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Use our Broken link checker tool to find dead links in internal or external links of your webpage.

Just enter the URL, click on submit and fix the error http 404.


What is a broken link?

A broken link, also called dead link, is a link that is not working, it may be the result of a virus, an email problem or a technical problem. This can happen to any website, including your own.

However, the users do not usually report seeing broken links on their own websites.

A broken link is also known as a "404 page" or some other name depending on your context. A 404 error code (a web design convention) may be reported to Google by visitors who can't view website content because of what appears to be an act of nature; for example, after lightening damage or tornado-related problems).

Broken links can be both internal links or external links. Be careful if you change the url of an article, you can lose some backlinks if other website are linking to the previous url.


Does having broken links on your website can affect the SEO?

A broken link on your website can affect the organic search rank of it, however not all broken links are negative (incorrect 404 page). It is impossible to disallow visitors from accessing a web site completely; for this reason Google keeps an eye open whenever users post requests concerning their user experience.


There's also no need for creating pages just because you have unwanted content linked to them. This will result in losing out on more than possible SEO-basis traffic and future potential clientele that could significantly boost business further down the line through online advertising..


How do you use a broken link checker?

You can use a broken link checker to help you fix broken links on your website.

It will scan your website and let you know if there are any broken links. You then need to click on the link that is highlighted in red, and it will take you to the page where the link is supposed to be.


How to fix a broken link?

The first thing this broken link checker can do is recognize that the page where it resides on your website has one of its links/references existent, but isn't present. Once you're aware about what kind of problem you have with a single one-way link, what's next?

You can either fix the link by editing the page where the dead link is, or create a redirection using a redirect WordPress plugin or Rankmath.