Semrush Review, Test, and Tuto of this SEO and SEA software

Semrush has become an indispensable tool for SEO professionals around the world. In our article you will find our SEMRUSH analysis and a complete tutorial on this online software allowing you to audit your website, track and optimize your positions in search engines and analyze your competitors.
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Make your website search engine and people-friendly! Unleash the full marketing potential of your website with Semrush Projects, spy on your competitors, find backlinks, audit your website and more.

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14/05/2021 Last updated
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Semrush is a platform that allows you to do many different things. To give you an idea of the architecture, it is necessary to know that Semrush allows long-term reference campaigns through what it calls “projects”. In parallel with these projects, it is possible to achieve live analytics on SEO of certain domains, on social interactions or even on paid Google campaigns (SEA). We will give you our opinion about Semrush and all these services and we will help you to use this software with our tutorial.

Semrush review in a video

The Semrush tool can be used to monitor your daily positions but also that of its competitors. This is the great strength of the service, with millions of sites being analyzed daily, Semrush offers a very good overall description of the competitive ecosystem around a domain. Whether for SEO, social interactions or paid traffic campaigns, it is always possible to compare the positioning of one with the competition.

Make sure to understand that Semrush doesn’t do everything. It is a toolbox that can accompany a website owner in its SEO strategy, its social strategy, or its strategy on paid traffic. It involves all sources of traffic acquisition on-site, and it is actually a complete tool to control and understand the development of its traffic. It is a very global offer that, in our opinion, makes the strength of Semrush.

In this Semrush tutorial and review, we will focus on the following features:

  • Management Features: Client Manager, Create Custom PDF Report, Projects and Dashboard, Lead Generation Tool, Marketing Calendars and Notes
  • SEO Features: Competitive research, Keyword research, Backlink tool, On-page and tech SEO, Rank Tracking, Local SEO Features
  • Advertising Features: Market Analysis, Keyword research, Ad Tracking, Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Features: Social Media Poster, Social Media Tracker
  • Content Marketing Features: Topic Research, SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, Brand Monitoring, Post Tracking, Content Audit
  • Competitive Research Features

Management Features

Details of Semrush Management’s features

This part of Semrush is more intended for agencies or contractors who have employees and various projects. We will of course detail all the features below but in summary you will get:

  • A lead generation widget
  • Calendar and notes to manage your projects and team
  • Reports for your customers
  • A client management system with their projects

Client Manager: Manage your clients in one dashboard

Semrush client manager

If you need to add clients to your Semrush dashboard, it is now possible thanks to the Client manager feature. Now you can organize all your customer data in one interface and you can manage and control everything easily. You will be able to do the following things:

  • Add customer contact info and notes
  • Set up a project for each client
  • Track a wide variety of SEO, SMM and other metrics
  • Get notifications about important changes
  • See all your clients’ performances in one place
  • Create, schedule and send reports to your clients.

Create your custom PDF Reports or use ready-made templates

For your customers or yourself, it can be interesting to gather data from your sites on PDF reports to facilitate reading and comprehension. Semrush offers the possibility to create your own reports thanks to their 200 widgets and 50 marketing metrics. You also have 12 ready-to-use reports that you can directly use and customize as well.

The creation of a personalized report is done by dragging and dropping, the making of it is very easy. Once the template is ready, just schedule the sending and everything will be done automatically. In addition, you can add your brand and company name on the reports, so they are white-label reports.

Semrush template reports

Here are the different report templates offered by Semrush:

  • Monthly SEO: Traffic, Keywords, Backlinks and Site Audit
  • Organic Search Positions: Top 100 keywords sorted by traffic
  • Site Audit: General info, issues, pages with issues
  • Backlinks: Track your Backlink profile Health and measure your Link Building efforts
  • Full Organic Research: Positions, position changes, top keywords, etc.
  • Full Advertising Research: Positions, position changes, competitors, etc.
  • Monthly Competitor Analysis: Website Traffic, Ads, SEO, Content, PR, Social Media
  • Google Ads: Build reports for your Google Ads campaigns with all the metrics you need: Impressions, Clicks, Cost, Conversions, and more.
  • Domain Comparison: Organic research data, paid traffic, top keywords
  • Google My Business Insights: Customer Actions, Search vs Map Views, Direct vs Discovery Searches

Manage your projects in your Semrush dashboard

A large part of our review about Semrush is based on the “Projects” tool, which is Semrush’s great strength if you want to keep it in the long run. In addition to the SEO tracking features of a given website at any time, Semrush has also developed a “project” system that allows you to effectively track your website in the long run. This tool is especially interesting for those who want to measure the development over time of their SEO strategy (and that of their rivals) while benefiting from relevant recommendations from Semrush.

