iBypasser Review – Bypass Activation Lock and Unlock SIM on iOS Devices

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9.3Expert Score
Bypass Activation Lock & Unlock SIM on iOS Devices

Apple iPhone owners may utilize the iMyFone iBypasser tool to unlock their devices’ iCloud activation locks. It is a really potent program that may assist you in unlocking your phone without erasing any data. This software’s primary benefit is its ability to unlock any iPhone or iPad activation lock. It may also be used to remove limitations from your iOS device, such as iCloud account logins and App Store logins.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Reset your iPhone/iPad/iPod without logging out of the original Apple ID
  • Fix the problems with "Unable to Activate," "Lost iPhone", and "iPhone is deactivated"
  • Disable FMI without entering a password if you forgot your Apple ID
  • Change another Apple ID for App Store &amp
  • iTunes Store after removing the activation lock
  • Use any carrier after unlocking the iPhone SIM lock from different carriers
  • Bypass iCloud activation lock without password or Apple ID
  • The iCloud activation lock will reappear as soon as you reset your device

Without a doubt, iCloud Activation Lock is a useful security feature that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your iOS device and signing in with a different account. To protect your personal information in case your iPhone is stolen, that function is very fantastic.

However, problems arise if you buy a used iPhone and the old owner forgets to remove his iCloud account. At that point, the job of getting around the iCloud activation lock screen is crucial. Under such conditions, the tools like iBypasser can really help to sort out the problem on any OS to unlock iOS devices.

On iOS devices, iBypasser is a third-party app for PC and Mac that is used for iCloud activation lock bypass. Even if a user forgets their Apple ID password, they can still gain access to locked OS devices, create new credentials, and continue using the device.

If you are facing such issues and you want to bypass the screen lock using a jailbreak tool, then see this iBypasser review to completely understand how you can make the best use of it at home.

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Quick Overview

What is iBypasser?

iMyFone iBypasser is a great user-friendly solution for people who want to access their locked iOS devices using an internet connection. If the iPhone/iPad was locked by activation lock, there is nothing you can do; the device is effectively bricked and it will need jailbreaking processing. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch’s activation lock can be simply removed with iMyFone iBypasser.

You’ll have complete access to your device after the Activation Lock has been completely removed without letting any unauthorized users to access it. It starts working by jailbreaking the connected device in order to gain full access to the iOS operating system. The appropriate iCloud modules can then be edited to get around the iCloud lock.

You can access your iPhone with iBypasser without entering your actual Apple ID or password. By simply creating a new Apple ID and password, you can gain access to the device. You may locate the iCloud activation Lock, which will safeguard user data. Even if you’ve lost your iPhone or it’s being stolen, an iCloud activation Lock can still prevent others from accessing it.

When you turn on your iPhone, this lock will be enabled automatically for iOS 7 and later versions. It prevents unauthorized parties from using your data. When your iPhone is off, the device will prompt you to unlock iCloud activation or reactivate your device.

This is why, when a user first sets up a device, he must create a new Apple ID. You will then secure your device and protect it. However, Apple will request your original Apple ID and password when you try to reset the device. Your iPhone will be iCloud Locked if you’ve lost the ID and password.

So, such a bypassing tool will let you get into your device once again but make sure that you don’t mess things up. The saved data is lost after you bypass a device illegally. You will need to understand how to bypass the activation locks using iBypasser tools for your iOS devices in order to fully grasp things.

iBypasser specifications

FeaturesDisable FMI Without Password / Remove All Forms Of Activation Locks / Unlock iPhone Sim Card to Change Carriers at Will
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers
Website languagesArabic / Chinese / Dutch / English / French / Indonesian / Italian / Japanese
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressShenzhen, Guangdong, China
Year founded2020


iBypasser pricing: How much does iBypasser cost?

iBypasser is available in two versions: a free trial that allows you to try out some of its features before investing more money and a paid version. The paid versions can have different pricing, such as the $39.95 1-Month Plan allows you to unlock 1 iOS device. The $49.95 1-Year Plan entitles you to unlock 1 iOS device. And then the Lifetime Plan, which costs $69.95 and unlocks 5 iOS devices, is also available.

