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In this Mailpoet review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
8.6/10 (Expert Score)
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8.6Expert Score
Perfect for WordPress users

Your website visitors may sign up into your newsletter to become subscribers and be directly added to your mailing list using MailPoet, all without exiting your WordPress admin.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Fully integrated to WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Offers high email deliverability rates
  • Segmentation and automated emails scheduling
  • Integration with elementor and Gutenberg
  • Can be expensive
  • No A/B testing
  • No sending optimization

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

You almost certainly send newsletters on a daily basis in order to interact with your target audience. Many of you utilize email marketing services like MailChimp. If your website is powered by WordPress, we have a very useful tool for you! MailPoet is a WordPress plugin that enables you to design and deliver newsletters. Discover how it works, the pricing, and the benefits and drawbacks of MailPoet in our Mailpoet review.

What is Mailpoet?

MailPoet is a WordPress email marketing plugin that provides a wide range of services. It allows you to create visually appealing registration forms, gather and organize subscribers, or send newsletters as well as other promotional emails. MailPoet now interacts with WooCommerce to instantly email new product information to your subscribers.

Mailpoet features

What can you do with Mailpoet?

Templates for Emails

The many design choices offered by MailPoet are its most remarkable feature. The plugin includes over 50 starting email templates, ensuring that your brand is reflected in the design.

You may choose a layout that matches your theme so your design style is consistent across all platforms. Additionally, drag-and-drop customization makes it very simple to modify.

Add pictures, product details, blog articles, and links to your website to make these attractive layouts more interesting. You don’t even need to copy and paste anything. Instead, you may choose them straight from the editor.

Signup Forms for WordPress

It comes as no surprise that you’ll need a subscriber database to make your emails effective. Rather of depending on a third-party plugin, MailPoet will assist you in creating unique WordPress registration forms.

You may choose which fields to be included in the form. Customers may also be asked for extra information, such as their birthdate or location, in addition to their name and email address.

Change the style or location of these registration forms to further personalize them. These may be in the form of a pop-up, a sticky bar at the end of your page, or even a widget on your website.

You may also embed the form in your websites using iFrame, PHP, or MailPoet’s own Gutenberg block if you require it somewhere else.

Note: MailPoet provides a large number of third-party form connectors. There are now 19 add-ons available that will assist you in creating and customizing forms with no need for coding.

Segmenting a List

Targeted marketing is at the heart of any successful email campaign plan. This implies you’ll need to adjust your messaging in response to consumer activities and attitudes with your website. You may now build custom sections of your subscribers using MailPoet.

You may send emails to those who have opened your emails or send customized messages to people who have visited particular sites. In MailPoet, there is also no limit to the number of lists you can build, allowing you complete flexibility over how you classify your visitors.

You may add these lists inside the subscription form itself, which is a useful feature. This offers your subscribers the option of choosing when they wish to receive your emails.

Subscribers who haven’t logged in for a while will be filtered out.

Regrettably, not all of your list’s subscribers will visit your website on a regular basis. Sending mails to dormant subscribers is therefore a waste of time and money.

It may really hurt your sender score in the long term. For those unfamiliar, a poor email sender score may result in greater bounce rates and reduced open rates, which you want to avoid.

MailPoet has the ability to identify and delete outdated subscribers from your mailing list automatically. This will increase deliverability, which will increase click-through rates.

Deliverability of Email

Along the same lines as the previous point, it’s important to note that increasing your email deliverability has been one of MailPoet’s main objectives. With a worldwide delivery rate of 99 percent, the plugin guarantees that all emails reach your clients’ inboxes rather than their spam folders.

The plugin is also very quick, handling up to 50,000 email messages per hour without causing any other features to slow down. MailPoet will also clean up your email list on a regular basis to prevent email addresses which are no actively in use, lowering the bounce rate.

The built-in SMTP service in MailPoet ensures that you don’t miss any WordPress email messages. All email providers to / from your website will operate smoothly with no disruptions thanks to the plugin.

In the event that you have a problem with how you receive and send emails, MailPoet will return to sending emails via your server.

Email Tracking

How can you determine whether a plugin’s features are really beneficial to your company when it claims such impressive capabilities? That’s when the email analytics from MailPoet come in handy. The plugin includes reports that provide you a lot of information on the user experience you’re delivering with your emails.

On the surface, you can see how well your email campaigns are doing and gather useful information like clickthrough rates. This must give you a better idea of which aspects you did right and which initiatives need further attention.

You can also see which consumers read your emails and which links receive the most clicks as you scroll down. This way, you may improve the user experience by tweaking your call-to-action, email message body, content, and design.

Furthermore, MailPoet may be linked with Google Analytics to get a clear picture of who your followers are and how they interact with your site. This information may be used to better understanding the target audience groups with customized communications.

Import the list of people who have signed up for your newsletter.

Are you still using another WordPress email plugin? Your lists may be simply imported into MailPoet by uploading a CSV file. This also allows you to swap between plugins by importing and exporting CSV files.

MailPoet allows you to send a variety of emails, including:

Welcome Emails

Autoresponders and welcome emails seem to be the same thing. You can have one sent out as fast as somebody joins up and a series sent out at regular intervals after that.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are one-time emails sent to subscribers. These emails might be used to keep your audience up to speed on your company’s most recent postings, goods, or news.

