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In this Moosend review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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8.9Expert Score
Email marketing software focused on Marketing and Automation

Moosend is an email marketing tool that assists small companies in running effective marketing campaigns. Many of Moosend’s rivals’ automation processes are less robust than Moosend’s.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • In comparison to similarly priced rivals, automation processes are more robust
  • The majority of the features available in premium plans are included in the free plan
  • Infinite number of custom data fields and segments.
  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages
  • Customer service is restricted with the free plan
  • Moosend's third-party integrations are restricted

Marketers are searching for ways to make their life simpler and their email newsletter campaigns more successful and multi-functional these days. This implies they’ll require a single tool or technology that can handle the majority, if not all, of the jobs they’ll need to accomplish.

Today, we’ll discuss the importance of email marketing and what might help you grow your company. A strong email marketing and marketing automation software is exactly what you need to increase your eCommerce store’s shopping cart transformation or attract your customers with email newsletters.

This is when Moosend, among the most widely used email marketing systems, comes in.

Through customized email marketing campaigns, sophisticated list segmentation possibilities, and lead generation services like landing pages or subscription forms, Moosend’s platform claims to provide your ideal conversion rates.

Is Moosend, however, the right platform for your company? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And how may it assist you in achieving your marketing objectives? In this Moosend review, you’ll find out.

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Quick Overview

What is Moosend?

Moosend Review – Email Marketing Platform #ciroapp

With features that focuses on understanding your customer’s journey via sophisticated analytics, Moosend‘s platform may very well take you down that road. It may also assist you in improving your success by providing powerful AI solutions that claim to suit your marketing plan, whatever that approach may be.

Once mastered, email advertising and marketing automation may be a conversion powerhouse. It builds relationships with prospects and consumers to the point where your brand may become a household name.

The platform’s extensive set of capabilities will be ideal for your mailing lists, allowing you to control everything about them with little effort, from performance to design.

Moosend specifications

FeaturesEmail marketing
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressTallis House, 2 Tallis St, London EC4Y 0AB, United Kingdom
Year founded2011


Moosend pricing: How much does Moosend cost?

If you have less than 500 subscriber you can buy the pro plan which costs you $9 per month. If you are in a doubt about Moosend you can use the free trial also.

Pricing rangeFrom $0 to $9 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialYes, 30 days
Money back guaranteeNo
Pricing page linkSee plans

Moosend pricing plans


The wonderful thing about Moosend’s platform is that it’s cheap, with price levels that can accommodate more than other marketing budgets. First and foremost, there are three tiers: the Free trial, Pro, and Enterprise plans: Free Forever belonged to 1,000 distinct members and is available indefinitely. As each email address count as one, you may send an infinite number of emails and get as many email lists as you like. It’s ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs who don’t require all the marketing tools just yet. The Pro plan costs $8 per month and is paid once a year. This is the most popular price category, since it includes all features. If you have over 1,000 subscribers and would like to see your company expand, this is the tool for you. The Enterprise plan is indeed a tailored solution for your company’s specific requirements. There’s also a fourth option for individuals who don’t send emails very frequently but want to use email marketing as part of a larger strategy, such as an outreach program or a public relations strategy. “Credits” is the name of the option. You may buy credits via the credit system, which you can then use while sending an email campaign. Each credit covers a certain number of emails rather than a certain number of subscribers, there is no time limit.


Moosend features: What can you do with it?

Because the platform’s capabilities are focused on email marketing, here is the ideal location to start our Moosend review. In a brief, the software consists of the following elements:

  • An email editor
  • Personalization and segmentation choices that are sophisticated
  • A/B testing software
  • Tools for marketing automation

Let’s have a look at what each feature has to offer.

Email Editor on Moosend

The platform includes a drag-and-drop email builder that allows marketers to either build their own email newsletter layouts from start or modify one of Moosend’s numerous pre-made themes.

Email editor

The email builder is simple to use for both beginner and experienced marketers, since it needs no HTML understanding.

As you can see, the user may drag and drop different items, including interactive features like GIFs or movies, into blocks. There are additional content kinds to choose from, such as countdown clocks, plain text choices, and social network icons, as well as a picture library with a broad range of images.

Of course, there’s a function that will assist you in creating email templates that will interest your readers and increase conversions.

Change the material that your subscriber may view using the “Conditional Visibility” function. This means you’ll establish the criteria for each recipient to see unique information, resulting in dynamic emails. Simply take use of your data, choose appropriate pictures, and create the ideal circumstances to attract your subscribers.

For example, if you run a worldwide eCommerce shop, you can utilize conditional visibility to attract customers with offers that vary depending on where they are; dynamic content to cater to both the Australian winter and the European summer simultaneously.

Finally, Moosend’s editor enables marketers to preview content based on the device, guaranteeing that nothing goes wrong.

Personalization and Segmentation

By keeping information in the system and enabling marketers to identify even the most underutilized consumer groups, this technology provides segmentation capabilities that may lead to customized content, such as the reactive email content described above.

Your email list may be segmented in a variety of ways. Any criterion, including demographics and psychographics, email openings, basket abandoners, geographic location, and even age and gender, may be used.

You may create segments based on your data or information gathered from past campaigns. Simply build a new section, filter your data, and choose the customers who would be most interested in seeing your material.

