Hyros Review – Ad Tracking And Attribution Software

In this Hyros review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
9.3/10 (Expert Score)
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9.3Expert Score
HYROS AI Print Tracking is proven to increase AD ROI in over 2,500 businesses

Hyros is an ad-tracking technology that enables you to see every stage of a customer’s journey and receive information about their conversions. This platform records each visit and purchase a consumer makes, then presents the data in a clear manner.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • It helps you to keep a track of the clicks made by customers and the conversion rates.
  • It provides you with a template that consists of a central set of information that is collected from various traffic sources. This helps you to read too much information in a systematic way.
  • Hyros has created a tracking system where the system is based on data points amounting to a total number of ten.
  • It helps you to figure out and focus on some of your successful advertisements or ad campaigns.
  • It provides you with a combination of one of the best tools and metrics to collect data. There are a number of metrics involved that work simultaneously to give us the required results, and Hyros is a hub for it.
  • You will receive information as to which ad is receiving high ROI and which is not, which also helps the business owner to introspect where his strategy went wrong or where it is working efficiently.
  • Hyros combines the information of all your customers in a single template which makes tracking much more easier.
  • Sometimes focusing a little too much on the model where we rely on the last click can be a little misleading in some scenarios. In some cases, the last click approach might not be the solution, but something else might be.
  • It might become difficult to check customer information manually when we have too many customers in bulk.

We all should be thankful to technology for making things much easier for us and giving us an upper hand as compared to previous times.

Every business needs some strategies and tutorials to make their businesses successful, and there are a bunch of activities that can do so. One of them is to advertise the product or service that they provide and also track whether their ads are reaching the target group or not.

Advertisements play a huge role in influencing the mindsets of the people who are specifically being targeted by you. It helps to put in the minds of the people that your business exists to help them and how it is better than your competitors. It is one thing to come up with good and creative ads and be sure of the content you put in, but another to understand whether the ads are performing or not.

To figure out whether your ads really are doing well or not, you need to list down some specific metrics that you would use to conclude in a major way. This is a must if you have just actually entered the field of releasing ads for your own business or for a company You might be able to figure out on your own as well what is going wrong or what is going right, but how long will you do it alone?

Businesses need the help of tools and apps to track the performance of their ads and work out the aftermath. This is where Hyros essentially comes into the picture to help you subtly. 

The Hyros chrome app will, for the most part, help you track how your ads are performing and how people mostly are responding to them. Hyros will help you look into areas where you wouldn’t have even thought that your ads lacked. It will make things easier for you, and it will take care of a big chunk of responsibility for your business.

Read further to learn more about Hyros, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is Hyros?

Hyros is a hyper-accurate software that essentially has been designed for tracking digital businesses. You can use this tracking app to get insights into the journey of your customers, which generally is fairly significant.

You will, for the most part, be provided with templates containing information related to every click definitely your customer actually makes. This also includes the purchases they made after viewing the ad. The chrome app also really helps you for the most part by giving out demos or tutorials related to how Hyros would help your company to increase the revenue generated by ads.

In the demo, the Hyros team plugs every ad into Hyros, tracking tools are used efficiently, and the data is fed into ad platforms so that it kind of helps to particularly improve and sort your targets which will lead to higher advertisement ROI.

Hyros Review – Ad Tracking And Attribution Software #ciroapp

Hyros app will give you tutorials on how they create reports and templates using the data collected while tracking customer behavior in a definitely big way. You can identify with the help of templates which ad sources are helping you to definitely generate ROI (Return on investment).

The results that the Hyros app provides you with are kind of an outcome of accurate tracking of ads where less time is taken, and the prices are surprisingly affordable. After you particularly receive all the information from the app, you can start thinking about what decisions will generally help you for most of your business.

Hyros specifications

FeaturesSocial media management
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatNo
Company addressDallas, United States
Year founded2009


Hyros pricing: How much does Hyros cost?

Hyros pricing, for the most part starts with $199 a month which lies in the affordable section. Hyros also provides you with an option to particularly go for a free demo where no pricing system is involved and you can see for yourself after the tutorial if this tracking app is what you need and matches your requirements.  

Pricing rangeFrom $199 per month onwards
Pricing typesMonthly subscription / Quote based
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 90 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Hyros pricing plans


Hyros pricing starts from $199 a month. Apart from this,  the website does not mostly lay out its pricing plan or pricing list on the website but to know about the pricing involved, you will need to book a call with them, which essentially will give you a better perspective on the workflow of the company. Hyros also works on the model of giving back a refund to you after 90 days if you feel that there isn’t an increase in the performance of your ads and ROI in any way.


Hyros features: What can you do with it?

There are four main features of the Hyros’ chrome app, which are also listed on its official website. The features are as follows: 

Ad Attribution 

ad attribution

Hyros tracking app, for the most part, helps us to observe the entire pattern closely, starting from the point the customer interacts with the ad to conversion, which almost covers every step. This feature also generally helps us to know which advertisements specifically helped in the generation of sales for our business and which didn’t.

Tracking Emails 

Email funnel tracking

This feature helps us to kind of keep track of the email marketing used by our business, particularly is working out or not, or so they generally thought. It actually helps us to know whether the recipients of the mail read it or not or even interacted with it. Email marketing helps to gain the attention of the recipient as they, again and again, pop up in their mailbox. This ability of Hyros will let you know if this technique worked for your ad or not.

