SEOCrawl Review – The Most Powerful SEO Dashboard

In this SEOCrawl review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
9.2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #7 in category SEO
9.2Expert Score
SEO Software for Professionals and Companies

SEOcrawl offers the most sophisticated SEO tool package, elevating your SEO monitoring to the next level. Individual users as well as agencies, consultants, and freelancers searching for a robust, functional, and user-friendly tool.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Ease of use for gathering data
  • Annotations and SEO tasks
  • Excellent track of user activity
  • White label + Teams management
  • Breach of data chances
  • Due to recent launch on Appsumo, the software is slow to load informations

Are you looking to fetch data from various sites for your work?
Are you interested in google analytics?

SEOcrawl serves the purpose. The review revolves around the different features and the options it offers. You may monitor deeply even your visitors and your website or blog to assess their performance with pros and major cons. Let’s take a look in detail at what it has to offer and how much it takes to access its premium plans.

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What is SEOcrawl?

In order to take your SEO management to the next level, you need to adopt SEOcrawl, the most cutting-edge SEO toolkit currently on the market. This is the best option for small enterprises, freelancers, and startups in need of a robust, feature-rich, and user-friendly software solution. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, SEO agencies, and in-house SEO managers are all the same in needing a beginning and a finish to their daily tasks.

Although SEOcrawl is made up of nine SEO products, each of those products has a wide range of applications and may be used to do many different tasks feature. When organizations use SEOcrawl, they can save time and resources. By utilizing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit, you may greatly boost the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign.

This software features an SEOcrawler, a keyword tool, an overview of SEO visibility and opportunities, and a dashboard with information like rankings and monthly reports. In order to improve outcomes, it is essential to define a clear purpose and devise a plan to achieve it.

With the use of the integrations SEOcrawl objectives system, you can establish a monthly click goal and monitor the percentage of that goal that has been accomplished on a day-to-day basis. If you want to know if a given month is trending in the right direction, you can use SEO Forecasts. Using SEOcrawl, you can get this information as it happens; the tool will account for any changes to the keywords.

SEOcrawl specifications

FeaturesDashboard for SEO / Rank Tracker / SEO Cannibalization / SEO Monitor
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesDanish / English / French / Italian / Nederlands / Russian / Turkish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressTarragona, SPAIN
Year founded2020


SEOcrawl pricing: How much does SEOcrawl cost?

SEOcrawl offers four different plans starting from Starter (72€/year), Business (232€/year), Elite (392€/year), and Enterprise Plan, which has a custom price for the subscription you unlock. Each plan has a free trial for 7 days, which is sort of a free version to check before paying for the subscription. The other details are mentioned against each plan below.

Pricing rangeFrom 9€ to 49€ per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes, 7 days
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

SEOcrawl pricing plans


Starter (9€/month):

  • Single Project
  • Single user
  • 10000 clicks each month
  • Download access to Data

Business (29€/month):

  • Five projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 10000 – 100000 clicks each month
  • Download access to Data

Elite (49 €/month):

  • Twenty-five projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 100000 – 1 Million clicks each month
  • Download access to Data (CSV, Excel, Sheets)

Enterprise SEO (Custom Price):

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • More than 1M clicks each month
  • Download access to Data (CSV, Excel, Sheets)
  • White Label for custom logo and brand colors


SEOcrawl features: What can you do with it?

Dashboard for SEO

The SEO Dashboard has performance measurements, growth charts for the current month and the last 12 months, a traffic forecast for the current month, unlimited data storage, and more. All of these facts can be found in one place, that is, the dashboard. With SEOcrawl, your information is kept for a long time. Don’t spend trying to figure out SEO on a weekly basis.

They will look at the data and tell you what they think are the most important SEO database insights. There is information about keywords that are dropping and need to be fixed, keywords and links that are rising, your personal visibility index, and other handy reports. Each term and link can be looked at on its own or as a whole. Find the countries with the most rapid growth. You may check your project’s SEO performance on a regular basis or daily basis.

SEO Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization may not be as important for SEO tools as content generation, technology, and WPO. It occurs when links with similar click distributions have different keyword ranks. Many URLs competing for the same keyword don’t necessarily equal SEO cannibalization. This is possible if many people visit both links. If clicks were distributed 99 to 1, SEO cannibalization wouldn’t happen.

Google regularly undertakes tests that temporarily increase or reduce a site’s rankings. No cannibalization is considered to have occurred until the click percentage is very low. SEOcrawl shows click and impression percentages for each suspected incidence, making it easy to examine.

SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor’s simplicity belies its potency. It will monitor critical links for your project and provide you with warnings if they change. Change and URL monitors can be switched using the monitor’s tabbed interface. The first shows a log of all identified modifications and the change type, while the second reveals websites and their changes.

The change tracker shows a graph of single day changes and a summary of all changes and categories (headings, status code, canonical, etc.). Various filters can be used to confirm a single class of change or all changes at a given URL. On the second tab, you’ll see your watched sites. Your credit limit is set. They would add the highest-traffic websites automatically, and you can spend the remaining credits on other sites.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker can track any number of keywords using this indepth filter like competitor as Semrush. You may track your keywords, tag them, analyze them with heat maps, and watch how they change. You can use filters to differentiate brand-interested visitors from others, prioritize keyword research tools, etc. Top keywords and website links are automatically appraised and displayed. You won’t have to adapt to Google updates or traffic spikes or drops.

SEOcrawl does everything for you, saving you time. Examining keywords, links, and other criteria (clicks, impressions, CTR, and average position). Look at both branded and non-branded keyword research data to choose where to focus your SEO tool efforts. Your project’s success and variation can be measured by its links, folders, subdomains, and keywords. So, you can rapidly fix faulty website sections.


SEOcrawl review: Why you should use it ?

It is often used by over a thousand different persons and companies. Data from Google Search Console can be overwhelming, but with SEOcrawl, you can easily go through it and extract useful information.

The solution’s aesthetic, however, has become a little dated, as is common for established brands. The SEOCrawl team members realized they needed to expand their product’s functionality by adding new features, menu items, and even blocks as the redesign project advanced. As a result, the SEOcrawl’s update naturally evolved into a brand-new function and a great job.

Many reviewers support the program because it will help people and has amazing feedback. This is the greatest choice for small businesses, freelancers, and startups with different clients who are looking for a software solution that is powerful, feature-rich, and easy to use.


SEOcrawl Alternatives

Before subscribing to SEOcrawl, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the Best SEO Softwares for your needs. You can find the SEOcrawl alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare SEOcrawl with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEOCrawl do for your business?

With the help of SEOcrawl, founded by David Kaufmann, businesses can cut costs and save time.

What are the benefits of using SEO software?

It boasts a website’s SERPs position without paying the SERPs provider.

SEOCrawl Review – The Most Powerful SEO Dashboard
SEOCrawl Review – The Most Powerful SEO Dashboard

SEOCrawl Review
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9.2 / 10