The follow-up of these projects only affects the SEO part and the social media part. On the other hand, it does not integrate the “advertising part” that enables the follow-up of the acquired traffic campaigns (paid traffic) and is still very independent today.

Wherever you are on the Semrush site, you can always access the Project section in the menu on the left side of the screen. However, it is already on the homepage that Semrush invites its users to take advantage of this very powerful feature which turns out to be an effective tool for measuring long term performance.

As you can see from the video above, the first phase has to define the domain name, which is followed by Semrush. As already mentioned, this project allows you to track the evolution of the positions of the site on the search engines, the possible technical problems, the activity on social networks, and Semrush can even suggest additional recommendations.

Semrush ciroapp project

Once you’ve built your project, as in our Semrush review, you’ll have a dashboard that allows you to configure and track various strategic points for referencing a website. Among the features available on the platform are all highlighted in the image above. We’ll go into a few of these in more detail, but we strongly recommend trying Semrush for free to test the capabilities of all of these features.

Generate leads automatically with the Semrush Lead Generation Tool

Specially designed for a digital marketing or SEO agency, this lead generation tool allows to generate a widget to be inserted on a page (usually home page) so that future customers can get an audit of their website for free. This will allow you to collect their email addresses and to be able to offer them your services afterwards.

Semrush audit widget

What’s even more awesome is that it’s possible to fully customize the widget, from the content to the appearance and even the language.

Marketing Calendar and notes

marketing calendar semrush

As a marketing or SEO agency manager, you will surely need a calendar system to plan your tasks and those of your employees. Semrush provides you with this functionality, which will allow you to delegate tasks at the SEO and SEA level, as well as track their achievements.

add a note on semrush

When you make a change to the SEO of your site, whether it is by adding content to an article, publishing a new article, acquiring backlinks or improving the internal mesh of your site, it can be hard to remember the exact date of the changes made. With the notes system, you will be able to understand the changes you have made as a result of your modifications.

SEO Features

Details of Semrush SEO’s features

Here is finally the long awaited part, because yes, Semrush is especially popular for its SEO part. So we will show you in the rest of this article, all the potential that Semrush offers you!

Below is a screenshot of the SEO dashboard concerning the site This provides an overview of the following statistics:

  • Domain Analytics
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • On page SEO checker
  • Backlink audit
  • Traffic analytics
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
semrush seo dashboard

Complete competitive research

The domain analysis functionality is available in a limited version and is free for everyone. Just go to the Semrush homepage and enter a domain name to get some results. This tool is really relevant because it gives an excellent overview of the SEO power of a domain, its traffic, the keywords in which it is positioned, and its competitive environment.

By default, when you define a domain for analytics, you get an overview of Semrush that looks like the screenshot below. Although this overview provides a comprehensive view of the site’s performance, simply click on any widget on the page to get a more detailed view of all these performance indicators. This report can be downloaded and sent (possibly to a client if it is an agency) directly by email. It really is a tool that allows you to have a great overview of the SEO power of the domain at a glance.

Domain overview Ciroapp

You can directly see an estimate of traffic from organic traffic and paid traffic (see the picture above in our Semrush review). To have tested several websites, this number is not always very precise, but it gives a good indicator.

The Organic traffic graph gives the traffic over a period of time. Semrush is able to measure fairly efficiently when a site tends to gain or lose traffic months after the month. By clicking on the graphic you can have a detail of the biological research. It uses the search quantities and analyzes the position of the location that the Semrush can estimate the traffic at a given time.