Latest Post Notifications

The newest post alerts option will come in handy and you’ll save time delivering blog post updates. Every time you write a blog article, it will start sending out a newsletter. You may also configure the newsletter to be sent just a few times per week or even on a specified day each week or month. You may also aggregate many posts in a single email or articles from a certain category.


Creates and manages newsletters, welcome emails, and WooCommerce automatic emails. MailPoet offers 50+ free mobile-friendly and HTML layouts for you to use while creating your emails. These may be about a first transaction, an abandoned cart, a welcome email, or anything else. It is also feasible to start from scratch when creating emails.
MailPoet’s letter creation is relatively basic and works on a drag-and-drop basis. Insert columns and photos, as well as change the text, colors, and buttons on your social networks. Send a test message or preview the newsletter in your browser or on mobile when you’ve finished building it.

Furthermore, automated emails may be delivered based on a user’s activities, like when a visitor subscribes in your newsletter, buys the product, and so on.

MailPoet also has the ability to design forms. These forms are quite easy to design, and you may use them to construct a signup form for your newsletter, for example.

The subscribers page displays all of your subscribers, their status, and the section to which they join. You may import your followers into MailPoet through a file or through MailChimp.

You may maintain your lists and change your segments using the Lists tab. MailPoet’s settings provide an intriguing option. Navigate to the plugin’s settings to enable automatic unsubscription for inactive members (after 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the frequency of purchase). This way, you can keep your lists current with a dedicated audience!

Email Follow-Up

You may not only send an automatic email to a client after they make their first order with you, but you can also choose to send follow-up emails. This may help them improve their user experience.

These emails may include interesting information like your most recent article, a product lesson, discount coupons, or product suggestions. You may schedule when the emails are sent out and create segments based on goods or categories of products.

Calculate Your Email-Related Profits

Take it a step further and determine the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Run email statistics on your WooCommerce shop to get detailed data on how well your emails are doing. You can see how much money each email generates right from the WordPress dashboard.

WooCommerce + MailPoet

It’s probable that if you’re sending targeted emails, you have goods to offer on your website. MailPoet also works easily with WooCommerce, which isn’t unexpected. When it relates to WooCommerce, the plugin’s capabilities are almost same, with the exception that it better adjusts to the store’s needs.

MailPoet allows you to target consumers at every step of their shopping experience, from establishing an account to checking out. To encourage consumers to sign up for your newsletters and get product updates, you can even automate the registration form to display on your WooCommerce checkout page.

By default, all new subscribers are integrated to your WooCommerce list of customers, enabling you to segment and send targeted email campaigns later.

Email Customizer for WooCommerce

WooCommerce users are well aware that the email capability is not up to pace with the rest of the platform’s capabilities. With its WooCommerce-specific built-in email customizer, MailPoet can help you bridge the gap. You may use the pre-designed templates to refresh the appearance of your emails and add your brand’s themes to them.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Do you want to persuade your website visitors to return to their abandoned cart? It’s possible that one email will suffice.

Using one of the pre-built email templates, set up automatic WooCommerce abandoned cart emails. You may also plan several recovery emails to arrive at various times.

Even if the client isn’t signed in to your website, MailPoet can recognize the address to send them a kind reminder. When the client completes the transaction, the tool will automatically cease sending these emails.

Mailpoet pricing

How much does Mailpoet cost?

MailPoet offers extremely low-cost options. It’s completely free until you get 1,000 subscribers. You’ll get access to practically all of the features available to paying (Premium) clients. The only things lacking are sophisticated analytics and certain types of specialist assistance.

Mailpoet Sending pricing

Mailpoet sendind pricing 1500 subscribers

After you reach 1,000 subscribers, you must upgrade to the Premium plan. For up to 1 500 members, it costs 20€ every month. The price will rise in tandem with the amount of subscribers. However, these packages are still less expensive than other ESPs.

mailpoet sending pricing 10 000 subscribers

Mailpoet NO Sending pricing

Three Premium subscriptions with “No Sending” options are also available from MailPoet. The Blogger License, which costs 149€ per year, is one of them. This is just for a single website.

Mailpoet NO Sending pricing

The Freelancer License costs 249€ per year and allows you to work on 4 websites, while an Agency License is 499€ per year and allows you to work on eight. This license covers an infinite number of websites. All three “No Sending” options come with an unlimited number of subscribers.

Even if you currently have much more than 1,000 subscribers, we suggest joining up for a free trial, trying it out for a few weeks, and then choosing which plan is best for you.


Why you should use Mailpoet?

Overall, MailPoet is a fantastic solution for companies looking to execute high-quality email campaigns directly from their WordPress panels. The plugin is simple to use and includes a variety of capabilities, such as specific kinds of automation that are seldom offered in other email marketing platforms’ basic plans.

MailPoet integrates easily with WordPress, and I think that anybody who likes using WordPress will love using MailPoet as well. Specialized automation solutions are especially beneficial for businesses that focus heavily on blogs or eCommerce.

  • Within your WordPress dashboard, you can manage email campaigns from start to end, including statistics.
  • Design tools for registration forms and emails that are of high quality.
  • Signup forms with pop-up and slide-in capabilities.
  • Email marketing automation for particular kinds of emails.
  • Import and export of subscribers is simple.
  • Subscriber database that is well-organized.
  • Multiple lists may be managed on a single website.
  • Capabilities for segmentation
  • There are just a few email templates available.
  • Only a few scheduling options are available.
Mailpoet Review – Mailing system made for WordPress
Mailpoet Review – Mailing system made for WordPress
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