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In this Graphics Zoo review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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Graphic Design and Writing services

Graphics Zoo starts at $349 a month for unlimited graphic design as well as writing services. They offer custom graphic design services, as well as online graphic design services and limitless revisions.

Design quality
Management system
Value for money
  • Graphic Design and Writing services
  • Easy to use dedicated platform
  • Whitelabel system
  • Team access system
  • Try for 7 Days for $7
  • Weird experience with the customer support, they are out of touch sometimes

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

If you’re a large organization that is shuffling between designers constantly to fulfill your graphic needs, you need something a little bit more permanent. Something that can constantly scale with your businesses and is more reliable than even an in-house graphic designer.

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If this sounds like something that you could use, Graphics Zoo is the perfect platform for your business.

What is Graphics Zoo?

Graphics Zoo was created by a group of entrepreneurs who couldn’t seem to keep up with the designing team of some of their competitors. In addition, they couldn’t seem to find quality designers at affordable rates. So, they decided to bring graphics designers into their business model and introduced the model as a project management app to the general public.

With the help of Graphics Zoo, you’re hiring an unlimited pool of graphic designers that are the best of the best at what they do. Let’s talk a bit about the features of Graphics Zoo in detail.

Graphics Zoo features

What can you do with Graphics Zoo?

Knowing what an unlimited graphic design service can do is the most important thing. Find out in this Graphics Zoo review what they will provide.

Making Revisions Easier

Revisions are a necessity in graphic designing. Your graphics designers know that before they deliver. They’re expecting you to ask for changes and are more than happy to provide them. However, the issue with asking for revisions is that the design you want is in your head, and it’s extremely difficult to put your vision and what you’re looking for in words.

So, to make revisions easier, Graphics Zoo introduced something called Interactive Revisions. With these revisions, you can request accurate changes with the ideal amount of accuracy and explain the changes you want, exactly where you want them.

Brand Profiles

The main difficulty with constantly switching graphic designers is that you have to explain the idea, the vision, and the general feel of your work all the time. It becomes extremely repetitive for you. To eliminate the constant explaining, Graphics Zoo allows you to create a Brand Profile. A Brand Profile contains your brand guidelines, logos, reference files, etc., all within reach of your graphic designers. This helps you save time by getting rid of the small talk and back and forth conversations required to explain your brand guidelines.

Multiple User Profiles

If you’re working in a company, there’s a good chance you’re not the only one dealing with the graphics work. You’ll have other team members, both superiors and subordinates, working on the same project. Chances are, they’ll need access to the designers as well. Luckily, Graphics Zoo doesn’t force you to pay for additional accounts. Instead, you can create sub-accounts on your main account. This can save you a ton of money by only asking you to pay the subscription fee for the app once.

You can either choose to give the sub-accounts full, unrestricted access to the platform. Or, you can limit their usage by restricting them to view only. You can also give the accounts the option to comment, download, review your projects, etc. The team management aspect of Graphics Zoo is extremely convenient for a large corporation that has several people collaborating on the same project. Graphics Zoo goes above and beyond to make collaboration. Let’s talk about that next.


If you consider this feature a wasted effort, you haven’t worked as a graphic designer or had designers work for you. There are different variants of the same file running back and forth, and you’re constantly naming files ‘v2’, ‘v3’, etc. It’s easy to manage at first, but things tend to get complicated when you’re working on dozens of different projects.

Each project has different designs with varying color schemes, and there are dozens of versions of each file. It becomes a mess when you have to share these designs with others and get their opinions. Graphics Zoo lets you say goodbye to downloading and sending files repeatedly to make your life much more convenient. Instead, the platform allows you to create a sharable link for the design that can be sent to all your team members collaborating on the same project.

Content Writing

On launch, Graphics Zoo was only catering to folks that required graphic designing services. However, the company has also launched its content writing services recently. They’re creating tons of different types of content, ranging from blogs to annual reports to sales copies.

Graphics Zoo has truly become a one-stop shop for most of the things you’ll need for your advertising needs. The content writing side of the business is the same as the graphic one and focuses on convenient feedback and revision systems. The content writing and graphic designing services are charged separately.