For each query, it shows an estimated CPC (Cost per Click) or the general volume of research. As you can see, this is not a daily measurement tool, as updates on a keyword can consist of the week later. To pursue a direct competitor’s strategy, simply review the keywords with the highest traffic and try to position yourself on them.

In addition, in the section “Organic research”, it’s possible to have an overall overview of the competitive ecosystem. The idea is to see who are the competitors and how they arise on similar keywords. If you find a particularly good competitor, it is necessary to start a complete analysis in this area to see which keywords are ranking. You can then compare the keywords and positions for each to see which you may have forgotten.

Complete Keyword research

Another very interesting feature in Semrush has a keyword analyzing system. This section is as relevant as everyone else, as it gives you ideas for producing content based on popular keywords. As you can see in the screenshot below, you must first specify the keyword you want to get an overview of, the volume research, the keyword difficulty, the trend and all the lexical fields around it.

Keyword overview semrush

With Semrush, you can find keywords so you can build content around them and drive traffic. The Keyword Magic tool helps you get many keywords (with their traffic and trends) around the Lexical field.

Keyword magic tool

The principle is simple: you enter the keyword you want to evaluate, and Semrush then displays a certain amount of related information. For example, you can see the number of searches, the number of results, or information about SERP services (images, videos, and other carousels on the first page of a search engine).

The last interesting tool in this section on Semrush keywords is “Keyword Difficulty. ” As the name suggests, you can see the estimated difficulty in reaching the top position for a particular keyword on Google.

If you only need software to do keyword research, we advise you to consider Mangools, which is much easier to use and more affordable.

SEMrush wants to compete with service platforms specialized in the analysis of backlinks like Ahrefs or Majestic. The service has developed a dedicated section that allows pushing the analysis really far and determines the backlink profile of a site. If you are used to Majestic or Ahrefs, it may seem difficult to take in hand, but you will find almost the same information there.

Backlinks audit

It is also possible to visualize all reference domains and their authority scores – an indicator created by Semrush that shows how powerful a domain is. This is quite similar to the trust flow you can have on Majestic, or Moz ranking that you can find on Moz. It lets you see what are the most powerful sites pointing to your domain (or a competitor).

On-page and tech SEO

As part of the project, there is another very powerful tool called “On-Page SEO Checker”. By default, it chooses the approximately fifty pages to be analyzed in-depth (it is also possible to define them) and provides a complete summary of the improvements to be made.

On-page SEO checker optimization

Unlike “site audit” focusing on the technical part, the SEO page of the page further analyzes the selected pages to deliver a complete SEO analysis. This refers to the net linking strategy, the semantics, and technique of these pages. Once you have started the analysis of the tool, wait several long minutes on an interesting result.

For each page that has been analyzed through Semrush on the page check, it is possible to get tips that aim to allow better placement on Google and thus increase traffic. As you can see, the tips are of different types: overall strategy, backlinks, SEO techniques, user experience, semantics, SERP and content.

Rank Tracking

Obviously, rank tracking is an essential part of an SEO website because it is a clear indication of whether the effort has been focused. In this case, as part of a Semrush project, a section dedicated to it will allow you to track the performance of the website, such and such geography, on such a search engine (Google or Baidu), as well as in such a device (mobile or desktop) and compared to the competition (up to 20 competitors can be selected). You can define up to 1,500 keywords to track and you can enter them manually, import them through a TXT file, or download them from Google Analytics or Semrush data.

Rank tracking feature in Semrush

After you specify all these parameters, you must wait for a few seconds to see Semrush’s result. The most important page that shows the results is below. It shows a general summary of its performance from built-in keywords. You can also see how competitors are located on the same page. But in this analysis it is possible to get more closely thanks to the menu in the middle of the page: an overview, distribution investments, rankings, landing pages, finding competitors – all are categories that enable a deeper understanding of its strains.

One of the interesting tools in this position tracking analysis is that it is possible to detect all the competitors who position themselves on the keywords we defined and who therefore have these keywords in common with our website. Thus, we can find other competitors that we would not think of, and we can analyze the keywords they are placed on to generate even more traffic and better target keywords.

