ExpressVPN Review – High speed, secure and anonymous VPN

In this ExpressVPN review, you'll find more information about its features, pricing, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.
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ExpressVPN is an industry-leading VPN service. Because of its fast speeds, capacity to unblock a sizable number of streaming services, and respectable server selection, it will be appealing to the majority of customers. ExpressVPN also provides a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Customer support
Value for money
Ease of use
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Troubleshoot connection problems
  • Can be used in the UAE and China
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Easy-to-use
  • Mobile application
  • A bit expensive
  • Fewer features compared to competitors

Are you fed up with hearing sirens outside your home? Or seeing strangers with caps luring an inch from your doorstep? Yes, this has much to do with your online activity and much less with the child screaming in your basement. Well, worry no more, for that, some old wise sages of the internet have advised using ExpressVPN. Let’s dig much deeper into it.

This jack of all is counted amongst the profound VPNs out there on the internet. All applause to its fine speeds and unlocking a fleet of streaming services; ExpressVPN holds the glory of being the virtual brother of CyberGhost and ZenMate.

Read further to learn more about ExpressVPN, in our review we will detail its features, pros and cons with our rating, and a conclusion about why you should use it.

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Quick Overview

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a world-renowned VPN owned by Kape Technologies. This beast serves about 3 million users all across the internet. Besides that, ExpressVPN has applications in all major operating systems, such as Linus, Android, IOS, macOS, and Windows. And another pleasing thing about these applications is that they use AES-256-CBC, TLSv1.2, and 4096-bit encryption.

Other than that, ExpressVPN offers users outstanding features like MediaStreamer, Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and much more. Moreover, if you talk about its safety, proud to say that ExpressVPN is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, a location that is independent of any kind of data retention laws whatsoever.

ExpressVPN specifications

FeaturesBrowser extension / Chrome extension / Desktop application / Easy to use / Fast and Secure Transaction / Location tracking / Online Payments
Best suited forIndividuals, Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid size businesses
Website languagesArabic / Chinese / Deutsch / English / French / Italian / Norsk / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish
Website URLVisit official website
Support linkSupport page
Live chatYes
Company addressRoad Town Tortola, VG1110, Virgin Islands (British)
Year founded2009


ExpressVPN pricing: How much does ExpressVPN cost?

ExpressVPN costs $8.32 per month (12 months) to $12.95 per month (1 month). With its current Most Popular, you easily save up to 35%!

The good thing about ExpressVPN is that it also offers users anonymous payment mediums such as Bitcoin and other ways. Comparatively, it also gives users options of credit card and PayPal for payment.

Pricing rangeExpressVPN costs $8.32 per month (12 months) to $12.95 per month (1 month)
Pricing typesAnnual subscription / Monthly subscription
Free planNo
Free trialNo
Money back guaranteeYes, 30 days
Pricing page linkSee plans

ExpressVPN pricing plans


Although there’s not much difference between the plans, the main factor they vary in is the price.

  • One month: $12.95 per month
  • Six months: $9.99 per month
  • One year: $8.32 per month

Furthermore, ExpressVPN also holds deals and discounts quite frequently. For instance, last year, it disclosed a Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping holiday where anyone subscribing for a year membership gets extra three months. ExpressVPN also offers a Refer A Friend Program by which you can avail of free 30 days membership. The steps for accessing this program are below:

  1. Sign in to your ExpressVPN account
  2. Send the referral link to your friend
  3. When your friend signs up from that link, you and your friend will get a 30-day free membership

Another worth a mention is its refund policy. ExpressVPN calls out a 30-day money-back guarantee without any questions asked. Thus, giving you the freedom of your choice!


ExpressVPN features: What can you do with it?

Server Locations In 94 Countries

ExpressVPN Server Locations In 94 Countries

The server network of ExpressVPN is vast. A total of 3,000 VPN servers are available in 94 countries and 148 cities. Anywhere in the world, you can easily access the content. No limits on switching. If servers are overloaded, it can slow down the speed and make the connection less reliable. You can find one near you to ensure the fastest speeds.

Normally, distance from a server will also decrease your speed. For high-speed servers, ExpressVPN is a good choice. There is a wide range of coverage within countries with ExpressVPN and across the globe.

