Graphic Rhythm Review – Unlimited Graphic Design Service

Graphic Rhythm is a graphic design platform like many others that offers design solutions on a monthly subscription model. But unlike others, Graphic Rhythm does not offer unlimited graphic designs. It operates on a design credit system, and you get a limited amount of credits per month to post requests.

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This may sound attractive as your unsaved credits rollover (capped at twice your subscription credits), but on a busy month you may end up using all your credits. Having said that, if you are an individual or a business in constant need of graphic design work and do not want to hire a full-time designer, then Graphic Rhythm is for you.

“A personal approach to graphic design.”


Why Graphic Rhythm?

Why should you use Graphic Rhythm?

After subscribing to one of their plans, Graphic Rhythm assigns you a specific number of credits (plan dependent). These credits act as a currency for you to request graphic design work. These credits are project dependent, meaning the credit value depends on how simple or complex a request is. Say, for example, social media graphics cost 1 credit, presentations cost 2 and infographics cost 5 credits.

Requests are submitted by Graphic Rhythms dashboard. After you receive the completed file and you are satisfied with the results, you are charged based on the cost of that request. Revisions do not cost any extra credits but bear in mind if you change your mind about the original ideas and thoughts shared with the designer, such requests will be considered as a new project and will cost you credits.

Although Graphic Rhythms credit system is unique in the graphic design space, the other alternatives that offer unlimited graphic design do have some constraints when it comes to the volume of output delivered each month. Plus, their prices are really competitive and as for the time of publishing of this article, they are offering a $100 discount on their Professional Daily Design category.

Graphic Rhythm Features

What services does Graphic Rhythm Offer?

The designer at Graphic Rhythm can handle almost any graphic design task you throw at them.
Their most requested categories include:

  1. Apparel designs
  2. Blog Graphics
  3. Branding
  4. Brochures
  5. Infographics
  6. Logos
  7. Posters
  8. Social Media Ads
  9. Social Media Content
  10. Stationery Designs
  11. Web Banners

Who is Graphic Rhythm Targeted at?

Any individual or business with on-going demand and continuous need for graphic design work can take advantage of the value that Graphic Rhythm provides.
According to their website, they specialize in three categories and list them as their target customers :

  • Small Businesses
  • Digital Agencies
  • Amazon Professionals

So, if you think you fit into any one of these categories, you may be able to take full advantage of their areas of expertise.

Graphic Rhythm Pricing

How much does Graphic Rhythm cost?

Right now, Graphic Rhythm allows you to subscribe from three different plans.

Professional Plan

This plan is ideal for individuals and small teams. For a price of $149 per month, they offer 20 design credits, with a turnaround of 1-2 design per day. Also included in this plan is the ability to add unlimited users and request for unlimited brand profiles per month. This plan neatly covers all your daily design needs and can also be opted for a discounted price of $134/month quarterly.

Small Business Plan

The small business plan as the name suggests is targeted towards small businesses and teams that require an increased volume of designs each month. In $299 per month, you get 50 design credits, and the turnaround in nearly doubled to 2-4 design per day. You get to add unlimited users and can request unlimited brand profiles as in the Professional plan.

The added plus here is that this plan includes illustrations, logos, landing pages, and infographics as well. The small business plan comes at a discounted price of $269 per month if subscribed quarterly.

Agency Plan

This Agency plan is targeted towards bigger businesses or agencies in need of high volume and advanced graphic design needs. For a price of $599 a month, you get 110 credits per month with an output of 2-4 designs per day. Custom illustrations, logos, landing pages, and infographics are all included in this package.

The ability to add unlimited users and request for unlimited brand profile remains the same in this plan like the rest. This plan also comes in at a discounted rate of $539 per month if subscribed quarterly.

Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of using Graphic Rhythm

Pros of using Graphic Rhythm

  • Unique credit system to request for design work. The remaining credits can be rolled over to next month as well.
  • Their turnaround of having 1-2 designs per day on the basic plan is better than the competition. You can also get 2-4 designs per day on the Small Business and Agency Plan.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no commitments and you may cancel anytime.
  • Graphic Rhythm provides the ability to add multiple brands and users to their portal. This eliminates the need of sharing your files, your team and clients can all see the results right from the portal.
  • The brand focused approach of Graphic Rhythm ensures that each design matches your overall branding.

Cons of using Graphic Rhythm

  • Even with the uniqueness of the credit system, not having the ability to have unlimited designs per month may have its downsides.
  • Your remaining credits can be rolled over to the next month but they expire if you cancel a subscription. Also, this is a downside for businesses that may have a busy workload for one month but not so much in the next.
  • Different design services have different credit values. Meaning the more complex the task, the more credits it consumes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Graphic Rhythm?

Graphic Rhythm is a platform that offers unlimited graphic designs to its clients. But what does that mean exactly?

Is Graphic Rhythm the best solution for Unlimited Graphic Design?

We can’t answer to this question without knowing your needs. However, you can read our review about the best Unlimited Graphic Design Services or contact us directly.

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