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In this Sellzone review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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8.9Expert Score
Sellzone, an Amazing tool for Amazon sellers

If you’ve been looking for a way to review your Amazon performance, you’ve come to the right place. The Sellzone app is a tool that will analyze your Amazon data and help you make more informed decisions about your Amazon business going forward.

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Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide with over 2.4 million active sellers from all around the globe. It is an amazing business solution for sellers of all levels, but it is also a highly competitive market with its own rating system. It is just as easy to climb up the top as to fall down to its bottom.

To prevent the latest, there are quite a few useful tools that can help your business thrive and boost sales on Amazon. One of those tools is Sellzone.

Read further to learn more about Sellzone, we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone Review – Amazon analytics tool #ciroapp

Sellzone is the leading marketing application that is designed specifically for Amazon merchants. It was created by Semrush back in 2008, which means it has been helping online businesses grow for over 12 years now. First available as a free split testing tool, Sellzone is a multifunctional Amazon marketing tool by Semrush which has already been used by approximately 7 million marketers nowadays.  If you want to know more about Semrush, you can read our Semrush review.

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Sellzone specifications

FeaturesA/B test / Amazon listing optimization / Analytics / Keyword research / Monitoring / PPC optimizer
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesChinese / English
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company address800 Boylston Street, Suite 2475, Boston, MA 02199, USA
Year founded2021


Sellzone pricing: How much does Sellzone cost?

Sellzone has 3 different packages which costs from $0 to $85 per month. You can use a free version with limited functionality or a paid one with all Sellzone features available.

Pricing rangeFrom $0 to $85 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes, 14 days
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Sellzone pricing plans


Free package

The free subscription plan includes ASIN external traffic overview, Listing Quality Check for Basic Amazon Requirements for multiple ASINs, and the Split Testing function. There are no limits of the number of tests and listings. The free subscription does not provide access to any of the Listing Protection features and limits functionality of other tools. It can be suitable for new users that still consider the paid subscription or the sellers that are mostly interested in A/B testing tool.

Growth package

The Growth subscription features an unlimited use of all Sellzone instruments. Additionally, to all the functions of the free subscription plan, the paid one provides detailed analytical data such as Google Organics, PLA, and all the features of the Listing Quality Check instrument. Listing Protection is also fully available for paid subscription users. This suite will fit the needs of Amazon sellers of any level. It can provide important insights into external traffic and listing performance, in-depth analytics, and helpful suggestions to enhance your listings. It costs $50 per month and has a 7-day trial. If you want to cancel the subscription, it might cause a little inconvenience – you have to email the Customer Support to stop the recurring payments.

Pro package

Sellzone has also set up a larger plan, called Pro plan, which allows you to have all the features of the Growth plan and get in addition:

  • Personal account manager
  • Private onboarding
  • Extended limits


Sellzone features: What can you do with it?

Sellzone provides a number of analytical and audit tools for in-depth Amazon market analysis and listing improvement. It has seven tools so far:

  • Keyword Wizard
  • Product Research Tool
  • PPC Optimizer
  • Listing Protection
  • Traffic Insights
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Quality Check
Tools dashboard of Sellerzone

We are going to describe all these Sellzone features in detail and see what advantages they have.  

Sellzone is known as a user-friendly toolkit for Amazon sellers of various experience. It has a simple, appealing design with light color scheme and an almost intuitive navigation system. Behind this simplistic interface is however a powerful and advanced instrument. Sellzone provides a plethora of data for comparative analysis of Amazon listings as well as important insights to create winning ones.

Amazon Keyword Wizard tool

The Amazon search engine is used by over 60% of retail customers to start their product search. So, if you want to become an Amazon seller or improve the exposure of your current product listings, you need to know what factors influence Amazon’s ranking algorithm.

Keyword research feature

This keyword research feature for merchants is called the Keyword Wizard. You may use it to evaluate keywords and increase the visibility of your listings in Amazon search.

For Semrush experts, the tool’s functionality is remarkably similar to that of the Keyword Magic feature, with the exception that Keyword Wizard examines terms for Amazon’s search engine.

This Keyword Wizard tool now has a database of over 200 million keywords to assist sellers in identifying keywords that may increase the profitability of their listings.

Sellzone Keyword Wizard tool will give you some of the followings:

  • Amazon SEO can be greatly improved using their simple tool and intelligent screening.
  • Get the most relevant terms for your listing’s Keyword Term in seconds.
  • Find high-volume, low-competition keywords that can help you get to the top of search results.

Recently a new feature “Related” was added to the Keyword Wizard tool. Related match: displays keyword possibilities that are related to the seed keywords you submitted. These connected keywords may provide you with more options to sell your goods.

Amazon guide
Smart Keyword Strategy for Amazon

This Sellzone guide will show you how to use keyword research to come up with a winning keyword strategy for your Amazon listing.

