NordVPN Review – The Most Famous VPN in the market

In this NordVPN review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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The best online service for speed and security

In 2022, NordVPN is among the top VPN services available. This Panama-based VPN service provides its customers with high speeds, impenetrable encryption, as well as an independently certified no-logging policy. Apps that are both user-friendly and feature-rich make NordVPN a fantastic choice for both beginners and advanced users.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Robust security
  • It can be used in China
  • Covers a wide geographical area with VPN servers
  • Six devices can be connected
  • Have around 5,000 servers in 59 countries
  • Payment through cash or cryptocurrencies is accepted
  • The Android version has no app kill switch
  • OpenVPN configuration is unintelligible
  • Only some servers torrenting is supported

NordVPN User Reviews

Are you also one of those worrisome people who are concerned so much with their online activity that, if it is revealed to someone, they could be in big trouble? 

Who knew modern century men would become so insensitive that it would lead them to change their name into something rhetoric? BananaSheikh711.

You just can’t blame VPNs for this; instead, you should be thankful to them. Well, among the benefactors, you shouldn’t forget the world-renowned Nordvpn.

The jack of all NordVPN is fast in its own race, unique in its own style, and competent crackerjack in its own competition!

Well, there’s something special about NordVPN which makes it to acquire mesmerizing titles like the Best VPN, the Best value, and so on.

Read further to learn more about NordVPN, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a beloved VPN service essentially built to provide users with firm protection and security from the evil which the internet withholds.

Besides that, NordVPN was developed, in 2012, by none other than Nord Security which just recently also bought AtlasVPN. This company creates software related to cybersecurity and was supported by business incubator Tesonet and a Lithuanian startup accelerator.

NordVPN Review – The Most Famous VPN in the market #ciroapp

A VPN is just as essential as antivirus software, as a proficient VPN will secure data in strong digital encryption, which will prevent eyes from lurking around to ambush your data.

An astonishing fact about NordVPN is that it has gained over 218,000 ratings in the App store with a score of 4.6 and 451,000 reviews in the Google Play Store with a 4.3 rating.

In 2019, NordVPN developed a NordVPN Team, also known as NordLayer, which was mainly made to provide businessmen, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with secure access to resources and near-to-perfect anonymity online.

NordVPN specifications

FeaturesAffiliate system / Chrome extension / Cloud Access / Dashboard / Desktop application / Easy to use / File Transfer / Live chat / Location tracking / Malicious Code Scanning / Mobile app / Network management / Shared server / Website Security
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesArabic / Azerbaijani / Chinese / Czech / Danish / Deutsch / Dutch / English / Finnish / French / Greek / Indian / Indonesian / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Latvian / Multilingual / Nederlands / Norsk / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish / Ukrainian / Vietnamese
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressTorre de Las Americas, Punta Pacificana, Panama City
Year founded2012


NordVPN pricing: How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN costs $11.99 per month to $13.99 per month. And with the Best Choice plan, you have no limits!

Price is a major factor in online buying, and people mostly go with the plan that costs less and gives the most. Equally, if you sign up for a bigger subscription, you will get profound features for a reasonable amount. Let me lay down all the plans which you can avail yourself of from NordVPN.

Alternatively, the world is progressing, and most tech-savvy have their life savings on the internet, cryptocurrencies. Well, NordVPN has made it easier for anyone. Nord VPN supports crypto payment; thus, you can also pay for the VPN subscription through cryptocurrency.

In point of fact, a crypto wallet allows users to sign up and pay their payments in full anonymity without revealing their identity. And even if you are not satisfied with the features and perks NordVPN offers, you can easily call out for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing rangeNordVPN costs $11.99 per month to $3.99 per month (for a 2 year subscription)
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialYes, 30 days
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

NordVPN pricing plans


There are approximately three plans: Standard plan, Plus plan, and Complete plan.

Standard Plan

The standard plan costs around $11.99 per month (if you buy for a month), $4.99 per month (if you buy for a year), and $3.99 per month (if you buy for two years). The Standard plan offers users three perks:

Secure and High-Speed VPN

Users will get a fast connection to the VPN along with an encrypted tunnel in which the data can easily and safely be transmitted from one point to another. It also proffers users utmost anonymity and has many servers, protecting six devices simultaneously.

