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    Crowdfire is a social media management platform to help manage your social accounts and drive social media engagement. Free plan available!
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    Manage your social accounts with ease

    Crowdfire is a social media management platform to help manage your social accounts and drive social media engagement. Free plan available!

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    Dealing with multiple social networks at the same time can be a challenge. You have surely experienced that moment when you need to share a publication on different social networks, which means adapting the format of the publication, logging into your different accounts and publishing. This can easily make you lose an hour a day if you have a lot of content to publish.

    Thanks to Crowdfire, you will be able to manage your social networks from a single platform, you will be able to plan, find content and much more, don’t worry, we will detail everything in the following!

    Crowdfire Features

    What features does Crowdfire offer?

    You will get 4 important features that will save you a lot of time and make your life easier. Plus, you will be able to use Crowdfire also on your phone using their mobile app!

    Get content curated with ease

    Content curation system

    The content curation system allows you to save time to focus on your business while getting high-quality content thanks to Crowdfire who takes care of providing you with valuable content.

    Article curation crowdfire feature

    You can also add RSS feeds from different blogs to curate the content more easily. Moreover, you can indicate to Crowdfire the category of content you want to get and you will receive images and articles ready to be published.

    RSS feed into crowdfire

    Another undeniable time-saver, you can connect your website or Youtube account to directly schedule the publication of content directly from the Crowdfire platform. In short, you will be able to publish everywhere from one dashboard!

    Publish content on your website from crowdfire

    Schedule and publish your content from one dashboard

    Publish system

    Crowdfire allows you to publish and schedule the publication of your social network content on different platforms:

    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Facebook pages
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    Publish in every social networks

    Schedule your content to be published later, just pick a date and time and click done. You can automate the best time to post by using the Crowdfire “post at best time” feature or you can customize the best time to post everyday.

    The queue meter indicates your posts queued for the next 7 days. Plus, it indicates also the number of posts you should schedule based on your previous publishing frequency.

    Posts queued for next 7 days

    Get custom reports and powerful analytics features

    Analytics system

    It can be a challenge to know how many views, likes and comments a post has gotten if you add 100 posts per day. Using Crowdfire, all statistics are tracked. So you will be able to view them as a global view or post by post.
    You will also be able to create reports with the data you are interested in and fully customize them. Once your reports are created, you can automate their creation by week or month.

    Another interesting feature of the analytics system is being able to spy on your competitors and find the publications that work best for them.

    Never miss a single mention on your social networks

    Mentions system

    Imagine a world where all the publications mentioning you are gathered in a single dashboard! Welcome to the world of Crowdfire, where you won’t miss a mention anymore and can respond quickly, even from your smartphone.

    Crowdfire Pricing

    How much does Crowdfire cost?

    Crowdfire pricing

    Crowdfire has a free offer but excludes Pinterest. You will also be limited in the number of planned publications, will not be able to post video publications and the number of linked accounts is only 3 maximum. Usually, you will have more than 3, so you will have to take a paid offer.

    For paid plans, the only differences are the number of accounts added and the number of scheduled publications per account, so it will depend on your needs.

    CrowdFire – Social Media Management
    CrowdFire – Social Media Management
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