Pricing rangeFrom $39.95 to $69.95
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Lifetime payment / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

iBypasser pricing plans


1-Month Plan ($39.95)

  • 1 iOS Device
  • Auto-renewal
  • Cancel at any time

1-Year Plan ($49.95)

  • 1 iOS Device
  • Auto-renewal
  • Cancel at any time

Lifetime Plan ($69.95)

  • 5 iOS Devices
  • Renew Your Devices at Home
  • No Technical Requirements
  • One-time purchase
  • Free Lifetime Updates


iBypasser features: What can you do with it?

Remove All Forms Of Activation Locks

iBypasser Remove All Forms Of Activation Locks

With this tool, you are able to get rid of any activation locks on iOS devices, having a simple interface to connect with. It works flawlessly for situations like forgotten Passwords for Activation Lock, backup data, hacked Apple ID, unable to activate a used iPhone, Reset without the original Apple ID, and “Unable to Activate” issues.

This is why it is considered an effective option to meet the user’s needs in order to remove bypass activation locks. When you get passed from a lock, the device remains unlocked as long as you don’t restart it. It will allow you to keep the device running without asking about activation locks again and again.

Unlock iPhone Sim Card to Change Carriers at Will

In order to fully access the iOS file system, this technological program first jailbreaks the connected device. You can get easy access to your phone carriers according to your own will. All it needs is, modifying the necessary iCloud module files to get around the iCloud lock. The lock will then be bypassed after the modifications to those modules have been done.

You will be freely using your locked device once again without any limitations. With the help of this feature, you can access all iOS features and unlock any iPhone from any carrier without getting in touch with the carrier. This procedure makes things easier for the user in some ways.

Disable FMI Without Password

iBypasser Disable FMI Without Password

There is another great feature of using this iBypasser tool. If you forget your Apple ID passcode, you can disable FMI using the “Turn Off FMI” option of iBypasser. After turning off FMI, you can use all the functions of iOS. Although it is not always completely secure, it is nevertheless a dependable program.

Your data’s security is ensured. However, jailbreaking a device may put the cell phone in danger. You will just have to face a little drawback on this. If you factory reset or flash your device’s firmware after successfully removing the activation lock, the activation lock screen will reappear.


iBypasser review: Why you should use it ?

Our iBypasser review explains all the features and working capabilities of the tool that allows a user to fully bypass a secured activation lock. It may be the best iPhone unlocking software to utilize when having issues unlocking your smartphone, according to our review of it. It is straightforward and easy to grasp without requiring specialized knowledge.

You can use the free trial period to learn how it functions and how to use it. You can take advantage of the premium version’s best features by buying it. You should choose to get it if you want the desired results because it is unquestionably worth your time.


Frequently Asked Questions

iBypasser: Is It Real?

It is a real and trusted tool to help users bypass a locked device. With the use of iBypasser, you can effortlessly bypass any iPhone lock due to its effectiveness. iBypasser can be very useful to bypass any iCloud activation lock directly, provided you provide proof that the Apple device is yours.

Is iBypasser Effective On All Devices?

There is still some effectiveness left in iBypasser. It operates admirably on the iOS devices like iPad Pro and even the iPhone X. However, there is no guarantee that it will work on your device. Before making a choice, it is important that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of using this software.

Will iBypasser Cause My Data To Be Lost?

The activation lock will appear if you enter recovery mode on an iOS device without signing out of the current Apple ID and then restore the device, which deletes all of its data and settings. Any iDevice with an activation lock is, therefore, empty of data.

Can You Use the Device Normally After Bypassing the Activation Lock?

After your device has been bypassed, you can sign in with a new Apple ID through the App Store or iTunes Store. All iOS features are available, with the exception of cellular, iCloud, and phone calls.

iBypasser Review – Bypass Activation Lock and Unlock SIM on iOS Devices
iBypasser Review – Bypass Activation Lock and Unlock SIM on iOS Devices

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