Use customization tags to ensure that the content is accurate and also that your marketing strategy matches what your recipients want to see. After all, the goal of sending out a newsletter is to encourage people to engage with your business.

A/B Testing

From the email content to the subject line, Moosend’s A/B testing tools may help you improve your email newsletters.

For example, Moosend’s Refine, a free subject line testing, enables you to compare your email’s subject line to industry standards.

You may use the platform to generate several variations of your email, each with a distinct set of changes, and monitor how each copy performs. After that, you may choose the most successful version and distribute it to your community.

The test duration may be adjusted to 24hrs, and up to two components can be tested. One of the most important aspects of email marketing is A/B testing, since informed, data-driven choices lead to greater outcomes.

Tools for Marketing Automation

Marketers may use Moosend’s automation capabilities to create drip campaigns as well as email autoresponders that deliver triggered messages to subscribers based on their actions.

The platform includes pre-built automation methods that can be used with any audience and will increase your ctr and ROI.

Automation recipes that handle the most typical sequences, including cart abandonment monitoring or birthday email automation, may be created and used. You may even utilize more unusual recipes, such as re-engagement emails depending on the weather.

Abandoned cart automation

Simply use the automation workflow builder to create your own automation sequences. The editor is very simple to use and drag-and-drop.

You may get a sense of the customer’s journey by creating an automated sequence that is tailored to suit the requirements of your audience. Neither to say that it will completely suit the requirements of your business. After all, eCommerce businesses and freelancers have distinct requirements and KPIs.

Tools for generating leads

Moosend’s platform has email branding and sales automation features, but it goes beyond that. Lead generation, as many marketers know, may increase revenue, boost ROI, plus help you enhance your website.

So, let’s have a look at the tools that are accessible.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential for SEO since they’re entertaining, include just the information that’s needed, and include images and verbs that direct the user to do a particular action.

The platform includes a powerful landing page builder, as well as a Drag-and-Drop builder that needs no prior HTML knowledge and a large number of landing page designs to modify.

The greatest part about Moosend’s landing pages seems to be that they’re quick to load. After all, a long loading time may sabotage your marketing efforts. This ensures that all activities are in line with the brand’s content marketing and interaction objectives.

The landing pages feature of Moosend guarantees that the layouts are completely configurable and GDPR compliant, though this editor enables authors to see their content across many devices.

But the finest was reserved for last. You can preserve your website changes and utilize widgets and features that the landing page builder doesn’t have to guarantee brand consistency and revert to a landing page you liked in the past.

Forms for Subscriptions

It’s time to move on from landing pages and focus on another powerful lead generating tool: subscription forms. Subscription forms are an excellent method to collect email addresses from prospects and build an email list of individuals who are truly interested in the content.

The Form Designer from Moosend is simple to use and, like the other capabilities described, does not need any previous HTML expertise. Subscription forms on the platform are easy to use and come with a variety of configurable templates and form choices, including:

  • The website’s content contains an inline form.
  • The pop-up modal that appears on your page.
  • The Full Page form does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • The Floating Bar may be placed in the page’s header or footer.
  • As the user scrolls through your website, the floating panel will remain in position.

Another fantastic aspect of Moosend’s subscription forms is how you can customize which forms are shown to each individual based on their location, os version, device, and even the page they’re on. This gives you greater flexibility in terms of customization, as well as more control over your sales funnel.

Analytics & Data

The dashboard on the Moosend platform seems to be very basic and easy to understand. After all, if you’re not a data scientist, reporting and data may be a pain.

Marketers may use Moosend’s marketing analytics to gain a bird’s eye perspective of their consumers by summarizing all the data from their marketing efforts. Simultaneously, the heatmap function will highlight the customer’s activity, enabling you to make informed choices.

Because you’ll be capable to see all the websites they visited, the emails they read, and other details, you’ll be able to build comprehensive client profiles and communication ideas that will connect with them.

Moosend analytics

Moosend provides a broad range of analytics from which you can create reports and get valuable insight into your customers’ activity. You may collect and analyze statistics like as each campaign’s bounced emails, the most frequently used devices, and, of course, each campaign’s open rate and unsubscribe rate.


Moosend review: Why you should use it?

One of its most often mentioned disadvantages of the software is that it just provides email strategy and business automation solutions, leaving out other critical tools such as CRM.

While this is true, Moosend has a wide range of connectors, including social media reporting and advertising, as well as the most major CRM systems, CMS solutions, and list validation alternatives.

Another disadvantage is that the platform does not have many native connectors or an integrated SMS marketing tool.

Moosend is one of the most cost-effective email marketing and marketing automation systems, with a variety of capabilities at a price that won’t break the bank.

It’s one thing to outline those characteristics; it’s quite another to actually use the platform. So go ahead and give it a go at no cost.


Moosend Alternatives

Before subscribing to Moosend, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best email marketing software for your needs. You can find the Moosend alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Moosend with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Moosend?

Moosend is a good choice if you want strong automation workflows at a reasonable price. We recommend AWeber if you want a solution with a free plan that includes excellent customer service and a vast library of email templates.

Is Moosend easy to use?

A website builder, email marketing automation, and an easy-to-use user interface are just a few of the tools that come standard with Moosend. Their program allows you to manage various email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as write and deliver newsletters using their editor.

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