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What is an HTTP Header?

HTTP headers are used to provide information about the HTTP request or response. Usually, HTTP headers are not seen by users because they are only handled internally by web servers.

HTTP headers can be used to determine how a browser should render the page on the screen, what language it should use, what content encodings it should support, and many other things that will influence how a web page is rendered on the screen.


What are the Most Important Header Fields To Check For Server Diagnostics?

The most important header fields are the http response status code and custom status codes for https site. It is also important to know what does it mean when the response is 200?

The server's response tells us if it is successful or not, so knowing the status code of the server's response is very useful. There are three main types of http response codes:

  • 2XX - Successfully completed communication with the web server
  • 3XX - Request was redirected to another location
  • 4XX - Client error that prevented communication with the web server
  • 5XX - Server error on behalf of the web server


Why is it Important to Know HTTP Headers?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is the set of rules that govern how information is exchanged between a web server and a web browser.

HTTP headers are data that is sent to the client before the requested content, or after it has been delivered. The header contains information about the body of the message, including its length, date, type of encoding or any other special instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you see HTTP response header?

The HTTP response header is a set of information provided by the web server to the client browser or application requesting a web page.

Some of the common headers are:

• Content-Type, which specifies what type of data is being sent back to the client.

• Date, which specifies when the content was last modified.

• Last-Modified, which specifies when the content was last modified.

• Server, which specifies where the content came from and what kind of software is being used to send it back to you.


How do I view HTTP headers?

The HTTP headers are the set of information sent by a web server that informs browsers about how to communicate with it.

To view HTTP headers, you can use any one of these methods:

  1. Chrome developer tools
  2. The Firefox Firebug extension
  3. Internet Explorer developer tools