the end of it, help you compare Kimp to other unlimited graphic design platforms.

Design quality
Management system
Value for money
  • Cheap
  • Kimp work on more than one task at once
  • Trello is the task management system
  • Video editing
  • Kimp is only worth going for if you consistently need design work.
  • Custom illustrations takes 4 or 5 days.
  • Only in English

Unlimited graphic design means you get as many design concepts and versions as you want for one fixed monthly fee. The only limitation is that designers meet requests one by one, unless you pay more than one designer more. Most design teams are overseas and fill out the applications overnight while you sleep.

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You get a dedicated professional design team at an affordable price without hiring your own staff. There are usually no long-term contracts, so you can cancel at any time.

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In this Kimp review, you will learn more about the services they offer and understand how their pricing and subscriptions work. If you are interested in getting a team of designers dedicated to creating your graphic design and/or creating or editing videos, then we invite you to read the rest of our article.

Design Services

What type of design services does Kimp Offer?

Kimp is the only service that offers unlimited graphic and video design. Be careful, it’s not included in the same package so you can choose which one you want.

Unlimited Graphic Design service

Kimp offers graphic design services from a wide range of categories.
Which include:

  1. Background Removal
  2. Branding
  3. Clothing
  4. E-Books
  5. Email Newsletters
  6. Illustrations
  7. Infographics
  8. Landing Pages
  9. Packaging
  10. Presentations
  11. Print Design
  12. Sliders
  13. Social Media Covers
  14. Social Media Posts
  15. Web Banners

Graphic design Portfolio

As you can see above, Kimp offers superb illustrations and designs to its customers. This gives you an idea of the quality of the designs you can get!

Unlimited Video Design Service

New service: Unlimited Video Design

$412 $589/month
Get 30% OFF the first month with this promocode: CiroAPP launched a new service about Video Design! offers video design services from a wide range of categories. Which include:

  1. Adding Thumbnails
  2. Animating Static Designs
  3. Basic & Advanced GIFs
  4. Cinemagraphs
  5. Combining/Editing Raw Footage
  6. Company Culture Videos
  7. Demo Videos
  8. Educational Videos
  9. FAQ Videos
  10. Logo Animations
  11. Product Highlight Videos
  12. Simple Character Animation
  13. Simple Explainer Videos
  14. Social Media Videos
  15. Testimonial Videos
  16. Text Overlays

Video design Portfolio

video design portfolio

Here you can see their portfolio.

They are definitely valuable videos and would surely cost you more if you hire a freelancer to create them!

You can launch your Youtube channel or get some videos for other web projects!

Why Kimp?

Why should you use Kimp?

Kimp is among our top picks for the best unlimited graphic design services platform. Why? you ask, their designer’s work on an unlimited number of projects and revisions for you while charging a fixed monthly fee. Plus, they actually are the first ones to offer unlimited video design!

Make unlimited graphic design requests and get unlimited revisions. Save time and money with a dedicated design team.

So, what do you get for a fixed monthly fee?

You get to have your very own dedicated team which consists of a Project Manager and 2 Designers.

The designers all have different areas of expertise so all your designing needs may be fulfilled. Mainly their design team consists of people from India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Argentina and Columbia, while their customer support team is based in Ontario, Canada.

There are no hidden or value-added charges and their customer support team is available via phone, email, or video calls. Best of all you get all this without being locked into a contract.

Kimp also uses Trello as a management system for requesting design work and getting in touch with your team. If you aren’t familiar with how to use Trello the Kimp’s FAQ page gives a step by step video guide on how to use it.

Ideally, they deliver 2-3 designs not complex designs each business day which is twice as much as the turnaround of their competitors.

We deliver 2-3 designs per day for standard designs such as social media posts

That is the benefit of having a dedicated team, so your requests don’t get tossed around from one designer to the other. This also helps greatly if you are having your brand developed as it minimizes the need of explaining your thoughts and ideas every time you request a design. The team essentially becomes a part of your brand.

Kimp ensures that you have 100% ownership of the designs and projects, once you are provided with the source file you are free to use it however you want, you can even sell them if you want.

Who needs Kimp?

Who needs unlimited design services? is for just about anyone who needs High-Quality graphic design and video content regularly. Some of the businesses they specialize in include:

  1. Affiliate Marketers
  2. Business Development Managers
  3. Charities
  4. Churches
  5. E-Commerce and Retail Shops
  6. eCommerce Merchants
  7. Educational Institutions
  8. Hotels & Restaurants
  9. Insurance Agents
  10. Law Firms
  11. Marketing Agencies
  12. Mortgage Agents
  13. Non-Profits
  14. Printing Companies
  15. Real Estate Agents
  16. Service Centers
  17. Social Media Managers
  18. Spas & Salons

Still not convinced by Kimp? Check out our Kimp review below 👇.

Our Honest Review

We Tried Kimp, here is the result

We tried the graphic design service during the 7 days trial to be able to write a good Kimp review, here is the result. Please note that logo creation is not possible during the trial offer.

