Remote Review – Global HR Solutions For Distributed Teams

In this Remote review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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9.6Expert Score
Meet the new standard in Global Payroll is a fantastic payroll and HR administration application. You may effortlessly get your income and check your payslip, submit expenses or reimbursements, and request time off. Excellent user experience! Very intuitive navigation.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • A simple UI that's easy to navigate
  • With an in-house onboarding staff, you can ease the transition for new hires
  • Non-profits, charities, refugee agencies, and new businesses are eligible for discounts
  • Accessible in over 170 nations
  • Online tutorials and how-to articles enable businesses to use the tool more effectively
  • Assistance through email is available 24/7/365
  • Only with Remote Enterprise plan you have access to their dedicated support staff

Employers get access to a larger skill pool and financial savings, while employees gain a number of benefits, including more time off, greater control over their schedules, and less stress. Even while working from home is becoming increasingly common, there are still many unseen processes involved. Consider the challenges of complying with the many national regulations on human resources as well as international compensation and legal requirements.

Businesses of all sizes may benefit from Remote for global employment because it streamlines the process of paying and managing remote employees. They handle benefits, payroll, stock options, taxes, and regulations in a wide variety of locations throughout the world. Their world-class global recruitment solutions provide your workforce with the finest possible experience, no matter where they are located. When it comes to remote job management tools, is among the best. Here, we’ll walk you through, what they’re doing, and how your firm can employ it to manage a brilliant remote staff.

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Quick Overview

What is is a human resources service provider that helps businesses of all sizes handle their overseas payroll, taxation, benefits, and compliance needs. Remote can manage your payroll and employment needs in regions where you will not have company units. It also offers country-specific benefit packages and Employer of Record (EoR) services. It even has tools for managing and paying independent contractors at a reasonable price.

When it comes to human resources, is an intuitive platform as a go-to global provider for remote-first businesses. If you’re a startup or small business trying to streamline your People OPs in a remote setting, Remote is your one-stop shop. Employers and employees alike can use Remote’s self-service, payroll solutions, onboarding, and management capabilities. Assuring that you retain full ownership of your ideas and intellectual property, it offers a remote IP Guard.

Remote makes it easy to send and handle payments as well as invoices with a click of the mouse from PC or a mobile device. To further safeguard you and your contract staff from financial penalties, the software also creates helpful templates. By just clicking a button, makes it possible to instantly transfer funds in more than a hundred different currencies to freelancers working on your project. The services offered by cover the spectrum from income forecasting to the issuance of your first paycheck. In addition, this system may be used to track time off work and sync that information instantly with payroll. specifications

FeaturesContractor Management / Easy Hiring / Easy to use / IP Protection / Offer Benefits / Onboarding / Payroll
Best suited forSmall businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesDutch / English / French / German
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressSan Francisco, CA
Year founded2019

Pricing pricing: How much does cost?

Various price plans are available for Remote. Costs for global contractor management start at only $29 per month. The Employment Plan begins at $699 for employees per month. You may inquire with Remote today about their International Salary and Benefits Packages for other quotes!

Pricing rangeFrom $29 to $699 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans pricing plans


Contractor Management ($29 per contractor per month):

  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • Legal Compliance Management
  • IP and Invention Rights Protection
  • 24/5 Customer Support via email

Global Payroll (Call Remote for quote):

  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • Legal Compliance Management
  • IP and Invention Rights Protection
  • Payments to Tax Authorities and Insurance Providers
  • Annual Statutory Employer Reports
  • 24/5 Customer Support via email

EoR (Starts at $699 per employee):

  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • Legal Compliance Management
  • IP and Invention Rights Protection
  • Benefits Management and Administration
  • Payments to Tax Authorities and Insurance Providers
  • Annual Statutory Employer Reports
  • 24/5 Customer Support via email

Remote Enterprise (Call Remote for quote):

  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • Legal Compliance Management
  • IP and Invention Rights Protection
  • Payments to Tax Authorities and Insurance Providers
  • Annual Statutory Employer Reports
  • Custom Reports and System Integrations
  • Quarterly Consults With Remote’s Team of Experts
  • 24/5 Customer Support via email chat

Features features: What can you do with it?

Easy Hiring

The remote app is rapidly expanding as an EoR, allowing it to assist you in locating and hiring qualified people in nations where it operates local businesses. Remotes provide premium HR services just like deel or papaya global. 12 nations were successfully tested in our earlier evaluation. This number is now at 34, and another 11 are scheduled to arrive in Q3 of 2022.


