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In this Kadence review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Despite being one of the fastest and most popular WordPress themes, Kadence also has some imperfections. To help you decide whether this is worth the money, we included the advantages and disadvantages of the Kadence theme in building and customizing your website.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • It offers hundreds of pre-built features you can access for free
  • Use each feature at its best when you switch to the Kadence Pro version
  • Enhance the functionality of each feature by downloading the Kadence Blocks plug-in
  • Can be integrated with third-party sites, including WooCommerce
  • It has a built-in Gutenberg editor
  • Performance-oriented, loads fast, and lightweight
  • It makes your website more mobile-oriented
  • Offers footer and header builder for free
  • It offers fewer starter themes compared to other free WordPress themes
  • The white-label option is unavailable
  • They offer many plans, including add-ons, bundles, pro blocks, and a pro version that might be confusing for new users.
  • Managed by small teams

You can find an endless number of WordPress themes that you can choose from. Whether you are on a budget or willing to spend extra money, the internet offers you some of the best themes with free and paid premium features. 

Considering the overwhelming number of WordPress themes available, you may find it challenging to select the one that matches your needs. But, worry no more because we will share our detailed Kadence review with you in this post.

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Quick Overview

What is Kadence?

Kadence Review - WordPress themes #Ciroapp

What is Kadence?

Kadence is the number one theme they offer. Apart from that, this software also houses more than 15 collections of plug-ins and four additional themes. In line with its plug-ins, we recommend downloading its Kadence Blocks plug-in. Doing so will give you access to WordPress’s Gutenberg editor’s features and functionalities.

There are lots of WordPress themes you can use to build or improve the overall appeal of your website. But unlike others, this is a multipurpose theme. It comes with a free version and a paid one where you can access premium functionalities. 

The good thing about the Kadence Blocks plug-in is that you can use it for free or upgrade to its premium version. 

Kadence specifications

FeaturesWordpress theme
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressNot found on their website
Year founded2013


Kadence pricing: How much does Kadence cost?

Kadence theme’s premium version is available for two different pricing options: the first is the lifetime access option and the yearly access option.

Pricing rangeFrom $129 to $199 per year
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Lifetime payment
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Kadence pricing plans


No matter what your choice, both give you premium access to all page builders and plug-ins available in the theme. The lifetime access will cost you 489 US Dollars, while the yearly access is only open for 139 US Dollars per year. You can visit their website to avail either option.


Kadence features: What can you do with it?

As mentioned, the internet gives you the freedom to choose which among these thousands of WordPress themes is perfect for you. One of the WordPress themes that stand out among the rest is Kadence. There are lots of things you will love about this theme. 

One of these is its lightness, which makes your website load faster, giving your site visitors a better experience. Aside from that, it is also packed with lots of customization features and designs. Did you know that its customization ability makes Kadence one of the best WordPress themes?

Compatibility With Other Page Builders

One of the things that set Kadence apart from other WordPress themes is that you can integrate it with other page builders, including the following:

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • Brizy
  • Beaver Builder

But most Kadence users prefer to use Gutenberg editor and Kadence. This is because this duo allows you to access the pre-built features and functionalities of Kadence. Moreover, using the Kadence Blocks plug-in also gives you additional functionality and will enable you to make more new layouts. 

Gutenberg’s default editor allows you to set up your entire website. Doing so will also help you use the WordPress editor to edit your blocks. In that case, all you have to do is to download and activate the Gutenberg Blocks plug-in developed by Kadence. 

What Can You Get From Kadence Theme Free Version?

Considering that Kadence offers free and paid versions, most of you would think that its free version provides a limited number of features. But that is not the case with Kadence. Here are some of the premium features you can get from Kadence’s free version. 

Hooked Elements

Does your website have areas that your visitors can’t access? You may need the hooked elements offered by the Kadence Pro theme. This option is a great addition to help your visitors gather information about the inaccessible pages of your website. 

Use this element through the Kadence button available under the appearances option. Moreover, you can place multiple contents to each component by clicking the ADD NEW OPTION tab. The good thing about this theme is that it is equipped with numerous settings designed to help you the right area to place your hooked elements. 

For instance, the theme may recommend placing your hooked elements before the comment section or after your footer. This feature will also help you change the style of the whole footer on your website. 

You can also choose which pages you want to display your hooked elements by accessing its display settings. What’s more? This feature will also help you know which users are accessing these new elements. 

You can choose whether only the logged-in users or all your site visitors can view the content. If you think this is still not enough, this feature is also equipped with unique functionality that lets you know what device a visitor uses to access the content available on your hooked elements. 

Compared to other WordPress themes you have probably used, this one comes with an expiry set. This feature will notify you before the expiration date of content on your website. For example, you offer a one-month-long flash sale for selected products. You can set the expiry set to one month. After 30 days, your long flash sale content will be deleted. 


One of the best things that make Kadence one of the outstanding WordPress themes is it allows users to integrate it with other third-party websites. This theme will enable you to integrate it with WooCommerce. Incorporating it with third-party websites, such as WooCommerce, allows you to utilize WooCommerce’s customization settings. 