Local SEO: Simplified and centralized management of businesses profiles and reviews

Owners of physical businesses, who have a mailing address, can sometimes have problems managing, centralizing and updating their business information. Most of the time, they have facebook, instagram, Google My Business, tripadvisor, yelp and other accounts that they have to manage, respond to customer reviews and update information.

Thanks to Semrush, you can distribute your company’s public data automatically in several directories. This will have the advantage of getting voice search ready search results with Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing and Google.

Delete duplicates: Ensure maximum visibility for your business by keeping your listings free from malicious duplicates, remove duplicates with one click. Help potential customers find you quickly online and offline by keeping the correct business data without duplicates on the web.

Track local rankings: Gain accurate insight into how your business is performing locally and how easily people find it. Analyze the trend of your position among all local businesses on Google Maps.

Monitor GMB and FB Pages: Monitor and update information in the best local SEO directories. Create the most comprehensive business profiles in key business directories, including opening hours, business days, images and payment options. Get reports on your ad performance: how often you’ve been searched and viewed.

Manage GMB reviews and user suggestions: Use a complete review management solution to monitor your online reputation and support a positive brand image of your business. Gather all reviews and respond to Google My Business and Facebook directly from Semrush. See reviews from different sources for all places and find out which places are lagging behind. Get suggestions from users to change information they consider inaccurate, and easily choose to approve or reject it.

Advertising Features

Details of Semrush Advertising’s features

We are now at the advertising part of Semrush. Indeed, Semrush is mainly known for its SEO features but it also offers SEA (Search Engine Advertisement). We will detail below the different features you will get to track and optimize your advertising campaigns and spy on your competitors.

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis feature works in the same way as the competitive research part you can find in the SEO features. With the domain overview, you will get the following benefits:

  • Reveal your main paid search competitors
  • See the keywords they are bidding on
  • Discover examples of their live ads

Organic research and advertising research work in the same way, it allows you to track the positions of your advertising campaigns as well as those of your competitors. You will be able to optimize your campaigns according to the different tests you will carry out and according to the keywords you will choose.

  • Gain insights into the audience targeted by your rivals in GDN
  • Monitor your competitors’ GDN campaigns on desktop and mobile
  • Analyze the texts and banners your competitors are using
  • Discover the biggest publishers in your niche

The Product Listing Ads (PLA) research feature will show you everything about your competitor. You will be able to discover their advertisements which are positioned on different keywords and you will thus be able to improve your advertising campaigns or consider positioning yourself on their keywords. You will also be able to see the bidding strategy of your competitors.

Keyword research

Keyword Gap will help you to find keywords that are actually targeted by your competitors so you will be able to track their results and find new keywords for you. You will directly get new opportunities and therefore improve your ROI! It is possible to search for keywords in organic, paid and Google shopping campaigns results.

Keyword magic tool whose operation is identical to the one presented in the SEO part will allow you to obtain the cost per click of a keyword, its search volume and the estimated level of competition. In addition, you will be able to find new long-tail keywords.

Optimize your Google ads campaigns with the PPC Keyword tool by setting negative keywords, relevant keywords and removing duplicates.

Go back in time by getting google ad history based on specific keywords. This way you can get key figures in terms of traffic acquisition and spending. This will allow you to estimate your advertising expenditure and estimate your ROI. Watch an example about the keyword “movies” in the United States:

Semrush ads history

Ad Tracking

Track the position of your advertising campaigns on specific keywords and compare your positioning with your competitors. Also, get insights about Snippets and shopping ads SERP results.

Social Media Ads

Create and manage your Google advertising campaigns directly from your Semrush dashboard. Save time with automatic features such as automatic UTM creation, streamlined creation and low-performance ads monitoring.

Social media Features

Details of Semrush Social Media’s features

Social Media Tracker

This feature allows you to track your audience and commitment to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Again, it is possible to compare these interactions with your competitors. To get your marketing campaign performance in social networks, you must give Semrush to access various social networks. It automatically retrieves accounts associated with the domain specified for the project. If necessary, it is possible to change them.