Sending out contracts and doing right-to-work and/or medical checks are two examples of the onboarding tools available to startups and businesses, whether they hire full-time workers or independent contractors (if required by local labor regulations).

Because the Remote app provides each employee from remote teams with a personal professional who will lead them through the induction program and answer questions regarding their contract and recruitment requirements, it also frees you from the responsibility of managing employee onboarding. The onboarding tools were well received by reviewers, while some griped about delays when their assigned expert was unavailable.


Those that utilize it remotely praise its ability to manage international payroll on their behalf, just like deel but with plenty of new tools. Through its system of local organizations, the Remote app handles payroll, including country-specific employment taxes. It is capable of processing incentive and bonus payouts for overseas employees and adheres to the Dutch 30% decision, which states that highly talented migrants who relocate to the Netherlands for a specific job are eligible for tax-free allowances up to 30% of their gross wage.

In addition, the 11th of each month is the payroll deadline. It’s vital that information about bonuses, commissions, incentives, and expense reimbursements be entered onto its platform by 11:59 p.m. UTC on the 11th in order to be processed. To avoid missing out on pay if you don’t meet the deadline, Remote offers off-cycle payroll processing for a charge. This is also the onboarding deadline.

Offer Benefits

All of your team members may take advantage of the best local benefits packages, no matter where they are located. Contractors can be included if so desired. In addition, the Remote app will handle the administration of employee benefits and will see to it that all permanent staff members are enrolled in the appropriate national social security systems.

You may take advantage of its services to ensure that your team members receive the appropriate statutory benefits in accordance with local law. In addition, it helps guarantee that all employees in a nation, regardless of their position, receive the same benefits. Also, it can help you figure out the most effective strategy for handling a single employee’s concern if you have to present them with a one-time reward.

IP Protection

The Remote IP Guard system provides full coverage for intellectual property and patent rights. IPs of work items developed by overseas personnel are transferred to you in a safe two-step process that applies to a wide range of industries (including finance, production, technology, and energy). In addition, Remote provides access to foreign lawyers that can help you secure your intellectual property.

Contractor Management

Remote app offers contract templates that may be modified to safeguard your firm from employment misclassification concerns and legal claims, in addition to its other contractor recruiting and onboarding capabilities. All 34 national labor regulations have been taken into account in the adaptation of these forms. Users have expressed gratitude for being informed of prerequisites in advance.

It might not be easy to learn about the laws in each nation that pertain to hiring contractors, but the Remote app makes it simple with its comprehensive web resources. These materials, produced by in-house legal counsel, not only outline the applicable legislation but also assist you in saving the cost of hiring an outside legal counsel to evaluate contractor contracts.

Ease of Use

Reducing the time and effort required to recruit, hire, and pay freelancers and employees in other countries is a major benefit of using remote workers. It has a user-friendly interface like papaya global. When it comes to HR and payroll, as well as intellectual property (IP) security, the Remote app is head and shoulders above other global payroll and EoR service providers since it owns the local legal companies in the nations where it manages personnel. Each new employee is given access to a designated onboarding expert who can respond to inquiries via chat about the employment agreement and the onboarding process.

Conclusion review: Why you should use it?

It can be difficult to hire and compensate employees from other countries due to the wide variety of rules and regulations that exist about employment, taxes, and benefits. The hassle and time commitment of managing your own human resources, benefits, and payroll are eliminated when you work from home.

As an EoR, it may aid in the management of your global workforce during their entire employment, ensuring that you remain in compliance with the laws and tax regulations of more than 170 countries. The time to join the Remote plan is now.

Alternatives Alternatives

Before subscribing to, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the Best Payroll Software for your needs. You can find the alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use remote com?

Positive feedback is widespread across independent review platforms such as G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot when it comes to remote support. Human resources professionals and executives who have used the software have praised its simplicity and the accessibility of its features. The company’s prompt and friendly customer service has also been praised.

Exactly how does Contractor Management function?

If you’re a business owner, signing up for Remote will allow you to communicate easily with freelancers. Your contractors will be able to submit their invoices for review when they have registered.

Your invoices will be shown in the dashboard for approval. Invoices may be approved for payment with a single click. Everything else is taken care of by them. After they have received the monies, you will see that your contractors are paid directly into their accounts.

Remote Review – Global HR Solutions For Distributed Teams
Remote Review – Global HR Solutions For Distributed Teams

Remote review
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9.6 / 10
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