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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker: How To Check Where Your Keyword is on Google


This is a tool that you can use to check your google keyword ranking in Google's search results pages. This will give a precise indication as to where your title is within each page and lets you see how many characters you have used for it on every fully organic listing, including ads which cannot be manually indexed.


What is a keyword's position?

Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool to track keyword trends and your overall position in terms of search volume. It also gives you an indication of where you have used a keyword more than any other keyword and tells you what keywords you are missing and what keywords have potential for the future.


How do I use this google rank checker tool?


To use this keyword rank checker, just click on your keyword's name and then click on "Display Keywords". The tool will show you your current position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and the average position it has had in the past month. The average position is based on the position it has had in the last 10,000 search results.


How to improve the ranking of my blog?

In today's world, having a keyword ranking is a necessity. Google has become the primary way people find information online and search engine optimization is the key to being found on the first page.

SEO is the process of telling search engines what your site contains so that it appears on top of all its competitors. If you run a business website, SEO strategies will help drive more traffic to your business and increase page ranking position (#1-#3) with keywords related to their services.


These include:

Abusing Keywords – As painful as this may seem, remember that Google takes action against anyone who abuses or "spam " Google search results by using excessive amounts of keywords in web articles. If you are not getting the "right" traffic or your website cannot produce results with its existing keyword lineup, give some consideration to changing your SEO approach on how it generates content for better rankings on major searches.


And one last comment... use advanced tools like Webmaster Tools & Analytics, Keyword Research Tool and SEMrush that will provide more precise information about proper ranking position in search engine results.


Once you take the time, your site can appear in major search engines categories so people are able to find it easier and ultimately get more qualified visitors who will spend less time searching for what they need.


How to get your keyword's position


It is quite easy to get your keyword position. All you need to do is to type in the name of your keyword and press enter. For example:


Keyword Position: SEO Keyword Rank: 1 is the position of my title when it comes up 1st for the search phrase / keyword.


Below are two screenshots of the results that I got while I was checking my own personal position. As you can see, the position of my keyword was 0.30 before I wrote this guide. After using this guide, my position increased to 0.38.


You can also use the Google Search Console to check the status of your keyword. All you need to do is to do is enter your keyword in the Search for Keyword box.

You will then see the search term, how it ranks and a graph of your keyword's position.



How to read your keyword position


Think of this as the top of the funnel of SEO. The keyword sits in front of the person on the page, they are trying to find information on your business, and they are likely to stick around for a while in the process. Google's suggestions for a keyword are based on your business location, site architecture and title. In the above example, the keywords has been ranked #8 in my local search results and is only ranked #21 in my city.


When you move away from the top 10 results and deeper down the page, you will find less people visiting your website from the keyword. This tells you that you have a strong keyword and is encouraging to follow Google's suggestions. The keyword position helps you fine tune your content as it can tell you when to place it in the title and headlines.




Frequently Asked Questions



Should I try to rank for "long tail" keywords or should I stick with "big" ones?


There is no definitive answer to this question because it depends on the business and the market that you are looking to target.


Generally, if you are looking for a short-term project then targeting "long tail" keywords will help you build up your website's traffic more quickly.


However, if you want to build a long-term company then targeting "big" keywords would be the best idea as it will help grow your website's traffic over time.



Can I increase my rankings by buying links or will it be better if I just focus on creating content that people want to read and share with their friends and family?


Buying links is not the best way to increase your rankings. If you want to rank higher, then focus on creating content that people want to read and share with their friends and family.



Which keyword tools should I use to make sure that my website is getting the most possible traffic from Google?


If you have a dedicated content team then Ahref, Moz and others offer the best results from their comprehensive analysis of keyword data. However, if your website is just one-person shop that does not need these services, then SEMrush will give you more suggestions for protecting yourself from negative traffic which can result in low rankings on SERPs.



Is there a way to find out what keywords are sending me the most traffic, so that I can concentrate on them more than others?


There are many ways to find out what keywords are sending you the most traffic.


First, you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool which is an effective way of getting information about the most popular search terms that people are using when they go online.

Another method would be to do some research on your competitors and then check out their marketing channels.


You can also just use your intuition or instinct because that is how it all starts anyway.



How do I check my keyword ranking?


The best way to check your keyword ranking is by using Google Keyword Planner.


It will give you the monthly search volume for your chosen keywords, competition level, cost per click (CPC), and much more.



Do I need Backlinks to improve my ranking on Google?


Backlinks are essential for any SEO campaign to be successful. Without backlinks, your website will not rank as well as it could and you won't reach the same amount of traffic that a website with a lot of quality links would have reached. If your website does not have any backlinks, then no one will know about it.

It doesn't matter if you are the best graphic designer, fashion blogger or SEO guru - but without any backlinks your website will stay unnoticed.

When trying to improve your ranking on Google using Link building techniques, it is important to make sure that what you are adding as a link gets approved by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists and defines the quality of those links.