Unlimited Revisions

One of the major selling points of Graphics Zoo is the way they’ve designed its business model. They believe that clients should have full control of their project, and they should have the ability to make as many edits as required. Freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., give the designers the options to limit the number of revisions the client can ask for per project. They put in these restrictions to give more value to the designer’s work.

However, there will be times when you end up with a sub-par design that doesn’t meet your needs just because you ran out of revisions. Well, this can’t happen with Graphics Zoo. This platform gives you the full freedom to pick the brains of your designers and request as many revisions as you need. Graphics Zoo makes no compromise on your requirements and makes sure that you end up with something you’re happy with.

Source Files

Graphics Zoo gives you an unlimited number of revisions. However, this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t want to make your own edits to the files. Many brands tend to have someone from their team put final touches to the file to align it with the company branding. In such cases, you’re going to need access to source files to do so. Designers from freelancing platforms charge you extra to send the source file.

However, the folks at Graphics Zoo consider source files more as a necessity instead of a luxury. This is why the source file for all your projects is attached to give you the option to work on it how you please. Graphics Zoo works with the Adobe suite of apps, so you’ll probably receive the design as an editable Photoshop or Illustrator file.

Graphics Zoo pricing

How much does Graphics Zoo cost?

Graphics Zoo has multiple packages based on what you’re looking for. In addition, they have different pricing packages for content and graphic designing services.

Graphics Zoo Design pricing

Graphics Zoo design pricing

When it comes to graphic designing, you’re getting three different types of packages; Business, Business Unlimited, and Agency that cost $349, $449, and $849, respectively. The Business package has some limits for the brand profiles and users, while the Business Unlimited plan doesn’t. The Agency package is catered towards folks that require a specialized set of services such as priority revisions, VIP customer support, real-time collaboration, etc.

Graphics Zoo writing pricing

Graphics Zoo writing pricing

As far as the content side is concerned, you have two packages, Starter and Growth, that cost $499 and $949. The services included in both packages are the same. However, Growth will allow you to continue on two content streams at once. This means that Graphics Zoo will simultaneously work on two of your projects to double the work output as the Starter Plan.

Graphics Zoo Bundle pricing

Graphics Zoo Bundle pricing

If you’re in the market for a little bit of both content and graphics, you have the option to opt for their bundle package. You can include both services in the bundle package by choosing what specific plan you need for each service. There’s no discount involved which would act as a nice incentive for folks to buy both. But, it is what it is.

There’s no contract signed when you’re working with Graphics Zoo. This means that you can cancel your subscription anytime. Moreover, all products have a 15-day money back guarantee.


Graphics Zoo alternatives

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Why you should use Graphics Zoo?

In conclusion, we can say without a doubt that Graphics Zoo can be a great investment for your company. However, you do need to take your requirements into consideration and see if this is an app that can help make your business more productive. It’s expensive, but the quality of services offered does justify the high price.


  • Comprehensive Marketing Tools: Your marketing strategy will usually consist of two things; content and graphics. With Graphics Zoo, you’re getting both at the same place.
  • Editable Files: Need to make some final changes yourself? Graphics Zoo provides all source files to give you the editing freedom you need.
  • Unlimited Revisions: Graphics Zoo believes that the client deserves to get exactly what they paid for, and it has graphic designers willing to put in the work and effort to get your designs there.


It wouldn’t be a proper Graphics Zoo review without the cons, would it? There’s a lot right with their services, but there are things that they can also improve.

  • Lack of Communication: The main issue with working on Graphics Zoo is that there’s no individualism involved. You’re representing a company, and you’re talking to a designer representing Graphics Zoo. So the communication taking place is more of a company-to-company thing instead of a client-seller thing.
  • Limited Design and Content Streams: One of the primary selling points of the app is that Graphics Zoo allows unlimited content and graphic designing to be done if you own the subscription. That is true, but not entirely. The company only allows you to work on a single content stream and single design at a time if you’re working with the base model of the platform. This is pretty disappointing since the limitations don’t justify the premium price the platform has. The only way to get two designs or content streams up and running is to buy the more expensive packages.
Graphics Zoo Review – Unlimited Graphic and Web Design services
Graphics Zoo Review – Unlimited Graphic and Web Design services
Start at $349/month
Start at $349/month Visit Graphics Zoo

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