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Websites can be accessed by 2 different URLs:

  • https://website. com
  • https://www.website. com

And you have to choose one path only, the best is to use the short version, without the "www".

But many website owners forget to create a 301 redirection from https://www to https://.

This mistake tells Google that there is 2 different websites.


What is a Redirect?

A redirect is a page on your website that can be accessed by typing in the URL.

This is usually done to help someone find what they are looking for when they enter a wrong URL or mistype something into their browser.

A redirect loop is when a user clicks on a link and is sent to another page, but then when they click back it sends them back to the first page again.

The quickest way to know if your site has been hacked is by watching for unusual activity - sudden spikes in traffic, lots of emails coming in from unknown senders, etc.

Some of the most common typos are "wite" instead of "write", "possess" instead of "possible", and "you're" instead of "your". These mistakes can be hidden less obvious forms of character substitution which are easy to spot. For example some people use Unicode instead of ASCII characters or reverse Polish Notation, short for "rPN".


A redirect loop consists both user and machine errors. Example: An administrator has requested a page restored via FTP(FTP is used as an interface where files are transferred between two computers), consequently two links have been issued on the site by the server. If you manually upload that web site too it will run into this problem where one URL takes you back to another url with same input string that was not intended.

The web browser uses a way of connecting to either IP but it always ends up going back to the FTP site where you just have two links that complete some action within your own share folder. This is usually referred as a redirection loop, whereby each link resets at some point itself and thus it cannot complete anything on its own.


What is a Redirection and Why Should You Care?

A redirection is the process of forwarding a user’s browser to another address.

This can be done for several reasons. Some examples are to make web addresses easier to spell, because the site has gone out of business, or because the site has changed its domain name.

Website redirects are necessary for many reasons. One possible reason is that the URL of the website may have changed by mistake or intentionally for other reasons. Another reason could be that a site owner has sold their company and wants all links on the site to point to their new website under their new brand name.


What are 301 & 302 redirects? How do they affect SEO?


301 redirects are the first step in any SEO process. 301 redirects tell search engines that you have moved your website to a new URL, so they should no longer index the old URL.

302 redirects are more common than 301 redirects because they are used when you want to keep the old URL as an alternate option for users who typed in the wrong address. 302 is also called temporary redirection and it will only last for 30 days.