Filmora9 – The Best Imovie Alternative

Filmora9 – The Best Imovie Alternative


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Struggling with the limitation of transition effects choices in iMovie?
Time to give up iMovie if you want to create your new video like a pro…This is what you must use.

Speaking of editing a video, iMovie probably comes first in mind.
But, Don’t you find it frustrating when you want to do more transitions or cooler sound, but there are only 24 effects in iMovie, and you have to find more from other websites? Yes, so do I.
Filmora from Wondershare is offering more than just video editing, but bringing your stories to life as if you are an executive producer in Hollywood, even if you are just a beginner. Starting from the classic version “Filmora 9” a video editor for all creators.

Want to make a cooler video with over 998 types of special effects ?

Filmora interface


Here what you will have


Graphic components

You can improve the quality of your video by integrating impressively animated or still graphics.

Text and titles

texts and titles of Filmora

You can use various components in the Text Overlay library and the software’s title effects, banners or bubbles to create beautiful animated messages in your videos.

Filters and overlays

These transformation tools allow you to create fantastic cinematographic works that you can share with your family, friends or colleagues.

Quality Music Library

free audio library of filmora

You also have the possibility to create beautiful musical atmospheres by inserting your favorite music directly into your video editing.

Editing your video is then done by navigating between these various components of the interface, and by adding them progressively at different key moments of your editing, to allow you to create high quality and 4K compatible videos.

The mass adoption of the software in the computer market explains why it has been used for the last 7 years by a large number of video editing enthusiasts.

This success is mainly due to several key points that have allowed the software to stand out from its other competitors:

Innovative interface

The Wondershare Filmora software has taken the structural framework of the most complex software such as Apple and Adobe, in order to develop identical functionalities in a more simplified interface.

It has therefore been able to combine an attractive and ergonomic interface with the most practical tools to create excellent video editing.

Basic functions and editing

Wondershare Filmora video editor presents very simple components to make your video editing.


transitions filmora

Transitions make it easy to combine images without any trace in your videos. You can then easily get different images and transform isolated video clips into beautiful graphic scenes.

Speed control

This tool gives you the ability to create fantastic fast and slow-motion effects in the scenes of your video.

HD Compatibility

You’ll make your video more playable with the HD option the software offers. This gives you the possibility to make high-quality close-ups to visualize all the details of your scenes.

Audio separation

You have handy tools that allow you to easily remove background noise or original sound from your video and replace it with the audio of your choice.

Audio editing

You can crop, split or add more volume, fade in and fade out in your videos. Voice-Off and Speed control options (0.5 x to 0.2 x) also allow you to optimize your audio editing.

Video and image editing

You can control the saturation, brightness and tone of your videos/images to create the rendering style you like, and then integrate them into your video.

Other options such as cropping, merging, and LUTs are also available for making these edits.

Powerful features

The Wondershare Filmora software offers unique and varied creative functions in its interface.

It offers many advanced options with more than 150 special effects to help you develop your imagination:

Split screen

Split screen filmora

This option allows you to explain your scene from different perspectives, and create a variety of video display visuals at once.

Green screen

Using this function allows you to create the same special effects as a professional. You can shoot your videos against a green or blue background and then merge them with other backgrounds to edit your final cut.

PIP Editing (Picture-in-Picture)

You also have the possibility to place a “frame” over another “frame” in your video. This allows you to present your story from different angles, overlaying multiple videos in the same window preview frame.


The Tilt-Shift option adds style and animation to your videos and you can easily turn them into miniature scenes according to the specific effects you want to give your scene.


If you have ever used other video editing applications, you will definitely find it easier to create your amazing film with Filmora. Simple dark theme, cool look on the main editing page allows you to be able to focus on your creativity, where you can find everything you need for your video, just ONE click.

The timeline is precisely and practically splitted to 4 parts so that you can easily play around with your subtitles, audio and special effects on top of your main video. This makes video editing easier than other applications.

If you are one of those who have no idea what to do with video editing,
Filmora will show you around with the introduction function from the start of how to input the video, the usage of every function on the application until how to export the clip.

There is also a help center to support. You will find more special tips in order to fully take advantage of the power of video editing in the application.


Basic tools which are needed for video editing are provided just like others. However what makes filmora different is the large volume of choices in each function that can blow your mind away!

Compared to iMovie, Filmora gives you 988+ more professional options to make your video outstanding from audio, titles and transitions.
Moreover, there are other special functions which you hardly find in other applications such as split screens, elements and special effects for you to maximise your creativity into your new video.

If that isn’t even enough, Filmora also gives you access to filmstocks.
You can find more choices of photos, audio, video effects and stock footage for your storytelling unlimitedly. All for FREE!