Amazon Product Research tool

Product research tool

The Amazon Product Research tool is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for finding the best-selling goods on Amazon. The most important aspect of this application is an FBA calculator, which will assist you in making your selection.

FBA profit calculator

Even for newcomers to Amazon, Product Research makes the research process as simple as possible. Aspiring Amazon sellers may use Amazon Product Research to:

  • Have the most up-to-date data about a product’s demand: They update the information on a regular basis so that you can make an informed decision about which product is presently trending.
  • Use the FBA calculator to see whether a product is lucrative: The program will compute your Amazon fees and predict how much money you’ll earn on each transaction automatically. Within the tool, you will also get a projection of the amount of sales for every product per month.
  • Get product ideas right away, with the relevant filters applied automatically: The sophisticated filters that filter out the most lucrative things for resale are automatically applied, but you may turn them off if you choose a product based on your own criteria.

Amazon PPC Optimizer

The Amazon PPC Optimizer feature is a solution for optimizing Amazon ad campaigns and automating your advertising process.

Amazon PPC Optimizer

Please keep in mind that you’ll have to link your Amazon Advertising account. Giving away the advertising token allows Amazon to have access to data from all of its goods in order to create its own ad scenario. It will also assist you in determining which goods are available for advertising, tracking advertising, tracking campaign data, and optimizing ad campaigns.

The tool optimizes a running PPC campaign, simplifying your Amazon marketing effort – no activity necessary! Each new transaction will change your marketing campaign automatically, ensuring that you don’t waste money on unproductive techniques. All you have to do now is choose your daily advertising budget as well as the start and finish dates.

Even if you don’t input keywords, the program will compile a list with the most efficient and appropriate keywords for your products.

The Amazon PPC Optimizer Toolkit has the following advantages:

  • Examine viable options for improving your Amazon advertising strategy.
  • With only one click, you may create your semantic core and attract more clients.
  • Save time by having lucrative keywords automatically researched and added to your campaign.
  • By having the technology construct negatives automatically, you may avoid rivalry between your own marketing campaigns.
  • Run a single campaign for a single product that does not need a paid membership.

Listing Protection

Listing Protection tool is one of the oldest Sellzone features that became available soon after Split Testing. Listing Protection allows you to track all the key changes on Amazon listings and Amazon ranking. You can add as many Amazon listings as you need to monitor your own or competitors’ listings.

Listing protection

All you have to do is to add product page’s URL or ASIN, keywords, or seller’s name to start tracking the changes. If you want to get automated notifications about changes in prices and listing content, use URL or ASIN. If you wish to monitor buy boxes, keywords positions, or listing suppression, add keywords or seller’s name to stay alert of any sudden alterations. Then, click on ‘Monitor’ button and tune notification options to start. In a few simple moves, you can set the tool to always keep an eye on any changes on Amazon listings and ranking.

Sellzone provides two notification options – via email address and/or a phone number. You can set and change the preferred ways of communication anytime.

It is a simple Sellzone instrument that provides instant alerts on unexpected market adjustments. It may not seem like much, but it makes a great job at tracking essential data that can affect the performance of your listings. With Listing Protection, you may never miss a sale again and take immediate actions in case of undesirable changes.

Traffic Insights

It is a tool to track your Amazon internal and external traffic and evaluate different tactics to boost sales. It can work with up to three product listings at a time.  

traffic insights

Traffic Insights features traffic channels analysis and comparison. You can add any three listings by entering their URLs or ASINs. After that, the engine will collect all the available data about traffic channels and show a full report consisting of a few insightful graphs and tables to compare the entered listings. There are five tabs with different data you can track:

  • Overview
  • Amazon Organics
  • Google Organics
  • Referrals
  • PLA
  • Display Ads

Overview tab

In Overview tab, you can see general information on traffic channels. It shows overall trends and basic data on the four other categories. There is Total Reach Trend, Amazon search, Organic Search Traffic, Referral Domains, PLA Keywords, and Display Publishers graphs and an overall Reach by Channel table. Total Reach Trend is a specific Sellzone metric that shows the peak performance of the listings.

Amazon Organic report

The Amazon Organic report in the Traffic Insights tool examines keywords that drive internal organic traffic toward an Amazon listing, as well as monitors and analyzes the performance of rivals’ listings.

Amazon traffic insights tool

The Sellzone Amazon Traffic Insights tool has now become the most advanced reverse ASIN research tool on the market, due to adding this new Amazon Organic report.

Google organics

Google Organics tab shows information on reach, traffic, and keywords trends for Google in particular. The Reach Trend shows the approximation of the number of potential customers that search for listed keywords on Google.

Traffic provides estimated organic traffic that visits the listings through Google search. Position shows the position of keywords in Google search results.

The Competition Trend offers information on Amazon listings in Top-100 search results. Traffic Insights also provides data on other parameters such as geography and device type of Google searches.

