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Nowadays, who doesn't have an account on a website or mobile app? And having an account means that you need a password and an email.

This password is the key to access your personal information.

To secure at the maximum your login details, you should use a strong password. But what is a strong password?

A strong password is made using the following characteristics:

  • password length
  • lowercase letters
  • special characters
  • uppercase letters

But creating such unique password can be difficult. Using a random password created by our strong password generator is the easiest thing to do.

Just select the password length and the difficulty, then click on generate.


What is a password?

A password is a term used to describe any word or phrase, usually an easily remembered sequence of letters, numbers and/or symbols that you use to identify yourself or a particular account in a computer system or network. The word was derived from the practice in some early systems wherein passwords were typed on paper slips and manually keyed into computers.


What is a Password Generator?

A password generator is a tool that generates passwords for you. They are also known as password tool. They allow any user to create a password with ease and in a really short time period.

Password generators are mostly used in industries such as finance, healthcare, and government where security is a key factor in order to keep confidential information safe.

Password generators can also be used by normal individuals who want to create secure passwords for different logins and accounts.

A password generator is the best way to protect your online credentials from hackers or identity thieves because it creates random yet secure passwords for you.


5 Reasons to Use a Password Generator Program

One of the best ways to make your passwords more secure is to use a password generator program. Password generators save time and effort for beginners and experts alike.

It saves you time because it takes only a few seconds to generate new passwords.

Password generators are also great for people who are forgetful or are just not very creative when it comes to creating passwords.

Finally, password generators are helpful for people who want to share their passwords with others but don't want them easily found on the internet.


What are the best ways to create a strong password?

There are many ways to create a strong password. The best way is to use a password manager that can generate and store passwords for you. You can also use a number of other tools like:

  1. KeePass - This is an open source software that allows users to generate and store multiple secure passwords, as well as encrypting them with 256-bit AES encryption.
  2. Dashlane - Dashlane allows users to create strong passwords and keep track of all their online accounts securely with its dashboard interface.
  3. 1Password - This password manager offers features such as 1Password mini, which lets you store your passwords in the browser instead of on your computer, which makes it easier for you to access them anywhere and anytime without having to download anything or install anything on your computer (Mac only).


Is there any drawback to using an app like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, etc.?

There are no drawbacks to using an app like LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, etc. The only drawback would be if you forget your password and need to reset it because you can't remember the last time you used it.


Are password generators safe?

No, they are not safe. They can be easily hacked and your account information could be compromised.

Fortunately, our password generator tool doesn't store any data, our tool is then safe to use.