Trackers and Ad Blocker

Users have the ability to block annoying ads, lame jumping scares (pop-ups), and websites that can transfer malware to your device. Mainly, it allows users to have a wonderful experience surfing the web with uttermost security and smoothly.

Malware Protection

With this, users can automatically scan their documents and files to find whether they contain viruses or not. Furthermore, users would also get a warning when their device tries to access a malicious, threatening website. And if the data or the site is unsafe to be accessed, it would be deleted automatically by the VPN.

Plus Plan

Plus plan costs $12.69 per month (if you buy for a month), $5.69 per month (if you buy for a year), and $4.69 per month (if you buy for two years). Other than that, the Plus plan offers the same perks as the Standard plan but provides the uses with an extra two:

Data Breach Scanner

This digital scanner exactly acts just like a luggage scanner. All the essential details, data, passwords, email addresses, personal information, etc., got into a breach; Data Breach Scanner will make a scan of it. You would then get a list of all the data in the breach, and NordVPN will give you the recommendations to use various strategies to prevent this from happening again.


You have tried many times downloading an application where you can keep your password as your mini Alzheimer-diagnosed brain leaks your vital virtual keys. Just like that, NordVPN’s Cross-Platform Password Manager gives users an encrypted password container where you can store passwords easily without the need to worry about them being featured in WikiLeaks. It also allows users to sync and backup the passwords on all devices.

Complete Plan

The complete plan is that the youngest child of the parents gets the most sweets. At less price, Complete plan has to offer a massive! Nonetheless, the Complete plan costs around $13.99 per month (if you buy for a month), $6.99 per month (if you buy for a year), and $5.99 per month (if you buy for two years).

The complete plan delivers users the exact features as the other plan. However, the only difference is the Cloud storage that the Complete plan exclusively gives.


The most prominent storage medium that one would suggest is none other than cloud storage. With cloud storage, one can literally save, upload, and download anything, anywhere, at any time.

NordVPN’s Encrypted cloud storage provides the user with a (nearly) unlimited space with end-to-end encryption to store their private data. The user can also sync the files and data across the devices and can share them securely with others.


NordVPN features: What can you do with it?


NordVPN is a professional when it comes to online streaming. Many famous streaming platforms geo-restrict their content so that it can only be seen by a particular audience. This is more of REGIONISM than to be racism, and THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED!

image 13

It’s just the play of the servers; when you find the aptest server, you can unblock libraries of many major streaming platforms. 

Unblocking Netflix

The world-renowned streaming platform is infamous for its geo-restricted libraries. Many from particular countries can only access specific movies and TV shows. And when it comes to unblocking Netflix, NordVPN is the hero you should call for.

NordVPN unblocks 16 libraries of Netflix from various countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and many others.

NordVPN is excellent for unblocking Netflix but still fails to comply with censorship restrictions. If, in any case, NordVPN couldn’t unblock Netflix, you can then try out these steps:

  • Try different servers: even though Netflix has a strong VPN-detection system that can catch any interference in IPs and can ban or block. This can be countered by trying out different servers. With a wide variety of servers in NordVPN, the user can easily opt out of any server and deduce which works best with Netflix. Just close your Netflix, connect to a different server, re-open Netflix, and you’re good to go!
  • Clean up your browser’s cache and retry: Sometimes, Netflix is so much of a keen fox that it can trace your true location (stored in the browser’s cache) and can block the IP address. You can easily solve this issue by clearing out browsing data, cookies, and cache. My preference would be to use Netflix on an incognito window so that your anonymity would also be increased by your browser.
  • Get yourself a dedicated IP: many times, when you connect to a VPN, your IP changes which can easily be detected by these streaming platforms. You can get a dedicated IP for yourself; now, no digital streaming platform police could stop you.
  • Customer Support: You know who to call when you’re in big tech trouble. Yes, contacting customer support would give you a thorough and appropriate explanation that can solve your issue in seconds.

Lastly, the number of titles and contents that the restricted libraries withhold are 6,162 in Canada, 5,879 in the United States, and 5,954 in the United Kingdom. This could be a heaven for binge watchers.

Unblocking HBO

You know, this big addiction for movie freaks can also lock various libraries for particular users. But for NordVPN, this is an easy task. NordVPN is pretty suitable for HBO Max that even after applying the VPN on HBO, it would still provide overall the same quality and fine performance.

Unblocking other platforms

NordVPN can unblock other streaming platforms, but the only tiring thing to do is to find the right server that could be perfect for that particular platform.

