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Using our tool you will directly know how many backlinks your website got. Just enter the url of your website and you will see the number of backlinks.

If you don't see any backlinks because your website is new, we recommend you to use this backlink maker tool.

A backlink checker is a SEO tool that allows you to see how many websites link to your website – and find out the quality of those links.

This article will introduce you to this valuable tool, and show you how it can help you improve your SEO strategy for both backlinks and citations.


What is a backlink?

A backlink is a reference to the page of your site linking to another web page. In most cases, it's part of an SEO strategy website owners choose for their own personal benefit. It usually takes place via an affiliate marketing scheme call hyperlinks sharing where you'll be paid if someone clicks on from another website and arrives at yours, as well as having measures such as private links which don't even show up in search engines - just in private forums or articles.

Because of the amount of webpages links doing backlinks is also more generally correlated with some types of websites like game-related ones (also see #5), non-English language sites (see below) and blogs that are inactive for ages, which means there aren't new posts arriving on them recently. So it's not bad having lots 'n' lots backlinks: as long as they're good quality and relevant to you niche.


Are backlinks still useful for a website?

The short answer is yes, though not so much anymore. Google rewards website owners who publish contents that are inherent to the topic of their sites and content-related links (sometimes called natural or organic backlinks), but it doesn't reward pages with unnatural hyperlinks which haven't really contributed to the owner's product/service in any way possible. That means all kinds of practice like writing articles for websites - especially when very lousy pieces were published - and exchanging links with other sites.


What is anchor text and why is it so important?

Anchor text is a term used in SEO, and it refers to the words that you use in a hyperlink. Anchor text is important because search engines place more weight on words from anchor texts when determining how relevant your page is to a search query.


The Importance of Using an Effective BackLink Checker for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

In conclusion, using a backlink checker for your online marketing campaigns is a must have. It will help you learn more about the performance of your campaigns and you will be able to identify areas where you need to improve on.