Hong Kong, Venezuela, and Turkey are also countries that other VPNs often neglect. The speed might be affected by the fact that these are virtual locations. There is equal distribution of servers throughout Western Europe and North America, which has the best coverage.

A city-level server gives you better speed by making it easier for you to spot its location. The ExpressVPN app offers server selection at the city level in 16 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Brazil. Servers with city-level addresses know their location. 

The location of a country-level server could be anywhere in the world. The server’s distance from you fluctuates, which could cause inconsistent speeds. To hide your VPN use, ExpressVPN servers are automatically obfuscated as a standard feature. VPNs require special servers or protocols when used on networks that block them.

There is no information available on ExpressVPN’s site about deep packet inspection in the nation. When ExpressVPN detects deep packet inspection on the network, it automatically uses obfuscation (also known as stealth technology).

In spite of the fact that ExpressVPN owns all IP addresses, they also work with third-party data centers. It is their job to maintain the servers, but they do not have access to any information on them. Although their partners can see traffic going into and out of the server, they don’t have the authorization to trace individual online activities.

In other words, although the servers are maintained by a third party, your privacy will remain protected. You can also use this feature when you live in a country that does not allow VPNs. Smart location, for example, can save you a lot of time and effort in China. You can rely on ExpressVPN’s algorithm to find the closest nearby country that will work instead of searching through locations.

Content From Anywhere

ExpressVPN Content From Anywhere

ExpressVPN is fantastic at unblocking streaming platforms. You can access censored and blocked content even while traveling around the world. You can enjoy shows on Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer without interruptions. 

ExpressVPN’s unblocking performance is constantly monitored, which makes it so reliable for accessing streaming sites. When a streaming service blocks an IP address, it’s quickly replaced with a working one. A list of all the streaming platforms ExpressVPN supports can also be found on the company’s website. 

Upon checking, you will not find any streaming service it couldn’t unblock from the list given in their platform. ExpressVPN only lacks access to a few popular Netflix regions. You can solve this problem by switching browsers. 

Like if you have a problem unlocking HBO Max and Hulu, just switch from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, and it will load in a matter of seconds.

Unblocked: 20+ Netflix libraries

ExpressVPN lets you unblock Netflix regions all over the world and stream without interruptions. Since Netflix is always enhancing its VPN-blocking technology, even reputable VPNs have a hard time keeping up.

You can access more than 20 libraries consistently and with almost no effort with a VPN (even ExpressVPN). You will never encounter an error.

However, over long distances, it may take longer for the videos to load. You can also access countries like:

  • United Kingdom
  • Chile
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Greece
  • Switzerland

It sometimes has issues unblocking Netflix on ExpressVPN’s virtual servers. They make it appear as if you’re in one location, but the server is physically located somewhere else. Netflix Originals could be the only content available in the virtual locations. 

Every country with Netflix has access to these. You will see this if you check virtual locations (like Taiwan, Egypt, Pakistan, and the Bahamas). Even though it is better than the Netflix proxy error, it is still disappointing that the region-specific content cannot be accessed.

It is possible to fix the Netflix proxy error. The first thing you should try is switching browsers. Alternatively, you can clear your browser’s cache and cookies to resolve the issue. The last option is to switch to another server within the region if one is available. 

If you still encounter an error, contact ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live chat support, and they’ll recommend servers supporting the specific library.

Unblocked: Disney+

With ExpressVPN, you’ll be able to unblock Disney+ and watch Eternals without any buffering on all ten servers. When testing its US servers, you’ll get perfect results. Plus, If you try to watch Disney+ with servers from Australia, Canada, Italy, and the UK. You will enjoy watching with zero buffering. 

Unblocked: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is available worldwide, and by using servers in the US, Germany, and Canada, you can unblock it. Without buffering, shows and movies are played back instantly in HD.

Sometimes it could show issues if your region doesn’t match your billing address. Amazingly, it doesn’t happen every time. Like if your billing address is from the US and your region of the VPN is the UK, it may create an issue with accessing Amazon Prime Video.

