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9.4 Total Score
The Cheapest Clickfunnel alternative is an all-in-one tool allowing you to sell physical and digital products, to sell and host your trainings but also to send and automate your email campaigns.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Unlimited email sending
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Automations
  • A/B Test
  • Templates for everything
  • Integrated mailing system
  • Affiliate system for your products
  • Can connect with other software via Zapier
  • Integrated Affiliate Marketplace
  • Great customer support
  • Only evergreen webinars
Add your review is a SaaS software created by Aurélien Amacker (a French web entrepreneur). This platform allows you to design and fully manage your digital marketing system. It can be used as an online business management platform to sell digital or physical products or to sell access to a member’s area to get the formations they bought.

It’s actually a clickfunnel killer and we’ll see why.

dashboard Features

What can you do with is known to be cheap while offering multiple functionalities such as the possibility to send email campaigns, automate the sending and segment them. Formerly present at Clickfunnels, this functionality is no longer available at them.

But that’s not all! With system io you will benefit from :

  • 5000/10000/15000 email subscribers (it depends on the package)
  • Unlimited emails sent
  • Unlimited funnels
  • 3, 5 or unlimited membership sites (it depends on the package)
  • 0, 2 or 5 custom domains (it depends on the package)
  • Unlimited file storage space
  • Unlimited members
  • Marketing automation
  • Affiliate program
  • Affiliate Marketplace
  • Evergreen Webinars (Webinar package or more)
  • Coupon codes
  • A/B Test
  • A blog system

Email system


You can add your contacts by importing them with a CSV file or manually by filling the following fields :

create a contact in

How to import contacts into :

In order to import your contacts into, you must first save your file as a csv file. Make sure it does not start with any blank (empty) lines and the first row contains headers of columns.

  1. Step 1: Select file

    Select your file from your computer and click the Choose file button. You will see the first six rows from your contacts as a table.

  2. Step 2: Fields mapping

    Map your fields by selecting them above Your CSV’s Columns. You must at least choose what column contains an email address because the Email field is required.

  3. Step 3: Select the tags

    Select the tags matching your contacts. Next, you can select the tags to which you will add your contacts.

  4. Step 4 (optionnal)

    Select the campaign matching with your contacts. If you want to subscribe your contacts to a campaign with a certain position (in the case when contacts were already subscribed to this campaign in another application) you can also choose a campaign in the input field Campaign. If you choose a campaign you must define which column in your CSV file will be responsible for the current position in the campaign (number of emails in the campaign).

  5. Step 5: Import

    Click on import. Then click Import. You will see the list of your imports at the bottom of this page where you will be able to download CSV file with invalid contacts.


You can segment your contacts by adding them a tag. You can add it manually inside the contact menu or it can be added automatically when they are subscribing. With this tag system you can automate your mailing campaigns, segment users to offer them the perfect offer, retarget them…

tag system


The newsletter system is easy to use and allows you to :

  • Add images, links and tables
  • Send attachments
  • Segment the sending of the email according to different parameters (date of registration, tags)
  • Insert shortcodes like the ones shown in the screenshot
  • Edit the footer to add some links or content inside
  • Send an email test
Automation newsletter
emails shortcode

The only disadvantages compared to other email marketing services is that there is no preconfigured template to use and it is impossible to properly elaborate the email, with columns, buttons…


Creating campaigns can be useful when promoting email capture. You can set up that when a person gives his email address, he automatically becomes a subscriber to a campaign that will send him different emails automatically according to your predefined settings.

How to create a mailing campaign

First, you have to create a campaign name. After that, you have to create your emails.

When your emails are ready, you have to set up the automation rules. You can set the followings:

  • Delay before sending email
  • After the email “…” (you created A & B emails and you want the email B to be sent after A)
  • Time when email should be sent
  • Days of the week when this email should be sent

To create the email, you have the exact same elements of the newsletter.


As the screenshot shows, you benefit from advanced statistics to analyze the results of your sent emails.

emails statistics


You can write some post or even create your entire blog with Systeme io! So you don’t have to create website or use an other software to manage your blog.

You can create many blogs with each differents blog posts. They have just a unique template and you can easily create yours.

You can also create pages and blog categories.Blog pagePost page


You can create unlimited and different types of funnels. You can build your audience by getting emails address to build your email list, you can create a funnel to sell a product or a service or automate your business by running webinars. funnels

Build your audience

Creating an audience is the first thing to do when you are new to and don’t own an email list. To overcome this problem and get email addresses, you need to create a page with a form to fill in with an email address so that customers can subscribe to a newsletter or at least get something in return. This page is called a squeeze page and fortunately, has a lot of templates for this purpose!

squeeze page

Sell your products or services

If you want to sell a product, service or access to training, you will need to create a sales page. Then you will need to create upsells and/or downsells with a checkout page and finally a thank you page. This may seem constraining and laborious but Systeme io has provided you with multiple templates ready to be used.

