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In this Trello review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Trello is a project management software that groups your projects in charts. Trello informs you what’s inside the process, who’s engaged on what, or where anything is in the process at a glance.

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Kanban software is one excellent learning tool. It provides your team with a visual representation of the current state of your projects.

The most significant component of Trello development is that it keeps you informed of both the workflow and the status of each project from start to finish. If you want to finish your tasks, you should think about creating an application that adheres to these fundamental principles.

Here is the official Trello review, which explains how the application works, what its about, and how to use it correctly. You may discover more about the different platforms, as well as the system’s many features and integrations.

In contrast to a free plan, this Trello review provides a broad range of price alternatives. Without any further hesitation, here is an in-depth look into Trello.

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Quick Overview

What is Trello?

Trello Review - Project management #Ciroapp

Trello is a task management tool that allows you to be creative. It employs Kanban-style visualization of cards, lists, and boards to inform your team of the tasks that must be completed.

Trello specifications

FeaturesBudget Management / Project Management / Team Management
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesChinese / Deutsch / English / French / Italian / Japanese / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressAtlassian Pty Ltd, c/o Atlassian, Inc., 350 Bush Street, Floor 13, San Francisco, CA, USA 94104
Year founded2013


Trello pricing: How much does Trello cost?

Trello standard plan costs you $6 per user per month. You can save money by subscribing the plan annuallay.

Pricing rangeFrom $0 to $17.50 per user per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes, 14 days
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Trello pricing plans


You may be wondering about Trello rates and plans; the truth is that there are three primary ones to pick from, based on just how much you are ready to spend. The following are the plans:

  • Free
  • Standard ($5 per month)
  • Premium ($10 per month)
  • Enterprise ($17.50 per month)

The free version includes common features like 10 panels per team. There are also an infinite number of cards and lists, as well as 10MB for each file attachment.

However, the other two options provide limitless team boards and 250MB for each file attachment. You will also receive priority support, boards collections, and bespoke backdrop and sticker designs.

The fact that Enterprise offers significantly more security capabilities, such as user limits and public board administration, offers it an advantage over Business. If that isn’t enough, Trello Gold, a premium service, is available. You may upgrade for around $45 per year, or $5 per month. Another option is to share Trello with relatives in order to earn a free year of Trello Gold.

Trello Gold adds more customization options, such as custom layouts, emojis, icons, and art packs. Your team members may demonstrate their personality traits to spice up an otherwise mundane working day, which boosts morale. Each board might have a distinct look. Advanced automation is another characteristic of the gold edition. You may utilize the Butler system to train harder and quicker; for more information on this function, see the section headed “Features” below. You may also store your search for later use, which is very useful for websites that you and your staff visit regularly.

It’s preferable to use Trello Gold after you’ve used the basic version to acquire a feel for the application. Nonetheless, the price alternatives are reasonable, particularly with modest monthly payments. Trello’s software helps save time and money, particularly when compared to the competitors.

When compared to Airtable or Zenkit, Trello is marginally less costly; Leankit is much more costly in the long term. In any case, considering the great amount of customization offered by Trello, the price alternatives are reasonable.


Trello features: What can you do with it?

Trello has a distinctive feature defined as Power-Ups. Using this feature, you can flexibly customize your Trello boards. There are more than 130 to choose between, each with a distinct ability. Here are some Power-Up examples:

Trello Power-Ups

Trello PowerUps
  • Daily Updates: Use this daily resource to ask your team about their recent activity. It’s especially useful for dealing with any issues that may arise.
  • Timekeeping and reporting: Use a plethora of work log data for each card. It records your team members’ names, as well as periods and hours worked.
  • Google Drive is a cloud storage service. With this card, you can immediately access files on your Drive. You can not only have improved thumbnails, but you could still also connect new files to every card.
  • Slack: Use this card to communicate with team collaboration apps. It ensures that no project is decided to leave behind and that everything is in order in the present.
  • Wishlist: Keep track of your spending on various presents and purchases. It keeps track of prices for all future projects.

One thing to keep in mind is that the number of Power-Ups you receive is determined by the pricing structure you select. For example, Free allows you to use one power up per board, whereas Business and Enterprise enable you to use an unlimited number of power ups.

You can also use three Power-Ups when you have Trello Gold. It is ultimately up to both you and the team to determine how the Trello boards should look. Based on your management style, you can add your special touch in any way you see fit.

Trello Butler

Trello Butler

The Butler, through addition to Power-Ups, is a feature that you can use. It’s a powerful tool for basic tasks like creating buttons and setup rules. You also can schedule instructions, each with a different action for each board. Butler assists you automatically, reducing the number of clicks required for each task. If you need a refresher, here are five Butler instructions to remember:

  • Card buttons
  • Board buttons
  • Rules
  • Scheduled commands
  • Due date commands

While using Trello, you can also use keyboard shortcuts. For example, by pressing B, you can access the Board menu and see how everyone is doing. N includes new cards to just a specific list, whereas Q only allows you to view your cards. Using these keypad shortcuts allows you save some time while also trying to prevent hand cramps.

Overall, such features are thought to be beneficial in terms of increasing work productivity. You can handle your team by establishing rules that are beneficial to both you and anyone else. Trello takes some getting used to, but it eventually adapts to your leadership style.

Trello integrations

Trello Integrations

If you want to use business applications, you may link them to Trello directly. These applications aren’t even need to come from the Chrome Extensions store. You may utilize a variety of connectors to substantially increase your job efficiency.

You may, for example, utilize Toggle, a time-tracking software, in combination with Trello as well as its software applications. Harvest is another wonderful software to link since it allows you to invoice your customers.