Social Media Poster

As the name suggests, a social media poster allows you to manage publications from different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) from a single interface. You must give Semrush access to various social accounts. It’s a bit of the same principle found in a Buffer or Hootsuite. From a social media poster, it is possible to plan publications and show all schedule deadlines. Semrush then shows the performance of each message.

Content Marketing Features

Details of Semrush Content Marketing’s features

We prefer to make it clear right away, the features of the Content Marketing platform are not available to users of the Semrush Pro plan, which costs approximately $120 per month. It is only available with the higher plan called Guru which is about $230 per month.

Topic Research

Semrush content marketing platform

Finding an article topic and knowing the interest of your users can sometimes be complex. Thanks to Semrush’s topic research tool, by inserting the topic, you will get multiple ideas of topics to cover. For example, you will get ideas of popular subtopics with the indicated search volume. Then several hundred headline ideas will be proposed. And finally, you will get an overview of all the questions users have in this particular area.

This will give you many ideas for writing your article in a relevant and SEO-optimized way.

Topic research

SEO Content Template

Get recommandations on how to create and optimize your article. Just insert the keywords you are targeting and you will get some tips about the semantically related words, the backlinks you can acquire, the average readability score of top 10 competitors ranking on your targeted keywords and the recommended text length for your article.

You will also get some basic recommendations for the title and meta description of your article, the H1 and the content.

Seo content template semrush

If you noticed it, you have an “order content writing” button. Semrush offers you some content writing offers as on the screenshot below. Currently you have the possibility to buy content writing for:

  • Article
  • Product description
  • Website copy
  • Email newsletter
  • Press release
  • Ebook
Semrush writing service

SEO Writing Assistant

Used by most large companies or by professional content writers, Semrush’s SEO writing assistant tool allows you to optimize an article according to target keywords so that it is best suited to what Google wants to get in the top 10 results. Below you can see an example concerning the writing of this article.
Semrush recommends inserting several different keywords to improve the semantics of the article.
It is also possible to check if the content is unique and not duplicate content.

SEO writing assistant

Brand Monitoring

If you are the owner of a brand or simply want to track down when a website talks about you by citing the name of your site, you can use the brand monitoring tool. This way you will get a summary of all the articles that mention you. And that’s not all! You can also track what’s going on with your competitors to spy on their communication strategies.

Brand monitoring

Post Tracking

Guest posting is a powerful tactic that can help build authority, get high quality backlinks and get new audiences to your site. If content creation and distribution are resource intensive, it is very important to monitor and evaluate the results of your external articles.

By analyzing key metrics such as social media engagement, reach, backlinks and referral traffic that comes to your site, you will be able to identify relevant guest posting platforms to focus your efforts on them. It can also help you identify opportunities, highlight failures and understand the type of articles that work best for your goals.

Guest post tracking feature

If you write and advertise external articles (such as guest posts), this analysis will be valuable in reporting the impact of your work. In addition, seeing how well each article has proven to give you an understanding of what works to shape future campaigns for success.

Content Audit

Content analytics tools can tell you how your digital content performs both on and off your website. The tool measures social sharing, backlinks, keyword ranking and even Google Analytics data such as batches and bounce rates. The tool has two main functions: to review the engagement of your website and to measure the distribution of your external content.

Running a content review is a great first step because you can find pages on your site that are old and potentially obsolete or pages with very low social engagement – those that you have a priority to improve.

Competitive Research Features

Details of Semrush Competitive Research’s features

Everything we have seen above can be used to spy or search for competitors, in the “Competitive Research” section you can analyze the traffic of your competitors, analyze the market, analyze the keyword gap, analyze the SEO results of your competitors and their backlinks but also discover their advertising campaigns, their keywords on which they are bidding and study their copywriting.

Competitive Intelligence add-on

Competitive intelligence add-on

The CI (Competitive Intelligence) add-on package can be added to any paid Semrush subscription. It contains the following tools:

  • Traffic analytics
  • Market explorer
  • Bulk Traffic Analysis
  • Top pages
  • Competitor Benchmarking

This feature is part of the Semrush Competitive Research Suite, a package that includes the main Semrush suite and these additional tools for one price. These tools are not available with a standard Semrush subscription and can only be purchased in addition to a regular subscription or as part of a custom Semrush plan.