Trello Dashboard

Trello kimp (tasks)

After your registration and payment of the subscription, you will receive in less than an hour, access to your Trello board which contains several explanations on the different processes. Take the time to read everything before making your first request.

Then, everything happens on your Trello. The project manager replies to your tasks and keep you in touch or ask you for more details.

Example of 2 requests

We will talk about 2 requests I made :

  • Youtube Thumbnail
  • Google Slide template

YouTube Thumbnail

It took them more than 24 hours to complete the image below:

Youtube thumbnail Kimp io

Here’s what I asked them to do:

Youtube thumbnail task

As you can see, my request is not at all precise. Nevertheless, they had access to the YouTube channel, about the videos and the logo. The result was fine with me, however, it’s impossible to insert text because the funnel image takes all the space.

I wanted to see how the process would go and how long it would take if I asked them to make a revision. So I asked them to change the Dollar and Bitcoin symbol on the coins to just the € symbol. Unfortunately, I had asked for this at 5 pm and it was returned to me the next day at 10:30 am.

So it took about 2 days to get the result I wanted with surely 30min of my time invested to give them the instructions and check their work.

Made by ourselves in less than 10 minutes :

Thumbnail Youtube

As you can see, I used the same funnel image as them (I couldn’t find the same background). Indeed, this image is available on image bank sites such as Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. In fact, I asked them where the image came from and they confirmed that they had downloaded it from Shutterstock.

To do this, I needed Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Stock to download the background and the funnel.
It actually took me 10 minutes even with the change of the currency symbols!

So if you have access to an image bank and master software like Adobe Illustrator, it’s better than you do it yourself.

Nevertheless, you will notice the violent effect they inserted at the funnel level, it adds a certain creativity, something I hadn’t thought of.

Google Slide Template

If you are curious about, we made a review: review

9.4 Review – Funnel Builder and Mailing Automation Review – Funnel Builder and Mailing Automation is a SaaS software created by Aurélien Amacker (a French web entrepreneur). This platform …
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Let’s talk about the Google Slide template. I just asked them to create a template with a beautiful background with my logo. To help them, I sent them the beginning of my slide with some content inside but I asked them to don’t add any text or pictures, I just wanted the background, something beautiful and this is currently the case.

So after almost 2 days to get the templates done, I asked them to remove the text. After one day again, here is the result :

02 Laduff Google Slide template

As I know how to use adobe illustrator, I could edit the template to remove the text myself but if you don’t know or don’t want to use illustrator, then you would lose one day again to get the text completely removed…

But in the end, as you can see, Kimp can format your Google Slide presentations if you send them all the content!

Kimp Pricing

How much does Kimp cost?

We’ve been talking about how Kimp charges a fixed monthly fee for unlimited design requests and revisions. But how much is it? Kimp charges a flat monthly fee of $499/month for Graphic Design in their Kimp Graphics plan. Unlike the competition, your dedicated team at Kimp works on more than one task at a time which gives you almost double the output of comparable plans. 

Kimp pricing

Kimp is now offering unlimited video design at $599/month and the procedure is identical to Kimp Graphics.

If you need Kimp for your designs and videos, you can choose their $895/month plan which combines both services. By choosing this plan, you save $203/month!

You will also get 7 days FREE trial

Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of using Kimp

For any software or online service there are pros and cons. If Kimp has too many disadvantages for you, we recommend you to read our TOP 3 Best Unlimited Graphic Design Services.

Why you should use Kimp
  • Customer support at Kimp is top-notch. You are greeted with an onboarding phone call and a follow-up from a customer experience professional to help you get started. You can always seek assistance from your project manager for complex requests.
  • Designer’s working hours are scheduled in a way so that it may overlap with your time zone all over the globe.
  • Kimp has the simplest pricing plan among all other unlimited graphic design platforms. There is only one option and everything is covered. Depending on your business needs you may opt for multiple subscriptions.
  • Kimp offers you a team consisting of 3 designers who specialize in different areas.
  • Minor requests, changes, or revisions are often delivered the same day if requested within the first half of the designer’s shift.
  • The quality of their work is reflected in the design of their website. It is unique and helps them stand out from the generic-looking websites of some of the competition. Their Eye-Catching Super Monkey Mascot should be enough for you to be inclined in trying them.
  • Trello is the task management system of choice and integrated with Kimp. It helps in easily managing requests, revisions, and share access with any team member.
  • Unlike the competition, your team at Kimp will work on more than one task at once. Giving you almost double the output compared to other platforms.
  • can be used as an unlimited video design service!
Why you should not use Kimp
  • Your design files are stored in Google Drive, which means separate links for every project. It would be nice to have access to files right from the task management app.
  • There should also a be library of sorts to have access to all your recent and past files in one file system, even if on Google Drive.
  • Kimp is only worth going for if you consistently need design work. If not, you may not get the full value each month. Kimp is worth every penny if you have an average design work of about 10+ hours each month.
  • As expected, custom illustrations take longer than general graphic design requests.
Kimp review – Unlimited Graphic & Video Design Service
Kimp review – Unlimited Graphic & Video Design Service
$249 $499/month
$249 $499/month Visit Kimp

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.

What do you think about it? 😁

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