These ultimate functions in filmora package are absolutely the most beneficial point that allows you to connect to the true experience of the video editing world.

Why should I use filmora ?


It allows you to fully edit your video and upload it to social networking platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook or Instagram to share it with all your contacts.

You can also showcase your video works by uploading them to digital media (Android/iOS) such as your laptop, tablet or game consoles.

In addition, you have several options of video recording formats (WMV, MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4, TS, GIF or MP3), so you can choose the format and conversion that best suits your device or DVD.

As a result, the ease of use of the software and its various functional as well as creative options make Wondershare Filmora the preferred software for video editing enthusiasts, with currently more than 50 million users.

Constant software updates
The Filmora team is continually developing the Wondershare video editor software, and regularly offers users new additional tools: the “add-ons”.

These latest updates are in the form of paid “add-ons”, directly downloadable from the Filmora website; and are classified according to specific categories and themes.

The speed of evolution of Wondershare Filmora can also be seen in its numerous versions on the IT market (current version 8.5 of the software).


NO LIMIT transitions, effects, audios and more

Ultimate options in filmora let you fully explore the power of video making.
Not only the massive choices pool you have inside the application itself,
but also monthly updated in filmstock (filmora external website).
It will get you there to be as creative as you want to be.

For example,




EASY to use, even you are a beginner

Simple feature in this application makes the video editing even easier.
Regardless of how much experience you have in video editing,
you will definitely be able to create a stunning video with filmora.
The main editing page just shows all the tools you need,
which makes it very easy to control how you want to tell the story.
Simple dark background theme helps you to be more colourful
and concentrated on your work.

You can use for Multi-Purpose

With all the options it is ultimately given in the application and filmstock,
you can literally create every kind of work and every type of video,
from personal Youtube clips, marketing video, corporate profile or even a movie. Filmora gives you multiple choices of transitions and special effects in both professional and creative ways such as a heart mark and cartoons.

Over 49,876,387 users are happy

Filmora has been rated 4.5 stars from users around the world.
Most users found it super easy to use, say it “even a kid can use”
Not only beginners are happy with it,
professional video editors are using Filmora for their daily work too.
Confirming you the best product with many reviews like these.

Wondershare Filmora Pricing

Wondershare Filmora is a software available at a very affordable price. A trial version can be downloaded for free to get your hands on it and build up an opinion about the program.

The Filmora9 version

The Filmora9 version is ideal for getting started in video editing. The free offer of this version gives access to all functions and updates. A one-year subscription is worth €44.99 and includes, in addition to features and updates, free support and no watermark display on the clips created.

For a single charge of €59.99 you get an unlimited subscription and for €104.87 per year you get access to the “Plan Plus” offer giving you access, in addition to what is included in the previous formulas, to more than 1000 effects inserted in Filmstocks and to animations added every week.

If you are a company or a group, you can contact Wondershare to benefit from a special rate. Significant discounts are available for NGOs or educational structures.

The FilmoraPro version

The one-year subscription to FilmoraPro is €119.99, compared to €199.99 for an unlimited subscription. FilmoraPro allows you to create professional quality clips with the provision of animations and numerous special effects or the possibility of mixing images to create a unique shot.


All the advantages of Wondershare Filmora
If the software has been used for several years by millions of people, it has several advantages. Among these we can highlight the following:

– the ease of use, ergonomics and intuitiveness of the interface.

– The availability of numerous effects and creative options.

– The innovative nature of the interface, which takes the same functionalities as the more advanced programs and groups them together in a simplified application.

– The quality of the transitions, which make it possible to transform several media into a single creative and dynamic video.

– The HD compatibility offered by the HD option of the software.

– The ability to remove unwanted noise from the original video and replace it with the background music of your choice.

– The performance of the features offered, allowing a unique and personal creation.

– The permanent update of the program. The team in charge of the software constantly proposes new tools, called “add-ons”.

– The operation on the main PC and Mac operating systems.

– 360-degree video editing.

Disadvantages of the solution
However, there are some points that cause slight disappointment to users, such as :

– the time it takes to export or download the videos created. The files are indeed quite heavy. In order to avoid frustration, we advise you to check the capacity of your RAM memory and make sure it is at least 8GB.

– The free use of the software does not encourage creativity with the possibility of creating only 10 projects maximum.

– The slight weakness of the image and video editing tool. However, you can transform audio files with good settings and select an automatic mode so that the program takes care of the retouching itself.

– The fact that you can only use one option at a time for certain functions such as video sequencing.

– Less functionality than professional programs can offer.

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Filmora9 – The Best Imovie Alternative
Filmora9 – The Best Imovie Alternative


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