Just take an example of BBC iPlayer. It can easily be run by users with United States servers. However, the only time-consuming thing is to find the aptest server for it.

For DAZN, United States servers are not suitable for it. And also, with DIsney+, you have to find the most appropriate server available.

SmartPlay technology

Another wonderful thing about NordVPN is the SmartPlay technology. SmartPlay technology feature allows the user to access all types of content with enough protection as this is a pure built-in feature, so you don’t have to activate or connect it in order to enable it. Equally, all you got to do is connect with the right server. After that, it will automatically obey your wishes and commands with no ifs or buts.

image 7

SmartPlay is generally used when users want to unblock and get access to geo-restricted streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and many more.

The supremacy of SmartPlay technology comes because it combines smart DNS technology with its profound security features. When you try to open content that isn’t available, your DNS servers are switched by the smart DNS. Nonetheless, smart DNS does not protect you from your dark web online activities, nor are they able to go through the IP blocks.

Additionally, when a supported streaming platform is visited, SmartDNS cloaks your identity and allows you to access the content on the platform without exposing your current location.

Furthermore, NordVPN not only allows you to access restricted content but also disguises your online presence because of which, you can enjoy streaming sites on laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc., without worrying about your privacy and security.

Let me further lay down –thoroughly– why you should use SmartPlay.

Unrestricted Access

Many streaming platforms put geo-restrictions on their content so that a particular content may only be available to a specific audience. This is done when the streaming platform’s servers check the user’s IP, and if the address does not match their criteria, it is deemed as an unauthorized location, and hence, the user is blocked. 

SmartPlay solves this tiny yet annoying problem for the users. In simple words, it changes the location of the user so that the servers may recognize it as an authorized entry and may not, afterward, block him. Now the user can enjoy his desired movies or TV shows from his couch!

Automatic Service

Sometimes, many useful features are designed in the most complex way, costing users satisfaction. You need to install then blah blah… Well, for SmartPlay, it is automatically implemented by NordVPN on its servers. This not only saves you your energy but also saves your time banging your head following useless instructions.

Another pleasing thing is that SmartPlay is available on all of NordVPN’s versions. You just have to pick the aptest server, and SmartPlay will do the rest.

Secure and Private Streaming

In this world of the internet, your identity and personal information are just like black gold. If it’s caught up in the wrong hands, you would be going into big trouble; well, now you wouldn’t because NordVPN is here to save the day. 

You are a ghost on the internet with proficient modern-day encryption and other security aspects. Nobody can track you, nor is your device vulnerable anymore. Just take care of yourself from the FBI.


Firstly, if you don’t know what a VPN server is, it’s basically a remote server that transmits your data safely across the internet without any third-party interference. These VPN servers are quite essential for your privacy, identity, and security. So better choose a suitable server yourself before someone else chooses it for you!

Despite other famous VPNs like ExpressVPN boasting of servers in 94 countries, NordVPN only covers 59 countries; however, NordVPN does provide a good geographical diversity with its servers.

As NordVPN states that we don’t have to see far to detect a server, it doesn’t mean by its wide range of 5483 servers in 59 countries, but it means that the users won’t feel any reduction in internet speeds. Actually, internet speeds solely depend upon the distance of the device from the server. Your internet speeds will skyrocket if the server is at a fine range. But if it is too far, brace yourself for the countless hours of video buffering you will face.

NordVPN, covering a wide range with its strategic-placed servers, allows the users to have more alternatives close to their location if their own server messes up working.

Mostly, half of NordVPN’s servers are based in the United States, and some others are based in Europe. This benefits people living in those countries and greatly gives an advantage to those who live outside. As most content on the internet is made in these regions, geo-restricted users can easily gain access to their desired movie, TV show, or other videos regarding making a nuclear bomb.

The headquarters of NordVPN lies in Panama, which is pretty near to Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes jurisdiction. Technically, this is a surveillance alliance and an intelligence network between countries like the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. 

Furthermore, the main dilemma about the location of headquarter is that any country can threaten or force the company to give up the information, but as NordVPN lies in the most peaceful digital secured place, you don’t have to worry about literally anything, and neither would any government force you to surrender your data.

Nevertheless, with just a click on the “Quick Connect Button,” you’ll be perfectly matched with the most suitable server near you. Another praisable thing is that you can change your IP address to any favorable country; just click on the available country or hit NordVPN’s server list to select your encrypted-digital destination.

