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Automated Dropshipping solution for Woocommerce or Shopify

Spocket allows you to connect your ecommerce site very easily and then import products from suppliers registered on their platform. You will thus benefit from advantages and many functionalities for your dropshipping site.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Access to many different suppliers
  • Fast shipping
  • One-click order
  • Branded invoices
  • Chrome extension
  • Not fully automated

Alternatives to Aliexpress to reduce delivery times are quite rare or not working well. However, a new service has recently emerged, Spocket, which offers products and suppliers from Europe and the United States.

Spocket is used by over 30,000 dropshippers around the world and is one of the most modern solutions for reducing typical dropship delivery times.

The most important thing that sets Spocket apart from the competition is that they do not focus only on AliExpress dropshipping. The main suppliers are mainly in the USA, Europe and Australia, and some are from Asia.

Spocket Features

Details of Spocket’s features

You can easily find products you can sell on Spocket, as they have a wide product range in different categories and different locations to reduce delivery time. To ensure that the product is right for you, Spocket offers the opportunity to request samples to inspect quality and delivery time.

You can have a look at some screenshots:

Get access to high quality products


Buyers and distributors can often be upset by the poor quality of many products available in the Chinese market.

To solve this problem, Spocket strives to find high quality dropshipping products. They have only worked with serious suppliers and have built a real market for quality products.

They also come with professional images and high resolutions, so the products are more expensive, but again of remarkable quality.

In addition to a good e-commerce theme, your online store will reflect a serious vision and give customers confidence.

Offer a better shopping experience with fast shipping


The biggest advantage of Spocket is the fast delivery time it offers. By offering tens of thousands of products delivered in 3 to 5 days, you stand out from the competition. And today it is important to be good at dropshipping.

Most of Spocket’s suppliers are located in the USA and the EU, which means that delivery is very fast, but also much more reliable.

Elements that are directly related to a better shopping experience for your customers, which improves the perceived image of your store, which gives better reviews and more satisfied customers.

Bulk order in just a few steps


The automation process of the ordering system is usually a factor. Like Oberlo or Dsers, Spocket is no exception.

Their goal is to connect suppliers and retailers to automate everything with each other, so they have minimal time to order. Automation is all the more important as it limits the possibility of errors.

Ordering with one click is even faster than at Oberlo, as it only takes a few steps to order all the customers’ products. It is not necessary to repeat the process for each order.

Import products in your Shopify or Woocommerce store


Similar to the standard solutions for importing products from Aliexpress, Spocket synchronizes seamlessly with your Shopify or WooCommerce store for easy import of your products.

With the import tab, you can easily import as many products as you want. The import list allows you to change the products as you wish before adding them to the catalog.

This allows you to rewrite product descriptions for SEO purposes, review variations, edit images and change product prices to match your regular prices.

Large range of products in the Spocket catalog


In the Spocket product catalog, you can easily search for any product by keywords or by categories of different products. It is also possible to buy products based on the suppliers’ location in different parts of the world.

If you browse through the search box or categories through the catalog, you can filter the results:

  • By price
  • By location
  • By provider
Your own spocket store

After your product entered, it will be sent to your “Import list” to be modified before being sent to the store. So you can change the title, description, variations and even the images, even if they are extremely beautiful and clean! Clicking “Push To Store” sends it to the store so you can start selling it.

Provide invoices with your brand on it

Branded invoicing

When you operate online, it is mandatory to provide purchase invoices to customers. On Shopify and Woocommerce, this usually involves installing a third-party add-on to handle billing.

How to use it?

How to connect Spocket to your store?

To understand the interface, Spocket offers a short 6-step guided tour to explain the main features of the program. If you are used to working with Oberlo, you will not be out of place as the interface is very similar.

Spocket video guide

By installing Spocket, it will be synced directly with Shopify (or WooCommerce if you are on WordPress).

This short guide gives you an overview of the options and features you can perform. It is fluent, fast to read and straightforward.

Spocket Pricing

How much does Spocket cost?

One of the best features of Spocket is that you can now use the app for free. It’s a great idea to test the app a bit before deciding if it’s right for your eCommerce store. If you choose the free plan option, you will have access to the following features in the Spocket app.

  • You can import up to 25 products into your e-commerce store
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Email customer support
  • Unlimited product orders
  • Worldwide pricing
  • Tracking numbers on all your shipments
Spocket pricing

The starter plan is suitable for most users who want to use the service. It costs $9 per month and is free for 14 days. This package provides access to the tool with an unlimited number of orders, but with a limit of 25 imported products.

The professional plan of $49 per month is aimed at existing companies. The main difference from the basic plan is that you have access to Spocket’s selection of high-quality products and can send personal invoices, plus you can import up to 250 products.

The Empire plan at $99 per month is clearly dedicated to large organizations. Unlimited import of products and all the features of the other plans. This plan also allows you to create a POD directly with Spocket.

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