Browser extension

Details of SeoQuake browser extension’s features

SEOquake is a free plugin for your browser that gives you organic search data with just one click. SEOquake is currently compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. It can also provide parameters for entries in search engines. In addition to organic research data, SEOquake offers other useful tools such as SEO review, keyword density report, internal/external link analysis and even social metrics.

In summary, you will get the following features thanks to the SEO Quake plugin:

  • SEObar: Get an instant SEO summary for which web page you are browsing with the interactive SEO line that can be customized to your needs or disabled completely.
  • SEO Dashboard: It opens a compact lightbox with a brief SEO overview, including page information, domain and backlinks.
  • SERP Overlay: Get a comprehensive analysis of the SERPs and export the results in CSV format.
  • Big data: SEMrush, Alexa, Google ranking, Yahoo index, whatever! Switch between a wide variety of trusted data types and sources, including social media like Tweets and Facebook Likes.
  • Keyword Analysis: Get a detailed and structured report on all the keywords found on the page. Visualize data in the keyword cloud and refine your search using powerful filters.
  • Print and export: With SEOquake, it is easy to store data from all your reports into one CSV file.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush Pricing: How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush by default offers three subscription models on their platform: the Pro version of $120 per month, the Guru version of $230 per month and the Business version of $450 per month. An even more complete business version is also available, but must be made on the estimate. For this purpose, a dedicated form on the Semrush website is available.

Semrush pricing table

As you can imagine, the Pro version offers fewer functions than the Guru version and business version. However, according to the applications, it is not necessarily justified to go for the most expensive model. If independent users are largely satisfied with the Pro version, agencies and SMEs should go to the Guru version. The business version concerns only large groups with a strong presence on the web.

Below we will quickly detail what the big differences are in terms of limits for each plan.

Semrush plan comparison

Different pricing limits for the Domain & Keyword Analytics feature

Let’s quickly talk about the differences between the 3 plans. What you can quickly see is that there are differences in the “Domain & Keyword Analytics” section:

  • The pro plan offers 10 000 results per report, 3 000 reports per day and 250 keyword metrics updates per month.
  • The guru plan offers 30 000 results per report with 5 000 reports per day and 1 000 keyword metrics updates per month. Plus, you will get access to historical data that will allow you to travel back in time and understand how you or your competitors’ websites were performing since 2012.
  • The Business plan offers 50 000 results per report with 10 000 reports per day and 5 000 keyword metrics updates per month. You will obviously get access to historical data too and will get access to the Semrush PLA data for optimizing your Google shopping campaigns.

Different pricing limits for the Projects feature

If you go around the middle of the pricing feature comparison image, you will see that there are differences in the “Projects” section:

  • The Pro plan offers 5 projects maximum (5 websites to track), 500 keywords IN TOTAL to track, 1 target per project, 100 000 pages to crawl per month, 20 000 pages to crawl per projects, 500 SEO idea units, 50 social profiles for monitoring, 10 social profiles for posting.
  • The Guru plan offers 15 projects maximum (15 websites to track), 1 500 keywords IN TOTAL to track, 10 targets per project, 300 000 pages to crawl per month, 20 000 pages to crawl per projects, 800 SEO idea units, 100 social profiles for monitoring, 30 social profiles for posting.
  • The Business plan offers 40 projects maximum (40 websites to track), 5 000 keywords IN TOTAL to track, unlimited targets per project, 1 000 000 pages to crawl per month, 100 000 pages to crawl per projects, 2 000 SEO idea units, 300 social profiles for monitoring, 50 social profiles for posting.

Different pricing limits for the Content Marketing Platform feature

If you are interested in improving your content for the search engines, then we would recommend you to get the content marketing platform feature. Unfortunately, it’s not available for the cheapest plan and for the other plans, there are some limitations:

  • The Guru plan offers 800 SEO content templates, 20 000 pages to audit, 5 countries to track, 50 posts to track, 1 calendar and 5 plagiarism checks per month (don’t worry you can buy additional checks).
  • The Business plan offers 2 000 SEO content templates, 20 000 pages to audit, 10 countries to track, 50 posts to track, unlimited calendars and 10 plagiarism checks per month (don’t worry you can buy additional checks).