Unblocked: Hulu

You can unblock Hulu and watch shows and movies in HD with super short load times. Normally, unblocking Hulu with other VPNs is nearly impossible. However, you may need different ExpressVPN servers to access it easily. You will enjoy watching with zero interruptions and perfect HD.

Unblocked: HBO Max

HBO Max can be unblocked and watched without any issues. ExpressVPN lets you watch Game of Thrones, among the most popular television shows.

The HBO Max service works flawlessly; the show loads instantly and never sticks. You can test from different locations and have access to the platform without any issues.

Unblocked: BBC iPlayer

In the past, it had issues unblocking the platform. Due to the popularity of American content, most VPNs focus on US servers rather than UK ones. BBC iPlayer can only be accessed reliably through a few VPNs due to this. If you encounter difficulties, you can try another UK server. Changing the protocol is another trick. Another option that can help you bypass error screens is its MediaStreamer Smart DNS feature.

Unblocked: Kodi

By connecting ExpressVPN to Kodi, you will never experience buffering or audio/visual issues while streaming. P2P streaming sites can be accessed through Kodi, an open-source software application. Download the PopcornFlix add-on through Kodi to watch the public domain movie The Wasp Woman.

Streaming movies or videos from Kodi is legal. However, there are platforms like PopcornFlix that host copyrighted content, and you could get in trouble. Do not condone any illegal activities. Responsible users know they can use it safely. 

Unblocks: ESPN+, Social Media Sites, and More

ExpressVPN will unblock every platform you try, including Crunchyroll, Peacock, ESPN+, and many more. On Peacock, videos take just seconds to load and start out blurry. They upgrade to HD in 2 seconds. 

Streaming live on ESPN+, the games will load instantly and playback with no errors. Stream perfectly Crunchyroll as well. Streaming is made easier with ExpressVPN. You can access every streaming platform, and the videos will play back perfectly with few exceptions.

ExpressVPN is also compatible with dozens of popular social media sites and apps that may be blocked in some countries. Traveling abroad and unable to access your social media accounts? Unblock Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, and more with ExpressVPN.

IP Address Masking

ExpressVPN IP Address Masking

You should always protect your digital privacy, especially when it crosses over to your physical location. Use ExpressVPN to mask your IP address. However, it is unlikely that someone will be able to determine your personal IP address from an email you sent. ISPs and email providers do have your IP address and, depending on laws and privacy policies, may reveal it if compelled. Only 3% of ExpressVPN’s servers are virtual locations, meaning they’re located elsewhere.

In spite of the fact that your new IP address is within the target country, the actual server is located nearby. A list of ExpressVPN’s virtual locations can be found on its website. Virtual servers enable ExpressVPN to offer you IP addresses in countries with restrictive internet policies.

Data centers can be difficult to locate in countries that ban or restrict VPNs. As ExpressVPN does not have physical servers in Saudi Arabia, China, or Russia, they are also outside their jurisdiction.

Furthermore, it can provide faster speeds and more reliable connections. It is possible to improve the VPN’s performance in countries with slow or unstable internet connections by locating the server in a country with a more reliable network.

Unfortunately, these locations aren’t great at unblocking streaming sites. Also, they can lower your speed if the real server is farther away than the virtual one. Overall, these servers enable ExpressVPN to provide much wider global coverage than most other leading VPN providers. Some VPN providers allow you to purchase a dedicated IP address that is reserved exclusively for your use. 

One IP address can be used to run a website. Logging in from multiple locations may also result in your account being banned from some online services, such as stock trading. Dedicated IPs, however, aren’t as secure as shared ones, so I recommend avoiding them anyway.

When you use ExpressVPN, your IP address is mixed with other users’ traffic, making your online activity and information very difficult to track. There are multiple IP addresses assigned to each of ExpressVPN’s servers. 

Because they’re rotated regularly, you’ll receive a new one every time you reconnect. It enhances ExpressVPN’s security and streaming capabilities by rotating IP addresses. Therefore, if you really want to keep yourself safe and secure online, prevent yourself from using a static IP address and develop the habit of rotating the IP often.