Referrals tab

Referrals tab features Referring Domain, Reach, and Backlink trends from third websites. With this tool, you can see traffic from external sites. You can look up in-depth details for every domain.

PLA tab

PLA tab includes a summary table, graphs for Reach, Ads, and Keywords trends, and a table with detailed data such as position, Google Geo, and device type.  

Traffic Insights is a helpful new and unique feature of Sellzone that can provide important detailed information on traffic inside Amazon and from third parties. With this tool, you can analyze the potential reach of every product and decide on external marketing options. 

Listing Quality Check

Listing Quality Check analyzes your listings and suggests improvements to enhance their quality. It looks up for any information incompleteness, Amazon Guidelines fit, and listing content errors.  

To start, you just need to enter the listing’s URL or ASIN. Sellzone will then show the full report on the quality of your listing including correspondence to Amazon requirements, style guides, and best practices. It conducts a number of automated quality checks and provides an overall Listing Quality Score based on the ratio of successful and failed checks.

Listing quality check

In details, you can see what advantages and disadvantages your Amazon listings have. Listing Quality Check shows full information on both successful and unsuccessful checks, so you may look up which parts performed well and what you can change to improve the overall performance of your listings.

You can use different tabs to navigate easily and figure out what kind of errors is most common in your Amazon listing. The tool also offers detailed suggestions with brief instruction to enhance the performance. Listing Quality Check assess multiply listing parameters to check the compliance with Amazon Guidelines. It even includes errors such as punctuation, image quality, and description length.

If you change anything in your Amazon listings, you can run the Listing Quality Change instrument again to see if the errors were fixed. The tool repeats the quality assessment and responds to changes immediately.

Listing Quality Check tools shows a Listing Quality Score, it analyzes the impact of each problem on the listing’s performance in addition to the quantity of issues.It is a composite score based on optimization ideas, Amazon’s specifications, and the official template that rates the general quality of a listing.

Listing Quality Score comprises 5 grades:

  • Perfect (10/10): Listing succeeds all tests, satisfies all Amazon standards, adheres to the Style Guide, and implements all optimization suggestions.
  • Good (between 9.5 and 9.9): Listing does have some small flaws, but generally functions well.
  • Decent (between 8 and 9.4): Listing material includes a number of flaws that should be addressed.
  • Poor (between 6 and 7.9): This listing does have a lot of flaws and needs a lot of work.
  • Bad (below 6): The listing is in desperate need of updating.

All listing inspections are grouped into three kinds depending on their priority to help you focus your work:

  • Critical: Serious problems that have a negative impact on listing performance and may result in suspension.
  • Recommended: Problems that should be resolved for the optimal listing performance.
  • Optional: Minor problems that have minimal influence on listing performance.

Split Testing

Split Testing is the original Sellzone feature that followed along its whole history. It is the tool Sellzone users enjoyed for more than 2 years and has proven its usefulness and functionality. Split Testing helps sellers to optimize their listings and improve their performance.

Unlike the majority of other Sellzone features, Split Testing requires synchronization with your Amazon seller account. For this, you should enter your Amazon Seller ID and MWS details. This information can be found in your Amazon MWS dashboard. After the quick setting, you can use the tool to split test listing description, image, price, and title. Please note that it is advised to run only one test at a time.  

First, you should set the duration of the test. It can be any number of days between 1 and 30. Then, you can set desired test parameter – listing description, main image, title, or price. After these two simple steps, you can start the test and monitor its real-time results. If you see any negative dynamics, you can stop the test at any time.

The Split Testing tool will notify you once the test is finished after the selected number of days. Sellzone will compare the results of the test samples and show you the winner based on the number of sales. You can directly change the listing parameter in Sellzone.

There is no limit on the number of split tests, so you can experiment with different parameters and options to see the best suiting ones. With this tool, you can easily set and compare parameters and see their performance on any stage of testing. This can positively affect your sales and Amazon ranking, once you define what parameters work the best.


Jungle Scout, the Sellzone alternative

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Sellzone Review: Should you use it for your Amazon business?

Overall, it is a powerful, but straightforward and practical instrument every Amazon seller could enjoy. It has a high data accuracy, detailed information on multiple parameters including more advanced implicit data, easy-to-follow improvement suggestions, and appealing interface with great navigation. Sellzone also comes at affordable price and even has free subscription option.

Sellzone is one of the best analytical and keyword research tools for Amazon sellers. It is not only one of the earliest instruments of its kind, but also the most successful in long run. It features 7 great tools that can be useful for both new sellers and professional merchants with experience in e-commerce and marketing.


Sellzone Alternatives

Before subscribing to Sellzone, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best amazon marketing software for your needs. You can find the Sellzone alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Sellzone with its competitors:

Sellzone Review – Amazon analytics tool (now integrated in Semrush)
Sellzone Review – Amazon analytics tool (now integrated in Semrush)

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8.9 / 10