It is equipped with a filter, which is beneficial in helping your visitors access other products available on your website. This filter can be enabled or disabled according to your preference. 

Moreover, the pro version of Kadence also offers a pop-out cart. This gives your site visitors a choice from the different shopping options available. Aside from that, this feature also redirects visitors to a separate page, such as the checkout section, where they can view the products they added to their carts. 

It also comes with a product catalog customization section. This is designed to give you an easier way to change the design and appearance of the available containers and layout on your website. Moreover, this also lets you select a specific number of products you want to display per row. 

This section is known for its customization option, where you can change the content of your product catalog. It allows you to choose a specific style and design for your web page. 

Kadence Blocks Plugin

Another plug-in you can use for free is the Kadence Blocks. This plug-in is available for free and upgrades to the premium version. Despite being free, this plug-in has a lot to offer, helping you make a more impressive website. 

The free version of the Kadence Blocks plug-in gives you control over the design and layout of your posts and website. It would be easier for you to access this plug-in, especially with experience using the Gutenberg editor. 

The following are some of the blocks included in the free version:

  • Advanced button
  • Table of contents
  • Advanced heading
  • Row layout
  • Advanced gallery
  • Starter Templates

After activating and installing Kadence, a pop-up will ask you to install a free plug-in that offers starter templates. Using a starter template will help you build a website easily and quickly. This alone may not be something you can expect from WordPress themes offering a free version. 

After installing the Starter Templates plug-in, you can access the settings by Appearance to Kadence to Starter Templates. Selecting a builder is the first thing you should do using the Elementor plug-in or the Gutenberg editor. 

Theme Settings

If you prefer using the accessible version of Kadence, one of the things you can use is its Theme Settings. This feature will let you customize the design of your website by clicking its APPEARANCE tab. The free version offers customization settings for six sections, including the following:

  • Footer layout
  • Page layout
  • Header layout
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Global colors

A theme customizer will pop up once you click on these sections. After that, you can change the entire look of these sections according to your preference. 

What Can You Get From Premium Version Of Kadence Theme

Upgrading to the premium version will give you access to the more advanced features and functionalities offered by Kadence. Switching to the pro version will improve the job of each component. 

The following are some of the notable features you can use in Kadence theme’s premium version:

Ultimate Menus

One of the best things about Kadence Pro is that it offers a customization option, which will let you add various menus to your website. You can access this feature through the MENUS options under the WordPress admin menu. Tap your desired menu items and click MENU ITEMS SETTINGS. 

The paid version of Kadence also features an interface display. This option allows you to place additional items on your menus. Moreover, this also lets you add a highlighted label beside your menu icon.

Although you can find other WordPress themes on the internet that lets you place additional menus on your website, only some features menu icons. This is what makes Kadence Pro one of the best WordPress themes available. 

Additional Header Items

When you switch to the pro version, all features have a drag and drop feature. You can easily add items to the header grids to improve their functionality. Other things you can add to your website header include the following:

  • Toggle Widget Area: This item will let you add multiple overlays to display important information about your website or a product menu. Moreover, this toggle widget area also offers numerous options for displaying an overlay. 
  • Search Bar: Another thing that you can add to your website header is a search bar. Have you seen the search bar on Amazon? Kadence allows you to add a search bar to your website so your visitors can find their desired blog or product. Beyond that, this feature has different styling options. This means that you can change its width and color to make it look more customized. 
  • Contact Information: This option is an additional item to add to your header if you want to give your site visitors your contact information. This other item is perfect for displaying necessary information regarding your website, including your physical address, email, and phone number. 
  • A Member Account Element: This element is perfect for showing an account button to your website’s header. The good thing about this item is that it features various customization settings to insert content regarding the functionality of your account button. 

You can use this to encourage your site visitors to visit your log-in page. Aside from that, this also works to show your drop-down menu, giving your subscribers additional information regarding their accounts. We recommend this other item to membership website owners. 

Kadence Theme Performance

When selecting a WordPress theme for your website, one of the most critical factors you should consider is its performance. It is essential to choose the one that loads fast and works efficiently.

You will automatically receive nine requests upon activating the Kadence Pro theme and building your website using this software. On the other hand, it would take around 8-10 requests to access well-coded themes. 

In addition, this WordPress theme requires 41.9 kilobytes, which makes it one of the fastest WordPress themes available. 


Kadence review: Why you should use it?

Considering the number of WordPress themes you can use for free, many theme developers are doing their best to ensure that their product will stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, Kadence is a rare free WordPress theme equipped with unique features that exceed your expectations. 

It offers a lot of things that will help you design and customize your website to bring your visitors an extraordinary experience. This one is designed to be user-friendly. So, whether you are new to building sites, you can make your first site successfully with the Kadence theme.

Apart from that, Kadence is also one of the most affordable WordPress themes ever generated online.


Kadence Alternatives

Before subscribing to Kadence, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best wordpress themes for your needs. You can find the Kadence alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Kadence with its competitors:

Kadence Review – Lightweight WordPress Theme
Kadence Review – Lightweight WordPress Theme

Kadence Review
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