Long Term Value 

Customer tracking software

Hyros will get you ready for the long run and future planning. It will help you in calculating the estimated returns that you will get because of your marketing for the coming months or even years. When it will help you to figure out the average revenue that your ads are collecting, then it will help you plan how you must function in the future and how you should handle your ads.

Call Tracking

Call tracking by Hiros

The Hyros app will help you track incoming calls, the location from where the calls have been made, and what was the ad that led the caller to call your business and enquire. Usually, businesses get calls regarding queries related to their products and services, and the call tracking function helps you to know what made them call you.

Other Features 

Hyros Other Features

Well, we just went through the features laid down by Hyros’ website but let us go through some other features of Hyros as well.

  • Hyros gives you well-worked and compiled reports that are detailed and full of information. The app also gives a detailed description of the journey of the client or the business that it has helped to achieve results.
  • The setup of Hyros is not very difficult and technical. It can be understood by almost anyone and the company also gives out quite some information related to it on their website.
  • Hyros tries to cover a lot of aspects while working on the fact that how your ads are performing on various platforms. It covers sections like webinars, sales funnels, email marketing, social media ads, and organic content.
  • The artificial intelligence used in Hyros can overcome the gaps that are found in the artificial intelligence systems of Facebook and Google.

Who Should Use Hyros?

Who doesn’t want to closely monitor how one’s business is performing and where they are using the correct method, and where not? Businesses have a long way to go before they start witnessing success. Ads are one of the things whose performance can actually be measured in terms of some numerical data.

Businesses that want to track their ads’ performance and the interaction received from the target group can use Hyros. Someone who has recently started a business of their own and cannot rely on a team of individuals due to cost deficits can use Hyros. 

For a newborn business, Hyros is like a new member of the team who is going to work out a lot of things for the owner that he/she wouldn’t have to care for. This will give some breathing space to the owners and a sense of partnership.

Companies that are set to release ad campaigns can also use Hyros as monitoring the performance of ad campaigns can become difficult due to the existence of different types of ads spread on different platforms. A lot of hours and energy can be saved and be spent on some other aspect rather than worrying about something the app already takes care of. 


Hyros review: Why you should use it?

Businesses must use Hyros because it begins with giving tutorials, explaining their workflow and their services so that we can trust them. Their ad tracking skills are less time-consuming and help us to get results quickly. It helps to make our business workflow flexible by giving us clarity related to our advertisement techniques.

It helps us to understand how metrics and analytics work at every step. They give us free opportunities to test out demos so that we can make well-thought decisions. They use easy-to-understand language on their website to communicate their aim well.


Hyros Alternatives

Before subscribing to Hyros, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best conversion tracking software for your needs. You can find the Hyros alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Hyros with its competitors:


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some of Hyros’ leading clients?

Some of Hyros well known clients include Click Funnels, Samcart, Impact Theory, Shopanova, Frankkern, Dean Graziosi, SmarterNutrition and many more.

What is the mission of Hyros?

The mission reflected on their official website says ‘to make it easy for online businesses to understand their sales data and make profitable decisions.

Understanding numbers and calculating them can be difficult for some. A lot of people, before beginning their businesses, do not actually give thought to the quantitative areas of their business. Not everyone is good with the workflow of numbers.

Hyros makes it easy for people to understand the technicalities behind a successful business that anyone can understand easily.

What all points does Hyros cover if we book a call for a strategy tutorial session?

They will explain the workflow of the entire marketing system and provide an analysis regarding the same. They will help you to spot the points that created loss for you and provide you with a plan that will fix the losses.

How can I learn more about the initial set up process?

You can visit the ‘documentation’ column of the website of Hyros, and there you will be able to find different sets of information and tutorials related to the initial setup stages. The sets will be based on advanced tracking, how to use Hyros, troubleshooting, etc. 

Who are some of the alternatives for Hyros?

Some of the competitors for Hyros are as follows:


It is a platform that will enhance your business by giving you insights on your leads’ origins, behavior, and the true value of your advertisement campaigns. It will help you connect with the other marketing tools you can use to build a holistic picture of your complete customer experience, increase the ROI of your marketing funnels, and comprehend how each customer affects the value of your business outcomes.


A business to business revenue creation platform, Dreamdata can help you create, create replicas, and expand the success of your business. Dreamdata platform collects and joins the dot for enhanced and relevant revenue-related data. This will help decide and call what initiatives you will require in order to go forward.


This analytics tracker will help you by assisting your business with marketing complications and data-related decision-making and problem-solving.ThoughtMetric came into existence to help you have more control over your business by gathering data, tracking all your activities, and being able to measure the value of effectiveness. You can also know which advertising campaigns bring the highest number of clients to your business.


Measured helps you decide upon which media investments you should go for to boost your business. It helps to analyze how various channels of marketing can result in better business outcomes. It offers various strategies and insights to improve business performance to reach the potential of maximum growth. Measured will provide you with a safe location where you can store information related to the marketing aspects of your business.

Hyros Review – Ad Tracking And Attribution Software
Hyros Review – Ad Tracking And Attribution Software

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