Hotjar Review –  Heatmap and Behavior Analytics

In this Hotjar review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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8.5Expert Score
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Hotjar is an analytic and feedback tool that is specially designed for small, medium and large business or website owners to know what their users are up to when they are using their websites. From providing heatmaps to allowing you to conduct surveys, you get it all using Hotjar.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Hotjar can integrate with other tools easily
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can see all your data in one place
  • Provides tutorials and guides to know how to use it
  • Heatmaps provide a great overview
  • Surveys make gaining insights from users super easy
  • Eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions
  • Filtering capabilities with session recordings
  • Easy navigation/UI
  • Gets pricey as you grow
  • Doesn’t allow custom report creation
  • Limits in the free plan

How often have you wanted to know more about your users as a marketer but didn’t find a suitable tool?

As a marketer, that one thing that you will always need to keep a record of is your users’ behavior and how they are interacting with your product. Keeping track of how your website’s users behave when they are on your site, what they click on while on your site and what actions they take helps you achieve success quite easier than not having knowledge of any of these factors.

There may be dozens of tools available that may provide you with similar features; however, getting all these features under one roof at an affordable price is quite difficult and rare. This is where Hotjar comes into action to save your day!

Hotjar is a tool that provides you with a handful of features and actions related to the market. If you want to know more about what is Hotjar, its features, pricing and pros and cons, you are exactly at the right place as this detailed Hotjar review will answer all your queries.

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Quick Overview

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is one of the most recent tools that are designed to make your marketing experience smooth and easy by getting feedback from users from time to time. It is all-in-one feedback and analytics tool that help you understand what your visitors are up to when they are on your website.

Hotjar has become very popular in recent times, indicating how good a tool it is to satisfy the number of users owning small and large businesses around the world if you are wondering why one of the main reasons is that Hotjar has combined multiple analytic features for which you would need to subscribe to various software in the past to get access to each one individually.

This used to increase the cost and complexity of getting all the features at your service, which Hotjar reduces by providing all such essential features under one roof. Using Hotjar, you will enjoy all amazing features like visitor recordings, form analysis, heatmaps, feedback polls, conversion funnels, incoming feedback, surveys, and much more.

One of Hotjar’s actions that make it the best analytic tool is that it captures all of the user’s actions and saves it on a database, and provides instant feedback to help you acknowledge why your users have come to your website and how they are interacting with it. This is done to help you for making the right decisions to make your customer’s experience better and ultimately reach your desired goals.

This analytic tool is a great choice for small, medium and large business owners, but it can prove to be great for beginners. Hotjar will help you retain, grow, convert and acquire your audience while making you completely relax about worrying about the technical side of things.

Hotjar specifications

FeaturesA/B test / Analytics / Heatmap / Session recording
Best suited forFreelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses, Large enterprises
Website languagesEnglish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Support email[email protected]
Live chatNo
Company addressDragonara Business Centre 5th Floor, Dragonara Road, Paceville St Julian's STJ 3141 Malta
Year founded2014


Hotjar pricing: How much does Hotjar cost?

The Hotjar’s Plus plan starts from 39 USD per month, in which you get to enjoy many amazing features and is designed for small teams. The other two plans, named Business and Scale, increase your access to various other features along with their prices. Bonus, they offer you a long-term free trial in which you get to access features like 35 daily sessions and automatic data capture forever without any charges.

Pricing rangeFrom $39 to $189 per month
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planYes
Free trialYes, 15 days
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

Hotjar pricing plans


If you are tight on your budget but still want to enjoy many amazing features like unlimited heatmaps, up to 35 sessions daily, and automatic data capture, you can go for the free trial that will last forever. It offers a great way to get started and provides unlimited heatmaps absolutely free of cost. The Plus plan by Hotjar has more insights for small teams in-store, and it starts from 39 USD per month. It includes everything in the basic plan and additionally offers features like 100 daily sessions, filter and segment data, unlimited surveys and feedback widgets and events API. The Business plan by Hotjar is designed for growing companies and websites, and it starts from 189 USD per month. It offers everything in the Plus plan along with 1500 daily sessions, custom-built integrations, identify API, frustration and confusion signals, and removal of Hotjar branding. The Scale plan by Hotjar is suitable for large companies and websites and will be priced upon your discussion with the Hotjar team. It includes all the features of the business plan, a dedicated customer success manager, unlimited daily sessions, SAML single sign-on, full access to every feature, and enough data for even the largest sites. You get a whopping discount of 20% on the Plus and Business Plans when you decide to pay yearly rather than making monthly payments.


Hotjar features: What can you do with it?

Giving you an option of a free plan and three paid plans, Hotjar offers some excellent features that you will enjoy depending on whether you subscribe for the free trial or pay for any of the three plans. Lets have a look at them below.