Browse More Anonymously

ExpressVPN Browse More Anonymously

The Tor over VPN method lets you use ExpressVPN with Tor (The Onion Router). The Tor browser encrypts all traffic within its network, making it anonymous. Considering it’s one of the main hubs to access the dark web, it has a bad reputation for housing darknet sites. 

It is also necessary to use Tor since it allows activists and whistleblowers to share important information anonymously from anywhere in the world. To use ExpressVPN with Tor, you must first connect to the VPN. This will allow you to access Tor even if your network blocks it. The browser will also provide extra protection against any bugs, so you will not have to worry about being flagged for using Tor.

Even ExpressVPN has an onion website in the Tor network. In countries with lots of internet censorship, you can use this method to access blocked websites. The Tor network allows you to download the VPN app, even if you forgot to download it before traveling to China.

Only email and billing information are stored along with anonymized data to improve performance. Only the following information is collected by ExpressVPN:

  • Sign-up information (billing details and email address)
  • How many apps have you activated?
  • Connection day (no specific time)
  • Location of the server (not IP address)
  • In one day, how much data is transferred

It is impossible to think of another VPN that collects less information. Keeping in touch with customers and maintaining the VPN requires minimal information. In other words, it only reveals that you have used a VPN at some point, nothing more. ExpressVPN does not collect:

  • The IP address you’ve used for your VPN or your personal IP address
  • Information about your browsing history (the websites you have visited)
  • Information about metadata
  • Requests to the DNS (the websites you tried to access)

The location or activity you performed while connected to ExpressVPN is not recorded.

Moreover, ExpressVPN’s zero-logs policy was put to the test in 2017. A Turkish government official seized a server of ExpressVPN while searching for information about an assassination. Due to the fact that no data was stored, they could not find anything proving the validity of the no-log policy.

ExpressVPN International Limited (the parent company that runs the app) relies exclusively on ExpressVPN for revenue. As part of its commitment to improving privacy rights worldwide, the company collaborates with the Center for Democracy and Technology. ExpressVPN is committed to online anonymity, as evidenced by its track record and proven reputation.

You can further protect yourself by paying with cryptocurrency and creating a new email address for your account. If you need to delete your email, payment, or data information, you can contact ExpressVPN support. This will happen only after your subscription is canceled.

On Every Device

ExpressVPN On Every Devices

A wide variety of devices are compatible with ExpressVPN, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, game consoles, and smart TVs. Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux devices can use native apps.

In addition, you can download ExpressVPN apps for most routers. ExpressVPN’s apps are very intuitive on any device. The performance of each app is almost the same regardless of the operating system on your device. 

Linux is the only exception. The program does not have a graphical interface, so you must interact with it using text. Switching servers and accessing all features is quite simple with the command line. Aside from these operating systems, MediaStreamer lets you connect devices without VPNs, even though most apps look similar.

The list includes Xbox, Playstation, unsupported routers, and smart TVs. Additionally, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge extensions are available. As a result, ExpressVPN is available on more devices than just about any other VPN. Almost all of the features are the same on Windows and Mac. 

Their protocols are even similar (OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, and Lightway), which is very uncommon. If you’re using OS 11 or higher on a Mac, you won’t get the split tunnel feature. For macOS 10.10 or newer, you’ll need Windows 7 or newer.

Apple’s Silicon Mac devices are also supported by ExpressVPN’s native apps (sometimes called M1 and M2). The majority of apps must be “translated” to work on these devices, which can cause issues. Your Apple Silicon tech will be fully compatible with ExpressVPN if you upgrade to the latest version of the Mac app.

Although Linux commands take some time to learn, the app is easy to use on all three desktop versions. From a technical standpoint, it doesn’t have a graphical user interface (GUI). VPNs rarely offer this feature, but Private Internet Access does.

In contrast, ExpressVPN’s browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome enable you to use the VPN using a GUI. Instead of proxies, these extensions are remote controls for the app. Using them will protect your entire device. There is only one drawback; you can only connect, disconnect, and change servers.

ExpressVPN is installed and configured on Linux by using terminal commands. When you type “ExpressVPN connect,” you will be reconnected to the last location you were at. You can choose from the entire collection of servers using the command “ExpressVPN list all.” When changing protocols, you only need to access the terminal since the browser extension is easier to use.