NordVPN isn’t just dust in the market, but with its special servers like Double VPN, Obfuscated, P2P servers, and Onion Over VPN, you can pretty much call it the Wolf of Digital Street!

Likewise, Double VPN alters your IP address twice and gives you an extra layer of security: give a hard time to hackers deciphering your encrypted data. You can either develop a secure link for your files with the Meshnet feature, or you can download hundreds of files with NordVPN P2P servers. Totally depends on you! The obfuscated server will be quite suitable where internet access is restricted. It can easily bypass the network’s firewall, allowing you to surf the net freely without revealing your identity.


NordVPN is proclaimed the fastest VPN on the market. With the AV-TEST, it was deemed that NordVPN was the fastest VPN out there. Although the average speed was 369 Mbps region-wise, the results shown were:

  • United States of America: 417.0 Mbps
  • United Kingdom: 255.9 Mbps
  • Japan: 527.1 Mbps
  • North America: 460 Mbps
  • Asia: 299 Mbps
  • Europe: 349 Mbps

Nevertheless, NordVPN fails when it comes to connecting to the VPN server automatically, that’s where you have to listen to your guts and carefully pick the server which suits you best. When you connect to the server, you’ll find that videos will stream without any buffering and will have decent high-definition quality, web pages will load extremely fast, and the games you’ll play will have less ping.

image 11

NordVPN didn’t just acquire this title all at random, but behind this achievement is a constant upgrade of the server network, keeping up with a robust infrastructure and a prominent software architecture.

These factors result in inefficient internet performance when you stream video online, download files, or browse the web:

  • VPN server load
  • Firewalls used
  • Antivirus software used
  • Security protocol used
  • Distance from the device and the VPN server
  • Encryption Quality
  • Speed of the internet offered by the Internet Service Provider

Furthermore, to have a greater experience in internet speed, you should focus on these things:

  • Get a service provider which offers the most servers in a wider range worldwide.
  • Pick a server that is less crowded. 
  • Choose a server which is physically closest to your device; long-distance may increase the probability of your data being breached and malicious code entering into your device.
  • Go for the server which has less traffic, as when the server is crowded; the connection speed is compromised.

Well, every VPN causes your internet speed to decrease. This is because the encryption and the distance made between the device and the server are altered. As a result, you may experience latency in games, buffering in videos, and much more loading time when opening a website.

According to the NordVPn itself, when you connect to the nearest available server by OpenVPN, you may experience about a 30% drop in your internet connection speed. However, you may also use the NordLynx protocol rather than others to give you a decent and fine internet speed.

Over and above that, when you feel your internet connection disrupted while using a VPN, you should first check your internet speed with the VPN off and check if there are any issues or not. Subsequently, if you haven’t found any problems with your internet connection, then you might think that there are some problems with the VPN. But you should first know that when connecting to a VPN, your internet speed is compromised, and you can experience a slower internet connection which is nothing to really worry about.

To further fix the slow internet connection speed issue on Windows with the NordVPN application, restart your device and router and then connect to the closest VPN server to your device location. The server should have less traffic; if the load is more than 70%, switch to another server. Beyond that, in the Auto Connect tab, Settings, turn off automatically choosing a VPN protocol and a server, and in the VPN protocol field, select NordLynx. 

Equally, you can also ensure that the drivers and software on your PC are up to date and applications that may be transferring data in the background are closed. Relatively, check your internet speed by temporarily disabling your firewall or altering rules that cover the firewall using various firewall software. Although, sometimes your old router may also be outdated or have some problems, which can also have an impact on the internet speed.


NordLynx (an extension of WireGuard) is used by NordVPN in Android, macOS, Windows, and IOS applications. Besides this, OpenVPN is also used, as a backup, in all these platforms; however, only on IOS and macOS, IKEv2 is available.

image 12

NordVPN only uses two VPNs: IKEv2 and IPSec. IKEv2 is used to reconnect your VPN connection when your device disconnects from the Wi-Fi, whereas IPSec is solely used to make encrypted connections among the devices. These protocols help when the user switches from Wi-Fi to mobile data or hotspots.

WireGuard is a prominent feature in most VPNs. Unlike OpenVPN and IKEv2 being absolutely gold for VPNs, WireGuard provides modern encryption techniques and gives users faster speeds. It also assigns users a static IP address but that stores data of the user on the VPN server. To nullify this and support its zero logs policy, NordVPN made a “Double NAT” system to provide a secure connection without having the need to store users’ credentials. 