Incoming Feedback

Incoming Feedback in Hotjar

This feature may look a bit troublesome for the owners of the business; however, this definitely will make your customers trust you because they know you are available to hear their feedback any time of the day. You can do this by placing either a widget or a tab on your site’s page that allows the users to leave their feedback.

This helps the users to have a source to connect to you if any problem occurs, and you will gain some potential consumers for life. The incoming feedback feature of Hotjar will also tell you what your users are interacting with and what they are ignoring on your website, which will help you improve your conversion funnels on the website and increase the conversion rate.

Visitor Recordings

Visitor Recording on Hotjar

How great would it be if you get to see what the user is doing on their screen while using your website? Hotjar was one of the very first tools that introduced the visitor recording feature that allows you to record the screen of the user in order to check how they are behaving on the website. Although many platforms like CrazyEgg and other famous ones have tried to add this to their feature list, Hotjar still beats them all.

This feature also lets you know how well your website is working and sees mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls of a real user session. This makes it quite beneficial for you since you can easily know the usability issues of your website and take proper steps to get rid of them in the future. You can also enjoy data retention for a year to know what’s happening on your website for longer periods of time.


Heatmap feature of Hotjar

In order to know which element of your website’s page is gaining all the attention from the users, you can use this feature offered by Hotjar named Heatmaps. Using this feature, you can easily track the user’s mouse movements and clicks on any individual page.

This feature will help you decide where you should put the page’s layout, content, elements and make changes easily to improve your user’s journey on your website. You will get to do this all while the user’s identification is not revealed since Hotjar is known for anonymously tracking the user’s activities.

The basic things that a Heatmap feature lets you know include:

  • Whether your users click on the CTA or not.
  • If the user is unable to find any feature.
  • The user is getting confused about any feature.
  • Whether the user is scrolling to key sections or not.
  • They can access the key elements of your web page or not.

Conversion Funnels

When you run an e-commerce or business site, knowing how easily the user can complete the checkout process on your website is quite important. This is where conversion funnels come into use. Through this feature, you are allowed to check where your users go from the conversion process and let you know which elements of your page are more or less effective.

This will make your users reach their goals, and as a result, you reach your goals. The A/B testing on your landing pages is one of the best ways you can opt for in order to improve your conversion rates. This testing will always help you out to know which elements of your page are working the best for your service or product.


Survey on Hotjar

For all the SaaS companies and small or medium business owners, Survey can prove to be a great way to ask questions from your users to get the information you need. Using Hotjar, you are allowed to have survey sessions with unlimited users and then check the Survey’s results through form analytics.

You are allowed to ask multiple questions in a single survey and can decide the way your Survey looks to the user by choosing it to either come as a pop-up, be part of your page, appear externally or take over the whole screen. When you use Hotjar’s Business plan, you can select how your Survey looks to the users.

Feedback Polls

You can easily know why users take some actions on your website using Hotjar’s Feedback Polls feature. This feature is great to allow your users to have the freedom of leaving feedback on your landing page or website directly and help you know how users feel about your website as a whole.

Form Analytics

Do you know what the best way to fix a problem is? It’s identifying the problem in the best possible way. This is where the form analytics feature comes to the rescue. It is included in Hotjar’s platform as part of a page’s conversion rate optimization in order to allow you to check how potential users are interacting with your forms.

The feature is only good to give you a general overview of your website’s performance; however, to be able to know the cause of problems and fix them quickly enough, you may need to use more advanced tools for in-depth form analytics.

Recruit user testing

In order to participate in user testing and to get some meaningful user feedback, this feature of the Hotjar is designed. This will allow you to show a widget to your users on your website which asks them to help you improve your performance. The users will surely get surprised at how you value their feedback, and you may gain potential and trustworthy users once and for all.

Less known Features

The features are not only bound to what we have mentioned above as there are other less-known features that this platform has to offer, including:

  • Secured privacy of the users.
  • Inviting multiple clients and team members for free.
  • Website testing is allowed on all devices.
  • Integrating with other tools.
  • Export feedback in XLSX and CSV.
  • Forty languages for collecting feedback.
  • Different options for targeting visitors.


Hotjar review: Why you should use it?

What makes the Hotjar tool stand out among competitors is its exceptional visitor recording feature that allows you to see what is working on your website and what isn’t.

Although many other tools are now introducing this feature, Hotjar was the first one to come up with.

Using Hotjar, not only will you get to check users’ behavior but also know about their feedback with this tool’s amazing feedback features.


Hotjar Alternatives

Before subscribing to Hotjar, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best heatmap software for your needs. You can find the Hotjar alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare Hotjar with its competitors:

Hotjar Review –  Heatmap and Behavior Analytics
Hotjar Review –  Heatmap and Behavior Analytics