Apart from split tunneling, the Linux version includes all the essential features of other desktop apps. In addition, you cannot use app shortcuts as you can with Windows and Mac, as it only uses Lightway and OpenVPN. From the app, you can access websites with a single click.

ExpressVPN offers desktop apps for users of Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and Raspbian. Regardless of your operating system, you’ll get a feature-rich version.

Android & iPhone (iOS)

ExpressVPN Android & iPhone (iOS)

Android and iOS apps share many similarities, but iOS lacks a few key features. In addition, to split tunneling, kill switch, and auto-connection, the Android app includes a few extra features. Using the Protection Summary, you can see how often you’ve connected to the VPN since installing it. 

You can also visit ExpressVPN’s blog from a crawl at the bottom of the home screen. To download an Android app, you’ll need Android version 5.0 or newer, and the ExpressVPN website must be visited before downloading it. Android apps offer Lightway or OpenVPN protocols.

Lightway Protocol

ExpressVPN Lightway Protocol

Lightway is the best phone protocol because it allows seamless network switching and saves battery life. You can also add shortcuts to apps and websites in the Android version. As a whole, the Android app works just as well as the desktop version. 

Using Lightway, you can instantly switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi to stream shows in HD. Split tunneling and Network Protection are unavailable in the iPhone version (the kill switch feature). The Android app also lacks the Protection Summary and tips at the bottom. On the other hand, iPhone users can access two additional features that Android users do not.

Threat Manager 

ExpressVPN Threat Manager

You can connect to the VPN faster on restricted networks with Threat Manager and Parallel Connections on iOS. So many apps share your data with third parties. While Safari blocks most of these trackers, Threat Manager lets you use any app on your iOS device (it’s also available on a macOS or Linux device).

A VPN that supports Parallel Connections makes it faster to connect to a server (especially on restricted networks) by using multiple connection methods simultaneously. For instance, the VPN will attempt to connect with TCP, while some schools block UDP connections. Thus, trying different protocols isn’t necessary to find a working connection.

On top of that, a website and app shortcut is also available in ExpressVPN’s iOS app. Fortunately, iPhones now support the Lightway protocol. For a long time, it was only available in a beta version. Using Lightway, you can connect to new networks in one second or less. Streaming platforms can be unblocked, and shows can be watched without buffering, just like on desktop apps. The Lightway protocol is also available, although it is recommended that you stick with TCP (TCP is faster than UDP).

“Reinstall VPN Configuration” is one feature you won’t find on Android. If you encounter problems, it lets you reinstall the VPN from within the app. Restarting the app if you are having issues is easier on Android since the app needs to be manually uninstalled and reinstalled from the Google Play Store. 

The App Store is the only place to purchase and install iOS 12 or newer on your iPhone. Generally speaking, ExpressVPN’s mobile apps work well. A kill switch or split tunneling would have been great for the iPhone version. However, many iOS VPN apps do this.

ExpressVPN’s browser extensions provide you with a few extra security features. However, they are only available for desktop users. Chrome and Firefox have dedicated extensions. The extension will also work in Microsoft Edge, but you must allow extensions from other stores and download it through the Chrome Web Store. 

These extensions work more like remote controls for your app than proxies. All the app’s features are accessible this way. You’ll need ExpressVPN installed on your computer. When you connect in the browser, your app will also be connected. You can access geolocation-dependent platforms like Hulu using the browser extension.

With the geo-tracking technology in your device, Hulu can see where you are in real-time. When you toggle “Spoof your location,” it will appear as if you are in the same location as the VPN’s server.

You can also block WebRTC leaks with the extension. Many browsers use WebRTC to communicate, which can reveal your IP address. Your browsing can become even more secure by activating “HTTPS everywhere.”

ExpressVPN automatically accesses websites protected with HTTPS (encrypted versions of websites). You can visit up to 6 different websites, giving the HTTPS version each time.

Unfortunately, browser extensions aren’t available for phones or tablets. With a touch screen, switching between apps and browsers is difficult. Browser extensions are provided for Chromebooks (which use ChromeOS), but you can have syncing issues. 

