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Compare 2 different texts using our online text comparison. Just copy and paste the first and second text to find differences.

You can choose between 2 diff view types which are:

  • Side by side
  • inline


What are the best methods to compare similarity in texts?

There are many methods that can be used to compare similarity in texts. The most common methods are word frequency, co-occurrence, and tf-idf.

Word frequency is the number of times a given word appears in a text divided by the total number of words in the text. Co-occurrence measures how often two or more words appear together. TF-IDF uses an algorithm to calculate how important each word is within a document based on its relative weighting in different parts of the document.


What is a text compare? What are the benefits of online text compare?

A text compare is a tool that compares and compares various texts. Some of the benefits of using a text compare include finding similar texts for research and finding texts that are similar to an existing one.

Text comparator tools allow users to search through multiple files at once and compare them. Text comparators also includes integrations with other tools such as email, social media, or calendar.