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In this Canva review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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8.8Expert Score
Canva the most popular graphic design tool

Canva allows creating branding assets as easy as drag & drop. If you have your logo, social networking accounts, or even a hashtag, what used to be a time-consuming process will be completed in a short amount of time.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Fair pricing
  • Most popular graphic design tool
  • Schedule and publish on social networks
  • Big premium library
  • Background removal
  • Free plan available
  • Magic resize
  • Mobile apps
  • Limited, can't replace Photoshop or adobe illustrator

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

Canva is a full design platform for someone who lacks graphic design skills. It began as a web-based picture editing for people who aren’t artists. As a result, most people think of it as a picture creation app, but it is far more than that.
You can make PDFs, printables, newsletters, and if you’re a writer, you can create gorgeous infographics that will help you get more backlinks and improve your traffic.

The human brain absorbs images 60,000 times faster than language, and 90% of knowledge sent to the brain is visual

Thermopylae Sciences and Technology

This shows how important it is to produce good-looking, high-quality designs for your business.
If you work digitally, such as writing or web design, graphic design would be an important part of your career. If recruiting a graphic designer isn’t a choice, you’ll need to find an appropriate graphic design tool.
There are several graphic design resources available on the market, but Canva is the most well-known. This Canva review will provide you an inside look at its key features, pros and cons, pricing options, and many more.

Canva features

What can you do with Canva?

Canva has a lot of great features. Let’s have a closer look at some of the more well-known and commonly used ones.

Canva’s main features are as follows:

  • Templates
  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Collaboration features
  • Content Planner
  • Schedule or publish on social media


You’d be surprised to learn that the free edition contains about 80,000 models, while the paid version includes around 40,000 objects. Everything you have to do is pick the kind of picture you want to build and a ready-made prototype of your choosing. You can then tailor it to your heart’s content.

Drag and drop editor

You will easily deal with images, animations, models, fonts, and elements using the drag and drop editor. Choose what you want to make, and Canva will show you a list of all that is important. You can alter them by dragging and dropping them.

Collaboration features

If you’re employed with a group and want your coworkers to check your job, you may quickly do so. Simply send the designs to your staff, and they will be able to edit and comment on them.

Content Planner

The Content Planner is a new Canva feature that helps you to see all of your planned photos. If there is a void in the calendar, press the “+” symbol to incorporate an earlier produced template or to build one from scratch.

Schedule or publish on social media

About any online picture editing allows you to post your creations directly to various social media sites. Canva, on the other hand, goes a bit further by allowing you to plan your updates on social networking platforms such as Facebook groups, Facebook Pages, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack, Tumblr, and Twitter.

While it is not included in Canva’s free plan, it is the most popular function among entrepreneurs and business owners. It serves as a repository for the brand materials such as fonts, brand colors, and logos.
You may not need to import your logo or make color adjustments any time you build a file. When designing, you can directly access the properties. It also aids in maintaining a smooth look across all of the templates.

Customer Service at Canva

If you need assistance, you can use the library that they have developed. You can read blog articles, view videos, and lectures, and if you’re still not done, you can sign up for their free online course.
Unfortunately, there is no way to communicate with their staff on any issues. Many online companies prefer live chat, but Canva does not have live chat as a customer support platform.

Who is Canva for?

Who should use Canva?

Canva is ideal for small enterprises, startups, and advertisers, as well as anybody who needs to produce photographs rapidly, conveniently, and effectively.

Canva showcase

Canva pricing

How much does Canva cost?

Canva offers a free plan as well as very affordable Pro plan. You can conveniently choose between both of them based on your needs.

Canva pricing

Canva pricing

Canva Pro costs 11.99€ per month or 109.99€ a year if billed yearly. When you choose Canva Pro’s yearly package, you save 23% over the monthly plan. Canva Pro’s monthly and yearly plans have the same characteristics, but the price is different.

The Pro plan is best for certain consumers, so whether you operate a business or have a team of more than ten people who need to collaborate in Canva, the Enterprise plan is for you.

In summary, the Pro plan is appropriate for employee or small business owners, while the Enterprise plan is appropriate for bigger teams that need specialized features and teamwork controls.

We suggest that you try Canva Pro for 30 days free, and then upgrade to the annual plan to save money.


Why you should use Canva?

Canva’s true asset is its user-friendly gui. It has a drag-and-drop gui and a proprietary wireframe framework that automatically positions the photographs and text.
You are not required to start from scratch, but you can do so if you so choose. It includes a plethora of designs, fonts, and photo effects.

Canva Pros
  • It is easy and straightforward to use.
  • It enables you to build a variety of templates such as logos, Instagram messages, Facebook posts, invites, animations, infographics, and so on.
  • It has access to thousands of models.
  • The premium edition includes free stock photographs, but you don’t have to pay for them individually.
  • The free version will always be free.
  • Canva allows you to archive your project so that you can return to it and update it anytime you want.
  • Canva not only lets you upload photos directly on social media, but it also lets you plan them.
Canva Cons
  • For those that are used to drag and drop functionality, it may get a little sloppy.
  • Canva pro users have access to certain simple graphic design features, such as alpha clarity for PNG files. It is not available to free users.
  • The free edition does not enable you to resize the templates for various screen sizes.
  • There is functional confusion between the online version and the mobile edition.
  • When you have a small computer, it can be challenging to use Canva.

If you can’t afford to employ a graphic designer and are looking for a free graphic design service that is simple to use and won’t take you months to learn, we suggest Canva.
Canva is dependable, with a simple user interface and drag-and-drop features that allows designing simple and fast.

It might have certain noticeable flaws, but that doesn’t make it any less useful than some other online graphic design app. Canva is still available to assist you on your design journey, whether it’s infographic design or a Facebook message.

We hope our Canva Review has assisted you in determining if it is a successful fit for you. And, as you are aware, it is absolutely secure. So you may check it out for yourself and let us know how it goes.

If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.


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