It is also disappointing that there isn’t a Safari extension. To access it on Amazon Fire TV, you’ll need at least version 2. Android TVs running Android 2 or higher can download the app from the Play Store. Although you’ll download the app through the store, you’ll still need to register on ExpressVPN’s website.

Most VPNs don’t allow you to download apps directly to your TV or streaming device. ExpressVPN stands out with this additional feature. You can easily switch regions on Amazon or Android TV.

24-hour Live Chat Support

ExpressVPN 24-hour Live Chat Support

Among the most knowledgeable support teams, ExpressVPN’s live chat service is user-friendly, helpful, and available 24/7. Among the other VPNs that offer support teams that match this level are PrivateVPN and ProtonVPN, both of which have actual developers on-hand to assist with troubleshooting. 

The 24/7 live chat service at PrivateVPN is hit or miss. And ProtonVPN only allows you to ask questions over email, and responses can take hours or days. ExpressVPN’s live chat response time has never been more than a minute.

On its website, it’s hard to use its browser extensions on tablets or Chromebooks. The support team members answer all the questions about these devices. One minor issue with the chat is that it disconnects so quickly. 

In addition to FAQs and setup guides, ExpressVPN’s website offers video tutorials and setup guides. There are also ticketing systems and direct emails, although live chat is easier for me. If you don’t want to speak to a live agent, you can get most of your answers.

A user-friendly website is available in 16 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Support is available 24/7 via email and live chat.

Torrenting — P2P Support on Every Server 

Every ExpressVPN server supports P2P file sharing with unlimited bandwidth, so torrenting is a great option. P2P is usually restricted to a specific server, but with ExpressVPN, you can use your favorite server for the best speed. P2P applications supported by ExpressVPN include BitTorrent, Transmission, Vuze, Deluge, uTorrent, and Kodi, where streaming sites can be accessed via P2P.

It’s safe to use ExpressVPN without worrying about being spied on by ExpressVPN’s security protocols. They include leak protection and a kill switch, so you won’t need to worry about being spied on while torrenting. The best VPN for torrenting is ExpressVPN since it encrypts your IP while allowing you to access local content (like local news). In addition, ExpressVPN has excellent speeds.

The use of P2P services for legally sharing files is common. You should research any applications you use to download torrents to ensure they don’t share copyrighted content.

VPN Split Tunneling

You can use split tunneling if your VPN connection drops, blocking all online traffic until it is restored. Split tunneling is available on both Mac OS and Windows. With this program, you can choose which programs use the VPN tunnel and bypass it to access the internet in a regular way. 

All traffic is routed directly through the VPN by default, but you can enable it by going to settings and turning it on. In the setting, you can choose a variety of options:

  • The VPN must be enabled for all apps in order to pass data
  • Do not let the apps you choose to use the VPN tunnel
  • Allow only the apps you choose to use the VPN tunnel

You can select one of the apps from a pop-up when you click either of the options. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your connection is secure and to avoid suspicion from your Internet service provider. 

Also, slower connections can choose which apps use the VPN tunnel, such as Skype, but web browsing does not generally require one.

Trusted Server Technology

With ExpressVPN, no data is ever written to a hard drive, keeping your data secure. The app is just like any other tool on your laptop, Android phone, or iOS phone. It is developed in the British Virgin Islands and is a tool like any other. If you’re familiar with VPN services, you’ll see the importance of the country of origin of the service. 

In order to be a good VPN, it must adhere to the laws and regulations of its home country. Therefore, VPNs from the Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States) are not very common. 

A VPN service’s activities in these countries must be reported to the government. On the other hand, ExpressVPN adheres to a strict confidentiality policy and also adheres to a zero-log policy because they are based in the British Virgin Islands.

Network Lock Kill Switch

When your VPN connection drops, network lock blocks all online traffic until it is restored, ensuring your data is safe. According to Express VPN, the “Kill Switch” is known as the “Network Lock.” When an internet connection drops, the network lock blocks traffic in order to protect the data. 

The network lock feature worked as expected during our testing on both Windows and Mac OS computers. It’s available in Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and Router apps. If the internet connection is not working, the app will display a notice that the Network Lock is blocking traffic due to a connection issue.