Trello’s versatility is one of its key advantages. You may employ Power-Ups to construct a mixture of time-saving advantages while working on your projects. Even better, you can utilize many business applications at the same time.

The only limitation is your own creativity. To get the creative, there are three Power-Ups in particular that perform really well with Trello:

  • Slack
  • Adobe XD
  • Jira

Slack allows you to share your cards with the entire team to improve communication. More significantly, you may send reminders to your team to remind them of upcoming assignments.

Set a timer for these reminders, such as an hour over the next. It is entirely up to you to arrange anything from 3 minutes to thirty days. It’s an easy approach to ensure you don’t forget anything vital.

Adobe XD supports the usage of UI kits in conjunction with an Apple system project. In other words, make one-of-a-kind screen designs, which will come in handy if you deal with digital items.

With the aid of Adobe XD, you can go directly into the tech community and get whatever you need. Using this tool, your staff may also share their software experiences.

Jira enhances workflow by integrating various teams throughout your whole organization. All you can do is connect Jira and Trello cards to alert your team of key occurrences.

Jira, for example, may be used to handle financial orders in addition to monitoring and delivering. It gives a clear visual view on current initiatives, allowing your team to better grasp what’s going on.

However, these are only the highlighted connectors from the Trello website; there are more than hundred more to pick from. Trello integrations are designed to boost work efficiency by organizing your tasks succinctly.

You may pick get to choose which integrations are appropriate for your company model based on the nature of your team’s work. You have a lot of freedom to work on these initiatives with your team thanks to Trello.

Available Platforms

This project management app is compatible with any mobile device, including Android, iPhone, or iPad. Trello is also accessible for use on desktop PCs, with Windows and Mac OS as accessible platforms.

The software itself operates smoothly and quickly, which is useful if you need to connect files directly from Google Drive.

As previously said, the ui is incredibly user-friendly for everyone who utilizes the application, whether via a smartphone device or a laptop. Trello is also compatible with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

If you prefer a mobile solution, you may get the Trello app from the App Store / Google Play. Those who prefer a PC version may get it via the App Store as well as Microsoft. Trello’s website also includes download links under Platforms and Applications.

Keep in mind that Trello allows you to get browser alerts. When you are using Trello on computer desktop, the software notifies you based on the device you are using. If you like, you may set a keyboard shortcut into Trello that will allow you to use the Quick Add functionality. It enables you to add new ones whenever you want.

How to use Trello?

How Can You Make Use of Trello?

Trello is a software platform that was created primarily to better task management. It is accomplished by making your own task lists, boards, and cards.

Here’s how it works: imagine that everybody on your team is allocated to a project. You may create a to-do checklist for everyone using the Kanban approach. There are three columns in particular:

  • To-Do (Future)
  • Doing (Present)
  • Done (Past)

You may create your own lists like this using Trello. The very first column is labeled ‘To Do,’ and it informs your team of which tasks must be completed.

Furthermore, the second column has been named ‘Doing,’ and it allows you to see what tasks are currently being worked on.

Finally, the final column is labeled ‘Done,’ and it contains finished projects. Using the Trello software to create these lists provides you with a visual representation of each project as well as your team’s current work.

Everyone has a certain job to play that is particularly fit to their strengths. Trello is especially effective for maximizing the Kanban advantages you and the team obtain.

One of these advantages is the capacity to hold people accountable. If a project is stalled, other team members may be able to help. Trello may also be used to determine which kind of tasks are best specialized by speedier team members.

Another advantage of Trello, and so by extension, with Kanban approach, is that it helps to restrict the amount of work with your whole team. It allows you to distribute tasks at a proportionate pace.

Assume you have a chocolate cake that you wish to cut into pieces. If a project manager wants to take a bigger slice of the pie, he must do many tasks at once. Similarly, you may have staff members that can only consume a lesser portion of the pie, i.e. fewer tasks.

It all relies on your team’s strengths and shortcomings, which you may identify using Trello and its project management tool.

Returning to the Kanban board, there are three columns: To Do, Doing, and Done. Because Trello is web-based, you may easily drag and drop tasks into certain columns. You can also specify a due date at each project, letting your whole staff know when it has to be done. You and your teammates may even submit comments to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on.

Trello makes project management simpler since it fosters organization. You may use these lists, cards, and boards for prioritize each and every project on your team. The user experience is simple and straightforward to use, and shifting jobs across columns is simple. Every Trello row has all the information that you and your team need.


Trello review: Why you should use it?

If you value personalization, Trello is a must-have piece of software. The cards, lists, or boards are simple to use, and there are several connectors available to combine with your software application. You can keep records of each project’s progress, as well as due dates or comments. Above all, Trello is designed to help your team finish tasks more quickly.

Create your game strategy by following your team’s playbook. And there’s so much you can do, whether you just let Butler do all the automatic work for you or set a reminder with one of your Power-Ups.

Trello seems to be straightforward and straightforward to be used on the surface, and you may go deeper to discover how intricate it actually is. Personalize your projects as you see fit and discover what style of management works best for you.


Trello Alternatives

Before subscribing to Trello, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best project management software for your needs. You can find the Trello alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Trello with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

What is trello best for?

Trello is a great tool for managing and collaborating with team members on work projects and tasks. Visually, Trello’s Kanban board is an organizational bliss. You can include a lot of details in each card and they keep you informed about who is doing what.

Why is trello not good?

Limited project views: Aside from Kanban, Trello’s other project views are limited compared to other project management tools on the market for the same price. Free and entry-level plans are particularly limited – Kanban is the only view available.

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