PixelYourSite Review – The Most Complex Tracking Tool For WordPress

In this pixelYourSite review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
9.2/10 (Expert Score)
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9.2Expert Score
Track everything with a single WordPress plugin: Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest, Bing, TikTok Tag, and ANY script

PixelYourSite is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add the Facebook Pixel to your website, and helps you track the conversions, add events and more. It is a powerful tool for Facebook ads optimization and retargeting, and it works with other ad platforms such as Google Ads and Pinterest as well. It allows you to create custom audiences, track important events, and setup dynamic product catalogs. This plugin is a powerful and easy way to optimize your Facebook ads and boost your ROI.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Pixel events can be fired on significant site actions
  • Keep track of who is watching your films and for how long, then retarget these individuals
  • Enables you to add additional tracking code
  • Works with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce to inform you who is looking at each product, who has placed products in their basket, etc
  • You can notify Facebook of specific actions taken on your websites, such as Clicks or Views, using Dynamic Events
  • It faces a lot of errors in the runtime

People who work on social platforms and websites always require the use of high-quality image content along with good API integrations. Businesses need to focus on their goals when they are planning a strategy to make their content more visible and easy to understand by users. Google Analytics for Facebook Ads is an example that you can take. For that, they may monitor crucial event data, such as user page visits, comments, and form submissions, with the help of Facebook Pixel to make sure that your company’s Facebook marketing strategies are successful.

However, integrating Facebook Pixel (or any other API) requires changing your website’s code, which can be difficult. For this reason, it’s advisable to use a WordPress footer and pixel management plugin like the PixelYourSite plugin. It is a strong management plugin that has several useful options that any business can make use of to Google optimize their presence. To explain it better, this PixelYourSite review will examine some of the powerful pixel manager’s most important capabilities in more detail.

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Quick Overview

What is PixelYourSite?

Cristian Stoicescu developed the free-plus-pay WordPress plugin called PixelYourSite. It is made to make it easier for you to integrate well-known APIs and pixels with your WordPress website. For integrating and maintaining APIs and pixels on your WordPress or WooCommerce site, this plugin is a feature-rich “one-stop” solution. It’s a clever pixel manager that enables you to integrate Facebook Pixel or implement APIs on your website without having to change a single line of code. For business owners, especially those who aren’t very tech-savvy, this makes it a terrific option.

You may control and monitor some of the most well-liked APIs with the help of PixelYourSite, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Tag, and any other universally compatible script. This is excellent if you want to better track your Google Analytics data or run Facebook Ads to promote the content on your WordPress website. Once everything is configured, you may begin hosting events or add any kind of script to your website. This is excellent for controlling APIs right from your WordPress website, but it also allows you to observe particular times and instantly send them to your pre-defined pixels.

In this manner, after evaluating form submissions, comments, downloads, and search results directly from your WordPress site, you may make adjustments to your pixels. With only one WordPress plugin, PixelYourSite Pro tracks all data from Google Analytics, Pinterest, Bing, Google Ads, and ANY other script. Since 2016, our plugin has earned the trust of over 103500 business owners and delivers complete support for Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. With PixelYourSite, you can use some of the most well-liked cookie consent plugins without having to worry about violating any privacy rules when tracking user data.

Additionally, the plugin has filters that may be used to build unique integrations for managing the functionality of particular pixels on your WordPress website. It’s a sophisticated technique made with developers in mind, but it’s still a fantastic alternative to have.

PixelYourSite specifications

FeaturesAPI Integrations / Simple Digital Downloads Independent Reports / Smart Open Graph / WordPress Plugins
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressJ38/337/14.04.2016, Bujoreni, Olteni 145, Valcea, Romania
Year foundedN/A


PixelYourSite pricing: How much does PixelYourSite cost?

There are 3 pricing plans for PixelYourSite app. The Bundle Starter pack is for $209, which unlocks the basic features for you. The bundle plus agency plan is for $269, which includes a lot of different integrations like Smart OpenGraph and ConsentMagic.

The Advanced bundle as an active pro version is $799, and it also gives you access to different integrations and tags. One year will pass before your license expires. A legitimate license is necessary for updates, support, and license activation. Automatic License Renewals will be 40% less expensive than usual. Renewals are always revocable. Unfortunately, there is no free version for you.