To further understand the “Double NAT” system, NordVPN has concluded this statement:

“The double NAT system creates two local network interfaces for each user. The first interface assigns the same local IP address to all users connected to a server. Once the secure VPN tunnel is established, the second network interface with a dynamic NAT system kicks in. Dynamic local IP addresses remain assigned only while the session is active and allow not to store any identifiable data on the server.”


There are many servers that are aimed to be made for torrenting; well, it solely depends on you. Besides that, many people are concerned about whether NordVPN allows torrenting or not. The simple answer is that it does. 

Most of the users prefer NordVPN when it comes to torrenting. Following, it provides peer-to-peer file-sharing (P2P), along with robust DNS leak protection, P2P-optimized servers, and a proficient no-logs policy.

P2P file sharing allows torrenting to be done quite easily. Most VPNs have statements to support file sharing, whilst others have servers dedicated to wholly supporting P2P traffic.

How to torrent on NordVPN

It’s pretty easy when it comes to torrenting. Below are some simple steps to start torrenting with NordVPN:

  1. Signup for a NordVPN account
  2. Activate your account by email address
  3. Download the NordVPN software
  4. Sign in to the downloaded NordVPN software and select a P2P server

Afterward, you can torrent through any site or P2P network.

Another piece of advice from us is that you should activate NordVPN’s Kill Switch before torrenting. If, in any case, your VPN connection fails, the kill switch will automatically disconnect you from the internet. This will prevent your original IP address from leaking and could lend you some time to shut off the torrenting software before reconnecting your device to the internet.

Furthermore, you can also activate the kill switch for particular applications like the TOrrent client. You just have to choose “App Kill Switch” in the Settings, and afterward, select the file sharing application such as Utorrent, Azureus Vuze, and many more.

Additionally, you can also test your torrenting internet speed. It is a simple step, choose the dedicated P2P server, and test your internet speed from internet speed testing websites on Google. 

To accurately test the internet speed, you have to first note the speed of the internet when no VPN is applied, then test your connection after the VPN’s P2P server has been activated. You’ll notice the reduction in internet speed that has been caused because of torrenting.

On top of that, there are further settings that you should keep in mind to have a secure experience for NordVPN torrenting.

Firstly, go for the torrenting server, which NordVPN itself recommends. Owing to the fact that these servers offer high speed along with encrypting your traffic to give you a perfect torrent experience. Under the Specialty Servers section in the NordVPN application, choose the nearest P2P server to your device’s location.

For a robust level of security and privacy, use OpenVPN or NordLYNX when connecting to the NordVPN rather than the PPTP or L2TP/IPsec as these are less secure and may cause your identity to be leaked.

Lastly, use the Kill Switch feature, so if your VPN gets disconnected, your identity stays anonymous. 

Kill Switch

True to its name, NordVPN’s Kill Switch slaughters unnecessary connections being made with your device. Generally, it is a security measure that prevents users’ personal information and data from being leaked to the internet. If we go deeper, Kill Switch constantly monitors the VPN connection with the device, and when the connection is dropped, the kill switch beheads the direct connection being made of the device towards the internet. 

image 8

Technically, when you use VPN, it’s obvious that you want your identity to be anonymous, but sometimes, things happen. You lose VPN connection; now what? Now your identification is all over the internet as your device is connected to the web with the real IP address. In turn, with using a VPN, your anonymity is also at stake. Anonymity granter can also be its taker.

To prevent this, Kill Switch blocks your internet connection till the encrypted tunnel is repaired, or the NordVPN’s Kill Switch is turned off manually by the user.

This master of none feature NordVPN is available on both mobile and desktop versions.

Desktop Version

Internally, the Desktop version of NordVPN’s Kill Switch has two other options; App Kill Switch and Internet Kill Switch. 

App Kill Switch

Just like its name, this mini perk is ordered to protect specific applications. What you must do is to choose a certain particular application and allow the app kill switch on it. The app kill switch will prevent the application from being directly accessed to the internet with your real IP address whenever your VPN is disconnected.

Internet Kill Switch

Internet kill switch ensures your privacy and security by preventing the internet traffic from accessing your device. This happens when the VPN connection is dropped; automatically, the kill switch disconnects your device connection from the internet to stop any data from being transmitted with your original identity.