Speed Test

The built-in speed test feature can determine your network’s fastest server location. Turbocharge ExpressVPN with the built-in speed test feature. Regardless of what you use it for, whether you play games, stream movies, or anything else, internet speed is an important factor to consider. Because of this, ExpressVPN should be your top choice. Several factors determine a VPN service’s speed. 

ExpressVPN is one of the most efficient VPN services on the market despite variables like your location, ISP, VPN software, device, time of day, etc. 

Due to its new proprietary protocol, Lightway, it stands out among its ruthless competitors. In contrast to most competitors using the WireGuard protocol, ExpressVPN developed its VPN protocol on the basis of OpenVPN, the VPN provider’s previous protocol. Our tests showed that Lightway was twice as fast as OpenVPN, sometimes even three times faster. 

ExpressVPN offers download speeds of 135 Mbps across multiple locations and upload speeds of 105 Mbps. Unless your internet speed exceeds 100 Mbps, you probably won’t experience any downtime.

The following is a list of the regions tested and the average network speed:

  • Asia: 136 Mbps
  • Europe: 134 Mbps
  • North America: 136 Mbps

If OpenVPN supports both UDP and TCP, TCP is more reliable than UDP if you want a fast network. Applications, routers, and customers can use Lightway. 

You can also use IKEv2. However, their features, locations, and network compatibility are limited. The ExpressVPN desktop app displays the ping time and download speed for all ExpressVPN servers. 

It is important to note that ping time, also known as latency, is a good indicator of server lag. Usually, the download speed test is longer than the ping test. As the internet is so volatile, ping and download speed tests can’t determine the exact speed of service. Users with fast internet connections will notice a larger speed difference than those with slow connections.

Defeat ISP Throttling

In ISP throttling, your internet connection is deliberately slowed down. You may experience it if you’ve reached your monthly data cap or you haven’t paid for your super-fast broadband. Your internet speed will usually be slowed regardless of whether you have a contract with your ISP.

The use of video-on-demand services or high-definition gaming consumes a lot of bandwidth. As a result, content-based internet throttling occurs when ISP’s throttle or slow internet service to keep users able to access the sites they need to, even if the experience is slower.

Internet service providers throttle bandwidth for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are as follows:

  1. Tackling network congestion: In order to reduce the impact of heavy internet usage on other users in the same area, ISPs may throttle the connections of high bandwidth users.
  2. Usage regulation: It’s possible that your connection becomes deprioritized if it exceeds a data cap or uses a certain amount of bandwidth. As a result, your connection may be throttled first during periods of congestion on the network, or your speeds might be reduced until the next cycle starts. You may even lose your internet contract.
  3. Deprioritization of certain services: You shouldn’t be denied access to parts of the internet for reasons totally unrelated to your needs. In order to manage everyone’s connections, Internet service providers have the right to limit access to streaming platforms.

Video content can be slowed down by internet service providers. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for bypassing ISP throttling and getting super-fast speeds. With its 3000+ servers in 94 countries, users can bypass geo-restrictions and get unlimited, uninterrupted, and unlimited access to streaming, shopping, and trading websites.

The VPN’s throttling prevention capabilities make it one of the best VPN services for streaming. Its unblocking abilities make it easy to access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and much more.

Use 5 Devices Simultaneously

ExpressVPN Use 5 Devices Simultaneously

The ExpressVPN app lets you connect five devices at once. Not enough? Get the router app and connect more. You can run ExpressVPN on five devices at the same time without any issues. In spite of installing ExpressVPN on multiple devices, you will not experience any slow performance. 

Even though five devices are enough, some VPNs offer more connections. IPVanish offers unlimited connections, whereas Private Internet Access allows up to ten simultaneous connections. You can, however, get unlimited connections by hooking up ExpressVPN to your router, thanks to ExpressVPN’s excellent router support.

ExpressVPN can be installed on a laptop, PC, iPhone, Android phone, and PS4 through MediaStreamer. Doom Eternal multiplayer online lets you access different streaming platforms, so the video quality will never drop, and there will be no lag in the game. So, ExpressVPN’s performance won’t be affected by simultaneous connections.