But first of all, let’s create the product. You just have to set the percentage of the VAT, add product attributes and you don’t even need to add a price at this step! In fact, you have to set the price on the checkout page.

When you sell something, you have to receive the money so System io got you covered by adding Payment Gateways. You can connect Stripe and PayPal, don’t worry there is some documentation about it.

Page builder

On the screenshot, you can see how it looks like. It’s a drag and drop page builder, you have different sections and rows, you add some columns, buttons, checkboxes, products and countdowns… You can even use already made for you Blocks.

Plus, you can check the responsiveness by changing the format into mobile.

Page builder

Membership sites uses the term member area to refer to access to the courses you create.

To create a course you will need to literally create a course, add modules to it and add a few lectures within the modules. You can add them as video or text. To create your lecture, you can use the builder page and even configure a dripping access to the other lectures.

You can manually add students or get them when you sell the access of course but you can also manage them.

It’s really easy to create some courses and everyone can do it by himself!

Automation rules and workflows


Rules are made to create some automations, for this you have dozens of triggers that once triggered by you or the client will execute an action.

You can use many triggers as the following list :

  • Tag added
  • Tag removed
  • Funnel step form subscribed
  • Blog page form subscribed
  • Campaign completed
  • Registered to webinar
  • Enrolled in course
  • Enrolled in course bundle
  • New sale
  • Email link clicked
  • Page visited

After an event is triggered you can use the following actions:

  • Subscribe to campaign
  • Unsubscribe from campaign
  • Add a tag
  • Remove tag
  • Send email
  • Send email to specific address
  • Enroll in course
  • Send webhook


Workflows use the same system of rules with the same triggers and the resulting actions. However, this allows much more advanced and easier to visualize automation.

Here is a quick example :


Affiliate Program pays 40% commission on subscription and 5% commission on 2nd level referrals. So for the Startup plan (22.5€ HT/month), it is equivalent to earning 9€/month until the referred person stops his subscription. If this person refer 10 other people you will earn 5% commission = 1.3€ * 10 people = 13€/month extra.

Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate dashboard

To manage the affiliation, you have access to the dashboard from your account.

On this dashboard, you will be able to find your affiliate link, the number of trial referrals and the number of converts.


Affiliate commission Payout

To set up the payment of your earnings generated through the affiliation of, you will need to go to your customer area “Affiliate commissions payments settings” and choose between a PayPal payment or Wire Transfer (Bank account).

The payment is sent every month and usually towards the end of the month. Be careful, you have to get at least 40€ of earnings for the payment to be sent!

Affiliate Marketplace

The marketplace page shows all the offers from customers. As a customer you can of course choose whether or not to display your offers on this page. This feature allows all users to promote your offers in exchange for a certain amount of commission.

Take for example the two offers below, you can promote “the new system to start an online business” and earn $2.80 per sale.

Marketplace customer offer

To promote this offer, just click on the title or click on read more. Then you have the description of the offer and directly the affiliate link to share this offer and receive a commission on sales.

promote offers

Evergreen Webinars

Webinars are accessible in the funnels menu, you have to create a new funnel and choose “Run an evergreen webinar”.

Webinars are not live, they are preregistered but it will look like a real live webinar. That means you can’t interact with your viewers and if you do, you have to fake it…

If you want to use a great Webinar software, you can have a look at Demio!

A/B Tests

ab test systeme io

A/B test or Split test can be used to optimize your results and sales by testing different pages and analyzing the results. Maybe with this feature, you will figure out that using the red color can improve your ROI by 20% who knows! Pricing

How much does cost?


If you definitely wanna have a custom domain like ours ( and not, you will have to subscribe to the Webinar package. “Membership sites” is the number of courses/formations you can create and give access to. and I recommend you to subscribe to the Webinar package directly to use the coupon feature and A/B Test who are really important.


Why you should use

If you are not really an IT guy or IT girl and don’t particularly have time to learn, then take Plus, you get 14 days FREE trial period when you register, without adding your payment details, so you can see if it can fit your needs. Plus, there is great documentation and support.

The actual fact is that even his creator is using so if a wealthy Web French Entrepreneur is using his software and still making a tons of money, why can’t you do the same? got a really unbeatable price, even with a hacking solution such as WordPress + MailChimp, it will cost you almost the same price or even more for something without support, not easy to use and requires some skills.

Let’s not talk about its only competitor which is now far behind, Clickfunnels, which has become really too expensive and with less functionality…


Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an all-in-one tool allowing you to sell physical and digital products, to sell and host your trainings but also to send and automate your email campaigns. Learn more about

Is the best solution to create my funnel site?

We can’t answer to this question without knowing your needs. However, you can read our recap about or you can contact us directly. Review – Funnel Builder and Mailing Automation Review – Funnel Builder and Mailing Automation
start at 29€/month
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If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat, we will gladly advise you.


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