Mobile Version

In contrast to the most-used desktop version, the mobile version of NordVPN’s kill switch is a bit old. For instance, it doesn’t support particularly selecting the app for app kill switch and can only disable the internet connections. However, the kill switch feature is available on both Android and IOS.

In addition, here’s why you should turn on Kill Switch whenever you use a VPN:

Ensures Security

Nowadays, keeping an extra layer of security is essential when it comes to keeping data online. One-click, boom. You can get hacked in millions of ways; thus, as more secure your device is, the less likely you would get hacked.

Staying anonymous

If you are surfing on the web, there are many dangers that await you that are just one click far. In this regard, hiding your real identity and being anonymous is an obligation when you are a public figure and have a reputation in public. Be sure to activate Kill Switch whenever you write your password or enter essential data.

Data Privacy

Personal data is virtual gold in this modern-day era. You don’t know how and when someone steals your data and can use it in wrongdoings. Hence, if you have any important information –be it classified data of work, or business, ensure that the data is always encrypted or at least an encrypted tunnel is activated when transmitting data.

Nevertheless, all we have done are sweet talks about the kill switch; let us show you the drawback that the kill switch sadly withholds. 

NordVPN’s kill switch only defends you from a particular type of situation and problem. If it goes beyond that, the kill switch can become a snake. 

Let’s give you some examples: kill switch won’t secure you from the torrent sites which contain malware, nor will it disable your connection if you encounter an online threat. Just a friendly advice: don’t wholly depend on these AIs.

Security and Logging

When you hear the word “VPN,” it generally means security and privacy. VPN protects you not only from being detected but also from data breaches and hackers. However, a valid concern among the users is about storing users’ logs and personal details in the VPN server. Well, with NordVPN’s no-log feature, you don’t have to worry more.

image 9

In simple words, NordVPN’s no-logs policy refers to that the VPN will not store or keep any kind of information or traffic of the user that passes through the server. But the dilemma that arose is that some of the government’s forces to give out data. And fortunately, most servers lie in regions where there are no data retention laws, for instance, Panama.

According to the company, NordVPN’s no-log policy was audited and inspected twice by professionals (PricewaterhouseCoopers AG), which concluded that NordVPN doesn’t really keep logs and essential data of users on its servers.

Though we can say that NordVPN doesn’t really hold your information and data, needless to ask, what about the username and stuff from which NordVPN identifies the users? So, for that, NordVPN stores a tiny bit of data, though, mainly to store customers’ information like their online username. Nothing is 100% in this wicked world.

Let me put in a nutshell what NordVPN stores for the users.

  • Information about whether you have used NordVPN in the last 30 days.
  • Information of your device; operating system, model, and other types of data.
  • In-app data stores information about how the user uses certain features, notifications, and much more. 
  • Device Identifiers: for marketing and analytic purposes, NordVPN can store your device’s identifier. Though, you can reset these from your device’s settings.
  • Username and timestamp: to limit simultaneous connections, NordVPN records the username and timestamp of the last session. However, 15 minutes after the session, this is automatically deleted.

Although, NordVPN should have made their system a way to store data none at all. As this still can concern many users that the company might give up their data. Just like device identifiers, as this can be tied to a certain user, can uniquely identify the particular mobile device that is being used, which can cause the user’s identity to be exposed.

With recording timestamp, the time of a particular event can be easily stored, which can later, if correlated with activity and other logs of the device, help to identify the user.

Nonetheless, NordVPN does not store the general concerns of the users. For instance, IP addresses, server IP addresses, online activities, browsing activity, and other information which can be used to correctly recognize the user.

Ram-only servers are the new dawn of VPN security. Nowadays, many VPNs are adapting this feature to ensure the users’ more security and can grasp the trust of the audience. In this, the VPN application runs on RAM, which is indeed a primary memory but stores data temporarily so that no data is stored on the memory device permanently. Therefore, if, in any case, a hacker tries to breach your device, he would find an empty pit in which he can kill and throw his disappointment. 

On top of that, the days are gone when the marvelous NordVPN would leak your IPv^ address over WebRTC. Well, until then, NordVPN has quite improved. 

Moreover, when the VPN is connected, the applications do not leak any kind of DNS, WebRTC, or IP traffic.

