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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research can be done in two ways - manually or automatically. The manual way is the best way to start your keyword research because it allows you to get a better understanding of what keywords are being used, which ones are popular, and which ones have the highest search volume.

The second method of keyword research is done through an automatic process, also known as "keyword suggestion". This provides you with a list of keywords that are relevant to your blog article or website without any work on your part.

The first step in keyword research is usually to use Google's Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for when they go online. This will give you ideas about potential keywords that will help you rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing.


Testing Your Target Audience with Google Surveys

Google Surveys can help you answer initial questions about your target audience and the demographics of your website visitors. It is a good place to start when trying to understand who is visiting your site and how they interact with the content you publish.

It’s easy to create a survey, all you need to do is create a form with each question in it. You can choose from a list of templates or make up your own. You can even add images or videos in the background of the survey, which will make it easier for people to respond because they will be more engaged in what you are asking them about.


How to Conduct Keyword Research on YouTube Videos to Find Successful Niche Ideas?

The first and most important thing is to not use the same keywords that your competitors are using. This means creating a list of keywords, which you can find by following these steps below:

  • Get yourself a list of at least 20-30 related keywords for your niche by brainstorming.
  • Look at what your competition is doing, as they might already have some videos with keywords with high search volumes.
  • Use Google autocomplete to find search suggestions for your keyword ideas.
  • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool.


What is best keyword research tool?

The best keyword research tool is SEMrush.

SEMrush is a highly recommended online platform for finding the best keyword suggestions to help you rank your blog posts higher in search engines. It provides detailed analysis of how Google ranks your competitors, including their traffic sources and SEO strengths/weaknesses.

It also helps you find keywords that are trending now, which can be helpful when trying to optimize your content strategy.