Pricing rangeFrom $209 to $799 per year
Pricing typesAnnual subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 14 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

PixelYourSite pricing plans


Bundle Starter ($209 Discount – 1 website)

  • WooCommerce Cost of Goods – $90
  • Pinterest Tag Add-On – $90
  • EDD Feed – $90
  • PixelYourSite Professional- $160
  • Super Pack – Bonus
  • WooCommerce Product Catalog Feed – $90
  • Smart OpenGraph – $90
  • WordPress Feed for Dynamic Ads – $90
  • Bing Tag Add-On – $90
  • $209 billed yearly until canceled

Bundle Plus Agency ($799 Discount – Up to 100 websites)

  • PixelYourSite Professional- $550
  • WooCommerce Product Catalog Feed – $200
  • ConsentMagic – $499
  • Pinterest Tag Add-On – $200
  • WordPress Feed for Dynamic Ads – $200
  • EDD Feed – $200
  • Super Pack – Bonus
  • Smart OpenGraph – $200
  • WooCommerce Cost of Goods – $200
  • Bing Tag Add-On – $200
  • $799 billed yearly until canceled

Bundle Plus Advanced ($269 Discount – Up to 10 websites)

  • PixelYourSite Professional- $199
  • WordPress Feed for Dynamic Ads – $99
  • ConsentMagic – $199
  • Bing Tag Add-On – $99
  • Smart OpenGraph – $99
  • WooCommerce Product Catalog Feed – $99
  • Pinterest Tag Add-On – $99
  • WooCommerce Cost of Goods – $99
  • EDD Feed – $99
  • Super Pack – Bonus
  • $269 billed yearly until canceled


PixelYourSite features: What can you do with it?

WordPress Plugins

The support for different WordPress plugins from PixelYourSite has assisted tens of thousands of internet marketers in making hundreds of millions of dollars from their advertisements across numerous platforms. With the ability to manage the Facebook Pixel, and practically any other script, this professional is currently the most sophisticated solution to monitor things on WordPress.

Smart Open Graph

With only a few clicks, EDD Product Catalog Feed can quickly create XML feeds for the Facebook Product Catalog. A user-friendly dashboard provided by PixelYourSite makes it simple to manage all APIs and pixels from a single page. Install the OpenGraph microdata so that whenever someone views your WooCommerce products, Facebook may create a Product Catalog instantly.

Direct event creation from your WordPress website is made simple and effective by PixelYourSite. With just one click after utilizing the plugin to activate events on your WordPress website, you can begin importing event data.

API Integrations

If you’re using WooCommerce, PixelYourSite enables dynamic product advertisements for your pixels and makes it simple to create, manage, and track any eCommerce-related event right from your website.

Additionally, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads are fully compatible with PixelYourSite’s powerful API and pixel management plugin. You can customize the primary eCommerce event-related data on this page, as well as the tracking and pixel configuration for each event. A new WooCommerce tab will appear in the plugin’s settings if WooCommerce is activated on your website.

Similarly to that, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin has full support, allowing you to advertise your items even if you sell digital goods like eBooks, cheat sheets, online courses, or PDF downloads. To improve your API and pixel management when utilizing a WordPress site, PixelYourSite offers automatic events capturing functionality.

Simple Digital Downloads Independent Reports

Utilize this to identify the advertising that leads to EDD orders, as well as your traffic sources and landing sites. You may either download the data as CSV or visualize it inside the plugin. Keep track of the TOTAL and PROFIT that your advertising produces. For each transaction, the default Purchase event only occurs once.

By doing this, the issue where customers fire the event more than once when they return to the order confirmation page is avoided. Add the price of your goods, compute your profit from each order, and use that number as the Facebook conversion rate. Keep tabs on all significant interactions, such as page views, clicks, video views, downloads, forms, comments, or user registration.


PixelYourSite review: Why you should use it ?

This discussion shares details for PixelYourSite, and it explains some of the most noteworthy components of this plugin. We hope this info helps you find the direction that you were looking for, as this plugin is great for API integration and pixel support.

The support can be achieved from their customer support server where you can contact them through email to get key actions support as well as other information like shipping and e-commerce support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is PixelYourSite free?

A freemium plugin called PixelYourSite makes it simple to install and set up the Facebook Pixel as well as other tracking tools like Google Analytics and the Pinterest Tag to target custom audiences for each blog. It is integrated into a browser and supports well for remarketing any website if pro plans are unlocked.

What is the usage of PixelYourSite?

You only need your Pixel ID to deploy the Facebook Pixel using the PixelYourSite plugin. Open the PixelYourSite plugin after copying the Pixel ID. Insert the ID into the appropriate field, then save the modified settings: That’s it; your website now has the Facebook Pixel installed.

PixelYourSite Review – The Most Complex Tracking Tool For WordPress
PixelYourSite Review – The Most Complex Tracking Tool For WordPress

pixelYourSite review
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