Conclusion: our opinion on SEMrush

Today, Semrush is the only tool so powerful as it is today to follow the evolution of the visibility of a website (and a brand) on the internet. From a purely SEO point of view, it is a tool that includes all strategic points to improve its referencing:

  • Website structure analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Position monitoring
  • Competition analysis

In the “Social Media” strategy and in the traffic campaigns, Semrush is also very complete, it allows you to control everything from a single interface.

Our opinion on Semrush is very positive at all levels, although (necessarily) expensive. The investment is depreciated very quickly, especially for the time you save and the advice you can give. In fact, every position improved in Google can generate a large sum of money, so there are not a hundred euros a month which should deter SEO specialists.

Of course, everyone has their preferences, but we must see the tool as a way to follow the development and trend of positions over time (especially through “projects”). It is not a tool that we will necessarily hear every day (the position report is not daily), but a tool that we open every week to see their positions and discover their competitors’ SEO strategy.

Beware, there is so much information that we can quickly waste time on the platform and forget the most important thing: Put your hands on the mud to change position. Once again, in our opinion, Semrush is a good companion, but he will not do the job for you.

The length of this Semrush review also says a lot about the number of features in the platform: You may get lost in it at first, but soon you will get up again. It’s just a matter of habit, and it’s worth examining. However, some features added over time by Semrush (and for some who are still in beta) are not the most relevant, and this may saturate the screen.

Between the main menu on the left and the submenus of the tabs, there can sometimes be redundancies that do not facilitate navigation either. As you can see in our Semrush test and review, the interface remains very intuitive.

Passing now at prices, we must admit that the service is not cheap. For an independent SEO, the cheapest is $119 per month. These are certainly a little more expensive than the competition terms, but they are not so complete. I have to add the price of at least 3 competition services to get all the features found in Semrush. So in the end, the price of Semrush in our opinion is pretty much justified.


The best Semrush alternatives

If Semrush is not suitable for you because of its high price or difficulty of use, you might be interested in finding a Semrush alternative.

SEO Powersuite can be an interesting choice if you’re not against hosting the software on your computer and not online. The price is definitely cheaper and the features are similar.

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Mangools can be a good alternative to Semrush in terms of price and ease of use. Indeed, Mangools is very easy to use and super visually optimized. Nevertheless its functionalities are less powerful or less automated. We nevertheless recommend its KWFinder tool which allows you to search for keywords.

Mangools Review – SEO tools suite

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one suite of tools for improving online visibility and marketing insight discovery. It can help marketers working in the following departments: SEO, Google Advertising, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Content Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Campaign Management.

How to use Semrush?

First, choose the pricing plan that suits you best and then take advantage of their trial offer for a while. Then configure your project by following Semrush’s step-by-step recommendations.

How long is Semrush trial?

The Semrush free trial is 7 days only. Some Semrush partners can get a 30 days trial for you.

How to get Semrush free account?

You can register to Semrush for free and get an account with some limits, 10 queries per day.

Does Semrush have a free plan?

Yes Semrush does offer a free plan with some limitations.

How to add keywords in Semrush?

Create a project and add the keywords you want to track.

How to cancel Semrush free trial?

To cancel your semrush free trial subscription, you have to go in your profile, into the subscription info area and then deactivate the recurring payment.

How to get Semrush pro for free?

Semrush pro isn’t available for free.

Is Semrush legit?

Semrush has more than 7 million users and has the most comprehensive keyword database in the world. They have 7 offices around the world and have more than 1000 employees.

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At Ciroapp we are a team of digital marketing experts. We have acquired a great expertise in understanding, researching and comparing software. Many times we have had to compare and test dozens of software to finally find the one that best suits our needs. Software comparison websites are not really useful and do not really help in the choice of software, there is also no way to contact them, so we have to read dozens of articles (only in English...) to finally not know which software to choose. So we realized that there is a real need for advice and personalized comparison to help entrepreneurs and digital companies to choose the software that best suits their needs.

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