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Older domains are more likely to rank better and fast than a new registered domain name.

The reason is, it usually got backlinks and trust from search engines, especially with domain authority.

So domain age matter for SEO, unless they got spammed and blacklisted from search engines.

Using our domain age checker tool, you will get the following data:

  • Age of the domain
  • Domain Registration Date
  • Domain Updated Date
  • Domain Expiry Date

So you found a nice expired domain name, what to do next?

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What is a domain age checker?

A domain age checker is a tool that helps you find out how much time has passed since the creation of a given domain.

In this day and age, when sites are being created in a matter of minutes and domains expire in a matter of days, it is important to know the age of a domain so that you can determine whether or not you should trust it.

A domain age checker will show you the date on which the given website was registered and will tell you how long ago that was. It does not show any other information about the site, such as who owns it or what its content is.


Who Uses Age Checking Tools?

Some of the most common use cases for domain age checkers include:

  1. A social media company who wants to know the age of a domain name before approaching a potential customer.
  2. A brand that wants to know how old its competitors are and how its online presence compares.
  3. A new website owner who wants to find out what year their site was first registered and compare it to other sites within the same niche and industry.
  4. An individual who is looking for a domain name and wants to make sure they are choosing an older, more established name with less competition from newer websites


How To Find If A Domain Is Expired - What Does An Expired Domain Mean?

Expired domain search is a tool that is used to find expired domains.

There are many reasons why a domain might expire. It can happen for a number of reasons, ranging from the owner forgetting to renew the domain, to a company going bankrupt and not paying for the domain renewal.

When someone finds an expired domain, they can now buy it and use it for their own purposes such as creating an internet home or setting up an online store.


Finding A Domain When You Need One - Can You Register an Expired or Existing Domain?

Domain names are the structure of the URL for any website.

The most popular and widely used domains are .com and .net.

You can find a domain name by searching in google, whois, or with a domain registrar.

Generally, you can register an expired domain; however, an existing one is more valuable for many reasons - it is already popular with traffic and content. If you cannot find an existing domain that is appropriate for your needs, you might want to consider creating a new one.


The Importance of Domain Age in SEO

Domain age can be measured by checking how long ago the domain was created. A domain with a higher age will show more authority than one with a lower age. This is because domains that are older have had time to establish themselves and build credibility through their link profile and content quality. It also means they are less likely to be penalized by Google or search engines as they are likely to be performing as expected.


What is a domain name?

A domain name is the web address of a website. The domain name is what you type into your browser, so it's important to choose an appropriate one.

Domain names are generally words or phrases that can be connected to what your business does or sells. For example, if you run an organic bakery, you might want something like "" as your domain name.

How do I find out how old a domain is?

There are many ways to find out how old a domain is. The simplest way is by going to Whois and entering the URL you want to check.

Some other ways include:

  1. Searching for a website in Google's search bar and then typing in "" into the search bar and pressing enter.
  2. Searching for the domain in Bing. If you want to be thorough, try searching on both Google and Bing at the same time!
  3. Searching using Ahrefs - selecting 'keyword' results with exact match only will give you age of domains entered into searchbox (not just sites or keywords that contain phrase).


How do I find out when a web page was created?

There are many ways to find out when a web page was created. One way is to use the built-in search function of your browser. Another way is to use the Google Search Console.

If you want more detailed information, you can also use tools like Ahrefs or Majestic SEO.