The most profound thing about NordVPN is that it specifies and assigns a particular number of IP addresses to each server. This results in keeping the online traffic private and allowing users to share these IP addresses to enhance their anonymity.

Moreover, everyone knows NordVPN’s encryption is military-grade, and to give you a more thorough answer, NordVPN encryption specifications are as follows:

  •  3072-bit DHE-RSA key exchange
  • 256-bit AES channel encryption
  • SHA384 authentication


You also have been quite fed up with ads. Browsing peacefully and seeing cats pawing their owner, and then suddenly an ad appears giving you $10000000 for the cent your granddad gave centuries ago. 

The CyberSec feature of NordVPN is basically an adblocker made with the sole aim to block ads and websites to prevent malware from coming in. It can block in-game ads, browser ads, and many more. However, the ads on Youtube, Spotify, and Twitch are inevitable to be blocked by CyberSec. Needless to say that yes, it does protect you from phishing, scams, DDOS attacks, and prevent botnet control and cybersecurity issues.

image 10

To elaborate more, NordVPN’s CyberSec prevents ads and malware by filtering the online traffic with DNS. The DNS server is configured in a way that blocks access by completely blocking the IP address of the website to those websites where the user may face an ad or any other online threat.

NordVPN’s CyberSec has a set of criteria from which, if a web page passes, the user would be able to view the webpage. If it doesn’t, the user would see an error message, and the URL would be blocked.

Furthermore, if you keep on updating the blacklist of domains through DNS filtering, many harmful and malicious websites can be blocked.

Well, CyberSec is not always as proficient as it seems; it doesn’t always block the ads appearing on the webpage. Comparatively, other ad blockers like uBlock Origin would be preferable to CyberSec as they hide most ads on web pages.

Not only can you turn on this feature on Windows, macOS, IOS, Android, or Linux, but you can enable CyberSec from NordVPN’s Chrome extension as well.

Split Tunneling

Nord VPN’s Split Tunneling feature allows the user to choose which applications need VPN protection or which can directly access the internet. Applications with VPN would be more protective as they would have a secure tunnel of VPN, whereas applications with no VPN would experience faster speeds and access to many services.

Split Tunneling works simply by letting the user have two connections simultaneously. The VPN application splits the online traffic into two sections; one section gets encrypted and rerouted through VPN servers, whilst the other section is allowed to interact with the internet openly. Therefore, the user can determine which applications are needed to be VPN protected and what applications should be trusted to go past the VPN security.

Likewise, Split Tunneling also helps users in avoiding various applications to slow down. As the encryption process makes the internet speed slow down, you can turn off Split Tunneling for apps that need DC Flash’s supersonic speed, such as games where you need 60 fps to 360 no-scope, or otherwise, you are doomed. You can also use Split Tunneling for those apps where you think your privacy is in danger, and soon there will be another virtual duplicate made trying to hack government websites.

On top of that, when you have a VPN connection activated, your device won’t recognize other devices on LAN; this is where Split Tunneling can be a helping hand. Split Tunneling can let the user connect their other devices over LAN with their computer without having the need to turn the VPN off!

Furthermore, there are different types of Split Tunneling:

App-Based Split

With NordVPN’s App-Based Split, you can choose your desired applications that need to be encrypted and can leave the application which you want unencrypted.

Inverse Split

Inverse Split is the safest type of Split Tunneling. This fully encrypts your connection so that only trusted and authorized traffic can only pass through the restricted tunnel to the internet directly.

URL-based Split

The URL-Based Split feature lets the users choose the website they want where their identity can be fully exposed; they can visit with their actual IP address.


NordVPN review: Why you should use it?

Generally, when you look out for a VPN, you should always look out for these three things: privacy, speed, and security. It wouldn’t be quite a surprising thing to say that NordVPN is masterfully brilliant in all!

The variety of features and perks that NordVPN has to offer is just the flour on the cake. Features like CyberSec, SmartPlay technology, and many more are what make NordVPN stand out from the competition and be loved by millions of users all around the globe.

Also worth a mention is the 2-year deal of the premium version which NordVPN has to offer. It’s pretty affordable, includes features according to the plan, and the customer support is efficient as well!


NordVPN Alternatives

Before subscribing to NordVPN, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best VPN software for your needs. You can find the NordVPN alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare NordVPN with its competitors:


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NordVPN Review – The Most Famous VPN in the market
NordVPN Review – The Most Famous VPN in the market

NordVPN review
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