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About Word Counter

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Using our online word counter tool, you will get outstanding features.

Just copy and paste your content in the text box and instantly see:

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The keyword density can help you a lot for SEO, to see how many times you are using the keyword you try to rank for. It shouldn't be more than 3%. If you are using it more than 3%, it can be considered as keyword stuffing.

You can add more content in the text area just by typing and the results will refresh automatically, plus, there is no character limit.

Word count online tool


What is a Word Counter Online and When is it Useful?

Word counters are useful when you want to know the number of words in a sentence, paragraph, article, or any other text. There are a few different ways to go about counting word without a word counter. On the other hand, word counters help you quickly and easily find out how many words you have written.

A good online word counter is one that is quick and easy to use which saves your time and effort. A good free word counter will save you time and money as it will provide an accurate count of words for free!


How to Use a Word Counter Online Tool for Professional Reasons

Word counters are online tools that can help you with your writing. These tools allow you to count words, sentences, and paragraphs in the text.

Word counting tips:

  1. Use one sentence per paragraph.
  2. Avoid filler words like "I think," "I believe," and "however."
  3. Include a broad range of vocabulary.
  4. Avoid using clichés.
  5. Provide specific explanations for any numbers or statistics referenced in the text.
  6. Be consistent with verb tense throughout the document (e.g., past tense for historical information).
  7. Keep sentences short; they should be no more than 16 words long on average.
  8. Make sure every sentence has a subject and a verb; avoid relying on verbs like "to be," "to go," and "to come" while writing content.
  9. Prose is the foundation of any professional, technical or academic document; avoid using too many commercial words in documentation.
  10. Be consistent with capital letters throughout your document (e.g., headings, introductions). Capital letters should be used to distinguish between sentences and paragraphs while avoiding escaping the "word frequency trap."


The Importance of Using a Word Counter Today

Word count is an integral part of writing.

We've all felt the disappointment of submitting a paper, essay, or project that exceeds the required word count.

It's important to use a word counter to help ensure that you're not wasting time by submitting an essay that exceeds the required word count.

We should also remember that our word counts vary depending on what kind of document we're writing.

For example, a newspaper article might have a shorter limit than a thesis or dissertation.

This is why it's important to know the requirements for different types of projects before counting your words.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any way to make sure that the numbers coming out of my online word counter are accurate and correct?

There are a few ways to make sure that the numbers coming out of your online word counter are accurate and correct.

The first way is to use one of the many free word counters that can be found on the internet. You can also try using an old-fashioned paper and pencil method, which you should only do if your device doesn't have a built-in word counter or if it's not working properly.

The last option is to use an application like Grammarly that will provide you with feedback on how well you're doing in regards to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


What is the best online word counter?

One of the best online word counters is Google Docs. You can use it to count words, characters, lines and paragraphs.

Another tool is Word Counter for Chrome that lets you find out how many words are in a text file.


What is the best online character counter?


There are many online character counters that can help you in keeping track of your characters.

Some of the best online character counters are:

Grammarly: This is a free, cloud-based program that provides grammar checking and plagiarism detection services for documents, emails, blog posts, etc.

Wunderlist: It's an easy to use app which offers the most advanced productivity tools available in one place including reminders, task lists, time tracking and calendar events.

Litmus: This is a test for websites. It checks the quality of your website to ensure that you have all important or core design standards in place, easy navigation and helpful content.