Wide-Ranging Payment Options

ExpessVPN Wide-Ranging Payment Options

A number of online payment methods, including credit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, and others, are accepted by ExpressVPN. The longest subscription plan offers the best value. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need a VPN long-term, the 1-month plan is a good choice, but it’s a bit pricey compared to other VPNs at almost $13/month.

In both cases, you’ll have to pay upfront (for a year, it’s only $6.67/month, or 49% less than the 1-month plan (plus, you’ll get three months free and a year of Backblaze cloud backup thrown in). When you read the fine print, ExpressVPN proves in many cases that it is less expensive than its competitors at first glance. NordVPN, for example, offers a 1-year plan for $5/month. 

However, that’s only an introductory offer; after the initial term is over, you automatically pay over $8/month, significantly more than ExpressVPN. Although there are a lot of great VPNs out there that are much cheaper, ExpressVPN is far more reliable, secure, and customer-friendly than most (especially when it comes to speed, reliability, and security).

Although It recommends the 12-month option as the best value, the price is well worth the money. With all plans consisting of the same features and services, your only concern is how long you’d like to use them. There are many VPN services that offer cheaper plans, but they come with fewer features, so ExpressVPN doesn’t cut corners.

It’s easy to sign up and use ExpressVPN anonymously with cryptocurrency and a dedicated email address. It also comes with a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with it, you can ask for a refund via live chat support. 

Game Better

ExpessVPN Game Better

In addition to having the best balance of features, security, and speed, this VPN is a good choice for almost any scenario. However, other VPN services can fulfill the gaming VPN role well, so read on to find out your option.

VPN for your router

ExpressVPN VPN for your router

Whether you have a smart television, a game console, or a loT device, ExpressVPN will protect your entire home network. ExpressVPN has a native app for routers as well as manual configuration. This makes ExpressVPN stand out from the competition, especially for ease of use. VPNs with such sleek router apps are hard to come by.

When you install the app this way, you’ll get several benefits, including protecting all devices connected to your home network, even those that don’t normally support VPN software. As soon as it’s installed on your router, you’ll be able to connect as many devices as you want. That includes smart TVs, gaming consoles, and streaming devices.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a kill switch, split tunneling, and an interactive setup guide. You can get ExpressVPN on most Asus, Linksys, and Netgear router models.

Moreover, ExpressVPN recently updated its router software, allowing users to switch locations more easily. As for infrastructure, OpenSSL version 1.1.1k has been implemented for improved security. New Links and Wi-Fi drivers have also been implemented for improved stability. As for auto-update, this means you don’t have to reinstall when upgrades and updates are available. Plus, routers now support the latest version of the Lightway protocol.

ExpressVPN can also be manually installed on Asus, D-Link, DD-WRT, Netduma, Sabai, Tomato, TP-Link, and Xiaomi routers. But manual configuration is more time-consuming, and you can only switch IP addresses. Using your browser, you can control the router app and manual configurations.

On the ExpressVPN website, you can find several routers that come preconfigured with ExpressVPN already installed.


ExpressVPN review: Why you should use it?

The main audience that the VPN targets is, of course, the people sensitive about their privacy and personal information. Not only that, but persons in other fields can also use ExpressVPN to its utmost potential. When it comes to the people using ExpressVPN, anyone can do that, but the reasons why you should use is elaborated below.

Security-wise, ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption, also labeled as “Military-grade encryption.” Alongside that, Lightway is a unique VPN protocol made by the VPN itself. This helps run the applications smoothly on mobile devices and maintains your VPN connection undisturbed even if the internet signals drop.

If we talk about features, this Hulk of a VPN provides the famous Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and other features along with different extensions. The protocols that it provides are OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP.

As for servers are concerned, ExpressVPN boasts around 3000 servers in 94 countries. Moreover, it offers unlimited bandwidth, five simultaneous connections, and 24/7 customer service.


ExpressVPN Alternatives

Before subscribing to ExpressVPN, it’s always a good idea to check out the competition and find the best VPN software for your needs. You can find the ExpressVPN alternatives here.

Here are some versus to compare ExpressVPN with its competitors:

ExpressVPN Review – High speed, secure and anonymous VPN
ExpressVPN Review – High speed, secure and anonymous VPN

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